Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 806

“Chapter One When Destiny Begins”

“1999, Solar System, Nether King Star”

Supreme Paragon is suspended outside a rusty red planet. A thin layer of atmosphere is like an egg shell protecting this dwarf planet with only one third volume of the moon. The faint clouds in the atmosphere are flashing with rainbow glow that makes it impossible to look away. Light.

“In 1999, the Xianyuan of the solar system Nether King Star has been generated. The Ark troops transferred from the space-time counter-invasion will be transferred to the universe space closest to the outer Xianyuan point, and will automatically proceed to the Xianyuan point. Urgent need Xianyuan point replenishes energy. “

“Attention: Triggering the source of Xianyuan and borrowing the power of Xianyuan will automatically activate and explode Xianyuan, increasing the universe ’s Spiritual Qi concentration.”

“Before the Spiritual Qi tide officially broke out, the higher the concentration of the Spiritual Qi in the universe, the more beneficial to the immortal civilization of the old age.”

“After the beginning of the universe battle, Supreme Paragon will always fuse the activated fairy source. At the moment that fairy source cannot activate the burst moment, Supreme Paragon can use the power of this moment to kill all enemy forces on the battlefield.”

“5% of the outbreak of Xianyuan will inevitably dissipate, increasing the concentration of the Spiritual Qi in the universe, and enhancing the strength of the Ark forces. This part of Spiritual Qi will grow rapidly under the influence of the tide on the eve of the Spiritual Qi tide, and slightly advance the Spiritual Qi tide time. “

“The remaining 95% of Xianyuan Spiritual Qi will be solidified by Supreme Paragon with the Great Dao’s principle. It will become the Divine Item energy of Supreme Paragon. After the Supreme Qi is in a good mood, the Spiritual Spirit Qi will be returned gradually. Back to the universe. “

“Nether King Star Xianyuan: Level 1 Xianyuan, generate 5 Spiritual Qi points, activation time 01:00”

Ren Suo shook the corners of his mouth, and with the help of “listening to headphones”, he basically understood the meaning of this setting.

Simply put, it’s useless to use Xianyuan Point once.

Just as Supreme Paragon directly used the centaur galaxy’s Xianyuan as the energy of the space-time inverse chaos array, after being used once in 1999, the Xianyuan point should also be treated immediately, and the Xianyuan Spirit Qi cannot be allowed to collapse.

Although it is not mentioned in the game, it is estimated that there are limited points in the entire solar system, and one is less.

In order to defeat the successive Ark troops, players need to make good use of all the Xianyuan points. They cannot be triggered in advance. They must be activated only when the enemy comes.

The victory conditions are the same as the teaching level. Either the cultivator Legion defeats the Ark forces directly, or persists until the countdown ends, and successfully activates the Supreme Paragon of the Spiritual Qi, which will kill all the Ark forces in one stroke.

And this fairy source is similar to the spiritual possession of “Soul Devouring World”. After opening, it will increase the concentration of the Spiritual Qi in the universe.

But in addition to the future cultivator of this universe, only the Ark forces can use Spiritual Qi. The higher the Spiritual Qi, the better the Ark forces. However, in the future, the cultivator itself can rely on the power of the Spiritual Qi point, and the concentration of the Spiritual Qi in the universe has no effect on them.

Therefore, the strategy in the game is to open the fairy source points one by one, try to create growth time for cultivator Legion, and let Supreme Paragon use the power of fairy source to destroy the ark forces as much as possible.

Ren Suo understands all these reasons, but why is Supreme Paragon so stingy?

5% Spiritual Qi inevitably dissipates, and the remaining 95% Spiritual Qi are taken away by Supreme Paragon as Divine Item energy?

Although he did n’t just grab it like this, when Supreme Paragon is in a good mood, he will return these Spiritual Qi to the universe … but how does it always sound a bit sloppy?

However, the style of Supreme Paragon also made Ren Suo rest assured that this character really deserves the name of Supreme Paragon.

Be at ease and take control. Although I don’t know if he is stronger than Sovereign Celestial Maiden, at least he has not fallen behind.

Back in the game, Ren Suo wanted to see the distribution of the Spiritual Qi points.

Nether King Star’s Spiritual Qi Qi points are distributed on its 5 satellites. The satellites, of course, are not distributed on the same straight line, and are even almost divided in half by Nether King Star, which means that Ren Suo has very few Spiritual Qi points.

When the Ark unit officially appeared, Ren Suo blinked, suddenly zoomed into the battlefield picture, and dragged the sun into the picture.

With the Sun as the frame of reference, Nether King Star is as small as a grain of rice. As for the Ark unit, it has already been a Small Accomplishment pixel.

However, Ren Suo can see very clearly that the vanguard that appeared this time is the worm battleship that appeared in the teaching level!

The size is comparable to a star!

Even playing the Eigth Cycle mighty Redflame Warwolf was almost cool!

How small are you now than Nether King Star?

This shrinkage is too serious! ?

Although Ren Suo didn’t care much, he had previously thought that the group of people in 2049 would do nothing more.

That’s right, the Ark of the Eternal Life is very difficult to deal with. The weakest scout alone has to send Eigth Cycle cultivator to destroy it, but is it really necessary to transfer them to 1999 to solve it?

How can there be a sense of laziness that I am not good at mixing now and let me struggle before?

Even if Supreme Paragon seems to give all future cultivators a lot of benefits, it still cannot wipe out the suspicion of shirk in 2049.

It wasn’t until Ren Suo saw this weak Ark-like unit in 1999 that he was finally relieved.

This is nearly 1000 times 10000 times the power gap, and everyone who has changed must transfer to 1999 to play!

If it is said that fighting the Ark in 2049 is a battle for human survival, then fighting the Ark in 1999 … It is really a group of children playing in a children’s playground.

Although the ark battleship of the Ark unit is also about the size of an aircraft carrier, but after facing the cultivator Legion whose battle strength has reached the Fourth Cycle after being combined, the aircraft carrier is also a bigger pigeon.

“ Number of enemies: 10/10 ”, “ Activation time: 00:59 ”

After one minute.

“Successful Campaign”

In cosmic space, a huge black humanoid weapon crashed and turned into a Spiritual Qi. It collapsed and fell to a place only one grid away from the Nether King Star.

Ren Suo was also startled just now. According to the routine, he arranged the Little Meng team in the only remote position, and then arranged the Dragon King Zhao Huo team at the Spiritual Qi point closer to the Nether King Star, giving the Little Meng team more More output time.

The previous worm battleships were easily annihilated, but the last wave was when three worm battleships and a black humanoid weapon appeared at the same time. The Little Meng team had only time to annihilate two worm battleships, and the Dragon King Zhao Huo team fought against the enemy.

The Dragon King Zhao Huo team can only intercept one enemy, the black humanoid weapon directly bypasses him, and charges towards Xianyuan Point!

Fortunately, the Dragon King Zhao Huo team quickly solved the worm battleship and turned around to entangle the black humanoid weapon. However, the black humanoid weapon is obviously smaller than the worm battleship, but it is more resistant to attack and it was destroyed by this group of bear children when the countdown was about to end.

No, can’t say that they bear child.

Because after meeting with the real Spiritual Qi Qi, this group of children actually got the perfect future body through “Future Echo”!

They all turned into adults!

So Ren Suo can see such a picture-Zhao Huo, an adult dragon king, is stepping on the head of a black humanoid weapon, wearing a cloak and strong armor, leaning against the star sea, rotating a large alloy gun, posing a few female posture:

“Love and justice, the beautiful dragon girl, Zhao Huo! I want to represent Earth and destroy you!”

Ren Suo almost laughed and threw away the handle. Fortunately, Zhao Huo was not alone, because under the role of the ring of the 5th war robe, all 500 people he led made the same pose!

With a blast, the black humanoid weapon at their feet collapsed into Spiritual Qi, and how much their love and justice were set off by their victory!

“Wait, if this game feeds back reality and turns into a video …” Ren Suo would not dare to imagine it anymore, and could only pray that no one among the 500 would know the current Zhao Huo, otherwise when the time comes True Master Kombat is light.

“Perfect clearance, get extra rewards, Little Meng’s token * 1”

“ Get Xianyuan Stone * 2 ”

“ Get Tactical Matrix * 1 ”

“Tactical Matrix: Supreme Paragon’s tactical matrix collected from the ark civilization’s tactical weapon ‘Black Iron’ can be used to enhance the spell effect of the melee cultivator Legion.”

‘Black Iron’ is the black humanoid weapon almost blocked by the Dragon King Zhao Huo team. Although this level also has a “0/5” fault tolerance rate, which means that Supreme Paragon can tear at least 4 ark forces by hand, Ren Suo, who has always pursued perfect clearance within the scope of his efforts, is still a bit nervous.

According to information, ‘Black Iron’ is actually an Ark unit with no change in volume.

Unlike the Spiritual Ship, which is constructed with Spiritual Qi and is responsible for investigation, a small ‘black iron’ is a real combat unit. A ‘black iron’ is enough to destroy a star-level civilization. The internally stored tactical matrix is The wisdom of the ark civilization is like the source of power to maintain the operation of the ‘black iron’.

However, the ark civilization also did n’t expect that the black iron would actually fall into the Spiritual Qi Desert to fight, even if its size had not been reduced, but the battle strength fell to the bottom. The tactical matrix is ​​very difficult to maintain the shape of the black iron alone.

However, if the tactical matrix falls into the cultivator legion, it can increase the utilization efficiency of the Spiritual Qi points and enhance the effect of the spell in a small way.

As the spoils of war in the interstellar battle, the tactical matrix and 2 xianyuan stones can only be considered as ordinary, but the extra rewards have attracted Ren Suo’s interest.

“Little Meng’s keepsake: a photo of a little boy shivering coldly in front of a big dog, protecting the little girl with a frightened leg behind. Used in space wars, can call the future Little Meng back to 1999 Help. “

Ren Suo rejected this usage at a glance. According to the pee nature of the game, this ‘future Little Meng’ is mostly the current Little Meng-she has not yet started practicing.

Even if this is a war before Spiritual Qi is not yet revived, but it is also a space war, it is by no means an ordinary person.

Even if it really summons the future Little Meng, Ren Suo is not optimistic: If it is really a dangerous time, then Little Meng of Seventh Cycle cultivation base may not be a force to come back.

Fortunately, the token has other uses: “Directly on Little Meng, you can randomly trigger any first-order enhancement effect (reliability + 50%, characteristic enhancement, attack range +1)”

Ren Suo decisively uses tokens on Little Meng. The trigger effect is + 50% reliability and 15% attack bonus … It seems to be the worst option, but Ren Suo had long expected that his face would be dark. Dr. Zhao Huo, Dragon King of Ninth Cycle cultivator, was afraid that it would not exhaust all his luck.

After returning to the Earth base after the end, the game pops up a prompt: “Do you want to upload a record? After uploading, you can enter the Chapter 2 game stage, and you can also pay 50 points to restart the first chapter of the game (restarting the game will permanently lower the game rating).

This game is really strict. Reading the file not only requires money, but also reduces the evaluation of the game. However, Ren Suo also understands that as long as he reads the file multiple times to find the correct strategy, it is not difficult to get the perfect evaluation. Mini-world Game Console naturally limits his points.

Ren Suo naturally chose to upload, and the game pop-up task evaluation:

“Nether King Star 1999-Destroy all Ark forces, 100 points”

“First Killed by Panda-Defeated Once by Panda, -1 Point”

“Total score is 99 points, get extra reward: Xianyuan Stone * 1, 9 points of merit.”

“It is estimated that the next bonus pool will be 100 points of merit, please continue to work hard.”

Ren Suo sees eyebrow raised, extra bonus?

In other words, this is not extracted from the merit reward after the mission clearance? If you get it, you can earn it. If you can’t get it, you won’t lose it. Is it purely out of pocket?

No wonder it is completely different from the normal task evaluation. The evaluation of other games starts from 60 points, but the chapter evaluation of “Tomorrow” is reduced from 100 points.

Suddenly, the first cycle of the screen, Supreme Paragon sat in the Conference Hall to meet with representatives from various countries. The game pops up a prompt: “Unlock the open recruitment function.”

“The cultivator Legion’s heroic battle in space has been broadcast live worldwide. The powerful Ark Legion has finally put the last worry out of all countries and is willing to accept Supreme Paragon’s wartime leadership, allowing Supreme Paragon to recruit future cultivators in various countries.”

“Unlike the search, the future cultivator of open recruitment will not automatically get the blessing of ‘Future Echo’. It requires Supreme Paragon to cast it himself. The screening is very tedious.”

“Supreme Paragon can openly recruit 2 future cultivators in Chapter 10000. During screening, Supreme Paragon can recruit at least one future cultivator with a Fifth Cycle or higher by issuing a specific ‘future response’.”

“You can choose the type of future reverberation: Gathering, Magical Powers, Pioneer, Scourge, Guard, Barrier, Asylum, Support.”

The state machine is the state machine, and one move is 10000 people. Then again, is there really that many Fourth Cycle cultivator in the future?

Is it true that the Fourth Cycle in 2049 is not as good as a dog, and the Seventh Cycle is going around?

There are 8 types of future reverberations, which naturally correspond to Eigth Cycle cultivator Legion respectively. Dragon King Zhao Huo is the pioneer, Little Meng is Gathering Energy, Tongtianying is Magical Powers, and Crystal Maiden is a natural disaster.

Ren Suo took a look at the introduction. The guard seems to be a high-output melee legion with no interception ability. The barrier is a high-defense unit with a high level of ridicule. Asylum should be a healing unit that adds buff effects and battlefield healing. The support is mainly for Enemies add cursed units with negative effects.

Ren Suo didn’t choose the recruiting type first, but instead switched to the search interface-first spend a thousand rounds of Xianyuan Stone, when the time comes and then see what type of future cultivator is missing.

However, Ren Suo saw this introduction:

“Lianjiang 3 Silly Base Camp: The first search is over.”

“You can go to other places for search activities. The first visit in each place will have a high probability of visiting the high-speed future cultivator.”


Still have this setting?

Although Ren Suo can continue to draw, he can only get a Seventh Cycle cultivator guarantee for 1000 consecutive draws. According to the game introduction, he went to other places for his first visit, not only will he have a Seventh Cycle cultivator floor, but he will even get the Eigth Cycle Ninth Cycle with a high probability!

But what does this Lianjiang 3 stupid mean? Are they referring to Yu Kuangtu, Zhao Huo, and Bai Ji?

According to this setting, Ren Suo’s best game strategy is of course to go to the place to draw cards. Staying at home may not be the Seventh Cycle until the end of the game.

But the name of this card pool, ‘Lianjiang 3 Silly Base Camp’, means that Ren Suo has to go elsewhere and at least leave the city of Lianjiang-this is not a trivial matter for Ren Suo.

If it was just for playing the game, that caused you to torture …

This is not because Ren Suo is too lazy to go, mainly because his current travels are under the jurisdiction of girlfriends. Important activities like this to other cities must be reviewed by girlfriends, and it is not known whether every city can trigger the effect of the first search.

Ren Suo didn’t make up excuses, just … just he didn’t want to lie to his girlfriend!

Alas, honest people always encounter such problems.

Moreover, he did not have a car, and it was a bit troublesome to take public transportation. In short, it was more inconvenient.

Do n’t go, do n’t go, this game definitely does n’t require Eigth Cycle Ninth Cycle to clear the level? Can the Seventh Cycle pass?

But if you can get the Eigth Cycle cultivator Ninth Cycle cultivator, you will definitely have a better time …

Ren Suo was fighting with the heavens and men, as if there was a demon whispering: “Where to go, how troublesome it is to go out, the Seventh Cycle can also be used! You see how strong Little Meng is! Why waste your precious for Earth 1999 What about personal time? “

Then an Angel popped up and said anxiously, “Ren Suo, you can’t do this! That’s Earth in 1999. One more Eigth Cycle cultivator has more power! And you can ask Chengling to take you to travel around Nations, then you can lay cards in various places in your home! “

Demon yelled: “You are eating soft rice!”

Angel killed the demon with a punch: “I’m proud of soft rice!”


Ren Suo was determined, and then the phone suddenly rang: “Xiao Suo, are you awake? I will get up at 7:30.”

“Wake up, did you go to work?”

“No, I’m in Chengling’s house, come on.”

Ren Suo scratched his head, washed a little, and rushed to Cheng Ling’s house, but it was Lin Xianyu who opened the door.

Ren Suo looked at the time and Lin Xianyu again.

“You stayed up all night last night?” Ren Suo made a reasonable guess.

“I just slept for 4 hours.” Lin Xianyu yawned.

Well, that makes sense.

Ren Suo went in and saw that everyone was there, and even Xiaozhang had been sitting at the table stupidly, eating milk cereal with the black cat.

Xiao Yan got up to school at 8 o’clock long ago. The reason is that he loves her, the class teacher does not scold her, the classmates love it, and her grades can be promoted to junior high school anytime.

“Is it so good today?” Ren Suo asked curiously. He saw Qiao Muyi not wearing a countermeasure vest. “Mu Young Master, don’t you have to go to work today?”

“Well, no need,” Qiao Muyi said full of smiles, tilting his head to look at Ren Suo: “Xiao Suo, do you remember your agreement with me?”

“Remember, remember!” Ren Suo immediately nodded.

“Then you talk about the agreement.”

Ren Suo startedled slightly, glanced at the others, and sorry said, “It’s not good here …”

“What’s so bad?” Qiao Muyi hummed. “Don’t you forget it?”

“No, just … then what did I say?”


Ren Suo took a hard look at Dong Chengling and the others, determined, and said flushedly, “I promised to lick-“

“Wait a minute! ——” Qiao Muyi hurriedly stopped: “Not the promise that night, the one in the Lianjiang Tower?”

“So, keep talking, what did you agree with Xiao Qiao?” Dong Chengling said calmly, holding the tea cup, but the milk in the tea cup was all spilled out.

“Yes, Mr. Suo, what did you agree with Joe elder sister?” Gu Yueyan crossed her hands and stared at Ren Suo. “Which night was that night?”

“Should it be the night when I ran into the girl’s dormitory all night to find me?” Ren Xingmei raised an eyebrow and said, “The last person I looked for seemed to be Joe elder sister …”

Qiao Muyi stood up stupidly and switched the subject directly: “At the time you were on the Lianjiang Tower, let me not cancel my ticket and fly directly to Fan Ying to travel, now is the time for you to fulfill your promise!”

“Okay!” Ren Suo relaxed, suddenly nodded: “When?”

“just now!”

Qiao Muyi pointed to 7 or 8 large boxes in the living room: “Those are my luggage. You come and move.”

Ren Suo’s eyes widened: “Go on a trip now !? Really fake !?”

Everyone narrowed their eyes slightly and watched Ren Suo 3 for 4 seconds, all of a sudden, and they all laughed.

Lin Xianyu reminded him: “Big Brother Ren, see what day it is.”

“Today … April 4st? April Fool’s Day?” Ren Suo responded, couldn’t help but puchi smiled, and sat down with a smile: “You called me over here, just to lie to me?”

“Yeah,” Qiao Muyi’s smile faded away. “I lied to you just now.”

“Because it’s not just Joe elder sister,” Ren Xingmei wrapped around Ren Suo’s neck from behind, hehe said with a smile: “We’re going to travel too.”


“I’ve taken time off for you,” Dong Chengling said as he wiped the table with a rag. “I took the time off too, and Yue Yan said they did the same.”


“And not only to Fan Ying, but also to many places! We can go to see the Crystal Major Sect in the field!” Gu Yueyan said with a little excitement.


“Xiao Suo …” Qiao Muyi suddenly extended the hand, pinching Ren Suo’s face, and asked with a smile: “Are you happy for two-person tourism?”

“Negative emotion from Qiao Muyi, +999”

Dong Chengling glanced over at Ren Suo and asked calmly, “Yeah, please, are you happy?”

“Negative emotion from Dong Chengling, +10”

No matter how happy or unhappy here seems to be dying, how to answer it in the end, wait online, wait!

The killed demon seemed to be resurrected, and murmured in Ren Suo’s ears: “Eating too much soft rice will eat you …”

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