Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 749

Monday, March 3.

Last night, the Federation army fired an unlimited number of guns and had a tired dream again while sleeping. Today, Ren Suo still felt like a few beats, and he was very tired when he got up.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, it will soon be okay, but I don’t know why Ren Suo will have a disgust when he sees the phone, as if tired of it, but he quickly blocked this boring illusion.

The Federation army was not to be trifled with, let alone 8 minutes, the goalkeeper could not sustain for 4 minutes, and even rushed out of position, and was directly bombarded by Federation fire into residue.

The tactics of high-rank cultivator are reflected in guerrillas. Like this kind of hard-fighting battle, it is still the field of modern weapons. Ren Suo ca n’t stop the map-based cover shooting, and there are dozens of snipers aiming to block Ren Suo wanted to break into the crowd and was stopped by the Federation cultivator.

That position was originally set up to meet Didra Transcender’s army!

It was Ren Suo who hit the muzzle, but for a few days, he did not shoot, and he was so depressed that he wanted to burst the muzzle.

Is it true that only the army can deal with the army?

Lianjiang has been raining since the morning, the highest temperature is only 22 °, and the hustle and bustle is slightly cool. Ren Suo maintains the first-level energy consumption status of “Dominated by Flames” throughout the day, and continues to slightly heat. He doesn’t mind being a central air conditioner. If this can make others feel comfortable and slightly increase the emotional value, then hello, everyone. it is good.

In the afternoon, Ren Suo took a trip to the city, accompanied by Bai Ji and Dong Chengling. Both he and Bai Ji were for the Fourth Cycle cultivator certification, while Dong Chengling was because Tianjing was suddenly willing to spell out a space for her.

And because they had to go with Bai Ji, their three people had to take Bai Ji’s car to the Countermeasure Bureau in the urban area.

After all, if Dong Chengling took them 2 teleport to the city, it means that their three people must keep close physical contact, so as to avoid missing arms and legs after the teleport.

So the question is: Does Dong Chengling want Ren Suo to have a close contact with Bai Ji, or is she willing to have a close contact with Bai Ji herself?

After thinking about it, Dong Chengling decisively put aside his time principle of “cherish every minute and every second”, and took a ride with Bai Su in Ren Ji’s car at Ren Suo, at the worst, using his mobile phone to prepare a lesson plan, which is not a waste of time.

She has made up her mind and will take Ren Suo to teleport back to ‘Bai Teacher, you will drive back, and we will not disturb you’ after finishing the related affairs.

When I arrived at the Countermeasure Bureau, I went straight to the 2nd floor of the meeting room. There were already 5 people waiting for them. Even if 3 friends were excluded, 3 Four Cycle cultivators came together and deserved the Countermeasure Bureau’s attention.

Ren Suo was half a step behind, and the most handsome Bai Ji pushed in the door to see the situation. I saw Yu Kuangtu, Li Dan, Qiao Muyi, and Yao Fei sitting in two rows. Yu Kuangtu was excited and Qiao Muyi looked down and played on the phone. Li Dan and Yao Fei, a secretary of the level of golden boys and jade maidens, naturally handle various documents.

On the theme, there was still a fashionable young girl who had just gone shopping, wearing a white sweater and a camisole with long hair, a single ponytail, a black hat, and a white mask on her face. Fairer and lighter than a mask, a pair of crescent-like eyes filled with smiles.

She waved her hand: “Hi ~”

When they came in, everyone immediately turned their eyes on Ren Suo. Yu Kuangtu said directly: “Just you have a lot of things, you have to wear a mask in Lianjiang … Ah tea cultivator, I am not talking about you, I mean Ren Suo this guy will wear a mask from time to time … Ah, I am not talking about wearing a mask Pretending, I just said … “

Li Dan pressed Yu Kuangtu to keep this shameless thing from getting darker and darker.

No wonder Yu Kuangtu has such a reaction. After all, Ren Suo also wears a mask, which is still black. It just happens to be a good match with the special agent from Tianjing. It always makes people feel weird. The child wears a mask. Sun, you a big man wearing a mask is not in line with the habits of the Lianjiang area. After all, there is no haze.

“You 3 are Bai Ji, Ren Suo, and Dong Chengling, please? Sit down. Hmm.” The white mask girl extended the hand, indicating that I was introduced: “I’m the ordinary mountain and river ruler of the Great Wall, Fairy Cha. ,Ok.”

She paused said: “Bai Ji, Third Cycle titled ‘Crystal Hall Master’, former Yangtze River Troops cultivator, current senior teacher of Tianlian Academy, has published many papers on frost casting techniques, and was assassinated on September 9 Time has made great achievements, and scientific battle 21 has blossomed. Well. “

Bai Ji expressionlessly nodded: “It’s a prize.”

Fairy Cha continued: “Dong Chengling, the top 20 of the Xuan Kingdom Four Cycle cultivator, but also an extremely scarce space cultivator, the concept of the Spiritual Qi space you have proposed has been the focus of research in Tianjing. When I came here, Professor Lan , Professor Bai, and Professor Mo all asked me to turn you back to Tianjing. They are very dissatisfied with discussing the issue of the Spiritual Qi space with you on the Internet. Hmm. “

Dong Chengling slightly smiled, calmly said: “Thanks for the love of many teachers.”

“Finally, it’s Ren Suo.” Fairy Cha looked at Ren Suo, his crescent-like eyes seemed to have a deeper smile: “Honestly, you’re the one I’m most interested in in Lianjiang. Hmm.”

Oh? “Everyone whispered inconsistently, but some of them were surprised and some were vigilant.

“Your resume is ordinary but not trivial. The innate talent spell is a healing spell that can delay death, becoming a healing cultivator, and participating in the magician Secret Realm event, Tianlian assassination event, destiny live event. And, in the moon god test After the refining incident, you suddenly went into a coma for another month, and then another month passed, and then you have the Fourth Cycle … “

Ren Suo raised his eyebrows slightly.

The atmosphere in the living room changed slightly.

Qiao Muyi stared at Dong Chengling and Bai Ji, then their three people glanced at Yu Kuangtu, then don’t look over at Fairy Cha. What did Yu Kuangtu’s expression of shit look like? Look at me! I don’t share the same fate with Ren Suo, you are not afraid that I will blow you up later! ?

Fairy Cha didn’t seem to feel the change in the atmosphere, and continued to say with a smile: “But personally has his own chance. There are more strange and strange people in the Great Wall. Compared to them, Ren Suo, your daily life is relatively calm. Yes. Well. “

Hearing that Fairy Cha didn’t intend to go on pursuing it anymore, everyone slowly put down the murderous intentions mentioned, but Ren Suo was now focused.

He heard the subtext of Fairy Cha: Great Wall has a lot of weird people. As long as you are Great Wall, we don’t care about your past.

Ren Suo decided to pre-emptively: “Fairy Cha, can I call you like this?”

Fairy Cha said with a smile: “Of course you can. Um.”

“I don’t think you are polite.”

Everyone was slightly startled, and Fairy Cha raised an eyebrow slightly. “Do you mean I wear a mask? But you also wear it, eh.”

Ren Suo wears a mask to cover his beautiful smile full of wisdom. After all, he used to laugh stupidly. Ren Suo couldn’t make it, so he had to wear a mask directly.

“I don’t mind you wearing a mask,” Ren Suo said, “but I don’t think you talk with your mouth, it makes people feel rude, as if they disdain to talk to me.”

Except for Li Dan, who had been expected, others immediately moved their eyes to Fairy Cha’s mask. Fairy Cha smiled. “How do you see that, eh?”

“Even when wearing a mask, the changes in facial muscles are still visible when talking.” Ren Suo pointed to his ears: “And my ears are better, although it sounds like real sound, but … eardrum Won’t lie. “

Ren Suo and Li Dan looked at each other and smiled at each other.

Ren Suo at first discovered the fetter ability of “clearly understood earth”. Except for the first sentence of “Hi”, Fairy Cha’s other voices were all directly transmitted to her mind by slight Spiritual Qi.

But she imitated it very much, and she also had a sense of distance. She also wore a mask to cover her mouth, so it was difficult for the average person to detect, and only Ren Suo and Li Dan could hear something wrong. There is some suspicion in my heart, and a little observation will naturally see the problem.

Moreover, there is Fairy Cha’s linguistic addiction, which is really interesting.

“Sorry, at first did not explain to you.” Fairy Cha said with a smile: “This is related to my spell cultivation of awakening, so I generally communicate with people in this way, I hope you can understand, eh.”

Ren Suo nodded, said: “Let ’s get straight to the point, is Fairy Cha coming for the Fourth Cycle cultivator certification for us?”

Successfully regaining control of the topic, Ren Suo does not plan to talk more nonsense with this Tianjing cultivator.

“Certification has been completed.” Fairy Cha said, “It is expected that all your information will be updated before 6 o’clock today, and your cultivator subsidy will be updated at the next payroll,” Mystery of the Xuanjun “and the Fourth Cycle Spell can also be redeemed in the French Open, eh. “

“Done?” Bai Ji was slightly surprised.

“In fact, the certification of Fourth Cycle cultivator is also normal, such as …”


Suddenly, the coercion of the mind shook his mind. Ren Suo’s body stiffened, and then the Fourth Cycle cyclone was running, which resolved the mental coercion.

“… Since Yu Kuangtu, Ren Suo, Bai Ji, and Qiao Muyi can block the coercion of Fourth Cycle cultivator, naturally it is also Fourth Cycle cultivator, eh.”

Fairy Cha said with a smile: “At present, the method that does not rely on instrument inspection, relying on co-rotating cultivator for cyclone pressure inspection is the only one that can achieve 100% accuracy.”

Qiao Muyi blinked and looked towards Yu Kuangtu at the table, asking in surprise: “Is it really 100% accurate? Then how did you lie to Yu Kuangtu?”

Yu Kuangtu’s head seemed to be sparking, he gritted his teeth and said, “I successfully promoted to the Fourth Cycle yesterday!”

Dong Chengling: “Congratulations.”

Bai Ji: “very difficult to deal with.”

Ren Suo: “Brilliant.”

Qiao Muyi: “Good ~ Lie ~ Harm ~ Oh ~”

Yao Fei and Li Dan, the two Third Cycle secretaries, did not dare to speak. Yu Kuangtu was even depressed, happy to be promoted the slowest. Is there any joy?

It sounds like who is not the same.

If no one compares, who knows what is behind.

Fairy Cha looked at their interaction, looking thoughtfully nodded, said with a smile: “You have a good relationship, eh.”

Yu Kuangtu rolled his eyes, took out a cigarette, took a sip of the sugar, and took the initiative to change the topic: “Yes, tea cultivator, you just said that you are an ordinary mountain river ruler of the Great Wall, is there an advanced mountain river ruler? , Excellent mountain river ruler, epic mountain river ruler, Legendary mountain river ruler? “

Fairy Cha apparently stayed a bit. Although the sound was as good as ever, a trembling smile appeared clearly: “That, the full name of the ordinary mountain and river ruler is ‘ordinary mountain and river ruler’, uh.”

Yu Kuangtu was immediately embarrassed. Ren Suo immediately resolved the embarrassing atmosphere: “I thought it was a ‘normal mountain and river scale’ … A common mountain and river scale means that your responsibility is to measure ordinary mountains and rivers?”

“Yes, as a great wall measure, our role is to support battle strength across the country as a mobile battle strength, assist local Countermeasure Bureau and troops to resolve mysterious incidents that they cannot resolve, and guard the gate of the mysterious kingdom from any foreign Transcender or special Biology affects national security, eh. “

Fairy Cha paused continued, “As for the job title inside the Great Wall, it is not a secret. Our general members are rulers. Only a strong cultivator who has made a great contribution to the country can get the award of that one. For example Taoist priest You Jian, who awarded 2500 miles, can be compared to the pillar of the country of 2500 miles, eh. “

“As for the average member, if the strength does not reach 1000 miles or more, Tongtong will continue to measure the mountains and rivers. And you …” Fairy Cha glanced at them: “You are all cultivators who have the potential to become mountains and rivers, eh . “

Strong is mountains and rivers, weak is a ruler!

Although no more secrets were spoken, the few words of Fairy Cha still painted a magnificent Great Wall for everyone present.

Only Ren Suo remained indifferent: “Niu Niu Niu Niu. Cheng Ling, do you still have something to do?”

Dong Chengling woke up at the beginning of his dream: “Yes, Fairy Cha cultivator, I have been notified, is there a great space on the Great Wall willing to open a spell for me?”

“Yes, eh.” Fairy Cha nodded, took out a gem from the carry-on bag like a gold cough in the game, brilliant lights and vibrant colors, and sent it along with him. The gem slid along the table to Dong Chengling: “That type of space spell doesn’t pass the French Open, so I can only bring it to you. This is a French-style gem specially provided by Great Wall. You can use it here, eh.”

Although it felt fresh, Dong Chengling not at all hesitated, immediately picked up the gem and closed his eyes.

The gem quickly lost the brilliance of brilliant lights and vibrant colors, became dim, and finally turned into dust and dissipated between Dong Chengling’s fingers.

Everyone was a little surprised, but they also felt that as it should be by rights, Xuan Guo had mastered a lot of secret technologies, and protecting the intellectual property of spell was the top priority, and the country naturally spent great efforts on it.

Dong Chengling eyes opened, bowing slightly to Fairy Cha: “Thank you very much, how much Spirit Stone and money do you need? If not enough, you can advance the deduction.”

“No, this is for you from the Great Wall.” Fairy Cha said: “You are lucky, and that person suddenly wants to strongly support the Fourth Cycle cultivator and give resources to the Fourth Cycle cultivator. So … you are the Fourth Cycle. The benefits of cultivator, uh. “

“Which one?” Qiao Muyi was curious.

“Can’t say, can’t say.” Fairy Cha said with a smile: “It can only be said that it is a big shot that is extremely important to the Great Wall. All members benefit greatly from him. If you are willing to join the Great Wall, like Spell, resources, and state support are actually secondary, and getting the guidance of that one is the greatest benefit of the Great Wall members. Like the priest You Jian, he was not so strong before, just because he got that one. That ’s why he became a Taoist who is now famous all over the country, eh. “

Wow, the big shot respected by the entire Great Wall!

Everyone dare not continue to ask questions, but Yu Kuangtu’s eyes rolled around. He probably knew who Fairy Cha was talking about. Before taking over the Countermeasure Bureau, he was fortunate to go to Tianjing to receive the teaching of that one.

Ren Suo realized what was wrong and immediately stood up and said, “Now that we are done, we will not disturb the daily work of the Countermeasure Bureau …”

“Actually, I still have something to do,” Fairy Cha said neatly, “I hope all the Fourth Cycle cultivator in this room will join the Great Wall, eh.”

Qiao Muyi: “Not willing.”

Dong Chengling: “Not willing.”

Ren Suo: “No.”

Bai Ji: “Ren Suo doesn’t want it then I don’t.”

Yu Kuangtu glanced at them: “… I don’t want to.”

Fairy Cha seems to have expected it, and it’s not surprising. She took a copy of the information, looked at it and asked with a smile: “You all know the benefits of joining the Great Wall, but you are not willing to do so. I believe you have more important reasons, such as … emotional problems, huh?”

“Deputy Director Qiao, you force Chen Dong Chengling and Bai Ji to be reluctant to join the Great Wall because of emotional reasons. I hope we forcibly recruit them to prevent such good seedlings from being destroyed in the ordinary, but you are not willing to join the Great Wall yourself. This will It’s been difficult for me, eh. “

Bai Ji stared at Qiao Muyi for a moment, and even Dong Chengling couldn’t help but take out a small notebook: using power to gain personal gain, there was such a gameplay, and he learned it.

Qiao Muyi glanced at Ren Suo, his mouth twitched, and he smiled humorously: “I was wrong at that time, can I change it now, isn’t it possible to change it before I make a mistake? I will definitely regret it. “

Qiao Muyi’s approach is like why farmers are not willing to dedicate cattle to the country because I really have awesome!

It didn’t matter that they hadn’t dragged them into the water, but they had to stand on the shore!

Although the incident was exposed, Qiao Muyi didn’t care.

Because she did not receive Ren Suo’s negative emotions from her awakening spell. Although Ren Suo was wearing a mask just now, his eyes only showed a hint of surprise, not at all any return qi.

As long as Ren Suo doesn’t blame her, she is not afraid of Bai Ji and Dong Chengling.

In fact, Qiao Muyi didn’t expect Great Wall would send someone to persuade them, otherwise the matter would not be exposed.

However, if you think about it, there are 4… 5 wild Fourth Cycle cultivators in Lianjiang. Great Wall will take it seriously and it seems that it should be by rights.

Fairy Cha looked around for a week: “Are you also reluctant to join the Great Wall because of relationship problems, eh?”

Ren Suo: “Yes.”

Bai Ji: “Almost.”

Yu Kuangtu scratched his face and said a little awkwardly: “… I’m almost the same.”

Fairy Cha looking thoughtful nodded, she suddenly said to Ren Suo who stood up: “Ren Suo, there are really many benefits to joining the Great Wall, don’t you really think about it, eh?”

Ren Suo blinked and asked, “Benefits? For example?”

“Too many, so let me give you a less common example.” Fairy Cha said, “For example, Great Wall, as the most advanced and extraordinary institution in Xuanguo, can directly connect with other extraordinary organizations. You can Recognize Transcender from other countries, or travel and communicate free of charge … “

Ren Suo thought about it and asked, “Can the Great Wall get involved in foreign affairs?”

Fairy Cha stunned: “It’s not theoretically possible, but … if it’s Great Wall’s advice and it doesn’t harm their interests, they might listen.”

Ren Suo’s eyes flickered slightly.

He can’t beat the Federation army in the game, but if he can transfer the Federation army … not even all of them, even if only half of them, the game will be much less difficult.

Ca n’t fight in the game, directly reduce the dimensionality from reality?

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