Metropolitan System Chapter 2047

"Hey!" Jiang Bai without the slightest hesitation spit out this guy's face.

Want him to surrender? Far from being so simple.

Although Jiang Bai felt his gap with the other party when he played, Jiang Bai's power was not fully used at all, and the big move was not fake, but it just left strength.

This is just the initial temptation.

If it is fair combat, Jiang Bai will not have anything to lose, but the other party is just a touch of soul. Everyone is at the same level. Do you want to conquer me with a touch of soul? Just dreaming!

What's more, the concept of Emperor of the Emperor Jiang Bai is absolutely incomparable, and there is no possibility of compromise between the two.

With a low slam, directly killing the past, Jiang Bai punched out with a fist, and the fist shadow between them was all over Void, and each punch had infinity forformable power.

Can burst the stars, hit shatter void, formidable power infinity.

Emperor of the Emperor is also unambiguous, directly hands-on, two people you come to me, thousands of rounds, on this, Jiang Bai is even vaguely equal to the other side.

Not as hard as before.

After all, the other side is just a touch of soul, even if it is powerful and unmatched, it can not be anxious to play with Jiang Bai, it is impossible to completely suppress.

Meat beats are a weakness.

"hmph!" After finally knocking back Jiang Bai's attack in a punch, the Emperor of the Emperor started, and waved his hand, and the distant time and space were damaged. A fist appeared on the meditation and integrated into himself.

Jiang Bai feels that the strength of the other side is rising rapidly.

The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty passes the time and space of the river summon his own floshy body.

Once successful, the results can be imagined.

It’s so difficult to play a single soul. If the Emperor is complete, Jiang Bai seems to have no choice but to wipe his neck.

"Unlimited god fist!" Loudly shouted, Jiang Bai punches, punches with power of Rule, breaks the universe stars, forms a golden dragon, roaring creation gold dragon moved toward the other side hit.

The Emperor sneered in his eyes and punched it. He directly crushed Jiang Bai’s fist. The two confronted and Jiang Bai sneaked and coughed.

The injury is not heavy, but it has already fallen.

"My fleshy body has gradually been unlocked and aggregated together. If it weren't for the damn rules that were limiting me, I have now broken the cage and are here."

"At most, just an incense stick of time, I will be able to recover completely!"

"Give you the last chance, are you surrendering or not surrendering?"

"Stop your sister!" Jiang Bai rushed over again, and played with the other side, barely able to support, even if it is Half-Step Eternal, facing the powerful Emperor is still somewhat lost.

Everyone is Half-Step Eternal, but the realm is too far away. It has reached the edge of the breakthrough. If it is not without Eternal Divine Spark, I am afraid that it has already broken through.

Compared with the new generation of Jiang Bai, the strength is not a star and a half.

Such a confrontation is unfair in itself, and Jiang Bai is not an opponent, and it is also reasonable.

"Wang Ba Gu!" When he was punched in the chest by the other side, shattering half of the internal organs, and Jiang Ban spit a bloody punch, whispering.

"Stupid guy, since you don't want to surrender, go to hell!"

"In the future, I will achieve Eternal, no shortage of people!"

The Emperor had lost patience and did not want to persuade Jiang Bai to drop his hand. From the long river of time, summon came to his other arm.

Power is rising again at this time.

Suddenly punched, moved towards Jiang Bai, and the speed is much stronger than before.

Reluctantly resisted, Jiang Bai is more and more an opponent.

He knows that if he continues this way, the defeat will be a matter of time. The power of the Emperor has been increasing, but his strength is weakening. The two people are not immediately a level.

Struggling here, fighting each other, the central universe is broken, the building is falling apart, nothing, the original hurried continent is also destroyed, and the big continent is destroyed.

I don't know how many creatures have died in the hands of these two people.

All the way to stalemate, the attack is constant, Jiang Bai uses all kinds of scholastics he has mastered, what Heaven Severing Finger, what is the master sword, what is the great hand seal, what infinite god fist.

Anything that Jiang Bai will use is displayed, no matter what the formidable power, a brain pours on the other side.

Constantly mad attack, you must kill the other party here.

Although the results are minimal, Jiang Bai still insists.

The Emperor was no exception. At this time, he gradually became more serious. Although the strength was much stronger than before, the scorn smile on his face gradually disappeared. Jiang Bai became more and more crazy, and even he felt a little pressure.

Of course, only a little bit of pressure, Jiang Bai's crazy attack, the trauma that can be brought to him is almost insignificant, he is still suppressing Jiang Bai.

And with his own flesh and blood breaking the rules, getting rid of the bondage, being brought himself from the future summon of distant time and space, combining into the body and enhancing his own strength, his power will become stronger and stronger.

Jiang Bai will be more and more not an opponent.

However, he still did not relax, constantly attacking Jiang Bai, and all kinds of Emperor of the Emperor continued to perform.

Not only that, the six eyes are not noticeable, flashing chaos rays of light, forming six eyes that are constantly turning in the spiral nest, bursting out the horrible formidable power, from time to time with the divine light shot, to kill Jiang Bai.

If it wasn't for Jiang Bai's forehead to be extremely terrifying and resisted, it is estimated that Jiang Bai is now hanging.

It's just that Supreme's eye of destiny is not invincible, it is invincible in essence, and its quality is better than the six eyes of Emperor. But Jiang Bai can't play all the formidable power now.

Only Eternal can master the fate. This is the iron rule of Henggu. It can't be broken. Jiang Bai has no ability to break. Even if he is Half-Step Eternal, he can't play all the formidable power.

Otherwise, the light can solve the problem by relying on the forehead.

Although the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty is powerful, it can still not fight against the destiny. There is no one in the World who can fight against the fate, even if it is the rules of the universe, it is not as strong as the Emperor.

They all live under the cage, want to break the cage, jump out of World, master the fate, then it must be Eternal.

It can only be Eternal, only this realm can do it.

Now that Jiang Bai can't do it, the Emperor can't do it, so they are competing for the Eternal Divine Spark.

Constantly fighting, I don’t know how long I played, the more I played Jiang Bai, the more my opponent was, the piece of the universe was destroyed in front of him, but Jiang Bai could not do anything else except the emperor’s escape, and could only be chased by the Emperor. kill.

After the beginning or after death, I was able to withstand one or two. Later, with the constant return of the Emperor's fleshy body, the power of the Emperor was more powerful, and Jiang Bai could only escape.

Of course, this escape is not without purpose, he is also good, the Emperor of the Emperor, the purpose has always been Eternal Divine Spark, their two hands are also the purpose of Eternal Divine Spark, so Jiang Bai seems to escape, actually is looking for Eternal Divine The trajectory of Spark that just flowed after the explosion.

That thing is too mysterious. The explosion has already ran out. I want to use naked eye and Divine Ability to find a dream that is idiotic. I can only rely on the trajectory of the explosion just now to find it with a touch of induction.

Jiang Bai is also doing this all the way to escape, and the emperor is also doing this.

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