Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 807

dīng líng líng ——dīng líng líng ——

Yawning Zhao Huo narrowed his eyelids and kicked the slippers to open the door, thinking who came over early in the morning to ring the doorbell, and said angrily when he opened the door: “Who’s looking for?”

“Find Little Meng.”

“Oh, wait.”

Zhao Huo turned around and walked 2 steps, suddenly realized that something was wrong, backed down and tried to close the door!

“6 Kusenka”!

A steel hand protected by Metal Spiritual Qi stalks between the doors, even if Zhao Huo runs a cyclone and uses “spirit and care” to greatly increase strength at the expense of agility, in addition to being able to squeeze the door into an unbearable humiliation The sound of zhi zhi, did not allow the Dark Hand to stretch out from the door at all!

“Aiya, be careful, if I’m not a Fourth Cycle cultivator, my hands ~ I’ll ~ break ~~~~”

Hearing the last few words, Zhao Huo found that the door pressed by him actually came to be called a mountain of mountains and mountains, pushing him away one minute at a time!

Even if the Fourth Cycle cultivator does not have a special cultivation spell, burning the cyclonic Spiritual Qi alone is enough to generate endless kinetic energy for the body!

But … I’m Zhao Huo!

“The Secret of the Dragon King · Blood”!

The hegemon, also known as the grandson, is the sixth son of the 9th dragon, looks like a turtle, and likes to bear weight. The turtle under the monument is also, never lower his head, always forward, never back, never stop!

The flowing Spiritual Qi condenses Zhao Huo into the whole building, he seems to be a stone tablet, and he is holding on to the door!


An extremely stupid face came in and glanced at Zhao Huo in surprise: “Something is hot!”


When he spoke again, his voice was already sounding from behind Zhao Huo: “I’m not just trying hard.”

Zhao Huo sighed, unlocked the spell, and said ruefully: “You … Sorry, keep quiet.”

Ren Suo blinked, glanced at the bedroom, grabbed Zhao Huo’s neck and asked, “Don’t wake up yet? Hello, it ’s Third Cycle cultivator. Little Meng is not even Transcender. There is a certain physical gap. You have to tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex … “

Zhao Huo resisted the urge to punch Ren Suo’s dog head with one punch. After all, Ren Suo is hard to say, but healing spells and defense spells are simply physical instincts. They can cast defense spells almost anytime and anywhere. Wrestling with Ren Suo several times before, Zhao Huo could not find his gap at all.

“How did you know?”

Ren Suo thought for a while and said, “Guess, one third probability, what would I lose if I guessed wrong?”

Zhao Huo twitched his lips and helplessly pats his head-Ren Suo, this guy is hard to say, but this wonderful little cleverness is always emerging.

“And you won’t lose anything if you guessed right,” Ren Suo sat down and said, “I won’t talk nonsense, just a little curious in my heart.”

“Don’t make a fuss,” Zhao Huo opened the refrigerator and took 2 boxes of sweet milk for himself and Ren Suo, explaining as he drank the milk: “I didn’t do anything.”

“Of course I know you didn’t do anything. You smell like a virgin.”


Ren Suo, who opened the “6 Kuxianjia” to block the milk in an instant, was not damaged. Zhao Huo coughed twice, sniffed his clothes, and looked at Ren Suo strangely: “Where is the smell?”

Because I just confirmed that you are telling the truth with ** Echoes …

Ren Suo scratched his head, pretending to be mysterious: “You don’t understand, this is a special ability derived from the promotion of the Fourth Cycle.”

Zhao Huo was shocked: “So amazing !? But how do you know what a virgin taste is?”

“It’s not easy, I won’t just …”

Ren Suo paused, 180 ° shifts the topic: “I want to borrow a car.”

Zhao Huo glanced suspiciously at Ren Suo: “I remember you don’t have a driver’s license?”

“So Cheng Ling drove. I just came here to borrow.”

“Good intentions, you just need to get a driver’s license yourself. You have to go out and ask a woman to drive for you, isn’t it shameful?” Zhao Huo took the opportunity to laugh at Ren Suo, and passed the car key to Ren Suo.

Ren Suo glanced at Zhao Huo’s hand-held cabinet, glanced at the anime short-sleeved pain shirt worn by Zhao Huo, and glanced down at the car keys even with anime stickers attached.

The thought of coming to borrow a car and accepting others’ feelings, forget it.

“Where to play early in the morning?” Zhao Huo asked curiously.

“Go to the airport.”

“Travel? Where do you go?”

“Federation, Fan Ying, United Kingdom, Maldives …” Ren Suo reported the place name like the name of the dish, and Zhao Huo listened stupidly: “What are you doing? Travel around the world?”

“I didn’t know that I was going to travel until 10 minutes ago.” Ren Suo looked helpless: “Visas have already been prepared, and you will not see me for the next month. You owe me a few meals Pay it back next month. “

Zhao Huo looked blank: “What about your work?”

“Ask for leave.”

“The student’s combat training …”

“According to the Young Master Mu, that is, if they break their hands and legs, they will either heal themselves or wait for me to come back.” Ren Suo shrugged: “I can’t even have the right to take leave, I’m not They father …? And I’m Fourth Cycle cultivator. I used to take a lot of time to cultivate, but now I just use the time for cultivation. “

“Fourth Cycle cultivator can take leave right after school?”

Zhao Huo remembered that he was bothered to take leave at the end of the semester, and he raised his eyebrows, “Who are you traveling with?”

Ren Suo was silent for a while, took the car key and left: “I will call the driver to drive the car back, so I wish you a happy life together-“

“and many more!”

The dragon grabbed Ren Suo’s shoulders like iron tongs, and Zhao Huo moved closer to Ren Suo and said very decisively: “Dong Chengling is driving, and that is Dong Chengling will definitely go? I remember, she seems to have invited too Many days off. “

“Wait, I remember the people asking for leave seemed to have … your younger sister, Gu Yueyan and Lin Xianyu!”

“Ren Suo, you said you didn’t start with Lin?”

Ren Suo shook his head again and again: “I’m not, I don’t! You think about it, I’m at home these days, and they’ve been watching me, even if I have this heart, I don’t have the ability! I’m not you, there is time to go Meet a little girl! “

Zhao Huo thought about it and continued to analyze: “Since they will go, activities like this Qiao Muyi will definitely not miss, that is to say …”

Zhao Huo pondered for a moment and spit out a two-dimensional term: “Return of welfare?”

Ren Suo gave Zhao Huo a glance: “You recall your trip to Hokkaido. Is that really a welfare return?”

“Well … your mother-in-law said it quite reasonable.” Zhao Huo nodded and endorsed Ren Suo’s statement, and pats Ren Suo’s shoulder: “Then … please ask for more blessing. Think better, Aren’t you able to travel around the country this time? Enjoy it. “

Ren Suo said, “But I basically have to act with them. There are places where they are unwilling to go. I ca n’t go there. The direction of play is mostly bustling streets and famous attractions-these can be viewed on the Internet … … “

“That’s it,” Zhao Huo said deeply. “When I went to Tokyo, I wanted to soak in Akihabara all day, but I was not pulled away by a lady. In Hokkaido, I couldn’t even touch my computer … … To travel together is to think about the experience of others. “

“And I feel like I don’t have much personal space.” Ren Suo was a little annoyed. “Speaking of reason, I still have something important to do this month.”

Zhao Huo comforted: “Habits are fine, dogs have dog ropes, cats have cat bells, you have garbage bags, you are free and you are everywhere, but in yoke.”

“I seem to hear you say I’m garbage.”

“You heard it wrong, how could I say that Dong Chengling are garbage bags? And so many garbage bags alone, it sounds like a horror story.” Zhao Huo introduced Ren Suo: “wish you a pleasant journey halfway Missing, I have to drink tea next time. “

After shutting out Ren Suo, Zhao Huo next to the door, sat slowly on the ground, raised his head and looked at the ceiling for a while.

Fourth Cycle.

After the Fourth Cycle, I can just and honorable take a long vacation to play, Dong Chengling and Ren Suo can take a vacation, Bai Ji will definitely treat my leave equally and approve of my leave, right?

After the Fourth Cycle, at least I will not be inferior to Ren Suo on the cultivation base. Will this situation of being suppressed by Ren Suo happen again?

After the Fourth Cycle …

Zhao Huo spit out an inch of white gas, took off the short sleeves, and exposed a knotty muscle. His limbs fell like sharp claw, and his whole body muscles bulged like waves, but he didn’t feel ominous beast deterrence. Instead, his face was relaxed and natural, breathing. The law is slight. Do n’t oppress the sentient beings with ferocity. Only Wuxinzhen Heaven and Earth!

Since breaking his leg with Lord, Zhao Huo has been thinking about how to become stronger. He found that whether it was “The Secret Record of Xuanjun” or “The Secret Record of Xuanjun” incorporating “Tiger Form”, his practice was always a little subtle.

And he found that his son, Lord, actually practiced “The Secret Record of Xuanjun · Tiger”! Although it is not the same as his version, Zhao Huo not at all believes that his understanding of “Tiger Art” surpasses his Lord son. When he was young, he was also a genius, and he joined the army and participated in modern warfare activities. Down the veteran.

The more Zhao Huo thinks, the more he can understand a truth.

People have limits, and in the way of others, it is never possible to surpass others.

Either “Xuanjun’s Secret Record” or “Tiger Art”, after all, it is the essence condensed after others thousand hammers, hundred refinements. Zhao Huo can take advantage of these things to grow quickly, but also quickly fall into the trap.

Of course, Zhao Huo can continue along this road, and the achievement is not much worse, and it will definitely become a big shot in Lianjiang in time.

But he refused.

Wen Wu first, Wu Wu second.

Zhao Huo’s blood in the heart of his heart was not worn away by fame and fortune, was not worn away by time, and was not worn away by speculation in the world. Thanks to the beautiful 2D dimension, even if there are no more temptations and no more setbacks in life, Zhao Huo can get through the difficulties again and again.

Even if you are already a Third Cycle cultivator, even if your life is full, but seeing Dong Chengling, seeing Qiao Muyi, seeing Bai Ji, and seeing Yu Kuangtu, the most important thing is that seeing Ren Suo is better than himself, how can Zhao Huo be patient? Go on! ?

He had previously thought that “Tiger Technique” would allow him to overtake a curve, but Zhao Lord woke him up.

His little Martial Dao innate talent cannot be converted into cultivation qualification. Insufficient qualifications are not enough. If he still manages to pass and practice step by step, then he is destined to follow far behind Ren Suo all his life.

If you want to surpass others in the future, you cannot take the path of others, but develop the path that suits you best!

Zhao Huo’s understanding of “Tiger Art” is not as deep as Lord’s, but he is also proficient in 100 martial arts! Xingyi, 8 poles, Tai Chi, Shaolin Tan legs, Wudang Sanshou, which ancient martial arts did he not learn?

Zhao Huo can only get a basic understanding of The Secret Records of Xuanjun, but he still has “spirit” like a dagger! Attention, determination, determination, maliciousness, and deep meaning, and recently researched affection, which can be described as a trick to eat all over the sky!

Based on the Secret Records of Xuanjun, with 100-level martial arts as the material, to combine each other with spirit!

Is the tiger strong? Then I will be a dragon!

And I want to be the Dragon King!

Dragons can be quiet, bright, thin, giant, short, long; spring equinox and heavenly ascension, autumn equinox and potential.

Zhao Huo is determined to create his own “The Secret Book of the Dragon King”, only to defeat the heroes of the world!

The “Hegemony” just now is the first attempt of Zhao Huo’s “The Secret of the Dragon King”. The effect is very good. Let Zhao Huo use Third Cycle cultivation base to compete with Ren Suo of Fourth Cycle cultivation base-even if Ren Suo is not serious, but he is not. Go all out!

And if you look at Ren Suo, because of his strength, he can’t keep a distance from his girlfriend. Now his girlfriend said that he would go on a tour and let him go east.

A real man, should he constantly improve his core competitiveness and have the power to break the shackles, how can he be left at the mercy of a woman——

“Brother Huo, come back to sleep.” Little Meng’s soft voice sounded from the bedroom.

Zhao Huo immediately ended the practice, Mei Zizi said, “Here comes.”

When picking up the phone, Zhao Huo saw Ren Suo send a message.

“I just forgot, in fact, I wanted to tell you that in addition to borrowing a car, Little Meng ’s qualifications seem to be very good. Wooden Young Master greeted him at the Countermeasure Bureau. After you take Little Meng to register, you can let Little Meng As an amateur cultivator. “

“Also, practice well. If you do n’t meet Fourth Cycle next time, do n’t blame me for rubbing you. It ’s not me, it ’s this World. After all, you will become the super genius of the top powerhouse. Fuck you when you’re still weak, and I won’t have a chance to do it later. “

Zhao Huo looked at the corner of his mouth, and snorted smiled.

Little Meng looked at him with a silly smile, rubbed his eyes, and asked curiously, “What happened?”

“Nothing, seeing a fool patting a crooked horse, I’ll beat him a little later.” Zhao Huo hehe said with a smile.

Little Meng glanced at him: “But why do you look happier than sleeping with me last night?”

“No, no, how is that possible?” Zhao Huo repeatedly shook his head to deny, lay down and looked at the phone time: “I have class at 10 o’clock, and I can sleep for another hour … hey?”

Little Meng leaned on him to look at his phone screen: “What’s wrong?”

“Renaissance updated.”

Zhao Huo opened the video app and was a little surprised in his tone:

“He updated a new video …” Top Secret Archives · Interstellar Battle 1999 “Episode 1?”

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