Metropolitan System Chapter 2048

"Because of death!" After finally entangled, the Emperor completely broke away from the bondage, fleshy body and the soul, appeared in this distant ancient time and space, suddenly gathered all the power, moved towards Jiang Bai.

"Bang bang ~" a loud noise, like Universe Great Explosion, spread throughout the universe, violent energy swept through everything, countless black holes were born, countless Worlds were destroyed, Immortal's Kingdom of God began to tremble.

The powerful Immortal kneels down.

This horrible energy swept the heavens, swept the endless universe, and swept the past.

Jiang Bai was completely wiped out by this violent force.

The face of the Emperor finally showed a smile, looking at the empty front, confirming that there was no Jiang Bai's breath, and began to close six eyes to find Eternal Divine Spark.

I didn't notice that in the middle of this universe, Jiang Bai was just in the position, it was a gray, no dust.

I don't know how long it took, World seems to have reached the tipping point.

"Ka-cha ~" a crisp sound came and spread throughout the multiverse, as if this endless universe broke open a mouth, the sound is extremely crisp.

Next moment, the gray dust shows the divine light, Jiang Bai reappears, the divine light has skyrocketed, and the countless Immortal's phantom unfolds behind him. Throughout the ages, the powerful Immortal's phantom has become his perfect set behind him.

All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the endless creatures, the vast universe, and all the wisdom of life, fell to the ground, from the awe of the depth of one's soul, let them inexplicably fall to the ground.

In the distant time and space, in the center of a multi-cosm, in a small galaxy, on a blue planet, countless people are in a hurry and are screaming.

This is the home of Jiang Bai, the former residence of the dragon's descendants, where they also feel the awe of the depth of the one's soul, the power of the depths of the universe.

Since then, the germinated science and technology civilization has gradually been replaced by ancient power, Shinto Dachang.

The sly six-eyed genius in the multiverse feels the fear from the soul, and can’t help but make a tragic scream, as if the end is coming.

"Touch ~" The rules of the heavens were finally shattered, and the heart of the universe of the Central Universe was shattered, broken under the pressure of Jiang Bai's horror, and the endless six-eyed Nguyen army rushed in.

"No. It's impossible, damn it! It's absolutely impossible, I obviously killed you, how is this possible!"

As the protagonist of the Emperor, the first time to Jiang Bai shot.

A vast hand, covering the heavens, destroying everything, with the atmosphere of destruction, smashing all obstacles, descending to heaven, to put Jiang Bai suppress and kill.

"Breaking!" Jiang Bai sneered, his voice fell, his forehead turned his eyes, and the next moment, the palm of his hand shattered.

"How is it possible!" There was no expression at all. The seemingly lifeless Emperor immediately showed a blank expression. I couldn't believe the Jiang Bai in front of me. How could Jiang Bai improve so much in a short time?

Just not an opponent, just in the blink of an eye, is it so simple to fight? Do not. . Completely beyond yourself?

"I am Eternal, you are naturally not my opponent, Emperor. Your realm is not enough, beyond Immortal, but not Eternal, between the two, far worse than your brother Venerable God of Creation! ”

Jiang Bai sneered, now he has reached a brand new realm, immediately, almost omnipotent, understand all the past and know the endless secrets.

The semi-Immortal of the Emperor, belonging to the Immortal, surpassed the existence of Immortal King, broke through the limits, but did not break the real barrier to the path of Eternal.

Jiang Bai is different. He was originally comparable to Emperor, and he got the system to help promote the semi-Immortal.

However, at the last moment, instead of finding Eternal Divine Spark, Eternal Divine Spark chose him. At the moment when the Emperor killed him, the immortal Divine Spark entered his within the body, where his body was destroyed by the Emperor. At the same time, let him embark on this road, the road of Eternal, endless time and space, endless universe, endless Eternal!

Jiang Bai and before, is not a layer of existence.

If Jiang Bai had a bit of respect for the Emperor, then now. . But it is not at all.

The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty is powerful, but the gap is obvious compared with the current Jiang Bai. The two are not one level.

He is no longer the weak Half-Step Eternal, relying on Supreme's fate to blend into his body, puffing, surpassing Immortal, but actually not having the semi-Immortal essence of Jiang Bai.

Now, Eternal Divine Spark, completely integrated into Jiang Bai's body, accompanied by the breaking of the rules, finally let Jiang Bai reach one, countless eras, no one has reached realm, Eternal!

The previous Venerable God of Creation reached this realm, but unfortunately he only realized the realm at the end, but did not have time to promote, leaving Eternal Divine Spark and his memory, it ended in hate, so in theory he succeeded, actually On, through the ages only Jiang Bai an Eternal environment.

If Supreme's fate is a fate, then Jiang Bai is in charge of the fate, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the endless universe, endless time and space, can not escape the dominance of fate.

Everything, no matter whether it is a bamboo or stone, a bird or a beast, a living thing, is in the grasp of fate.

Supreme, omnipotent.

"I don't believe! You are courting death!" The Emperor roared and looked awkward.

The accumulation of power did not start, the six-eyed gang of the army behind him was shatter void, and it was infinite and endless.

"Destroy!" Jiang Bai coldly snorted, without a command, did not speak, the endless army was destroyed, and instantly became dust.

"Feng!" is another low-pitched voice. The central universe raised barriers out of thin air, and countless six-eyed people were blocked.

“Behind!” Jiang Bai whispered, and the six-eyed genius disappeared. It was disappeared from the infinite universe without a trace, as if it had never existed before.

Such a scene made the Emperor stunned and looked incredulous: "Impossible. Impossible! Absolutely impossible! You have mastered the fate! This is impossible. Destiny is the most illusory, the most impossible to master, impossible! Even my brother, the Venerable God of Creation who left Eternal Divine Spark, couldn't control the fate and eventually died under fate."

"You. How can you do it?"

"The way to speak out! The fate works freely, master everything, how is this possible!"

"Nothing is impossible~" Jiang Bai smiled disdainfully, the voice fell, and a wave of hands, the emperor's limbs separated, the miserable cry spread throughout Void, no matter how he struggled, there was no effect.

"Return to nothingness!" Jiang Bai whispered, and the Emperor of the Emperor was smashed, his eyes were shattered, and his energy returned to nothingness.

Supreme, the emperor of the endless universe fear, is so dead!

All this makes people feel awkward, no one has thought that such a scene makes everyone who knows this thing frightened.

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