Metropolitan System Chapter 2044

"Look what!"

"Not convinced?"

"Then come over, come together!"

Jiang Bai looked at the gang of people with a glimpse of his eyes. At that time, he hooked his finger and said such a sentence.

"sou sou sou ~~"

In the blink of an eye, the people around him ran clean, whether it was the Emperor, Heavenly Venerable, or those Immortal, they ran clean, not only them, but even the remaining few ran through to see the lively masters ran clean.

Fuck, three masters, it is easier to kill than to kill a chicken, and you will die in one stroke.

Are we brains standing here to fight with you?

We haven't lived yet!

The people around me ran a clean moment.

Jiang Bai fell, standing on the Li Xiaoyao and Dong Yukun who had been completely stupid.

"Things have been solved, and you two don't have to worry about it in the future."

After saying this, Jiang Bai looked towards Dong Yukun, and looked at each other with a pair of eyes.

Dong back to the bee back to his senses, unconsciously nodded.

Jiang Bai closed all around, blocked the space, and three people were in the space. Dong Qiankun said: "The Eternal Divine Spark you are looking for is in the Central Universe."

"In the gap between the trees, I once entered the building wood by chance."

"In a gap in Jianmu, there is a mysterious space, which is completely isolated from the outside, and does not fall in love with World. It is extremely secret and difficult to find."

"I also got there by chance, I saw Eternal Divine Spark, and I was given some strength to know the horror and origin of that thing."

"Since you have already avenged me, I will take you there."

Dong Qiankun keeps his promise and makes Jiang Bai less troublesome. Otherwise, if this goods is not a trick to talk to himself, Jiang Bai will have to do it to him.

Although he is the master of fate, can Jiang Bai on his hands can not be polite, not kill you, afraid of causing a chain reaction, you do not beat you?

Think of your confession, some are methods.

Obviously, Dong Xiaokun also thought of this, so I didn’t find any pleasure in myself. I told the situation at that time.

“Jianmu?” Jiang Bai said.

Knowing that the birth of Jianmu was very early, born at the same time as the universe, it belongs to the species in chaos. The uniqueness of the endless universe is born in the central universe. It is the channel connecting the universe with the Immortal kingdom.

Covering the sky, rooted in the central universe.

Although the heavens are not born now, the core part of it has already existed, just in the central universe, above the vast land.

The original heavens of later generations are the combination of the wasteland and the Immortal national debris.

This thing is mysterious, but the power is not very strong, but it is very special.

It belongs to the bridge between the heavens. The reason why the central universe is special than other universes is that except for the vastness of the region and the energy, the most fundamental reason is the existence of this building.

This gadget can attract the energy of the heavens, guide the energy of the multiverse, has the effect of diverting energy, and is more able to communicate with the Immortal country.

The Immortal Kingdom is so prosperous that it is inseparable from this building.

To know that Immortal Level can enter the Immortal country, with its powerful ability to cross the Star Gate and fly to the Immortal Kingdom.

But the average person can't, how do these Immortal friends and family members and their disciples reach the Immortal country?

Relying on building wood, by transferring people to the central universe, let them climb the building and reach the Immortal country.

Building wood is not strong, but it is vital.

There is a big relationship, which is the foundation of the central universe and also supports the Immortal country.

The sheer size is unimaginable, and it is not enough to cover the sky.

Rooted in the central universe, the flourishing foliage can enter other universes through the cosmic barriers, and the degree of terror can be imagined.

The origin is even more mysterious, born at the beginning of Henggu.

In the history, Jianmu was destroyed. At the time of Jiang Bai, I didn’t know who was doing it. Why did anyone have nothing to do to destroy Jianmu?

At the time, Jiang Bai was extremely curious about this issue.

Now listening to Dong Qiankun’s words, Jiang Bai’s face is awkward, and the unconscious expression is a bit strange. Eternal Divine Spark is actually in the crack space.

Fuck, this building wood will not be destroyed by yourself?

Unconsciously, Jiang Bai thought of this problem, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt that there was such a possibility. At that time, the complexion was slightly changed, and the expression was weird to the extreme.

What the fuck... is the legendary historical loop?

"You don't have to go, tell me where the position is." I thought Jiang Bai still did not let the fate of Dong Xukun lead the way.

Jiang Bai changed his mind to the point.

I always feel that something is wrong, but he can't say what's wrong.

Just in case, Jiang Bai didn't let him lead the way, just instructed Dong Xiaokun: "Tell me the place is, you don't have to follow the past, don't believe you, I always feel that things are a bit wrong."

Then hesitated a bit, looked up and down the other side, a bite sole solemnly: "I am going to take Eternal Divine Spark this time, the relationship is significant, if successful, naturally it is good, if you are not successful, please come to you.. Well~ exact, yes Unsuccessful, try to do it."

"Please speak."

"If you don't succeed, you will face an enemy in the future, Emperor, you must be careful to leave behind your back. If you can find someone with the same name in the future, tell him to take Eternal Divine Spark."

If you didn’t say too much, Jiang Bai had already said what he meant.

Let Dong Qiankun be prepared. If he can't succeed this time, he must be prepared. Even if he succeeds, he must make arrangements in advance.

Although according to the development of the matter, Dong Yukun became the master of fate, in the face of Emperor, the same will be arranged.

Jiang Bai If you haven't come, even if you come, you have to give a sigh of relief to avoid accidents.

Jiang Bai's words, although Dong Xiaokun did not understand what it meant, he could tell him subconsciously that this matter should be kept in mind, expression looked at Jiang Bai with a dignified look, thoughtfully nodded.

Having explained everything, Jiang Bai turned and walked, tearing Void, and descended directly into the central universe.

Just stepping into this universe, the familiar atmosphere is assaults the senses.

Standing far away from the cosmic Void, I saw a bright light in the center of the universe in the distance, and I saw the towering old trees, covering the sky and covering the sky, straight into the sky, and the branches and leaves writing in the universe.

Some tiny rhizomes and occupations have broken through the sky, straight into the black hole and extended to another World.

This. . It is building wood.

At the foot of it, there is a piece of chaos and the ground is active and broad, spreading hundreds of millions of miles, without end, rotating in this universe, like a silver plate, illuminating all around.

Jiang Bai flashed a smile on his face. According to Dong Yukun’s position, he did not enter the wasteland and went directly into the building wood to land in this central location.

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