Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 808

Tianjing Chaofang Academy, a female dormitory.

“You can’t dream of the person you like again when you sleep ~ Because the person you like has woke up and loves others ~”

Ren Qingqing, who had slept from the bed to the ground, heard the sound of the alarm clock, weakly extended the hand, pressed the alarm clock, stood up, rubbed her eyes, and pulled her face to wash.

Then fell asleep on the toilet.

“Qing Qing, don’t you have breakfast?” Tang Yihan’s voice sounded outside the door.

Ren Qingqing woke up instantly, using her wonderful body coordination ability to complete daily tasks such as brushing her teeth, washing her face, and applying makeup. A moment later, a refreshing and capable female college student appeared in front of the mirror.

She quickly got dressed and went out with a schoolbag. Tang Yihan said quickly: “Armband!”

Ren Qingqing knocked on her head, and quickly went back to put on the golden armband engraved with the “throne” pattern.

“Are you up all night?”

“I don’t want to, but suddenly I found a good-looking comic …” Ren Qingqing shook his head: “And it seemed like I had a dream last night, and my brain was waking up …”

“Go and go, now I can only go to the dining room to pack.”

“Would you mind taking me over?”

“Aiya is silly, I can fly, you can’t. Aiya is too late, go to class without breakfast.”

Ren Qingqing thought about it too, helplessly nodded.

Two people walked quickly across the campus, and all the passing students stopped to say hello to Ren Qingqing nodded: “The chief is good.”

“Good morning, Chief Chief.”

“Is the chief having breakfast? If you don’t want to give up, please eat this roast wheat.”

Ren Qingqing wanted to agree, but when she saw Tang Yihan’s eyes thrown at her, she could not help but refuse: “Thank you for your kindness, I already have breakfast.”

After speaking, she didn’t go back for a long time, and the meteor walked away, as if the spotlight attracted the attention of all passing students.

“Deserves to be Heaven’s Chosen Child, the strongest and most extraordinary Academy.”

“It’s at its best all the time.”

“We Tianjing Academy deserves Goddess!”

“Lovely, beautiful and cool, I really want to go to class with the chief!”

“I’ll be able to break through to the Third Cycle soon, and when the time comes I can take a Third Cycle course with the lead!”

Ren Qingqing, who was in the spotlight all the way, couldn’t help touching his own belly at this time, and Tang Yihan next slapped his palm: “Pay attention to etiquette!”

“Han Han I’m so hungry …”

Tang Yihan said in a low, inaudible voice: “Heaven knows whether any of these students will report to the pervert, and you don’t want to be dragged out and educated by the pervert in the middle of the night, right?”

Ren Qingqing shuddered, naturally maintained the proud and confident chief executive, walked hungry on the campus road.

Ren Qingqing, Third Cycle cultivator, Tianjing Super Academy Fighting Chief, stands above 1000 Super Academy, and can even sit on an equal footing with Principal, one of the most respected 2 students!

Tianjing Academy, as the most important and extraordinary educational practice base in Xuan Kingdom, has always implemented some experimental systems. Among them, the “double chief” system has attracted the most students, and it is estimated that it will soon be introduced to the other 9 Academy.

The so-called “double chief” system means that the best 2 of the students will become the student chief and have the privilege to participate in the school’s decision making-this privilege is not given to them by the school, but they have the strength to influence the school’s decision!

“Double chiefs” are divided into combat chiefs and creative chiefs. Among them, the first creative chief will only occasionally come to school, and most of them work in the Ebara Technology Group. The work content can be described as the most important tool in the country.

The chief of battle is Ren Qingqing, Third Cycle cultivator.

As a student, in less than a year, she has trained from a mortal who is not even an awakened person to a Third Cycle cultivator, and has mastered a variety of spells. She has defended the battle strength first in the battle strength assessment of the “Monthly Review”, Without a doubt the strongest student, the powerhouse seed!

You must know that the teacher of Tianjing Academy is also Third Cycle. Not only can’t she compete with Ren Qingqing directly, she can’t even keep up with her in terms of knowledge. Therefore, talented students like Ren Qingqing have special small class teaching. And Great Wall special Sect sent high-rank cultivator to explain more profound and extraordinary knowledge.

The gold and silver armbands engraved with the “throne” pattern are actually extraordinary items given by Academy, which can slightly increase their energy recovery speed as proof of their identity!

However, for Ren Qingqing, this identity was a nightmare.

She will never forget, the night she won the golden armband when she defeated countless awakenings in the first monthly review. The whole school celebrated it and held a grand buffet dinner. Ren Qingqing was very happy and felt that life was on Peak.

Then when they returned to the dormitory, they went into hell instantly.

A man sitting in the dormitory waiting for them to return.

The room was blocked instantly, Ren Qingqing and Tang Yihan were imprisoned, unable to move, unable to resist, or even shout, being pulled in front of the man in a state of extreme fear!

They remember this man. Compared to their students, this man is the real big shot. The world-renowned super powerhouse! Even if he did something to them, they couldn’t even find a place to ask for help!

Then the man really did not let them go, and stretched out his sinful hands towards them …

Took them to heaven.


When the two of them were shaken in the sky for 2 hours and 7 hours, the man let them down.

He made three requests:

During Ren Qingqing’s tenure as the chief, he must always maintain etiquette and become the genius scholar that Tianjing Academy is proud of;

2 Ren Qingqing must always be the chief during the Academy, and must not lose to anyone;

3 Tang Yihan helped supervise.

If he can’t do it, as an encouragement, he will come to take them to heaven and experience the thrill of flying without a plane.

Ren Qingqing is going crazy, she never knows that she won the First Title, she will always be the First Title, and she must show the grace and attitude of the First Title, and become a ‘student of others’. Did n’t do anything bad, why did you do this to me? ”

“Because your last name is.”

“But Mr. You Jian is not your last name!” Ren Qingqing almost wanted to kneel in front of the man in sportswear.

“But I can’t see anyone insulting this last name.” You Jian put his pants on and said seriously: “You are … the person most likely to recreate the Ren Family’s glory and revive the Ren Family Bloodline. Do what you care about, but do n’t care, and do what you want. ”

“Money, future, future, handsome guy, whatever you want, I will try my best to satisfy you.”

“In the final analysis, there is only one request: study hard and improve every day.”

You Jian touched Ren Qingqing’s head: “Honor, fame, prestige, try your best to let the world see your birth, and let history remember your last name again.”

“Then just and honorable land, free and unconstrained land, extremely glorious … guard the country with you.”

Although You Jian has some mental illness and middle school, he really does what he says.

Since then, Ren Qingqing’s life has no difficulties and frustrations, and she has whatever she wants, but she must always use the example of a student to standardize herself, and she must win the Academy with unmatched strength!

Ren Qingqing was curious once and smoked a lady’s cigarette from a friend. You Jian was flown that night.

It doesn’t matter how you close the door, but in the public, Ren Qingqing must be the perfect ‘Ren Family’!

Ren Qingqing is very unhappy, but You Jian is strong, powerful, and most importantly gave a lot of money, so Ren Qingqing also had to put up with this tone, honestly installed the perfect Goddess.

But I have to say that pretend to be addictive, Ren Qingqing is almost getting used to it now, and subconsciously maintains his appearance.

Walking all the way to the classroom, the students in the small class are very familiar with each other. After all, they can practice Second Cycle / Third Cycle within one year. They are the most Peak-like Heaven’s Chosen Child, and they will actively draw closer to each other.

When Ren Qingqing came in, all the students in the classroom stood up and applauded, welcoming Ren Qingqing with extremely warm applause!

Ren Qingqing expression is calm, although I do n’t know that they are the hell is happening, but after so many days of ‘perfect Goddess exercise’, she has already cultivated her insulting attitude, slowly sat down, glanced at her mobile phone, and asked with a confident smile: “Why, is this the new April Fool’s Day event?”

“No, it’s not April Fool’s Day!” A student loudly said: “The chief is worthy of being the chief, and he has been much better than us since he was a child!”


Ren Qingqing glanced at them with a little confusion, and when they saw their phones held up, they said excitedly, “Chief, you are one of the youngest soldiers in the 1999 interstellar war!”

“What?” Ren Qingqing took a closer look and found that they were all playing a video.

Ren Qingqing realized what, took out her mobile phone, and found out that when she pressed the alarm clock, she pushed Ren Naiser’s push message to press!

What am I missing! ?

Ren Qingqing quickly opened the video and watched it. It was a group of children from different countries with neat queues of different ages.

A magnetic narration sounded: “On January 1999, 1, Supreme Paragon brought the news of the immortal civilization ‘Ark’ invading Earth.”

“Earth’s Spiritual Qi tide is unavoidable. In order to plunder Earth’s Spiritual Qi Xianyuan, the Ark civilization attempts to occupy the center of the Spiritual Qi tide, and tries to gain control of Earth, annihilate human beings, and enjoy unlimited Immortal Qi.”

“Even after seeing the power of Supreme Paragon, countries are still dubious and only willing to provide certain assistance. In this case, Supreme Paragon uses the power of time and space to reverse cause and effect, and summon 1000 powerhouse seeds that will shine in the future. For ‘future cultivator Legion’. “

“Thanks to the training of pandas covering the mountains and plains, Supreme Paragon has initially formed a cultivator Legion, and led them to the universe to empower them with future life!”

“This group of futures will become the future cultivator of the super powerhouse. When the solar system was in crisis in 1999, in order to protect Earth and defend the solar system, they borrowed the power of the future under the command of Supreme Paragon and fought the Ark civilization in the universe!

In the starry universe, two groups of children hover above two satellites, and rainbow glows suddenly appeared on their bodies. After a short while, they turned into handsome men and beautiful women!

In the distance, a number of huge cosmic battleships are rushing forward, the size of which is comparable to a satellite, which is horrible to see. In comparison, the cultivator Legion of a few hundred people is really insignificant.

However, with a beautiful bow holding a big bow, the beautiful Star River beauty shot the first arrow, and countless waves of arrow rain crossed the Star River distance, breaking through those black pressure battleships like a meteor!

Subsequently, a magnificent and heroic man stood in the universe, with a black and white streamer on his body, holding a large silver gray gun, and carrying countless cultivators. He formed a battle array of flesh and blood and became one. Forcibly blocked the volume of 1000000 times, 100000000 and 10000 times battleship!

By the power of the stars, by the power of Heaven and Earth, by your own power!

Use your flesh and blood to defeat the interstellar battleship and wipe out foreign enemies!

When seeing this video, Ren Qingqing suddenly had a headache, and then felt a vertigo, and countless memories rose like the tide in the mind.

In the video, there are also many barrage that make Ren Qingqing very kind:

“Remnant Army, Hawkeye Regiment, No. sgnb1551. Was everyone in the 5th squad OK ?!”

“I remember, I was born in 94 and participated in the battle in 99. I thought that when I pee, I was suddenly passed by Supreme Paragon summon.”

“The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. I knew this when I was 10 years old. Comrades, are you okay?”

“I still remember that after the first major victory in 1999, everyone finally stopped playing pandas when they went back. They played for 2 days and ate for 2 days. In retrospect, they still cried with tears.”

“Crossing from Earth to Nether King Star 2 has been a lifetime since I was young.”

“Where is Zhao Huo? I really want to tell the old story with our head”

“Yes, where is Zhao Huo? Brothers want to find him.”

“Where is Zhao Huo +1”

“Ha ha ha fortunately I am not in the Dragon Eyes in the Eagle Eyes”

Tang Yihan asked inquisitively: “What do the Dragon King and Eagle Eye groups mean in the barrage?”

Ren Qingqing said, “Isn’t there 2 troops in the video? The Hawkeye Regiment is the archer and the Dragon King Regiment is the melee.”

She also relaxed: “Fortunately, I was in the Hawkeye …”

“Sure enough, you!” Someone pointed to one of the scenes in excitement: “I said I was right, this person is the chief!”

Ren Qingqing looked at it and saw her silhouette appearing in a numerous cultivators of the Hawkeye Regiment. Her appearance was almost unchanged, but her expression became firmer, she was pulling her bow and arrow, and shot deadly to the galactic hegemon across the universe. meteor!

That’s right, that’s her.

While watching the video, the memory hidden in her mind suddenly awakened.

She recalled the details of that battle, remembered being held by Supreme Paragon as a child, and even remembered how she felt when she joined—

In an instant, many problems in cultivation and doubts in spell are solved easily.

Ren Qingqing, who has experience of combining the Fourth Cycle, looks back at the problems of Third Cycle. It is like a college student watching a math problem for a junior high school student. The strongest king hits the golden band, and the gold player fights the leopard head… The advantages are enough to make Ren Qingqing’s road to the Fourth Cycle smooth.

“As chief, do you remember?”

“Sister Qingqing, what do you think of Supreme Paragon?”

“Chief, how did you feel when you were on the battlefield then?”

Facing the doubts of everyone, Ren Qingqing held back the surprise in his heart and still maintained the grace of being a student chief. Serene said, “I was born in 98. I was only half a year old at the beginning of the war. At that time I didn’t think much , With the pacifier on. ”

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