Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 11

Younger brother ?

Supreme Paragon is a younger brother?

Ren Suo froze for a moment and subconsciously looked at Ren Xingmei, who was sleeping in her arms.

This … is not incomprehensible. After all, people are born of human mothers, monsters are born of their mothers, Supreme Paragon is also born of the Supreme Paragon mother, and Supreme Paragon’s mother gave birth to more than one child, which seems quite normal.

Not to mention brothers and the like, they don’t have to be biological.

At the time, Liu Daear, Guan Honglian, and Zhang Heiman were not three people sharing the same bed. You are not my own, it is better than my own.

Now Ren Suo sleeps with the bloodless younger sister. In a sense, it can be regarded as emulating the ancient Han and Jin dynasties. They say that they have to be sung by everyone.

Thinking of this, Ren Suo couldn’t help tapping his forehead and wondering why he felt that Supreme Paragon had no brother sister?

No no no, I don’t just think he doesn’t have a brother sister, I seem to subconsciously set him as the Heaven and Earth Saint that came out of the stone, or the lonely star of the family who died.

After all, Supreme Paragon ’s realm battle strength is too high. Ren Suo, deeply affected by domestic stand-alone games, naturally felt that he belonged to the powerhouse start that killed the whole family as soon as he appeared, and the level was almost damn 2-1 soulmate. To help, when the final boss hit the undead heroine simply couldn’t justify it.

How can you become a responsible person without experiencing hardships, straining his mind, dying his wife, and suffering from his brother?

However, the Supreme Paragon companions that have appeared so far already have Redflame Warwolf, Crystal Maiden, Tongtianyiting, Sovereign Celestial Maiden, Dimension Queen, Sovereign Blood Lotus, Galaxy Singer … Are you a universe sky group in 2049?

In this case, the emergence of an elder sister in Supreme Paragon also seems unexpected and reasonable.

After correcting his notion of backwardness, Ren Suo looked at the screen of the mobile phone critically: Supreme Paragon. This is how you do n’t know it. If you have an elder sister, do n’t you tell me?

The elder sister of Supreme Paragon is no less inferior to other characters: she simply wears a light purple shoulder with white skirt, barefoot, no makeup, elegant makeup, looks like a normal urban woman, but The elegant and poised emanating from the the bones is overflowing across the screen.

She is currently the only one who can completely suppress Supreme Paragon on the aura. Her high-level sight, chuckling between lips, and the dazzling technique almost floating in the air make it impossible to ignore her.

She doesn’t need a seat, the entire world is her throne.

At this moment, Ren Suo suddenly felt that the deer in his heart had a concussion.

Desire, desire, and inextricable love, once again marched from his heart, and attacked him all over the country.

Just like the unstoppable love for Sovereign Blood Lotus and Dimension Queen, the moment Ren Suo saw the Supreme Paragon elder sister, he knew that he would fall in love at first sight …

Ren Suo can’t help but feel ashamed: Ren Suo, ah Ren Suo, are you a cowboy? See who wants to provide services? It’s not just about providing services, but moving his true feelings and wanting to provide a whole set of free services … He feels like he has become a rich cowherd.

But this time it’s different!

Why did Ren Suo keep washing himself and put on her pajamas after receiving the information from the younger sister?

Why did Ren Suo persuade them to go to sleep, and still refuse to leave the room to go happily alone, but instead sleep among them, risking being hit by their phones and struggling to lift their phones to play games?

The most important reason, of course, is not humane … **.

Sleeping on my girlfriend’s bed late at night, what could be the reason besides **? is it possible that still want to talk about life with younger sister Yueyan?

** It’s not a bad thing, because Ren Suo had a vague expectation before the future communication. Most of the people in this future communication will have to hold back the turmoil.

**, so that he will not lose his mind because of the spell spell of the game character!

Yes, Ren Suo can already be sure that these female characters who make their hearts shake are definitely passive spell effects such as “Charming Human Creature”.

Why else would he see one love the other?

Ren Suo is not a rich cowboy!

It must be me and they are wrong!

Although I don’t know why these game characters should charm themselves, [rational Ren Suo] said that the most important thing to play a game is to be calm and don’t get confused.

Zhao Huo next door is just for the standing painting of each piece of paper. He keeps smashing his money. In the future, he can only become a waste of Ninth Cycle with only three girlfriends. Children 3 do n’t learn him.

In order to prevent himself from following the footsteps of “screen licker Zhao Huo”, Ren Suo had already figured out a solution.

fight poison with poison!

The reason why Ren Suo just refused the younger sister’s request for assistance was to prevent himself from entering the sage state.

Therefore, he can rekindle the war now!

Although it seemed bad for him, in order to save the world, Ren Suo had to aggrieved himself.

Ren Suo sneakily observed the younger sister and Yueyan. He still keeps his sideways posture, with Yueyan behind and younger sister on the front.

Ren Suo first lowered the phone, turned slowly, and returned to a face-up position. Gu Yueyan snorted, and naturally fell on his chest, and the younger sister dangled against his arm, wiping the drool around his mouth with his sleeve.

If the sleeping posture is not standard, drooling will occur, and beautiful girls are no exception.

Ren Suo took a deep breath, and then the key is.

Come on!

Ren Suo, you can!

One is younger sister, the other is girlfriend, don’t be afraid! Don’t panic!

at worst was beaten by Moonlight by Gu Yueyan! Reported to my mother by younger sister!

The consequences are bearable!

You are in your 20s, don’t shrink like a young man!

ヾ (≧ ▽ ≦ *) o ~

o (* ≧ ▽ ≦) ツ ~

Despite the gentle movements of Ren Suo cautiously, Gu Yueyan and Ren Xingmei are physically trembled.

Then nothing else happened.

Ren Suo blinked. He had already imagined countless coping strategies in his mind. Didn’t expect them to make the most ideal and gentle response.


(っ ≧ ▽ ≦) っ ~

o (≧ e ≦ *) ~

“Uh … hmm.”

“pu 嗤.”

As Ren Suo became more and more impudent, Gu Yueyan issued a cute snort to warn him, but Ren Xingmei laughed! Actually laughed!

Ren Xingmei’s laughter broke the tacit understanding and silence, Gu Yueyan eyes opened his eyes, took the initiative to pass Ren Suo and kissed his cheek, then grabbed his hand and pressed it on his waist, said, “Don’t move, I want go to bed.”

Her tone of “I paid the protection fee, don’t harass me anymore”, so angry that Ren Suo had to kiss her forehead and apologize.

Ren Xingmei looked at Ren Suo pitifully and whispered, “I didn’t mean it, who told you to hit my waist … I’m afraid of itching.”

It was my fault, it was all my fault, Ren Suo looked helplessly at the younger sister, with a doting expression on his face.

“Open, spell, spell.”

The younger sister printed it gently after speaking, and one second later, the two people separated their hearts content.

Ren Xingmei wiped his lips and lay down on Ren Suo’s chest. He said, “I really want to sleep too. Come here tonight, brother, you said you should take your time.”

“Well, sleep Xingmei, actually I didn’t mean it just now …”

“It’s not intentional, then your hands are quite accurate.” Ren Xingmei laughed like a silver bell: “Also, call me younger sister, I like how you call me.”

So now he replaced Gu Yueyan with Ren Suo’s arm, and Ren Xingmei fell asleep on Ren Suo’s chest.

Ren Suo didn’t dare to move. After they fell asleep, they picked up their phones again and stared at the Supreme Paragon elder sister in the screen with pure eyes.

Make up, magic, finish, finish!

Not a sage, more a sage!

The gain buff obtained from Yueyan and younger sister is enough to make Ren Suo’s mind firm and not to be brainwashed by charm spell anymore!

But it also made Ren Suo realize again that one-piece pajamas are really troublesome.

Noble girl said with a smile: “Why? Not willing to talk? My stupid younger brother, haven’t you seen me for too long?”

Supreme Paragon didn’t move at all, calmly said, “The deity didn’t speak, just because he was a little excited. In the past half year of 1999, the deity also misses you, Star Lord.”

Star Lord!

Ren Suo is shocked!

It is indeed the elder sister of Supreme Paragon! This title is too powerful!

Being able to possess this title indicates that she can reach the level of affecting the stars at least in one of strength, money, and power!

Not a family, don’t enter the house!

Even if Supreme Paragon now presents a father of the “lord of prophecy” and the mother of the “lord of the conspiracy”, Ren Suo will not be surprised.

“Star Lord? In order to help you, I managed to fix the future newsletter. I came over 1000 miles to respond to your newsletter. Do you know how much I lost within a few seconds of our chat?”

Star Lord extend the hand, provoking Supreme Paragon’s chin, said with a smile: “I went up and down a few tens of millions of seconds, and I came to see you deliberately. Wouldn’t you even say an elder sister?”


Although he couldn’t see the expression of Supreme Paragon, Ren Suo clearly felt his inner struggle.

Hey, shout to the elder sister for something sorry.

But Ren Suo was also very surprised, because Star Lord could meet Supreme Paragon.

In previous communications, although Supreme Paragon and the correspondent can communicate face to face, they are actually separated by a barrier of time and space, and they cannot reach or contact.

Now, after Supreme Paragon launched the communication, he was actually teleported to 2049. The so-called space-time barrier was directly broken!




“Good ~” Star Lord shaved the jaw of Supreme Paragon, said with a smile: “It’s time we said the right thing.”

“Yes,” Supreme Paragon said, “this time for future communications, I hope you will.”

Star Lord: “How long haven’t you come home to see me?”

Ren Suo scratched his head. Why did everyone ask this question first when they saw Supreme Paragon? However, Star Lord asked this question and he could understand, after all, she was an elder sister, and it was natural to hope that the younger brother would go home to eat more.

Supreme Paragon: “When Jinfeng Yulu meets, he wins but there are countless people in the world. Do we still need time to measure quality?”

Star Lord crooked his head and looked at him: “Crooked.”

Supreme Paragon: “This is the deity, what do you want?”

Star Lord touched the head of Supreme Paragon, said with a smile: “I can’t do anything, after all, you are my younger brother, and of course I can only condone your petulance … but my love for you is free, I What you do is not free. “

“Let me calculate with you.”

Star Lord stepped on the air, and the flowing skirt flew with it. Supreme Paragon lifted his head, and the charming scenery was about to come into view.

Fuck, the game’s perspective shifts to the back of Supreme Paragon.

Ren Suo suspects that Mini-world Game Console is questioning his character. Is he the kind of person who deliberately lowers his perspective to look at the bottom of the little elder sister’s skirt? He doesn’t play Neil: The Age of Machinery.

When the game perspective returned to normal, Ren Suo saw Star Lord lying in the air in the tower, spreading his hands lazily and saying, “As you can see, I rebuilt this abandoned 50-year-old tower to be shared with 1999. Do you know how much work I have done? “

“Fire star draws Hundred and Thirty Thousand Fourth Cycle cultivator, the moon draws 80000 Fourth Cycle cultivator, Earth 20 40000 Fourth Cycle cultivator, Fifth Cycle cultivator 60000, Sixth Cycle cultivator 8,000, and everything on Earth that you can go to high-speed cultivator, I all Please come here. “

“It wouldn’t have been so troublesome if Sovereign Celestial Maiden was present, but Sovereign Celestial Maiden is waiting for your order at Alpha Star Centaur and can’t leave at all.”

“You can easily create a spatiotemporal communication array. I spent 100000000 million times manpower and material resources to reproduce it, just to better help you complete the epic battle of 1999.”

Star Lord flew down gently, hovering in front of Supreme Paragon, and asked calmly, “How are you going to pay this bill?”

Supreme Paragon said, “There is nothing I can do about this deity. I can’t create a space-time communication team in 2049.”

“Space-time communication requires both parties to locate at the same time, and in 2049, I could n’t accurately locate it until 1999. Because I do n’t know when the space-time inverse chaos will send me, Countless points can be developed in seconds, and I must not take risks. “

“Only when I appeared in 1999, I took the space-time coordinates of my soul as the core of the communication array, and I could accurately locate our future.

Star Lord: “The explanation is very nice, but why don’t you come to me to discuss it before you leave.”

Supreme Paragon said calmly, “Only when the deity successfully launched the first time-space communication in 1999, will you be able to capture the space-time coordinates of 1999 and then repair the future communication station. I believe that after the deity and the Galaxy Singer chat, you Will start repairs to the future communications station. “

“It’s not necessary to discuss or not. We have the spirit and the tacit understanding.”

Star Lord claps his hands: “Well said, then transfer the 45 10000 cultivator Legion bill, and you will solve it yourself when you return?”

Supreme Paragon: “This is salvation, World rises and falls, and the husband is responsible …”

Star Lord: “Yes, so I turned the bills of cultivator, Fifth Cycle cultivator, and Sixth Cycle cultivator for us. But Four Cycle cultivator are all ordinary people. They have spent half a year driving the space-time communication and strictly obeying it. The 007 work system is even willing to work overtime actively, speed up the use of spells, and work 25 or 26 hours a day. I only want to help the past Earth survive the 1000 Jubilee War. “

“This group of ordinary people, if they use the reason of” saving the world “, can indeed squeeze them legitimately.”

“But I am Star Lord.”

Star Lord looked proudly at Supreme Paragon: “They are my employees, and this time is a chance to buy people’s hearts, so I decided to protect their due rights, not only pay normal wages, but even various benefits such as overtime pay. You Do you know how much I spent? “

“Dear younger brother, you owe me. Or is, do you want me to slap them?”

Supreme Paragon: “Well, how much am I owed this time?”

The tone of Supreme Paragon’s dead pig was not afraid of hotness, which made Ren Suo quite doubtful whether he was used to siblings.

“A lot, you can’t afford it for 10000 years.”

Star Lord braced his chin and lay in midair, drowsily said, “Well, you call my elder sister for the next 10000 years, I will be your debt.”

“Can you …”

“No discussion.” Star Lord raised his head and looked down at him: “I like you calling me like this. Come and say with me, sister ~ sister ~ big ~ person ~”

Supreme Paragon was silent for a long time, Star Lord also said, “Don’t you say often that you have to sacrifice yourself in order to save the world and the welfare of 10000 people? It’s time to prove yourself, my dear younger brother.”

Then Ren Suo saw, Savior · 1000 Jubilee cultivator Legion Commander · Boxing Star River · Versatile cultivator · Super powerhouse · Supreme Paragon, twitched:

“Elder sister … adult …”

“Be more emotional, there must be ups and downs, or I will not receive the goods.”

“Sister ~ Sister ~ Big ~ person!”

“Good ~”

I am an outsider who really does not understand the housework of your powerhouse family.

Ren Suo watched the excitement between his sister and brother and couldn’t help but make a silly smile.

Supreme Paragon: “Okay, let’s get started. Star Lord, do what you want to do. Your actions will have a huge impact on your fate in 1999.”

Star Lord: “What should I say when asking for help?”

Supreme Paragon: “… elder sister, please help me, do what you want to do, let your infinite golden brilliance shine on the younger brother of 1999!”

Oops, isn’t Supreme Paragon broken? This has begun to coquettishly.

Star Lord nodded with satisfaction: “No problem. By the way, younger brother, although you were summoned to 2049, your body is still imprisoned in 1999, unable to move, right?”

Supreme Paragon: “Yes.”

Star Lord: “But you can be contacted and cast, right?”

Supreme Paragon: “You … Lord elder sister, what do you want?”

Star Lord didn’t know where to pull out a stopwatch in solid gold with diamonds and said, “Play our favorite game. How about 60 minutes?”

Supreme Paragon: “No, too many, up to 30 minutes!”

“The deal.” Star Lord smiled with excitement.


The next second, Ren Suo saw the future newsletter on the phone screen, empty.

Supreme Paragon and Star Lord disappeared.

10 seconds pass.

Three minutes passed.

Three minutes passed.

Ren Suo put down his phone and cautiously re-enchanted.

Three minutes passed.

A little bold to enchant.

Three minutes passed.

Ren Suo feels that the one-piece pajamas are the most idiotic invention in this world.

Three minutes passed.

Gu Yueyan grabbed Ren Suo’s finger and bit it into his mouth.

Losing a hand, Ren Suo’s enchanting efficiency is -50%.

Three minutes passed.

Ren Suo picked up his phone and saw Supreme Paragon and Star Lord finally appearing again.


Why can’t this section fast forward in the game!

But it completely consumed 30 minutes in reality!

And Ren Suo could see nothing but the empty future newsletter.

But Ren Suo knew what happened between Supreme Paragon and Star Lord.

Compared with the 30-minute money, Star Lord doesn’t seem to have changed much, but it seems to have changed a lot. Her fair complexion has a subtle blush, and her eyes have a hint of indecision.

“Congratulations, you have already repaid the debt for 20 days.”

Star Lord with a look of contentment waved to Supreme Paragon: “Come back early to pay off your debts. Your remaining debt is 9999 days in 345. As long as you keep working hard, you can pay off in 10 years!”

Supreme Paragon: “Oh … I know that.”

Supreme Paragon’s tone made Ren Suo feel like he had burned out.

“If you can come back sooner …” Star Lord covered his face, and said with a dismissed look, “I might promise you to pay the debt with Dimension Queen Sovereign Blood Lotus.”

Supreme Paragon was shocked: “Really! Master elder sister, you have to talk!”

Ren Suo was shocked: What, that many people owe your sister money? Is your family the first rich man in the galaxy?

“Hum, stupid younger brother.”

The golden waterfall fell like a torrent again, and the Silhouette of Star Lord disappeared into the golden waterfall.

In an instant, Supreme Paragon was back in 1999 for future communications.

At the same time, a golden flame game prompt pops up on the screen:

“Star Lord ’s Title Funding: In 1999, Destiny was funded by Star Lord ’s title. All the tags publicly recruited in this chapter have become rare tags, and must be visited by high-turn cultivators. Due to the resonance of space-time communication, the number of open recruits has increased from 10000. People extended to hundreds of people. “

From 10000 people … to hunted thousand people! ?

Well, Supreme Paragon, your elder sister shouted too much!

No wonder the future communications station in 2049 will be repaired, this effect has been strengthened too much!

Ren Suo was so excited to describe to Hard that he was thinking of coming to a public offer to try his luck. At this time, the younger sister murmured: “Light … so bright …”

Although Ren Suo turned down the screen brightness of the phone, it was still bright in the dark. So he put down his cell phone and grabbed his younger sister to sleep.

Open recruitment is not urgent, please find girlfriends tomorrow to borrow.

And Ren Suo was also sleepy. After all, he was constantly excited and calm and excited tonight, his mental strain was quite serious, and he needed to heal his 5 hazy hearts by waiting for the 1 little rare beasts in the dream.

When Ren Suo fell asleep, Ren Xingmei resting on his chest suddenly opened his eyes.

She sneaked up, looked at Ren Suo’s sleeping face in the dark, quietly moved Ren Suo’s body, and no longer let Gu Yueyan pillow his arm. If he slid down, Ren Suo’s arm would be numb tomorrow.

When everything was settled, Ren Xingmei slept peacefully in the arms of Ren Suo, but suddenly a strange thought came to mind

Taking care of this big fool seems interesting.

What kind of feeling would it be if he took the initiative to look for me …?

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