Metropolitan System Chapter 2043

These four blade glows are the most coarse, full of ten thousand thousand zhang size, the tigers come, destroy everything around, the place is broken, even the protection of Wandao City is destroyed, moved towards Jiang Bai kill Come, the music forms an array between them, and Jiang Bai is locked in the blade glow.

The first out of the ordinary, the hand of the knife domain is awesome.

This is the hand, the general Immortal King is not an opponent, and you can't die if you die.

One of the top ten masters of the knife domain is not just in name only, but also in reality.

"Oh.." This scene makes many people around him sucked in a breath of cold air.

It feels that under this horrible attack, Jiang Bai must be seriously injured even if he can escape. After all, the immediate attack is too horrible.

However, the next thing makes everyone dumbfounded.

"How can it be!"

"This is a fake."

"Damn, is this goods still human?"

"Absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible! We just looked at the attack just now, even if we have to be difficult next. He... How did he do it?"

For a moment, all around people screamed in horror, and their faces were so stunned and unbelievable that no one could believe that everything in front of him was true.

Because of the attack of the horror of the knife field, Jiang Bai did not hide, stood there, completely motionless, even did not do any resistance, took a cigarette from his pocket and took it up. .

That looks like a slap in the face, people are full of stunned, although they do not know what Jiang Bai is doing in the clouds.

It can be seen that Jiang Bai did not resist anything.

In the eyes of many people, this is no different from courting death. Jiang Bai plays with eggs, and he will be bad if he does not die.

However, people are amazed that the blade glow is approaching, and they have hit Jiang Bai's body. The world-shattering blade glow falls on Jiang Bai, and even the other hair is not cut.

Even the cloak is intact.

How can such a situation not be disgusting?

Surprisingly, others are surprised. The most surprising thing is the owner of the knife field. He is not as surprised as it is now, but full of fear. He knows his own things. He heard about Jiang Bai’s horror before he came, so he just started. Did not keep it.

As soon as it comes up, it is the strongest attack, and strives to kill people when the other party is caught off guard.

Originally thought to be ten, but now. . Jiang Bai did not move, which made his heart full of fear.

Subconsciously, I want to turn around and run. This person is not capable of enemies at all. But for the sake of face, he still has to bite his teeth and insist that gloomy face does not speak.

Naturally, there is no continued attack. It’s a joke. The strongest attack is useless. What is the point of playing it again?

He didn't make a difference, and the face of the Lord of the Skull and the Abyss was not very good.

At that time, without hesitation, and did not say anything nonsense, they began to kill the past, each of their own school, motivated their magic weapon, moved towards Jiang Bai killed.

All of them are seen, Jiang Bai out of the ordinary, a person who is alone is not an opponent. At this time, they are united together and moved toward Jiang Bai.

The three masters, who have shot, have killed in three directions.

This made people around the mood feel a little bit, knowing that the real war broke out.

I thought this was a rare dragon fight, and what made people around me feel that the situation was not the same as they thought.

The three men each shot, the Qiankun treasure fan in the hands of the Lord of the Kunlun, followed by the rotation, the huge treasure fan, containing the secret of the Qiankun, between the infinite rotation of the formidable power, the surrounding Void is distorted.

A strand of energy is sprayed out of it, and Jiang Bai is only strangled by the rules.

The abyss energy accompanied the scepter of the Lord of the Abyss, and did everything possible to transform into a horrible abyssal dragon, roaring at the moving towards Jiang Bai, to completely devour Jiang Bai.

Power can be terrible, extremely fierce.

This is the method of the Lord of the Abyss.

On the contrary, the owner of the knife domain did not have the aggressive attack before. It is estimated that he had suffered a loss at the beginning. At this time, he did not want to go all out. Although the brace oneself shot, it is already done. If it is not an opponent, he is ready to escape. ready.

The first shot, he had a deep understanding of Jiang Bai, knew the horror of Jiang Bai, and didn't want to put himself here, even though the three masters teamed up against the enemy, this is something that has not happened in the through the ages.

According to the truth, the enemy will be defeated.

But the owner of the knife domain does not think so.

Because of this, he will stay a little.

It’s just that this outsider can’t see it. It’s just that the three masters moved towards Jiang Bai and they were all overwhelmed. Jiang Bai was drowned in the storm of energy rules.

Although I can't see the appearance of Jiang Bai today, in everyone's understanding, Jiang Bai is now in the wind and rain, not himself.

However, it turns out that they all want more.

In the face of the three dominant offensives, Jiang Bai did not care, standing there, the forehead opened his eyes suddenly, the next second, the forehead burst out of the divine light, golden Supreme fate wheel phantom appeared out of thin air.

Rotating in the sky, the next moment burst out of golden rays of light, and the gems of various colors followed.

Phantom keeps moving forward and getting bigger and bigger, moving towards three people just forcibly hit the past.

No matter what method the other party uses, you can't stop it. Supreme's fate wheel is invincible.

Sweep everything.


Supreme's fate wheel smashed the abyss scepter, the abyss warrants smashed at any time, the Lord of the Abyss coughed blood on the spot, and the endless Black Dragon burst.

Then it was loaded with Qiankun treasure fan, Qiankun treasure fan struggled, screamed and turned into dust.

Due to the blade glow, the endless sword, instantly became a broken copper, can not resist in front of the Supreme fate wheel.

In the end, Jiang Bai’s Supreme fate wheel, which was illuminated by the vertical eye, directly crushed everything. The three masters, the Lord of the Abyss, the Lord of the Dragons and the Lord of the Knife, and the three masters were killed at the time, and there was no chance to struggle.

Before the death, the eyes were unwilling, whether it was the owner of the abyss and the owner of the Qiankun, or the owner of the knife-sword that kept the sword and kept the strength, all died under Jiang Bai's vertical divine light.

There is no way to escape.

The war stopped at that time, everyone around everyone and everyone stared wide-eyed, completely can't believe it.

Before the war, some people thought that maybe the strong Jiang Bai could win, but no one thought that Jiang Bai won so easily. When they want to come, even if Jiang Bai can win, it should pay a huge price and come to a difficult battle.

But no one thought that Jiang Bai would win with no difficulty.

This. . It’s completely beyond their imagination and it’s hard to understand.

Jiang Bai is too powerful and horrible.

Completely beyond their imagination!

Unconsciously, the people at the scene stayed, and the eyes of the look at Jiang Bai were full of fear. The surrounding air seemed to be solidified. The crowds who were breathing heavily did not dare to open their mouths.

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