Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 819

“Chapter Two: Double Star Story”

“1999, Solar System, Neptune”

Suspended in space, Supreme Paragon looks so small and so incredible.

Behind him is a huge ice superstar suspended in light blue, and the atmosphere like an ice mist flows endlessly like a background curtain. The sun in the distance is dazzling, and it is still clearly visible even at 40100000000 million kilometers away.

“On May 1999, 5, all of the Milky Way’s 20 cantilevered Ark units assembled and broke into the time and space invasion again.”

“According to the investigation by Sovereign Celestial Maiden, the Ark unit has a total of 80 combat units, and the battle is more difficult.”

“The objectives of this battle: 1 to defend Neptune’s Sinyuan and defeat all the Ark forces to get the highest rating.

2 Neptune’s Xianyuan is exhausted and consumes Xianyuan to send a star-breaking strike, retreat to Uranus Xianyuan, and defeat all the Ark troops. You can get a medium rating.

3 Uranus’ Xianyuan is exhausted and consumes Xianyuan to send a star-breaking blow to defeat all the Ark troops.

Please Supreme Paragon do what you can. “

Ren Suo suddenly felt bad when he saw this game tip.

When the game is rewarded in stages, it means that the game is not optimistic that the player can get the highest evaluation reward, and even the player can only get the lowest evaluation in most cases, otherwise what is the meaning of the lowest evaluation?

If you want to get the highest evaluation and medium evaluation, you must either be embarrassed or be a liver, anyway, it is definitely not the achievement that leopard head zero-rush players can easily achieve.

At least the game has determined that he will activate at least these two planets’ fairy sources, so the battle time is exactly the day when Neptune and Uranus are closest to each other. Now the two planets are very close, and the Spirit Qi points are quite densely distributed, even if the Supreme Paragon switches fairys. From the source, the cultivator Legion can always maintain the state of union.

“Neptune fairy source: Level 2 fairy source, generating 8 Spiritual Qi points, activation time 03:00”

“Uranus fairy source: Level 2 fairy source, generating 8 Spiritual Qi points, activation time 03:00”

“Number of failures in this battle: 0/5”

In a distant universe, a pimple-shaped shrimp-like battleship emerges from in the sky. In just a few seconds, the huge battleship like a star has shrunk to a level acceptable to human beings, and the rows of horrifying spirit sub-turrets have also shrunk to a level close to their tentacles.

War has never changed.

Two pioneers, “Dragon King Zhao Huo” and “Sakura Kyoko” took the lead!

Thanks to the high yield of the panda copy, before starting the second space war, Ren Suo strengthened the cultivation base of all elite cultivators to the Sixth Cycle level!

It ’s just that there are too many dream experience crystals required from Sixth Cycle to Seventh Cycle. Originally, Ren Suo would strengthen “Dragon King Zhao Huo” to Seventh Cycle in one go. However, Ren Suo estimated that it seems that a few 100 dream experience crystals are not enough. Just satiate this animal before stopping.

The left-handed gun, fully equipped, proud and handsome Dragon King Zhao Huo: “I, the magic dragon King Zhao Huo!”

Right long diagonal spear, light and light, short and cute Kyoko Sakura: “I, Magic Girl Kyoko!”

“We are, the magical girl group!”

“…” Ren Suo didn’t pay much attention to the interaction of the children in the base, and now he just realized that the two guys were actually playing together.

In a moment, 4 Pippi shrimp battleships and 4 worm battleships appeared one after another in the sky, rushing towards Neptune.

The Dragon King Zhao Huo skill “Long King Secret” has finally taken effect. Ren Suo instantly gains 12 cast points, plus the points accumulated through time, he will combine the two cultivators of “Mami Mizuhashi” and “Little Meng”. Legion goes on!

Mami Mizuhashi is full of mature charm after joining the road, two sides of golden hair are curly, wearing a vest and high boots, holding two golden long cymbals, softly said with a smile: “ah la la ~~”

2 1000 cultivator Along with her movements, she raised her long cymbal and aimed at the Ark unit, firing colorful energy rays, instantly causing huge damage to the front Pippi shrimp battleship!

The remnants of Little Meng are not behind, and 10000 1000 cross the Star River like shooting stars.

The two cooperated with each other, destroying three battleships before the Ark force approached, and then Dragon King Zhao Huo and Sakura Kyoko topped out, annihilating the First Wave attack safely.

At this time, Supreme Paragon’s cast points are also full, and the disabled soldier Sun Shu is assigned to treat everyone.

Then, the second wave … came!

Thick, dark and sharp!

Even if it is transformed into 1999 time and space, even if it has been weakened, it will still bring a huge thing that brings endless fear to people!

It was a huge battleship that was dark and covered with spikes. As it moves forward, the spikes on the body surface begin to spin, making this battleship instantly turn into a horrible weapon that can tear the planet!

“You have discovered a new type of Ark armies: heavy front battleship.”

In addition to this heavy battleship, there are many worm battleships and Pippi shrimp battleships to accompany the left and right to launch an attack!

As soon as they entered the attack range, the attacks of nearly 4000 people from Little Meng and Mizuhashi Asami covered the forefront battleship, such as a rain pear, but the battleship seemed to have a very high defense force against this type of attack and suffered only a little damage!

For a moment, they surged into the forces of Dragon King Zhao Huo and Sakura Kyoko like a big wave!


Ren Suo decisively arranged “Ren Qingqing”. After a while, 3000 heavy soldiers wearing heavy armor, holding tower shields, and holding the giant axe firmly in front of the heavy battleship!

They formed a formation that resembled a fishing net, forming a huge shield of nothingness in the universe with flesh and blood, facing the battleship of the frontal force hard!

The spiky spikes of the battleship smashed against the shield of nothingness, causing waves of ripples. The fort cultivator group shivered and seemed to be defeated at any time. However, they always clenched their teeth to resist.

However, at this time, the Pippi shrimp battleship and worm battleship affected by the “Heavenly Venerate Trend” also rushed in and launched an attack on the cultivator!

There are also two heavy battleships that cross Ren Qingqing and bite towards Dragon King Zhao Huo and Sakura Kyoko!

Even the fortress Legion and Ren Qingqing were almost irresistible battleship battleships. The two vanguard units were unable to compete with each other. The short-armed soldiers of the two sides quickly defeated, and Sun Shutuan ’s grandmother would not come. Ren Suo had to retreat them directly. .

In this way, the 2 heavy front battleships will be unobstructed, and drive straight into the Neptune fairy source!

“Failures: 2/5”

Great, these two heavy battleships have been eliminated by Supreme Paragon.

Ren Suo relaxed, if that’s the case, it’s not unacceptable. Although the customs clearance evaluation will definitely reduce the score, it can at least clear the customs clearance.

However, the battleship battleship is too hard. Little Meng and Mizuhashi Mami have not been able to defeat the last battleship battleship for so long, but as long as the battleship is defeated–

Just then, Ren Suo saw three battleships appearing on the edge of the battlefield.

One minute later, a “failed battle” prompt appears on the phone screen.

Ren Suo saw that Neptune’s fairy source was completely controlled by the Ark unit, and then the size of the Ark unit suddenly increased by at least an order of magnitude, all battleships increased to the star rating, and the battleship battleship became even the size of Neptune!

When they saw attacks on other planets, they burst Uranus in no time!

This is the true strength of the eternal civilization of the Ark!

“Would you like to restart the battle in Chapter 2? Because this is your first defeat, you don’t need to pay the immortal stone or extra merit this time.”

Ren Suo licked his lips and lowered his phone to think about what happened.

First of all, is it possible for Supreme Paragon’s forces to pass this level?

No, the battleship alone is an enemy that cannot be solved by cultivator Legion.

So how to solve the heavy battleship?

Increase the cultivation base of the elite cultivator, or the cultivator Legion with the battleship of restraint. Gathering modifier does not have good damage effect on heavy front battleship. Perhaps another output unit-natural disaster cultivator is the correct unit to deal with heavy front battleship.

How to do?

Raising the cultivation base has reached its limit. Even if Ren Suo restarts Chapter 2, find Sovereign Celestial Maiden to increase the threshold and increase the number of copies. Ren Suo does not think that the elite cultivator can be strengthened to the extent of destroying the battleship.

It is feasible to search for the natural disaster cultivator, but Ren Suo has only one immortal source stone. With his luck, he really is not sure if he can go to the natural disaster to find the natural disaster cultivator.

If this Xianyuan Stone fails to do as he wants, then Ren Suo can only use his hole cards.

Ren Suo thought about it and thought that he had a high probability of using his hole cards. He thought that it would be better to use the hole cards directly, leaving the last Xianyuan stone for backup.

The difficulty of Chapter 2 is too high. Ren Suo feels that even if his cultivator Legion configuration is just right, I am afraid that we have to let Supreme Paragon blast a 2 heavy front battleship to pass this level.

If you do not rely on external force to pass the customs, Ren Suo believes that not only does the team need to be configured correctly, but also you must constantly increase the threshold to increase the number of copies in the development mode, and raise the cultivation base of the entire team to the Seventh Cycle. The highest rating is cleared directly.

Seeing that he had to bleed to clear the level, Ren Suo had already realized.

After all, this is “Tomorrow of Tomorrow” with 4x game experience, 4x merit rewards, and 6 stars +++ difficulty.

Ren Suo would like to clear the level without using an external plug-in. It is better to imagine when he can answer questions such as “What is the experience of sleeping with multiple girlfriends”.

It was just so soon that he was going to use his hole cards, which was slightly unexpected by Ren Suo.

“Equipment Interface”, equip “Super Spring Paragon” for “Supreme Paragon”.

Back to “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, return to Chapter 2 and launch the “Clear Springs!”

Then a long-lost familiar list appears on the phone screen:

“2 Star Killer (100 times battle strength in this scenario, 30% mission completion rate, summon is not recommended), consumes 5 minutes of summon time.”

“5 stars. Ask Daoist (2000 times battle strength in this scenario, 100% mission completion rate, summon recommended), consumes 25 minutes of summon time.”

“5 stars Ren Woxing (1000 times battle strength in this scenario, 100% mission completion rate, summon recommended), consumes 20 minutes of summon time.”

“4 Stars Zhao Zili (25 times battle strength in this scenario, 25% mission completion rate, summon is not recommended), consumes 3 minutes of summon time.”

“4 stars · Explorer (can play 150 times battle strength in this scene, the mission completion rate is 70%, summon is not recommended), and consumes summon time for 7 minutes.”


“5 stars dark first (in this scenario, you can play 1000 times the battle strength, the task completion rate is 100%, it is recommended to summon), and it takes 30 minutes to summon the time.”


“6 Star Loss (in this scenario, you can play 200 times the battle strength, the mission completion rate is 100%, the summon is recommended), and the summon time is 40 minutes (you are not eligible for the summon).”


“Recommended combination: Killer + Zhao Zili (mission completion rate is 100%, consumes 8 minutes of summon time, summon is strongly recommended).”

“Note: Because this game scene is a special scene, all game characters only need to consume the summon time at one time, and they can be maintained until the end of the scene.”

“Note: Because this game scene is a special scene, all game characters can only be summoned once. You cannot repeat the same character in this game.”

Ren Suo rubbed his eyes, confirming that he read correctly.

Even the weakest and weakest Zhao Zili, 25 times the battle strength after summon came out?

The strongest seeking Daoist, it is 2000 times the battle strength! ?

This power system is so violent that Ren Suo thinks he is watching a bloody comic.

However, Ren Suo glanced at the cultivator Legion on the screen and suddenly thought of a possibility.

Is it…

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