Metropolitan System Chapter 2046

"Even if you are a warrior, I am a child, but you only have a soul without a fleshy body, which is equivalent to a broken leg. My child may not have the chance to defeat you!"

With his eyes open, Jiang Bai mobilized his strength and prepared to attack at any time. He had to kill the Emperor in front of him.

Although I know that there are many difficulties, I can't control that many now. When things get to this point, can Jiang Bai have other choices?

"Why is this? Jiang Bai I appreciate you very much. Although I vowed to destroy this world, destroy all the creatures, give them the final judgment, let everything return to chaos, but not for the simple destruction."

"Oh, the endless universe created by the stupid brother is simply rotten in my opinion."

"I want to destroy this place, push everything back to rebuild, and rebuild the infinite universe that belongs to me. If you want, I can let you live and become my most loyal man. In the future, under one person will help me. Rule the endless universe I created!"

"how is it?"

The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty actually pulled Jiang Bai, which Jiang Bai did not think of. I did not expect that the Emperor would say such things to him at this time.

"Dream!" Jiang Bai coldly snorted.

“fail to appreciate somebody's kindness!” The Emperor was a little angry, and he had to speak.

The dark arm has been lifted at this time, although it is only the soul, the strength is still terrifying.

In an instant, the whole world was swept up, and the building wood began to tremble. The large torso was comparable to countless Worlds. It was sturdy and inexplicable. It did not lose the Immortal Kingdom, but it still began to tremble.

The breath of fear fills the space at this time.

Jianmu has already felt that if two people in his body space are fighting here, he will definitely pay for it.

The squirming body, wanting to eject this Eternal Divine Spark, at this time Jiang Bai took the lead.

"Supreme Destiny Wheel, Destiny Supreme Road!"

"Infinite Eternal Destiny Road, crushing the heavens, shocking the ages!"

With a low bang, Jiang Bai used his strongest tricks, opened his eyes, and the golden rays of light followed. The phantom of the Wheel of Fate appeared and began to turn, and instantly moved toward the Emperor.

This is the strongest trick that Jiang Bai can use, the infinite Eternal destiny.

It is a method that combines the infinite Eternal Road with the Destiny Avenue. Breaking the rules and breaking the rules is called omnipotent. The power of Power is unimaginable. Although it is not finished yet, it is still terrifying.

The giant wheel appeared and directly killed the Emperor.

"嘿~ I don't know what I mean, reincarnation Immortal!" The Emperor coldly snorted, stretched out his fingers, sneered a smile, then the direction of the fingers was Guanghua, and the six-color rays of light turned, forming a huge reel that directly hit.

"Boom ~" instantly collided between the two, a huge first move, instantly tearing the surrounding space torn.

Supreme's fate round directly broke this round of moving toward the Emperor.

"courting death!" The face of the emperor suddenly changed, and suddenly it was between hands.

Above the forehead, above the cheeks, four eyes were opened, with the original two eyes, and six eyes formed six rays of light.

The six weapons phantom, which represented six horror energies and six horror rules, were rushed out at the time.

The reincarnation, the Magistrate pen, the Wangxiangtai, the Jurassic, the Life and Death Book, and the six powerful magic phantoms appeared.

Each one is formed with a horrible power of Rule, which contains a boulevard. Compared to Jiang Bai's infinite Eternal destiny, although it is not as good, it can win in a large number and there is little difference in strength.

And the mutual blocking of formidable power is infinite.

"Six Paths Samsara!" The Emperor's low-pitched, next moment, six magic phantom folding combinations are together, as if the endless underworld unfolds in front of Jiang Bai, huge, desolate, horrible, no chance to live, some are just endless terror.

The impact of the twins was on Jiang Bai, breaking the divine light in Jiang Bai’s eyes and smashing Jiang Bai out, destroying the half-building body.

This kind of scene makes people feel awkward. Jiang Bai's strongest method is not an opponent. This is what Jiang Bai didn't think of.

At that time, he coughed up blood, quickly recovered, and then quit all the way, squinting his eyes, mobilizing all the power, and counterattacking again, turning into golden light, and the whole person rushed over at an unimaginable speed.

It is necessary to kill the Emperor on the spot.

Although this is just a touch of soul, Jiang Bai can only go all out.

"act recklessly !Break for me! !" The soul of the Emperor is not illusory, just a phantom, but it exists. Although there is no fleshy body, it is still terrifying, and it is not weak.

At the same time as the soul trembled, Jiang Bai had already been shot out.

"Say you are an ant, you still don't believe."

"You are not your opponent at all! Even if I come, there is only one touch of soul."

The details of the playful words, looked at Jiang Bai, Jiang Bai vertical eye divine light reappeared, Supreme fate wheel evolved countless Immortal Supreme Treasure, the sword of dominance, the seal of the law, the book of the law, the spear of trial, and many more. . and many more.

Each and everyone shows their infinity forformable power, moved towards the Emperor.

The Emperor of the Six Eyes did not fear this.

Sneered, the center of the six eyes formed a whirlpool, and the energy radiated from these weapons phantom was swallowed up by the students. Half a slap in the face and a sneer sneer.

"The six-eyed family is built with my own image. Although they are a bunch of idiots, they can only be slaves. They don't inherit the power of me. It doesn't mean that the six eyes are just furnishings."

"At the very least, it’s not a display here."

"Do you think that you can deal with the eyes of the destiny?"

"It's a joke. Tell me the truth. I was just like you. It was also two eyes. I realized the power of the eye of nature. I have opened four more in these years."

"Every one has infinite formidable power, and the combination is more informable power infinity, you are not my opponent!"

"Although we are two of our peers, but that is my fleshy body is not there, otherwise. I can easily crush you!"

"You.. still too young!"

It is said that the corner of the Emperor's mouth is turned up and smiling, the surrounding power is smashing, and there is constant power to sweep into the body, let him float, and the violent energy tears everything, even if it is built.

The body of the section is broken and finally. "ka-cha" crashed down.

The building trees that supported the heavens were destroyed, and the Emperor did not even move his hands.

Squinting at Jiang Bai, slowly moving towards Jiang Bai, every step of Void oscillates, the universe vibrates.

"Last chance, would you like to be loyal to me?"

Slowly came over, standing not far away, about ten meters away, the Emperor once again asked.

It is not difficult to imagine that he values ​​Jiang Bai very much.

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