Metropolitan System Chapter 2042

However, he still has some concerns about the strength of Jiang Bai. After all, the majesty of the Lord of Qiankun is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Although Jiang Bai is extremely powerful, the strength shown is terrible.

However, he is still somewhat scared and euphemistically tells Jiang Bai that this may completely anger the Lord of the Skull, let him kill, and may carry a helper.

In his cognition, it is clear that in all people's cognition, Jiang Bai has been strong enough, and may even have surpassed the Lord of the Skull, and may defeat the first master.

However, it is still impossible to face the digital dominance at the same time.

This World can't have such a strong presence, the rule is already Peak-Stage, Immortal's Peak-Stage, can't be broken.

"It's none of your business! Just do it!" Jiang Bai waved impatiently, and these issues were never within his consideration.

When the voice fell, the great Emperor Perfection didn't dare to say it again. He quickly told the people to act, and he personally left, but did not escape.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to escape, but because there’s no point in escaping. So many people here, the things that they give Jiang Bai’s ideas, will be passed out in an instant, and the Lord of the Dragons will know.

Although the heavens are big, they have no place for him.

Only for a moment, this extremely efficient one took the daughter of the Lord of the Dragon and the three little sisters, closed the cultivation base, and completely made them mortal.

A humble request for Jiang Bai to play in the side of the hall, in the eyes of Li gauze killing brace oneself invited Jiang Bai, Jiang Bai followed.

When I arrived at the partial hall, I thought that these people would still fight with their own righteous words, spit on their own faces and swear by their own.

Jiang Bai was even prepared to install a big villain, but it was a pity that the newly-invested henchman was very arrogant and things had been settled.

Although a few people in front of me were crying and crying, the clothes had already been smashed, and the naked one was in the house. Except for the young lady who was heartbroken, the other three people were heeping beauty, but there was more obedience and pleasing in the eyes.

Jiang Bai is certainly welcome, walked over and laughed.

After about two hours of tossing, Jiang Bai, who was satisfied, stood up.

At this time, he entered the Qiankun Palace, killed more than a dozen Immortal, slaughtered the main son of Qiankun, and humiliated the other wife and daughter has been spread throughout Wandaocheng, passed to the dao comprehension mountain.

The sky raging in the sky above the Qiankun Palace: "Jiang Bai came out to die!"

The voice of roaring spread hundreds of millions of miles, and the Lord of Qiankun finally returned.

Out of the room, Lazily yawned, Jiang Bai got into the sky, looking at the 40 in front of him, looking angry, handsome, power out of the ordinary, holding the Qiankun treasure fan, chuckled: "You are finally back, I thought you would not come back."

"I didn't expect you to have some kind of thing, but it's a pity. It's late, your son, I have already killed."

"Well~ but your daughter is with you three little sisters, I still keep it, tell the truth. Kungfu is good... Dude, you are blessed!"

"A big dog! You are simply a crime deserving ten thousand deaths! Today I am going to smash you a corpse!" The owner of Qiankun has a fissure, glare, and red eyes.

But he didn't have an opening, but there was someone opening it. It was a feminine middle age person with a secret scent, a white skin without a beard, and a long halberd.

I don't know what identity it is. At this time, I will stand up and help the Lord of Qiankun to speak.

"Which one are you?" Jiang Bai eyebrow raised, looking up and down, scornful response.

Regardless of who he is, Jiang Bai is not in the eye.

"This seat, the Lord of the Abyss!" The other party screamed, feeling that he was looked down on, the Lord of the Abyss was angry at the time, holding a long halberd, it is necessary to take Jiang Bai this bastard.

The answer was to let Jiang Bai eyes shined. When he promised to help Dong Qikun to settle the Lord of the Dragon, he had already thought about it. When he left, the owner of this abyss helped Li gau to get into trouble.

I still wanted to solve this, but I didn't expect the other party to come out at this time.

This rhythm is to fight against the enemy of the Qiankun, to deal with yourself?

In this regard, Jiang Bai is very excited.

Not only him, but also a young man with a long knife followed, and looked like a powerful, also a master, known as the owner of the knife domain.

At this time, he stood up and accused Jiang Bai of saying that he was trying to challenge the top ten masters, and that there was nothing wrong with it.

Seeing him take the knife, Jiang Bai still has some tú tú in his heart. He is afraid that the other party is the master of the blade of destruction. It is really difficult to say how much he is slaughtered. It may have an impact on the future.

It seems that it is not now, which gives him a little relief.

The headquarters is affecting future generations because of their own chaos. After all, in addition to the Supreme measuring scale, the nine major Immortals are all inherited from this era. The master of the destruction blade is the nine major anti-Immortal against the Emperor. One.

Nothing to chaos.

"Don't talk nonsense, go together!" Jiang Bai lazily hooked the three people in front of him and let them go together.

The contempt attitude makes the other masters who follow and the Immortal masters of Wandaocheng stay for one.

Fuck, the madman saw more, so crazy people they saw it for the first time.

In front of these, they are all masters. The ten most powerful people in Immortal have not known how many years have passed since the endless universe. The unchanging existence of Henggu is unimaginable.

Over the years, I have faced countless challengers, but no one has ever beaten them down. Some people can play against them. It is already the lucky news of the world. It is the biggest news of this world.

It is simply unimaginable to be able to win.

But you see, come up three singles? who do you think You Are? War God didn't dare to say that.

Many people think that Jiang Bai is crazy.

Including the three Immortal standing opposite Jiang Bai.

"Hurricane! I am enough to kill you alone!" The Lord of the Knife is coldly snorted, as the good buddy of the Lord of the Skull, especially in the front section, he has set the head of the knives of the children and relatives, this time without hesitation. Hands-on.

Not only because of loyalty and watching Jiang Bai is not pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, the seven Young Lady of the Lord's house, which is his unmarried daughter-in-law.

Jiang Bai gave sleep to people. This is not only the face of the Lord of the Skull, but also the naked insult to the Lord of his knife. How can he endure?

Naturally, the first shot.

He started, licking the days of the blade glow flashing, cutting Void, endless blade glow, from all directions moved towards Jiang Bai, each road is extremely horrible with the highest rules, from all directions, densely packed Wandao, the most striking of which is the four-blade glow glow.

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