Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 782

Tianjing, Underground Research Institute.

It is interesting to say that although Great Wall is now the supreme organization on Xuan Guoming’s face, it actually has no resident.

There are two reasons: first, they are not a 2 or 965 work unit, but a 996-hour cultivation organization of 007. All members have no so-called vacations. They are either on a business trip, practicing, or studying. A fixed workplace.

Second, the real leader of the Great Wall is Ren Zuo, and Ren Zuo cannot leave Sanshou at all. When they meet at the ground station, let Ren Zuo participate in it through video chat …

You Jian is very much in favor of setting up a resident on the ground. After leaving Ren Zuo behind, they have a meeting by themselves. In his words, “Hey, you ca n’t suffer, but you do n’t have to shit at the next meeting.” Somewhere to go? You make us look like the next 3 villains in a toilet meeting … “

Ren Zuo then sent You Jian directly to the toilet, where he laid a Formula and closed him in detention.

You Jian spent 25 minutes breaking the Formation, and 20 minutes of it were used for large-scale metabolism, which made people lament that ‘who really can’t kill him will make him stronger’, and no one has raised the issue about the resident.

As an alternative, the underground research institute is basically the Great Wall’s resident, and new scales will be studied and trained here.

As for the old rulers and the mountains and rivers, they were basically properly resettled by the country. Even You Jian, who flew around all day, also rented a manor in Tianjing.

As for Mister Chuan, of course, I live in the Pangolin protection base in my spare time. Every day I work with my family to spit termites and bullet ants. It can be described as one person. .

Today, however, most of the members of Great Wall are gathered in underground research institutes.

Up to Mister Chuan and You Jian, down to the newly-measured Fairy Cha and Chen Liao, all live in the room of the institute.

Even You Jian, who is most disgusted with living in such a dark place, stayed in the room to practice in the past few days without any trouble.

Tonight, all researchers in Sanling have left, and only members of the Great Wall stay inside.

“Is it really tonight?”

You Jian slung shoulders, wearing sportswear, hands in pants pockets, and wireless headphones in his ears, You Jian kicked a pair of slippers, walked into the Sanling with the steps of not recognizing one’s family, and dug as soon as he came in He said with his ears: “I get up and down a few thousand thousand Spiritual Qi every minute, don’t waste your time watching me squatting all night!”

Ren Zuo gently raised his hand, and a golden glow bloomed in the air, while flashing the technique of farming and raising livestock, while engraving the unified strategy of the 4 seas, it seemed like Changhong thorns toward You Jian.

“Sword Technique Xuanyuan.”

You Jian eyes immediately stunned, and the waist was unconsciously straightened, bright white light ignited on the body, and all onlookers could see their eyes hurt!

use body as sword, Person and Sword Unite!

I, for, sword, bone, head!


You Jian raised his hand directly to Xuanyuan Xuanyuan, and the sword light and golden light on his body passed away from each other, making the sound of a sword like 1000 birds singing!

In the blink of an eye, the golden light dissipated, and You Jian also converged on the sword light. Except for the turbulent Spiritual Qi, nothing seemed to have happened between the scattered spirits.

“2500 miles of mountains and rivers, one step further.” The endorsement number is endless, and the bald monk dressed in Hatsune Bodhisattva in indifferently said.

This is the tacit agreement between Ren Zuo and You Jian: You Jian can be dragged, you can be arrogant, you can speak well, but you must receive my one move.

You can handle it, I allow you to drag it once; if you can’t, you shame yourself once.

The other thing is that you can’t damage public property when you take the job, otherwise Ren Zuo will directly send him to the toilet to reflect on it.

This is not the first time You Jian caught the punishment of Ren Zuo, but it was the most beautiful one.

There is no pyrotechnics, more sharp and sharp.

Ren Zuo smiled: “This is what you have achieved in 2 days?”

“Although it’s not as good as your Xuanyuan Sword now, but it’s a sword belonging to Xun.” You Jian proudly said, “Give Xuanyuan Sword for a while, Xuanyuan Sword can be easily cut!”

Ren Zuo indifferent expression, next to the ice seat, said: “It seems that the First World War in London has affected you a lot. Not only can you make a breakthrough, enter the Fifth Cycle a day, but you can also develop a new spell within 2 days … This method … What name? “

“The inspiration for this spell was a suggestion from a friend,” You Jian said, “He is a sword-lover, the highest realm who loves swords is naturally Person and Sword Unite. , The sword is the blood of the puppet, and the sword is human, there is no disadvantage, there is nothing to stop! “

“This sword is called-Commoner!”

“Clothing sword.” Ren Zuo couldn’t help but smile: “This is not suitable for your identity, I thought you would name this spell as Tianzijian or the like.”

Mister Chuan also said at this time: “Heaven, son, anger, corpse, 1000000.”

“Let ’s do it, knowing that your history has learned the second grade of junior high school.” You Jian glanced at Mister Chuan and said, “He is angry and angry, what is it about 2 people?”

“Heavenly sword, with soldiers and war chariots as the front, and mountains and rivers as the city, in the final analysis, it is not to deceive others to die for their own benefit, and I disdain to do it, and to disdain using this name.”

“Yi’s flesh is Wushuang sword edge, and Xie’s commoner is the fortress of mountains and rivers.” You Jian took a seat and sat down, humming. “The commoner is angry, blood splashes in 5 steps. All sentient beings. Sword of commoner, one thousand blood miles in a sword, one sword can block 1000000 divisions. Is it like the sword of power of 1000000 corpses? “

“Squatting, times have changed.”

This remark was really persuasive from You Jian’s mouth.

Ren Zuo covered his mouth and laughed, then said, “If you are not wrong, the next coming of the gate of truth should be today’s child hour.”

“Is it from 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock … that is now.” You Jian secretly nodded and asked, “How do you know? Divine light flashed during constipation?”

It makes sense, without You Jian, other Great Wall members would not dare to ask Ren Zuo this way.

Ren Zuo, regardless of his qualifications and strength, is enough to make others act honestly, how can you be as easy as asking a class teacher to ask questions like You Jian. However, Ren Zuo is still young, usually Wen Qing and arrogant, often speaking only half pretending, making everyone do not understand and dare not ask.

“Have you played online games?” Ren Zuo asked suddenly.

Everyone froze.

Brother, now you have a big crown and sleeves, and you are dressed like a fairy. You can only sit on the Frozen Throne and practice research spells all the time. Have you ever asked us to play an online game?

“Have played a little.” Everyone said humbly.

“The advent of the gate of truth is like an updated version of the online game.” Ren Zuo said: “This plane was originally a revival of the Spiritual Qi, but with the advent of the gate of truth, a new power appeared.”

“You shouldn’t feel it, this power hasn’t taken shape yet, it’s a little bit worse, only this seat has a vague feeling …”

You Jian said, “What you say is like discussing constipation …”

Ren Zuo didn’t bother to ignore him, and continued: “This power is attached to Spiritual Qi, but it is a brand-new power system. It is clear from this seat that Spiritual Qi has changed and the chaotic Spiritual Qi has become more Order, all spells, cultivation, and awakening, I am afraid it will change as a result. “

“When the door of truth comes down completely, new power will take shape, and the Spiritual Qi recovery will enter a new stage.”

“And this process of change is almost complete.”

Ren Zuo said calmly, “It’s time to finish, now.”

Everyone was nodded, and they recognized Ren Zuo’s judgment. Mister Chuan stood up and began to arrange the battle sequence, and everyone entered a state of intense combat readiness.

“Reaffirm!” Said Endless Monk: “Our goal is to defeat the gatekeeper, take the door of truth, do not kill the gatekeeper, and avoid evil with the World Tree, but we must not let the gatekeeper complete the trial, we must seize this opportunity Take the door to truth for the Great Wall! “


The endless monk raised his hand and shouted, “For the mysterious country!”

“For the mysterious country!”

You Jian dug into earwax: “You can get so bloody with this robbery …”

The endless monk said indifferently: “Robbing for the country, can this be called robbery? And this is originally a trial of the gatekeeper. He can’t beat us, and we are taken away from us by the door of truth. This is totally deserved.”

“Here is the territory of the mysterious country. He has no visa to enter the country without permission, so he does not even have a citizenship. He and the gate of truth belong to our property. We are legally reasonable.”

You Jian waved his hand: “Okay, but you monk who killed and set fire …”

Fairy Cha said with some worry: “But then Ren Zuo will be completely exposed to the whole world.”

“No way, this time the gatekeeper came to the door. Could you let him run with the toilet?”

You Jian hehe said with a smile: “It does n’t matter if you do n’t have one. Anyway, you can win the goalkeeper Xue Sha anyway. Damn, now the Internet says that Neither the bird nor the birdman can win one. 朕 must prove, He is ten times stronger than the gatekeeper and 2 times stronger than the birdman! “

You were promoted to Fifth Cycle in one day, and You Jian, who developed a new spell on the 2nd, is now full of confidence and confidence.

But Chen Liao was also a little worried: “Once other countries found Ren Zuo so powerful and above all Transcenders, 10000 as soon as they joined together to suppress our mysterious country …”


“The gun shot the bird …”

Other Great Wall members also have concerns.

“Then hit them.”

You Jian coldly snorted: “Do you think that the commoner sword is only used for shame?”

“And you.” You Jian glanced at the members of Great Wall for a week: “Did you receive so many favors from this crouching, just for such a day?”

“Why, are you going to let him solve everything while he is constipated? Fart! So what are you guys doing here? Are you here to pay shit?”

The Great Wall’s people were scolded and blushed by You Jian, and Fairy Cha raised her eyebrows slightly, evoked emotions, and immediately whispered, “No.”

“Then what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of other countries suppressing us? Then you will be strong enough to suppress them!”

You Jian stood up and the Fifth Cycle overwhelmed the audience. All members except Ren Zuo were shocked!

“I do n’t know what All living things are equal, and I do n’t know what big love is, I only know a little—”

You Jian slowly straightened up, his voice was as bright as the sound of heaven: “We grew up on the greatest land, we are the greatest nation, we were born to be the darlings of the times! We must be number one in every field, what Do your best! “

“Uncompromising, not bending down, unyielding, unbearable!”

“We are the wheels of history, and those in front of us should be crushed! Understand!”

“Understand!” Great Wall growled in unison.

At this time, Ren Zuo also said: “Don’t worry, this exposure is not just a bad thing.”

“This time, we must be able to obtain the door to truth, when the time comes based on this, and vigorously develop a new system of power, enough to make our mysterious country Transcender lead other countries in the curve. Step by step, step by step, and this Compared with the risks after exposure, the benefits we can obtain are far greater. “

“Although this seat can’t leave Sansui, other countries do n’t know it, even if it ’s meaningless, the strongest Transcender in other countries is Angel Zach, whose strength is similar to You Jian … Do n’t talk, Angel Zach is better than You You are weak, okay? “

You Jian 悻悻 shut up.

Ren Zuo continued: “Outside, you have to wait for the Great Wall to deter nations. Inside, this seat guards 1000 miles, I Am Invincible.”

“Overall, exposure doesn’t cause serious consequences, and it can even be of great benefit. Don’t worry about it.”

Everyone finally reassured.

Ren Zuo was also relaxed, with a smile on his lips, holding back the excitement in his heart, serene waiting for the gatekeeper and the door of truth.

He actually expected to be exposed, okay!

He didn’t care about the worship of the world, but this time he was able to get online with the extraordinary organization!

His battle with the gatekeeper will inevitably be broadcast globally. When the time comes Immortal Palace members will definitely watch it, and then …

Nine-tailed Fox can see him sitting on the ice seat, suppressing the goalkeeper with his backhand, and opening the gate of truth with his forehand!

When the time comes to marry Nine-tailed Fox, to take over Immortal Palace to solve the Bloodline curse, and it’s normal to go to life Peak!

Such a good thing should have fallen on him long ago!

Ren Zuo also suspects that this trial of the door of truth came too late!

He is confident that he can beat the gatekeeper, because no matter how strong the gatekeeper is, he is definitely better than the gatekeeper.

He is the ceiling of this world!

Ren Zuo didn’t worry about the fighting at all. Instead, when he was thinking about waiting for the live broadcast, would he like to mention a sentence of Nine-tailed Fox, implying that Immortal Palace sent Nine-tailed Fox to solicit him.

Could it be too obscure like “Long Wen Immortal Palace Nine-tailed Fox Beauty”?

Like “Goalkeeper, do you have Nine-tailed Fox WeChat?” Is it more grounded?

Whether it’s the Great Wall or Ren Zuo, the gatekeepers are very sure to come here.

Because the trial of truth is harder than harder, the power of seekers is gradually increasing.

Level 4 Angel Zach and Taoist You Jian are already the strongest battle strength in the world.

Stronger than them, only one person—

That’s Ren Zuo.

Then the goalkeeper’s next trial is naturally only Ren Zuo!

Does the gatekeeper have other options? But the people at Immortal Palace and World Tree cannot intervene in the trial.

Great Wall is waiting for the chance to seize the door of truth.

Ren Zuo is waiting for his chance to defeat the goalkeeper.

In everyone’s expectations, time gradually passes to 0am-

“Ah.” You Jian, who was playing on the phone, yelled, “Ren Naise is live again.”

Ren Zuo blinked and looked around for a week.

What about people?

What about the gate of truth?

Say good to debut?

What about my chance to debut as a gatekeeper?

Everyone took out their phones, and Fairy Cha strangely said: “The goalkeepers in this battle are so strange. No one we know, and they also wear strange masks … Ah, we know one.”

“Who?” Ren Zuo asked subconsciously.

Fairy Cha: “Demon King Black Coffin, as mentioned by the gatekeeper.”

Demon King!

Ren Zuo stunned.

Damn, World Tree and Immortal Palace are indeed not trial by fire, but there is such a Demon King in the extraordinary organization!



Lianjiang City, Tianlian Academy.

Feeling the Spiritual Qi ripples in the air, Dong Chengling, who had just fallen asleep, was awake. She got out of bed and felt it for a while, and confirmed that the Spiritual Qi Outbreak Center was far away from her, about in the direction of the city. She thought about it and planned to continue to sleep.

There is a person from the Countermeasure Bureau in the urban area. As an Academy teacher, she should protect the safety of the Teachers and students in the Academy.

In addition, there are Luna and Xiaoyi at home. The two of them are in Dong Chengling’s mind far above the others. Dong Chengling will not separate them in the middle of the night.


Dong Chengling felt keenly that someone had entered her house from the balcony.

A thief?

Still stealing into my house?

Even if it was Dong Chengling, she couldn’t help laughing at this moment-this thief was too unlucky, right?

She didn’t open the door or slippers, and teleported directly into the corridor.

She could see a silhouette in the moonlight’s tilted living room pulled out of the moonlight’s long shadow. Although he was also moving lightly, he was very unprofessional, and his shoes made a soft footstep.

Dong Chengling quietly waited for him to go to the corner, and instantly teleported to his front, and then the Fourth Cycle coercion broke out, a “finger lock” caught it, ready to suppress the thief and drag it directly to the police station!

But the moment she saw this little thief’s face, she suddenly dispelled the spell in her hand, but she could not stop the castration, and could only turn her into a slap in the palm!

A crisp slap sounded, the thief groaned, touched his left face, and grinned and asked, “Can you also hit my right face?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard such a strange request.” Dong Chengling raised an eyebrow slightly and raised his left hand fan over.

The thief trembled with his eyes closed, waiting for the pain to come.

However, there was only a warm palm, gently touching his face.

“Why don’t you come in through the main entrance,” Dong Chengling said softly.

Ren Suo shrugged and said, “If you go to the main entrance, you have to wait for the elevator, take the elevator, ring the doorbell, and let you out to open the door … it will take a lot of time.”

“You don’t even want to wait for this time?” Dong Chengling tilted his head, raised his lips and looked at him with a smile on his face.

Ren Suo blinked, and used to hold Dong Chengling’s slim waist tightly against her body, facing each other, and said softly, “I just don’t want you to wait any longer.”

“I’ve made you wait too long.”

Dong Chengling stepped on his shoes with his bare feet, wrapped around his neck and asked, “What promises will you make this time that will rot?”

“This promise never expires, because it is an immature Fruit Tree.” Ren Suo said, “Even if you have to grow and water your whole life, you may not be able to harvest mature fruits.”

Dong Chengling asked, shaking his head, “What can I get?”

“You can slap this tree.”

Ren Suo looked at Dong Chengling affectionately, his eyes seemed to be glowing. The love between his eyes caused Dong Chengling to slightly increase his breath, and his body had completely leaned against him. He kissed softly, and said softly in his mouth, “You are the eternal master of this tree …”



Ren Suo’s right face, as expected.

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