Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 809

“No one can go back, but anyone can start now”

“In the future, the response will increase, and the cultivation base will rise.”

Ren Suo in the airport waiting hall, seeing the cell phone pop up again without a clue, no surprise.

Since the “Top Secret Archives” aired, such news has popped up every few minutes, counting carefully at least 100 times.

Because of carrying the Mini-world Game Console with him in the Atrium, Ren Suo can also play “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” with his mobile phone, and he is not afraid to be seen by others.

Seen on a mobile phone, this game is a mobile game that integrates development and tower defense, which is not eye-catching. There are many mobile games of this type in the market. For example, “Heaven and Earth” and “Ren Family Fantasy Sword Record” with “Dong Han Ren Family” as their selling point, the Ren Family children’s drawings are not good, but because of Ren Han It’s not cool yet, so the Calendar Patriarch can’t be maidenized, resulting in far more female players in this game than other mobile games.

“Wow, wow, it’s really Zhao Teacher! And Little Meng elder sister!” Lin Xianyu yelled, “wu wu wu Wow, the poor haven’t even been in the country, they already did it when they were a few years old Traveled through interstellar … “

The little cat sitting on the left side of Ren Suo hugged the black cat and shook Ren Suo’s hand. His eyes flickered and he asked, “Big Brother, I want to go to Nether King Star too!”

Is the focus this?

“I don’t want to.” Ren Suo refused mercilessly.

Although Ren Suo already knew that “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” is a multi-chapter game, when the first chapter of “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” was broadcast, he was still a bit surprised.

Because it is not the same as “Crossing My Corpse”, after the broadcast of “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, not at all caused a chain reaction in history. After the appearance of “Crossing My Corpse” that year, many people suddenly found wild history data about the Ren Family in the Eastern Han Dynasty. ‘Except Fiend Ren”s footprints spread across 3 countries and 2 Jins, and some materials that historians consider to be fascinating can also prove the existence of the Ren Family, making Ren Suo doubt whether there is such a family.

Now, after the first episode of “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, “Top Secret Files,” this kind of situation has not appeared. Compared to the very few “ah, I remember” parties, most of them are at a loss.

1999 years?

interstellar war?

Supreme Paragon appeared at that time?

A group of children turned into Handsome Men and Beautiful Women with the power of the future, and repelled the First Wave alien invasion?

Which child is this animated plot?

The problem is, this video was sent by Renesse.

And the ones appearing in the video that can cross the Star River and fight the future cultivator of the universe are also real!

Zhao Huo’s profile has been picked up, posted in the video comment area, and topped by countless enthusiastic members who said, “We miss Miss Zhao”, some of them sent a group number, it seems that they want to organize a group to visit ‘Zhao Huo.

This is also normal, after all, the scene of Zhao Huo’s announcement of the victory of the Sailor Moon was really shocking, and all members of the Dragon King League entered the mirror.

It doesn’t matter if their posture is still a child, but that’s already their adulthood!

Although it is still difficult for many people to accept this video, the faces of all those who dare to question Ren Naise have long been swollen, so at most everyone will not comment, and whoever dares to question will definitely be trampled down.

Ren Suo used his mobile phone to open the intranet. He also didn’t expect Level 4 Researcher’s right to “log in to mysterious website anytime and anywhere” came in handy so quickly.

Unlike the general public, researchers would never doubt the authenticity of Ren Naiser’s videos.

In addition, the intranet published a processed picture, which is obviously an image of a solar system planet being attacked. It is said that the picture was parsed from “truth” and has confirmed its authenticity.

And they found the future cultivator that appeared in many videos, and found that they really recalled the experience of joining the Fourth Cycle and fighting the world.

After official certification, everyone is no doubt confused about the 1999 interstellar war. There are naturally two points of contention: the “Ark” and Supreme Paragon.

But the ‘Ark’ has too little information, so most of us are discussing the situation of Supreme Paragon. Although there is no sighting material in the video, since the video says that Supreme Paragon came down in person and led the cultivator Legion to meet the invaders, there is basically no fake.

Why did Supreme Paragon mobilize the cultivator Legion instead of sending members of the Immortal Palace to block the battle? 》

“Why didn’t the government have the slightest record of the 1999 war? 》

“Why doesn’t Supreme Paragon go straight to destroy the enemy? 》

Researchers are basically discussing these three issues. Given that the “Top Secret Archive” is currently only showing one episode, everyone is afraid to make a conclusion, but there are several opinions that have been approved by many people.

Researcher Xin: “Not to mention the past, even now, the frequency of members of Immortal Palace and World Tree is extremely rare. According to the speeches of many members of Immortal Palace, it is not difficult to conclude that the immortal palace costs a lot of money, basically It’s only when you have to do it. “

“As for their extraordinary ability, it can be seen from the fact that they can travel to the Dedra plane to destroy the Dedra army. As long as they are willing, the plane universe is not a problem at all.”

“This kind of limitation may be the protection of nature to us or Heaven and Earth’s limitation to the extraordinary forces. However, in the era when the Spiritual Qi has not yet recovered in 1999, the extraordinary difficulty of the extraordinary forces is probably 100 times and 1000 times. increase.”

“Perhaps at that time, Immortal Palace could only allow one person to fall into the world, so Supreme Paragon appeared. As for Immortal Palace, other people may not appear, after all, only a part of the top secret file is released.”

Researcher 2: “In the era of Spiritual Qi’s extinction, Supreme Paragon’s every shot is very likely to consume his background. It is understandable that he does not. There is probably no crisis worthy of his shot at all. Now Earth It’s still complete, and humans are still Earth overlords. It’s enough proof that 2 was Earth’s victory. “

“According to the survey of the report, some of the future cultivators appearing in the video have now awakened the amalgamation memory. They have this memory, and they will definitely be able to practice more easily. Supreme Paragon allows them to get future repercussions and fight for Earth. Actually, It is to cultivate them. “

Researcher 3: “Before the video came out, everyone had no memory. After the video came out, the participants awakened the memories. There is no doubt that Supreme to Venerable Lord has sealed the memory of all Earth people! He thinks the time has come. Only allowed Ren Naiser to release this video, gradually awakening the memories of the Earth, and let this dusty epic history come back to life. “

“I don’t know what the purpose of Supreme Paragon is, but this great power of global control is horrible to see.”

Ren Suo patted his head. He was named “Supreme Paragon” at that time, and he got a headshot. He felt that the protagonist of this game too awesome was forcing him to deserve the name “Supreme Paragon”.

But he forgot that “Supreme Paragon”, as the actual leader of Immortal Palace, can cause endless analysis with every move. Supreme Paragon does not represent a member of Immortal Palace, but represents the entire Immortal Palace. His attitude is the attitude of Immortal Palace.

It is normal for researchers to be so nervous. For example, Federation Angel Zach offended Monkey King, but Angel Zach is not afraid. After all, Monkey King is only a member of Immortal Palace. When he meets at worst in the future, he will be … .

But what if Angel Zach offended Supreme Paragon?

Not to mention, if Supreme Paragon only guards other places than Defense when Dedra invades, it will be enough for Angel Zach to plead guilty.

Why didn’t Supreme Paragon take the shot? Why not send members of Immortal Palace? why……

After taking this name, Ren Suo would have to let “Supreme Paragon” take appropriate actions, otherwise the entire Immortal Palace would be criticized and victimized.

Fortunately, Ren Suo didn’t do much, and now there are some flaws, and the intranet researcher has also made good excuses for him. Ren Suo only needs to continue to improve the settings of Supreme Paragon in the next game.

Speaking of which is simple and difficult to do.

Although Supreme Paragon is powerful and assisted by Sovereign Celestial Maiden and the others, Ren Suo always feels that this Supreme Paragon … is not very reliable.

Is it because he was addicted to the game for several months and almost forgot to save the world through time and space?

Is it because he took out a small skirt and gave it to Zhao Huo?

Or is it because he exudes a breath of sand sculpture?

“This time, we’re off the street, giving the name Supreme Paragon to the wrong person …”

Ren Suo murmured: “But the first chapter has been uploaded, and there is no turning arrow to open the bow. I pretend to be awesome, and I must finish it with tears, otherwise it will be silly …”

At this time, a broadcast suddenly sounded in the terminal hall: “Hello passengers of flight hg4399, hello, because of the weather, your flight …”

“It’s almost an hour delayed.” Qiao Muyi stomped unhappyly: “Another hour?”

Dong Chengling, who was reading a book, looked at the clock and said, “It’s almost time to eat, and the radio just said that it should be delayed for at least another hour. Let’s go eat first.”

“Where to eat?” Ren Xingmei put down her phone and couldn’t help covering her mouth and yawning.

Gu Yueyan said, “It’s better to go to the school cafeteria.”

“Ha?” Qiao Muyi shook his head again and again: “Go to the city, there is a Southeast Asian dish near the transfer point, I have eaten it, I feel OK.”

“Green curry, green curry!” Xiao Yan responded first!

Ren Suo looked at all around and said, “Where is the fish?”

“Ah, she went to the toilet as soon as she heard the delayed broadcast. I guess … it will take a long time.” Gu Yueyan said slightly awkwardly, “She ate a lot of barbecue yesterday, and she also ate small dragon shrimp spicy crab … she said You won’t be able to eat these while traveling abroad. “

Dong Chengling: “So we wait for her to come back?”

Xiaoyan was very upset: “No, Xiaoyan is very hungry. The envy fish are so fat. Save the envy fish and let her eat less and lose weight!”

“I want to call the elder sister.” Dong Chengling patted Xiaoyan’s head lightly. In this circle of friends, Xiaoyan is very close to everyone, but he is very unhappy Lin Xianyu, but Lin Xianyu is very close .

From the perspective of Ren Suo, Lin Xianyu just teased her because she knew she was upset. It was called ‘I just like to look at you but feel helpless’.

Ren Suo said, “Then you go over to order first, I’ll stay here and wait for her to come back.”

“Stay here?” Ren Xingmei’s eyes sharpened.

“It ’s me, Mu Young Master, and Yue Yan who have permanent Spiritual Qi coordinates. You have to go to order more, Mu Young Master. Yue Yan, I remember you still have a lot of taboos, but I do n’t care what I eat, I It’s best to stay here. “

Ren Suo shook his phone. “And I have to write something.”

Ren Suo was right and everyone agreed, Dong Chengling said: “When the envy fish comes back, you can trigger the Spiritual Qi coordinates or call directly, then we will go to order.”

Watching Dong Chengling take their entire group to the corner and disappeared in the blink of an eye, Ren Suo thought that the security check was really meaningless to the space cultivator.

If Dong Chengling knew that it was going to be delayed for 2 hours, I’m afraid that he hasn’t gone home to practice or cook.

Now lead the whole teleport to the urban area to eat, just basic operations.

Ren Suo even wondered whether Dong Chengling would also go home to practice while he was sleeping at night …

Ren Suo wrote a few answers to fish in troubled waters on the intranet with his mobile phone, and was suddenly pats over his shoulder, “Big Brother Ren, what about the others?”

“I went to eat.”

“It’s true, you can’t wait for me?” Lin Xianyu complained. “Let’s hurry up.”

“No rush,” Ren Suo asked, “I actually want to ask you something …”

“Aiya has something to wait for dinner.” Lin Xianyu hit haha.

“No, I really want to know.” Ren Suo said seriously, “Why … envy fish, would you participate in this trip?”

There were 7 people and a cat on this trip, and the cats were obviously Illegal immigrants.

Among other people, Xiaozheng had to take it because she was not taken care of, and she did n’t have to take it because she did n’t learn it. Anyway, this copy of elementary school was already 100% used by her. It ’s nothing to go with her.

Only the appearance of Lin Xianyu surprised Ren Suo, but everyone was on the road. Ren Suo was not convenient to ask, and now he finally found a chance to get along alone.

Lin Xianyu blinked and suddenly held his chin and said, “Hey, I don’t remember much, maybe I can think of it when I eat that French restaurant …”

Is there a French restaurant at the airport?

“Emmmm …” Ren Suo groaned for a moment, still agreeing to Lin Xianyu.

Because this matter is very important!

He suspects that Lin Xianyu is the tool that girlfriends use to test him!

Will Lin Xianyu be deliberately in the same room with him?

Will Lin Xianyu deliberately engage him?

Will it…

The more he thought about it, the bigger Ren Suo became. He knew that his brain was slightly worse than that of his girlfriends. If they really had any conspiracy, it was definitely not a trick he could see!

If you can buy Lin Xianyu in advance with just one meal, clearly understood the test questions for this trip, it is definitely worth the money!

And two of them serve as cultivator, and usually have a large amount of meals. At worst, after eating French meals, go to Southeast Asian cuisine.

Lin Xianyu on the other side also had a sore face and was ready to slaughter Ren Suo.

As for why she took this trip, that must be the reason for Ren Suo!

In fact, Lin Xianyu was very eager to participate in this trip, even if it was a Little Rich Lady Ren Xingmei treat this time, but she knew that in this tour group, besides her, even cats and Ren Suo had an affair.

This is too dangerous.

She is like a villager in the brave team suddenly. Even if she repeatedly shows that she is not here to slay the Great Demon King, she feels that it will be eaten by Ren Suo Great Demon King.

However Qiao Muyi gave three reasons she couldn’t refuse: “Lin Xianyu, I know you are a smart person, so I will just say a few points.

First, you are the only girl who hasn’t encountered anything around Xiao Suo.

Second, Xiao Suo was in danger several times before, basically because the woman around him suddenly fell into crisis.

Third, if you are with us, we can also advance and retreat with you, and lock the cable tightly. But if you’re in Lianjiang, what happens to 3, we really can’t help. “

Qiao Muyi paused and continued to explain: “I hope you don’t misunderstand that the crisis is not brought by the cable, or even the other way round, it is that we bring the crisis to the cable.

Yue Yan, you also know the experience of Cheng Ling and Xing Mei, they are in danger due to unforeseen external pressures. Only Xiao Suo has been involved as the receptionist of Immortal Palace, so he can take the initiative to share the life and death with them.

Lin Xianyu, although your cultivation base is not strong, you also have a powerful awakening spell, and even I can’t penetrate the essence of your awakening spell.

Lin Xianyu, although you and I are friends, they have never reached the point where the two of me and Xiao Suo are allowed to step in.

I also don’t want you to participate in this trip, but we want to test whether we can keep Xiao Suo away from the crisis when traveling.

I was completely for the safety of the cable, so I wanted to bring you this unstable factor with me. when the time comes No matter what happens, at least … we can help too. “

Qiao Muyi spoke openly, and Lin Xianyu naturally understood.

Sometimes destiny is unreasonable. The trial of the moon god is to choose the squad leader, and Dydra chooses the two space-time coordinates of Xiaoxingxing and Dong Teacher. Then suddenly there is a super power to steal yourself. Strange.

Lin Xianyu understands that he also took a trip around the world for free, but always felt a little bit aggrieved.

Although this is not Ren Suo’s fault, Lin Xianyu can also bully Ren Suo, and slaughter him as it should be by rights.

She didn’t want to develop a further relationship with Ren Suo, and it didn’t hurt her to die.

The two walked into the French restaurant with their own hearts. There were not many people in the restaurant, and the waiter gave 2 menus.

Opening it up, the eyes of 2 people were blinded instantly.

Although the airport prices are high, although the French restaurant consumption is high, they really didn’t expect that these two factors are not added, but multiplied!

Not to mention Lin Xianyu as a student, even Ren Suo, a society member, can’t bear it. You have to know that Ren Xingmei basically took care of his deposit.

2 At the same time, an idea came up in people’s hearts: No wonder there are so few people here, who would come here to eat in addition to the big heads!

Ren Suo and Lin Xianyu stared at each other, Lin Xianyu blinked, and Aiya said, “It seems like our time is up!”

“Yeah!” Ren Suo closed the menu: “I have forgotten it, hurry up and try this French cuisine next time.”

Did 2 people seem to be deserters leaving this restaurant and couldn’t help laughing after walking away.

“Thank me, Big Brother Ren, or your wallet will be bleeding.”

“You’re not the same. Your hands holding the menu are shaking. The waiter must know that you are a poor ghost.”

“You’re not the same. I just made an excuse just now, are you relaxed?”

“Why not, I am an experienced and knowledgeable Fourth Cycle cultivator. Mount Tai collapses and expression remains the same.”

“Are you a Fourth Cycle cultivator, can you still eat overlord meals?”

There was no embarrassment, no frustration, no loss of face and no swollen face. The two of them walked and teased each other’s poor posture just now, forgetting their purpose a few minutes ago.

“What’s so funny?”

The two were shocked and turned around to see Dong Chengling’s calm pretty face. Two people gave me two sounds, and Dong Chengling didn’t seem to care much, holding their hands and saying, “Go and eat. The dishes are all ready.”


I don’t know if it is an illusion. Lin Xianyu felt Dong Chengling’s hand was a bit hard. When Dong Chengling questioned just now, her eyes seemed to stay on her.

Lin Xianyu suddenly realized a problem.

Of course, unpredictable and extraordinary attacks are extremely dangerous.

But … isn’t it dangerous to be surrounded by the Void Rambler, the Witch Demon Ji, the Moon Moon Goddess, and the Time Rover?

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