Metropolitan System Chapter 2045

According to Dong Xiaokun's account, Eternal Divine Spark is in the midst of a space crack in the huge body of the building.

Jiang Bai landed and looked for the path learned from Dong Qiankun.

However, the road has been found for a short time. It is not wide. There is a winding path on the wooden body. Compared with other roads, it is not the same.

The building is vast and vast, and the lines above are roads. Even the smallest lines have weekly ten meters wide.

This road is extremely inconspicuous. It is only about one meter away. It is quite dangerous. It seems to be broken. The average person will not care if he walks through here, and he will not want to climb and crawl.

And the location is still relatively remote, and naturally it is not taken care of.

Even if someone cares, no one can come, and does not say that there is an inexplicable energy barrier here, as if it is screening people, people who do not meet the rules can not enter.

Secondly, Jiang Bai also found a guardian beast here.

More than a meter long, horrible caterpillar, looks nothing great, but you have to look down on it, but it really planted, Jiang Bai did not care much when he came across a start, launching corrosive to him. Strong acid.

If it is not Jiang Bai, the average person can just follow the road. This strong acid contains a kind of power of Rule. Once it is contaminated, it can easily kill the emperor.

Even the Immortal Level's powerhouse will be hit hard if you don't pay attention.

There are more than one number to be fatal, but there is no offense, just guarding it and preventing those who want to forcibly break into people.

Dong Qiankun is obviously not in this rank, and Jiang Bai is forced to put it in, but it is naturally not a problem.

It didn't take long, about a few ten thousand meters left, went deep into the middle of the trunk, walked through hundreds of thousands of twists and turns of wormholes, all kinds of dark spaces, Jiang Bai finally reached the destination.

A cave in the middle of the trunk.

When you enter it, you will find all around empty, dark, claiming that the system space is isolated from the world, and it is dark. If it is not a crystal of the thumb size in the center, it will rotate and emit dazzling rays of light.

Seeing this lingering blue rays of light illuminating all around the space, the constant self-rotating crystal Jiang Bai couldn't help but breathe heavily.

He felt the energy of the cockroach, and felt it when he first entered it, the raging energy.

This makes Jiang Bai very excited, because if he thinks it is not bad, this should be the legendary Eternal Divine Spark.

I thought I had to go through the difficulties and obstacles, but I didn't think I found this thing so easily. It really made Jiang Bai startled.

Slowly walked over and wanted to touch it by hand, but at this time a gray rays of light suddenly appeared, very fierce, and went straight to Jiang Bai.

At that time, Jiang Bai was shocked, subconsciously avoiding, and one was hiding from this attack. A silhouette appeared. He was wearing a black armor, dark and black, holding a short blade and squinting at the middle age person. Expressionless appears across from Jiang Bai.

Indifferently looking at Jiang Bai in front of him, a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"It turned out to be you! How is it possible! How can you." Jiang Bai was shocked and inexplicable, because it was not others, it was Emperor.

He actually appeared here, completely beyond the expectations of Jiang Bai.

“It’s very curious? Hehe. I’ve been looking for Eternal Divine Spark. It’s not just you who want to find this. Eternal Divine Spark is the key to qualifying for Eternal. It’s crucial, how can I let it go?”

"Unfortunately, my damn brother refused to give this thing to me before he died. It was hidden and I could not find it."

"The secret of this thing is hidden, and it is inherently repelling me. It is not easy for me to get it. It is time and space, endless universe. It is too difficult to find the size of the fingernail."

"Fortunately, God made me meet you, Jiang Bai."

The emperor said with a smile, it was rare to have an expression. It seemed to be very pleasant to talk to Jiang Bai, and there was no turmoil. Standing here, against Jiang Bai, did not first rob the Eternal Divine Spark.

But did not let Jiang Bai succeed.

The two stood here in a strange relationship.

"What do you mean!" Jiang Bai had already thought of what the expression was a bit cold.

"What do you mean? You think.. I really have no preparation for this? Yes. My body is suppressed by this damn central universe. It has not been combined yet, but my soul is not limited."

"You gave up the suppression of my physical body. This is a wise choice, but it is also stupid."

"If you suppress my fleshy body, it will cause me a lot of trouble. At the very least, I will not have the spare time to come here, but you give up the suppression of my fleshy body, but instead gather strength to the body of Supreme." ""

"Hey, what do you want to do with the little wheels? Can I not know?"

"As a Emperor, I am ruling the universe and seeing the past and the future. Everything is under control."

"It sacrifices itself to help you achieve Half-Step Eternal and let you look for Eternal Divine Spark. Do you really think you can't make a living?"

"In fact, when you tear open the Space-Time Tunnel, I have followed, but you are not aware of it."

"No hands, not no, not, you want Eternal Divine Spark, don't I want to?"

"The realm trapped in this Half-Step Eternal has not known for many thousand years. Even if it is strong, I can't break the rules and master the fate. This makes me very upset. For Eternal Divine Spark, I am thinking about it! ”

"Since you are looking for it, I will take the opportunity to push the boat. Who will let you have some fate with this Eternal Divine Spark?"

"Oh.. Of course, it's just a matter of fate. I can see that it is already your luck, but you are not qualified to own it. This thing belongs to me alone!"

"But still thank you, Jiang Bai, if I don't have you, I am afraid it is very difficult to find this thing."

Chuckled, the Emperor is very happy, and many years of wishfulness is finally reached, even those who are cold again will be excited.

"You are so confident, can you beat me?" Jiang Bai responded coldly, his eyes narrowed, his forehead opened his eyes, his golden light flashed, and the Supreme fate wheel began to turn.

Jiang Bai This is a good posture to be desperate.

In front of this damn guy, use himself, treat himself as a fish, and play with himself a mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, which is absolutely unacceptable to Jiang Bai!

"It's the same Half-Step Eternal, but I am much stronger than you. The two of us are like a young child with a strong warrior. You don't challenge my qualifications at all. The essence is the same, but you are far from growing up. "The Emperor smiled and shook his head and sneered at Jiang Bai's words. He could see that he did not put Jiang Bai in his eyes.

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