Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 805

“The front of the door is clear, mixed, mixed with one color, mixed with one color, small 9 yuan, 3 dark engraved, all explain!”

At the stone table of the tattered bamboo forest, with the announcement of Fairy Cha’s death, 3 pandas swelled the dark circles and patted the stone table fiercely: “It’s a shame …”

“My all!”

“My country is unparalleled!”

“My 4 secret moments ride wu wu wu alone!”

Bang! bang! bang!

This stone table does not know how to do it. The ground was cracked by the pandas. However, the stone table was not damaged. Fairy Cha even doubted whether the stone table was an extraordinary item and whether it could be used as a shield when removed.

Although facing three tall and strong pandas, Fairy Cha is not afraid at all, except because she is a Fourth Cycle cultivator, even if the battle strength is a relatively short scale in the Great Wall, you will never be afraid. A few panda monsters.

And even though the pandas have stink mouths, their bodies are very honest. Even if they are repeatedly bombarded by Fairy Cha, they dare not touch Fairy Cha. They are out of breath by taking this table that never breaks.

“According to the agreement of at first, I won 18 games in Zhuang Lian. You are not allowed to fight any more, eh.” Fairy Cha won the refreshed, and he was not a man in front of him. Sit tight.

“How can you play Mahjong with Spirit Strength!”

“You are also a Mahjong messenger !?”

The pandas scratched their heads and couldn’t figure out how Fairy Cha won. Obviously, they could draw cards within 5 rounds as soon as they got started. It was n’t a big 4 happy character, a green one, and a Guoshi Wushuang. After the 10th tour, they fired Fairy Cha instead.

Although sometimes Fairy Cha’s cards are not high, the problem is that Fairy Cha has never lost!

They can’t even touch themselves!

Sometimes I just want to change the cards, and then I can touch the cards that can be used!

It’s so angry that their eyes are black!

Facing the questions of the pandas, Fairy Cha smiled, and looked at the sky and felt that it was about to dawn. She was suddenly taken by Mister Chuan from Tianjing to Dujiangyan by plane, and thought that to solve some serious mysterious phenomena, did n’t expect to accompany the panda to play mahjong, and had to go to Mister Chuan to complain …

“If you don’t fight, don’t fight, but you have to accompany us to continue playing Mahjong!” Panda ‘An’an opened his eyes wide and said in a low, muffled voice: “Compared to Yuan Yuan’s broken cricket stranger, still fight with you ! “

“I’d rather be won by you than by that blame!”

“That bastard really can’t even let goofy go!”

Panda rounded her eyes, and she didn’t know where to take out a row of stainless steel and ate them one by one as spicy bars.

Fairy Cha shook her head: “No, I’m going back to sleep. Don’t you have to sleep?”

The pandas stared at each other, then haha ​​laughed, and pointed to their dark circles: “Are we like weak people who need to sleep? Huh, humans really are …”

“No matter what you say, anyway, I won’t fight anymore, bye.” Fairy Cha not only did not fight, not even plan to come again, looking at these pandas who are like big brothers in the Northeast, they sent big gold chain pandas, Fairy Cha felt her perception of a creature like a panda plummet.

After slipping, go back to Mister Chuan to settle accounts.

“Don’t! You have to play mahjong with us!” Panda Jiji suddenly stood up loudly said.

Fairy Cha narrowed her eyes, still using her mind to drive spell, and asked calmly, “What if I just refuse to fight, huh?”

“If you dare to refuse …” Panda Beibei slowly stood up, the imposing momentum straightened into the sky, a bleak night forest wind blew through, and the silent bamboo forest gave birth to the Murderous intention of wind and rain.

The pandas landed on four limbs, and their fluffy bodies were stronger. They stared at Fairy Cha with dark and swarthy eyes. The mighty predators at the top of the food chain were released unreservedly.

Panda Panda, they are bears, not cats!

Really still have to rely on fists?

Mountain River Ruler Fairy Cha is fearless, the Fourth Cycle cyclone runs wildly, and “6 Kusenjia V2.71” and “Phantom Magic v1.35” are ready to go.

Even if it is not the main battle cultivator, Fairy Cha is not afraid of these pandas with a faint Fourth Cycle cultivation base-her spell is Ren Zuo’s continuous improvement and update, the most advanced high-tech spell, just the advantages of this software, just Enough for her to defeat these monsters raised by Innate Earth!

Human beings,

He Zuodao.

Within 3 steps,

Take your life!

Looking at Fairy Cha, who is vigilant at 10000 points, the pandas sneered and looked like a thunderbolt—

Rolled over.

“Play with us Play with us!”

“Meow meow meow!”

“Say good everyday there are humans to play with us! Wu wu you are not allowed to go!”

Three cute, thick and fluffy pandas rolled around at the feet of Fairy Cha, and even made a meowing sound, and timidly stretched out the meat ball to touch Fairy Cha’s hand. Fairy Cha suddenly lost ground.

Not to mention female child, Pangolin can’t stand it! ?

No wonder Mister Chuan runs so fast. I want to come too. Mister Chuan is not human. He has no national treasure impression bonus. But with the strength of three thousand miles of mountains and rivers, how easy is it to discipline these pandas?

I’m afraid that this group of pandas sell cute, can’t fight and can’t fight, scold and scold, but are there other options besides submission?

The pandas hugged Fairy Cha’s legs together and said coquettishly: “At that time, I had an appointment with your Great Wall. Every month, we should have spiritual practice to play with us for a few days! The ant-eating is not interesting, we have to You play, play with you! Make an appointment! “

Fairy Cha froze and asked, “What promise?”

“Every month there must be spiritual devotion to play with us for 30 days!”

Fairy Cha turned around and left, and the pandas quickly hugged her long legs: “25 days! 20 days can’t be less! See how you can play Mahjong for 5 days! Aiya 7 days can’t work! 7 days, 3 days we Blood loss … It ’s actually been 3 days! Just 1 days wu wu wu I didn’t lie to you! “

From 30 days to 3 days, Fairy Cha has a deeper understanding of the humanity of this group of pandas-this group of pandas are more humane than You Jian.

She asked, “What does that agreement mean?”

“Every month, there must be a spiritual practice to play with us for 3 days.” Panda An An said: “In the past, it was the ant who played with us. He was boring and boring.”

“What is spiritual practice, eh?” Fairy Cha was curious.

“First Cycle is extraordinary, for the spiritual cultivation; Fourth Cycle is spiritual, for the spiritual cultivation.” Panda Jiji Meow said, “Did you not teach the Great Wall?”

“I haven’t heard this.” Fairy Cha squatted down and touched their fluffy panda heads, and asked, “Why do you have to play with Fourth Cycle cultivator? Those ordinary people can’t? First Cycle cultivator can’t, eh ? “

The pandas shook their heads: “Tired.”

… a realistic statement.

The pandas waved their hands: “They have been with them for more than 20 years, and they are all mortals. They are tired of it already. And the spiritual practice has a very comfortable aura, and we will be very happy to stay with them.”

“More than 20 years !?” Fairy Cha said a moment, she knows that pandas can generally live in their twenties. These pandas look like they are in their prime. Didn’t expect to be so old.

After being begged by this group of pandas for a while, Fairy Cha was unrelenting and had to agree. And she also understood what Mister Chuan meant, and her mission was to play with the pandas for 3 days-Great Wall’s business is too extensive.

Hearing Fairy Cha agreed, the pandas swarmed back to the stone table and patted the table: “Hurry up, we have to make ten or six turns!”

“Humans are so easy to deceive.”

“Well, hairless animals are so weak.”

As soon as the goal was reached, the pandas reverted to their status quo and changed from cute cats to the Northeast Bear. They don’t have any consciousness of ‘anneng smashing their eyes and digging their feet’, but instead use beautification as their usual means.

Fairy Cha looked at the sky and thought that after 3 days, his dark circles might not be able to speak on equal terms with this group of pandas.

“Generally speaking, shouldn’t you not like to play with humans, eh?” Fairy Cha asked curiously, “Except for Mister Chuan, you are the first one I see to be close to humans … eh.”

Panda An’an: “Well, who wouldn’t live like this if it wasn’t forced by life?”

Panda Jiji: “Since we are destined to be stingy, why not lie down and enjoy?”

Panda Beibei: “In fact, we don’t want to stay with your humans, but now there are humans everywhere. Where there is no human, there is no grass. We eat iron and stones to help laxative.

At this time, the panda Yuanyuan, who had been lying aside with bamboo, suddenly sighed and took a sip of bamboo. Faintly said: “Think back then, we also thought of not playing with humans …”

“Just, there are things that can’t help me …”



The 5th challenge “Tibetan Panda” copy was successful.

Ren Suo looked at the panda population in the picture a little less, because this time more than 2 pandas were contracted by future cultivator.

Ren Suo originally thought that after the customs clearance was basically stable, didn’t expect that when the third challenge of the copy, the group of pandas suddenly received a buff, the attack power, defense power, and movement speed all increased by 3%, although the increase was small. , But it has aroused the vigilance of Ren Suo.

The fourth time, all increased by 4%.

The 5th time has reached 10%!

As a pioneer, the Dragon King Zhao Huo team was directly crushed once, and after a little delay, the Little Meng team had time to wipe out all the pandas!

Ren Suo looked at the copy information and found a note at the bottom:

“Because they were beaten by the same enemy multiple times in a short period of time, the pandas were angry and their battle strength rose (4/5)”

Continuously brushing the same copy has this negative effect … but it does sound reasonable, and anyone who loses his temper will lose his temper.

In addition, although Little Meng was strengthened by Ren Suo with a dream experience crystal, the effect shown is very not obvious.

Even though Little Meng now has the combined battle strength of the Fifth Cycle, but in the Supreme Qi’s Spiritual Qi point, the battle strength shown is not as good as the Second Cycle. Instead, the pandas are actually strengthened, compared to The gap is obvious.

However, this is not all bad, because the stronger the panda is, the more dream experience crystals will be produced by the cultivators in the future after victory. Now Ren Suo has strengthened Little Meng to the Fifth Cycle, and then the Dragon Transformation King Zhao Huo .

After this battle was successful, Ren Suo found that there was an additional gain-

“Little Meng Legion gains the ring of 5 War uniforms”

“Dragon King Zhao Huo Legion Receives Ring of 5 War Robes”

“The ring of the 5th battle robe: Legion’s ring of glory obtained after 5 battles. During the battle, the members of Legion will become one body, reach each other directly, and share the same comrades. The overall battle strength is +1. %. “

After getting this ring, Ren Suo saw that the “Coordination Device: 1000/1000” in the task list was completed instantly, and “Interstellar Strikes the Battle Armor: 825/1000” is still 175 pandas.

Ren Suo thought about it, and found that this “five battles uniform” actually included the first defeat.

In other words, even if the battle fails in normal times, it is not without profit. In addition to obtaining information, it can also accumulate Legion battles.

According to this rule, I am afraid that there will not be ten battle rings and 100 battle rings in the future.

In addition, the dragon king Zhao Huo and Little Meng’s trust in Supreme Paragon has also increased a lot. It has triggered the enhanced special effect of “attack power + 1%”. Although not many, there is hope.

It seems that there are many benefits to fighting more, even if you fail.

Unfortunately, there are no other copies on Earth, and Ren Suo has no choice but to eat, sleep, and fight with pandas.

With 9 points of critical value remaining, the final copy of the “Tibetan Panda” was played. This time, the panda’s battle strength was strengthened to 20%, but Ren Suo used the dragon king Zhao Huo to seduce, and the kite fell alive.

“Interstellar Strikes the Battle Armor: 1000/1000” has reached the standard, and the list of pre-war preparation tasks listed by Supreme Paragon is complete!

The game pops up a prompt: “Are you fighting the first Ark invasion? The remaining threshold will be added to the threshold in the next chapter.”

Ren Suo naturally chose “Yes”, and then he clicked, but didn’t respond.

Clicked 2 times, 3 times, nothing happened!

The game options suddenly turned into fragmented distortions, and a black woman silhouette appeared on the screen:

“Hello? Hey? Can you hear me? You’re really good, sneak away, if not Crystal Maiden contact me, I’m still waiting for you in the game now!”

Supreme Paragon: “The deity is not sneaky.”

“Okay, you didn’t sneak it. Why did you sneak me over to the next star? Okay, the Ark unit is almost here. I am now on the edge of the space-time counter-insurgency. Do you want to do anything?”

“Do you pay 99 points for Sovereign Celestial Maiden to launch a 10000 law storm?”

“The 10000 law storm that governs countless rules of time, space, cause and effect, light and darkness is the only one that can make a large array of time and space counter-insurgency into a state of chaos in a short period of time, thereby disorienting the Ark forces and increasing the transfer time. The critical value will return to random The value can only be initiated by Sovereign Celestial Maiden when the critical value returns to 0. “

Is the game’s gold option a critical threshold …

The benefits of returning to the critical value are clearly visible, Ren Suo can continue to brush the panda copy.

But now he can only brush the lowest-level copy of the panda, the gain is small, and the invasion of the First Wave Ark troops is not difficult, so there is no need to delay.

After choosing to refuse, Sovereign Celestial Maiden snorted: “Really, it is not easy for me to perform once. 99 points of merit are necessary, and 100 points of merit are not needed. You can earn it! Don’t think about it for free. Do n’t let me do it for nothing … Do n’t hesitate when you need it, do n’t use it when you should use it, it ’s meaningless! ”

Ren Suo felt a little strange, if he remembered it correctly, it seemed that he was the first to put forward the concept of merit from perfectly clear in npc.

The old gold npc either said, ‘You have what I need’, or just said nothing. After Ren Suo was stunned, the Mini-world Game Console would take care of it.

Only Sovereign Celestial Maiden not only knows the concept of merit, but also knows exactly 99 merits, and even has the intention to deceive Ren Suo merit … But such a bad thing is only meaningful to players of Mini-world Game Console.

And this 氪 golden horn color, the introduction of Sovereign Celestial Maiden is too horrible. Regarding time, space, causality, light and darkness … how does it seem stronger than Supreme Paragon?

Ren Suo thought that the protagonist of this game was already awesome, so he gave him the name of Supreme Paragon. Didn’t expect First Cycle appeared even better!

If this game also feeds back reality, it means that a strong big shot like Sovereign Celestial Maiden will really appear in 2049!

The name is really correct, Sovereign Celestial Maiden, this person is the heroine of this World!

So should this Sovereign Celestial Maiden be bubbling now? Why should I be born?

Do I have a chance to hug my thigh?

After a few laps of Ren Suo’s mind, his attention returned to the picture.

“In 1999, February, the immortal civilization ‘Ark’ invaded the galaxy!”



Want to pee.

Lin Xianyu rubbed his thighs and rubbed them, and opened his eyes. The bedroom was dark, and the sky was not yet bright.

Do not want to move, do not want to climb down.

Want to pee.

Can’t wet the bed, will be laughed by the monitor.

Is there a way to go to the bathroom without moving?

If only it would be teleported, then I would be able to teleport directly to the bathroom, a bit envious of Dong Teacher.

But I can only manipulate the wind, so weak.

Can you hold me up with the wind and blow me over to the bathroom?

Blow … Blow … Hey? Arrived in the bathroom?

Take off your pants and pee with your eyes closed.

There is no light, so dark, the toilet paper cannot be touched, and the switch is at the door.

If only it could shine, then I wouldn’t have to switch the lights on and I was a bit envious of the monitor.

Can you blow in the light with the wind?

Blow … Blow … Ah, see.

Wipe clean and wash your hands.

Blow back, blow back, I don’t want to climb into bed.

Blow … Blow … Oh, back to bed, sleep to sleep zz.

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