Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 818


Qiao Muyi’s throat made a lazy voice, his legs rubbed unconsciously, his side turned to sleep, and his arms suddenly touched the tender skin.

Qiao Muyi, who always has the habit of holding a doll to sleep, entangles naturally.

Qiao Muyi couldn’t help hugging, because he felt comfortable, the user experience was good, and the other person had a reassuring breath.

So thin, so slippery, so comfortable, it feels like a female child.

Is it a small cable?

Qiao Muyi lifts the head who slumbered and kissed him, then the other person lowered his head. When the red lips touched, Qiao Muyi woke up instantly-this feeling, not a small cable!

She opened her eyes sharply, the Fourth Cycle cyclone ran wildly, and the wrath of wrath burst out instantly!

Then a more powerful momentum, like Mount Tai back pressure!

It was Dong Chengling who was in her arms!

“Hmm …” Qiao Muyi’s big eyes flickered, and a grievous and disgusting voice was made.

“I’m the victim, okay?” Dong Chengling looked at Qiao Muyi helplessly, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Suddenly asleep when I fell asleep, I saw you coming over with an eyes opened … … Xiao Qiao, you weren’t so sticky last night. “

“This is the case for women who have not been moisturized.”

Qiao Muyi said casually, getting up from the bed, and the towel on his body was fluttering.

She looked at herself and Dong Chengling, sighed helplessly, and said, “I will be responsible.”

Rao is a Dong Chengling with good education and good temperament. He can’t help but talk about it when he hears this sentence.

She held back one leg and kicked Qiao Muyi’s **, extremely angry and asked with a smile: “How are you going to be responsible?”

Qiao Muyi shrugged: “Let ’s go, I will sleep with you in the next 3, 5 and sleep with Xiao Suo in the future, how about Sunday rest?”

She looked around and saw that her pajamas and underwear were neat and tidy folded on a chair, and she went to the bed without any worries to change clothes: “But in this case, you are my person. Be loyal to me. From 3 Virtue, you can’t find a little cable. “

“Get out.” Dong Chengling spit out her dirtiest swear words, grabbed the quilt to cover her body, picked up the pillow next to him and smashed directly.

“Spirit Shock”!

The pillows with numerous shocking spirits seem to have no threat. In fact, they tear apart when they encounter them, just like a wind pill spiral pill!

Qiao Muyi, who had just put on his shirt, took the pillow, shook it aside, and shrugged, “You are a scumbag, I want to sleep with other men.”

Qiao Muyi dared to make fun of Dong Chengling, and Qiao Muyi’s joke was Dong Chengling’s response.

In other words, someone joked with Dong Chengling, she mostly did not respond directly-the counterattack of the language was meaningless, and the physical counterattack was afraid she would kill the other party.

And Dong Chengling’s temperament is extraordinary, she doesn’t care about the rumors of others. She would simply ignore others with malicious words, just like a normal person would not care what a wild dog on the roadside barked at herself.

Only Qiao Muyi is different. She is one of Dong Chengling’s few friends, one of Dong Chengling’s recognized peers, and Dong Chengling’s love rival. If Ren Suo can awaken all the good truths, goodness, and beauty in Dong Chengling’s human nature, then Qiao Muyi can often provoke the 7 deadly sins in her heart.

In the face of Qiao Muyi, Dong Chengling can lose his temper directly, and can directly fight with spell without any fear, Qiao Muyi can catch it anyway.

Quarrels also require rivals to compete.

It doesn’t matter if you figure out a point error, there is not a full milk cultivator Ren Suo next to it.

After noisy for a while, the two were completely sober.

Dong Chengling thought about it, “Are we … playing Mahjong asleep?”

“Yes.” Qiao Muyi, wearing only a shirt, combed her hair in front of the mirror. She felt her hair was a bit warped, so she shook her comb, and a touch of electric light appeared in the comb to straighten her hair.

“Didn’t expect playing mahjong is so exhausting, let’s change it next time, right?”

Dong Chengling pondered for a moment and suddenly became serious: “Are you the ghost again?”

“Don’t you give me all the black pots, isn’t it normal for us, as beauties, to sleep and sleep?”

“Not normal. Our weakest are Second Cycle cultivator. You and I are both Four Cycle cultivator. Don’t say one night. Playing ten consecutive nights of mahjong will not say sleep.”

Qiao Muyi combed his hair and tied his ponytail with a headband. She looked at the face in the mirror, opened the makeup case and prepared to add a buff to herself, and said casually: “We used spell while playing Mahjong last night. Spiritual Qi exhausted his body and was normal.”

Dong Chengling said seriously: “Even if it does n’t happen, four people will fall asleep together? I remember everyone is normal, but suddenly they are sleepy, and then I am also sleepy … but I keep insisting until I see you I also slept till now. “

“What is this spell? If you don’t say it, I can ask someone at the Countermeasure Bureau.”

Qiao Muyi snorted and said in a bad mood: “Okay, okay, this is the idea assimilation, the Fourth Cycle mental skill used in the Countermeasure Bureau spell system. The effect is to use the mental power to interfere with the other person’s thinking, causing anger, fear, and confusion , Lethargy and other effects, but there is a disadvantage that once the opponent’s will is stronger than the caster, then the caster will be backlashed, and there is no trace of the benefits, which is extremely secretive. “

Dong Chengling instantly wanted to understand: “From at first you just want to let us fall asleep.”

Qiao Muyi spread his hand: “This is only a bad idea. In fact, Cheng Ling has stronger willpower than me. I would have expected it. If you do n’t cheat that way, I do n’t want to risk using this trick … but I ’m 1000. None of you can win, what do you want me to do? “

“Observe the rules, if you agree to bet you must accept to lose.”

Qiao Muyi tongued out Dong Chengling: “If you obey the rules, then Cheng Ling, you have slept with me so many times, so you are already my woman?”

Dong Chengling pulled up the quilt covering himself and said calmly, “We are all women, this joke is not funny.”

“Isn’t Xiao Suo a spell that can change my body? I can make him treat me … wait! I can become a handsome guy, and Xiao Suo becomes Little Beautiful Women. Cheng Ling, do you think this is good?”

Qiao Muyi was suddenly excited, and suddenly realized how he did n’t expect me.

“Not good !”

“She’s superficial, you really are a scum girl.” Qiao Muyi said lightly: “I like him, no matter how he is, I’m willing to accept it, but you, hum, nostalgia for the flesh.”

Finding that he couldn’t say anything about Qiao Muyi, Dong Chengling picked up the second pillow.

Qiao Muyi picked up Dong Chengling’s clothes and glanced at her, sighed: “Clothes. Cheng Ling, be a woman, take care of yourself, and how to get dressed in front of others.”

Dong Chengling’s pillow eventually smashed out.


In the living room, Gu Yueyan is sitting in the arms of Ren Suo and playing with black cats, while Ren Suo is playing a scuffle game with Lin Xianyu, Ren Xingmei and Xiaoyan-in addition to the automatic mahjong table, this villa also has 3 video game consoles.

“Little cable ~”

Qiao Muyi looped around Ren Suo’s neck from behind, and Gu Yueyan glanced at Qiao Muyi with dissatisfaction—now her turn.

“Awake?” Ren Suo, staring at the screen, said while playing the game, “Don’t sleep in the living room next time, although I won’t catch cold, I don’t sleep well.”

“Hehe, I didn’t look for you in the room last night. Am I disappointed?”

“Sister Qiao——” said Gu Yueyan gnashing teeth, thinking that she should join Xiaoxing and Dong Teacher last night, strip Qiao Muyi out of the pig, and let her circle in humiliation.

“Wait, you will return your little boyfriend soon.” Qiao Muyi said with a smile: “Xiao Suo, so you brought us back to the bedroom early in the morning?”


“Then do you mess around?”


“Anything else to do?”

Ren Suo thought for a moment: “Good night … good morning kiss?”

“Let’s see you,” Qiao Muyi released his hand with satisfaction, looking at the time and said, “I wanted to climb Mt. Fuji early in the morning … forget it. Today I went to Yoyogi Park, Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Shinjuku Ikebukuro Let’s go shopping. I heard that the seafood in Tsukiji is particularly delicious. “


The tour ends.

Unlike the previous 2 nights, tonight they finally let Ren Suo go and let Ren Suo sleep in the living room.

After all, they will take the Shinkansen tomorrow to Kansai Osaka, and they can no longer play mahjong all night.

And the other three also found Qiao Muyi’s wolf ambitions, and they refused to play with Qiao Muyi until they found a fairer way to play.

After hearing this news, Ren Suo, happily playing with Luna for half an hour, and then hehe smiled and sent everyone back to the bedroom on the second floor, and Ren Xingmei was slightly unhappy: “Brother, it ’s really nice for you to accompany us to travel You’re wronged. “

“Not aggrieved …” Ren Suo thought for a while, and replied seriously.

You do n’t deny it!

Gu Yueyan went back to the second floor, Ren Xingmei followed closely from behind. At this time, Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi looked at each other at the same time, and thoughtfully returned to the bedroom.

It was found that there was no hexagram, Lin Xianyu also hugged Xiaoyu and the black cat.

The corridor lights were off, leaving the living room alone.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Ren Suo watched the light fall on himself, and the other places were dim, and suddenly felt a kind of long-lost freedom.

It’s only been 2 or 3 days, but Ren Suo feels that staying up late like this without any care is a distant past.

In the future, if the cohabitation really marries, the biological clock is not afraid to be fixed.

It turns out that it’s true that a girlfriend can’t even focus on playing such a game. Netizens don’t deceive me.

The so-called bondage is to make people understand that at least half of the words “this world is beautiful and worth fighting for her” are true.

After sighing for his foreseeable life after marriage, Ren Suo picked up his cell phone and made an international call.

“I’m 11 o’clock here, you are 12 o’clock, why are you calling me so late?” Zhao Huo, who got the call, went straight to the topic.

“Isn’t this time noon for you?”

“Not now.”

“After living with my girlfriend, the biological clock was forced to go back?” Ren Suo said affirmatively.

In the phrase.

“Why, there’s something to say, fart fast, and international calls are expensive.”

“I don’t worry about my phone bill by myself, what are you worried about?” Ren Suo asked, “I suddenly have something to ask you.”

“Aren’t you already a super celebrity now, is there a 20% off for oranges when you go out?”

Zhao Huo: “I’m so angry if you do this again.”

“Okay, Brother Huo, I wo n’t say anything, but this thing has something to do with your fame.” Ren Suo said, “You are so popular now, you have become a global celebrity in one fell swoop, and you and 10000 women have been taken out by someone. What are you going to do with impure relationships at the same time? “

Zhao Huo: “What to do? Chill. I don’t care anyway.”

“Can they not care?”

As soon as this word came out, Zhao Huo’s side fell into a long silence.

When Ren Suo wanted to remind him not to waste his phone bill, Zhao Huo said in a serious voice, “I have thought about how to solve this problem before.”

“First of all, law and morality are not on the same side as me. Even friends and parents will not be on the side with me. The only person who will support me is only them and you. So …”

“Wait, don’t speak like I’m your woman!”

“I can’t help it. After all, I know Sok, you are also a scumbag.”

“You use the word ‘ye’ quite self-knowledge.”

The two sprayed for a while across 2 kilometers before Zhao Huo continued to say, “I have thought of 1000 ways. The first, victim theory, let them openly say that they are deceived and controlled by me. If you leave me or something like that, all the pressure and firepower will be borne by myself, and they will not be subject to any public pressure as victims. “

“I think they may not agree.”

“I think so, so I have plan b.” Zhao Huo said, “Sun!”

Ren Suo stunned: “The sun?”

“Take care of love!” Zhao Huo said, “If it is really discovered and becomes the focus of public opinion, then I will show affection! Make them doubt their lives, make them eat lemons, make them understand that all anger is actually the source To their incompetence ‘! “

“If the plan is successful, we can even become an Internet celebrity, although this is not my wish. But as I look at many years of animation experience, human beings always have a lot of tolerance for handsome and beautiful people. The handsome villain is easier to wash, as long as we let everyone know how happy we are, how happy we are, and how firm our relationship is, with our appearance of peerless grace and elegance, it will be easy for the general public. Make a difference to us and even bless us in return! “

Although Ren Suo had doubts about whether Zhao Huo’s beasts could be recognized by the public, he also had to admit that Zhao Huo’s life experience this time did make sense.

Appearance is an amplifier that can infinitely magnify the advantages of talent, wisdom, and character, making these golds easier to find and recognize.

Among the villains that fans love, some have strong words, some have great ideals, they are gorgeous, and some are cute when they are humorous, but they all have one thing in common- good looking! Handsome!

Even if it is a Gundam from a villain, as long as it is handsome enough, it is also a good Gundam!

Zhao Huo’s plan b did have some merits.

However, if it is just to show love, I am afraid that it is not enough. Let Soge formulate a plan c to completely detonate public opinion!

Ren Suo had his mind settled and said, “Okay, I understand. Then I’m going to play a game, bye ~”

“Wait, why can you still play games?”

“Why can’t I play games? I haven’t been hacked.” Ren Suo asked strangely.

“Dong Chengling, don’t they stick to you?”

“… Not sticky.” Ren Suo blinked and said, “We all have private space, and I can sleep with whomever I want to sleep with. I said that if you want to play games, you can naturally play games. They I respect my opinion! “

“Oh oh, terrific, great.”

“… Don’t believe me.”

“Hey, of course I believe in Soge, you’re just as happy as Soge,” Zhao Huo said casually, “but my side is different, my girlfriend sticks to me.”

“Which one?”

“Anyway girlfriend.”

“I’m not jealous, do you need to hide like this?” Ren Suo shrugged. “So how does your girlfriend stick to you? Maybe I can give you some ideas.”

Zhao Huo: “Just … it’s sticky every night … I can’t sleep almost all night.”

Ren Suo blinked, recalling Qiao Muyi’s reaction after getting up at noon, and instantly understood what was wrong with Zhao Huo.

Ren Suo said, “When you were in elementary school, did you try to be fined by Teacher for failing to hand in homework?”

“En? Tried.”

Ren Suo said earnestly: “I also tried. Every time I did n’t hand in my homework, I was punished by Teacher to clean the blackboard. The reason why I was fined was not because the blackboard was not clean, but because I didn’t hand in the homework … you know Is that right? “

Beyond a thousand li’s Lianjiang, Zhao Huo looked at the phone that ended the call, lifts the head, looked at dozens of beautiful girl text adventure games on the screen desktop, a few 100 g of ** anime folders, a few g of the book collection , Lost in thought.

“Brother Huo, aren’t you going to take a shower?”

After listening to the voice of Little Meng for a long time, Zhao Huo suddenly opened his eyes, his expression was firm, and his heart was secretly determined!

“I want to go out first.”

Little Meng, who was blowing her hair, asked curiously, “Where are you going so late?”

Zhao Huo stood up slowly, the calm and generous back, as if the soldiers fighting Star River.

“I’m going to a convenience store and buying something.”

On the other side, Ren Suo, who was lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone, thought that Zhao Huo should be able to understand the meaning of “homework” means “good night kiss”?

If he can’t understand this, then Sago can’t help him, just quit the scum circle.

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