Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 820

Speaking of which, Ren Suo hasn’t been a regular summon game character for a long time.

Recalling these months of summon, either summon came over to cook or temporary summon came out to fight and chat, and even summon came out to fight group fights.

The last time I played a regular game character like this in the game, it seems that it was already playing “Destiny Hand” at that time in October.

In “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, the summon role is a one-time consumption of summon time, which can be said to be unexpected and reasonable.

Ren Suo think and understand carefully, where is the real space war that can be completed in a few minutes?

If calculated in terms of game time, it is Ren Suo’s earnings; if calculated in real time, it is Ren Suo’s loss. Therefore, after a large one-time consumption, it is more reasonable for the game character to be able to reside in the entire level.

Based on this, the gaming machine must ban him from repeating the summon. It’s like a 5% discount on certain discounted products will limit each person to one purchase, and if they take advantage, they must be suffered a small loss.

Otherwise, Ren Suo can rely on the characters “Ask Daoist” and “Ren Han” for several consecutive levels to crush the past. What else should cultivator Legion do?

And according to Ren Suo’s experience in the tavern, the game characters are also normal people and need rest and entertainment. If the same character sums up overtime in a large space war, even a model worker can’t stand it, can’t he just use him because he’s good at Ren Han?

You see that the Mini-world Game Console has specially created a mysterious tavern for chat characters, which shows that the console is pretty good for game characters.

Thinking of this, Ren Suo suddenly pats his head suddenly, pauses “Tomorrow” and enters the mysterious tavern.

As usual, the bar was dimly lit and Boss was chatting with guests at the bar.

Unlike usual, this guest is rare.

“Supreme Paragon !?”

Lost turned around in surprise, looking towards Ren Suo, bowing, “Thank you for your guidance and help.”

Ren Suo serene typed: “Reciprocity and mutual assistance, no need to thank, but I have your heart. But, haven’t you become the new leader in Dydra? So free to drink at mysterious tavern?”

Los nodded: “Most of the government affairs are solved by the think tank of Lorifis, and I am still studying hard. Today I am not drinking, but looking for books from Boss.”

Ren Suo: “Buy a book?”

Los: “Because the prince has been exiled, Didra’s previous energy can not be used. Fortunately, I still have the power of the Dragonborn, and after the prince’s exile, the spirituality of our Didra is restored, even if Psionic energy can be manipulated without the Maharaja’s cassette, so we are developing new ways of energy utilization based on the past. “

“Boss also has a lot of books on how to use nature’s energy here. These books are all we need to have been immersed in the cradle of the Majesty for the past 1000 years. In addition, some social theories, Lorifis is very interested.”

Ren Suo was curious: “What social theory?”

Los: “The Capital and the like.”

Ren Suo thought about it. According to Lorifis’s personality, “I would owe the world, and leave the world to owe me.” Mostly, he wanted to carry forward the “residual value theory” in Didela’s plane.

There is now a 100-abandoned plane with a population of over 100000000 million for her design and her control. As a woman recognized by Sony **, the leader ’s most trusted think tank, Lorifis is bound to take this opportunity to become a more legal, more covert, and more easily recognizable way to become Dydra ’s eternal. noble.

Although she despised the descent as much as 10000, she did not conceal her desire to become a descent from start to finish.

With her wrists, she is no longer a protoss, better than a protoss.

However, Ren Suo didn’t pay much attention to this. If Lori Fice really copied the Earth theory in the past, most of them would fail in the middle of starting a business. The Dedra people are very different from the Earth people. The argument is that the Didra are hard bones. You’re welcome, that is, all of the Dedra people are socially unstable.

He clearly remembered the history of Sidis: The Dydra were actually invaders. Only after they exterminated all genocides of the plane, Didera became the only race, history was written by them, and the earth was dominated by them.

But they are still a militant race in the bones. It was nothing but because the princes had suppressed them in the past. However, Rao is so. The kings are fighting with each other endlessly. There are countless factions in the country. The Dedra people can be regarded as insiders and insiders. They will fear absolute power, but they will not fear power.

In this case, Lori Fiss wants to backlash at any time through the wool of the wolf of the capitalist mattress.

Although Ren Suo despised the capitalists who squeezed the surplus value, these had nothing to do with Ren Suo. He was more curious about other things: “Loss, are you married to Lorifis?”

“Huh? … Supreme Paragon, what are you talking about?” Los said nervously.

Ren Suo: “Not yet? As soon as you overthrow the empire and die, you must also create a life-friendly World for your younger sister. A willing dedication and undercover evil will also help the big brother escape alive. I believe you will hold on Hard-won happiness. “

Los: “Of course we will seize happiness, but … just … just …”

He stunned for a long time and couldn’t even put up a fart. He didn’t have the style of Dydra’s number one boss, and changed the subject bluntly: “Speaking of Lori Fiss, she has been a bit weird recently, always losing 3 In the 4th, she will also ask me some very boring questions. She was very capable when dealing with government affairs, but she became a little stupid as soon as she left work. Did Supreme Paragon have her brain injured in the previous war? “

Ren Suo: “As long as she doesn’t like you anymore, she will usually be smarter.”

Los feels a little helpless-don’t you realize I’m avoiding this topic! ?

“Supreme Paragon, it’s time for me to go back and make a supper for Lorifis. I will retreat first.”

Los slightly motioned down and said, “Supreme Paragon, you do n’t have any respect for us. We are willing to raise 10000000 million troops to fight for Supreme Paragon. “

Ren Suo: “You don’t have to be so restrained, your friends are commensurate. When you need Didra, the deity will not be polite.”

“You will always be Didra’s friend,” Los said earnestly, turning and leaving the tavern.

Then Ren Suo told the tavern Boss: “Can you blacklist Los, so he won’t be able to enter the tavern unless I agree?”

Tavern Boss: “…”


A list of customers appears on the screen, you can choose “Access Denied”, “Ask Access” and “Arbitrary Access”. Now all game characters have arbitrary access rights.

Ren Suo changed Los’s permission to “Ask for Access”, because he only remembered when he saw Los, and he was Supreme Paragon of Omnipotent in Los in mind.

Never let Los see him as a waiter in a tavern, Ren Suo is also dignified!

So he can only pull Helos, and when he works as a split, he can’t let Los enter the tavern.

To deal with this, Ren Suo asked the tavern Boss: “How can you clear Chapter 2 of” The Tomorrow of Tomorrow “without saving money or using other means?”

[Ren Suo Rational] Emphasized the practicality of the mysterious tavern in the memory many times. Ren Suo didn’t hit Chapter 2 this time, and finally remembered it.

“10 points of merit.”

After receiving the merits, the tavern Boss indifferently said: “If you want to pass Chapter 2 on the premise of using only in-game resources, you must get the” Head of the Remnant “,” ten thousand li mountains and rivers “, ‘Initial Glory’ 3 future cultivators and must visit ‘ten thousand li mountain river’ before the beginning of chapter one, get ‘ten thousand li mountain river’s token’ through chapter one, and then in the space war in chapter two Consume tokens. “

Ren Suo blinked, and it took a while to understand what the pub Boss meant.

First of all, Ren Suo knows that the head of the remnants is Ninth Cycle cultivator Dragon King Zhao Huo, and the ‘ten thousand li mountains and rivers’ and ‘initial glory’ are also estimated to be Ninth Cycle cultivator.

Then Ren Suo not only has to draw 3 Ninth Cycle future cultivators, but also specifies that the first chapter must be perfected with ‘ten thousand li mountains and rivers’, and luck breaks and draws his token-Ren Suo passes only the first chapter. Draw “Little Meng’s Keeper”!

“After receiving a considerable tip, the tavern Boss secretly tells you: die this heart, your luck is exhausted.”

That’s right, it’s luck!

If you’re out of luck and can’t find the key cultivator, then Ren Suo shouldn’t even think about levelless clearance!

Although Ren Suo also knows that Tiny World games with more than 4 stars originally require players to use their own power and props to help the protagonist through the customs, but he did n’t expect this 6-star +++ game to be so harsh for the unscrupulous players.

This is chapter 2!

How much more money will be thrown behind!

Ren Suo couldn’t help sighing. If it was before, maybe Ren Suo could just say, “I’m not playing anymore.”

But now he is playing the game not only for merits and saving the world, but for his own happiness.

Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think about Zhao Huo’s happiness!

So this game must be played, Zhao Huo’s last wife … or the last disabled soldier, must also be kicked out!

After all, the family must save the world neat and tidy.

Slightly sighed, Ren Suo left the avatar in the tavern.

In fact, he just remembered the words ‘overtime’ and ‘tavern’ before thinking of coming to mysterious tavern. After all, I played for a whole day today, and careless Ren Suo forgot to let the split to work, which was not a quick summon, letting the split breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the freedom to work happily in the pub.

Back in Tomorrow Tomorrow, Ren Suo no longer hesitates to choose the summon game character!

Outside Neptune’s pale blue atmosphere, two void doors emerge, and two strange silhouettes emerge from it.

“While leaving the mountains and walking across the snow, Supreme Paragon, Immortal Palace steward pays the highest respect to you.”

The whole body is covered by the black alloy Battle Armor, and the joints are slightly purple and red, like the high-tech Superman’s Immortal Palace killer said slightly with a smile.

“Every time I come to summon, I definitely don’t invite me to eat … Supreme Paragon, the only priest obeys the order of Spirit King, and blesses the beautiful world.”

Thin and tall, handsome and handsome, wearing white robes, wearing various guns on his shoulders, wearing small cannons on his shoulders, and two dark golden automatic rifles with dual arms, Zhao Zili with a cigarette in his mouth said cynically.

Ren Suo all looked aggressive.

Reasonably, he had already guessed in advance that the game characters in 1999 were mostly in the state of 2049, otherwise it would not be possible to explain why the battle strength of these game characters would soar.

However, when you get stronger, you become stronger. Why do you even change your skin?

Immortal Palace killer, aren’t you playing with firearms, how did you change into Iron Man? Also, aren’t you a killer, why are you now steward?

Zhao Zili, aren’t you a fat house? 3 Does n’t theology require that priests are all unfavorable dead fatty? Are you so handsome that you are not afraid of going torture?

And you just said that you came by the order of Spirit King, what about the 3 deities? Is this apostasy?

Ren Suo is now full of doubts. The Immortal Palace killer seems to be aware of this across the screen. Said with a smile: “Supreme Paragon, we can participate in the battle at any time.”

Ren Suo If I wake up at first, yes, I will ask questions later. Now I ’m going through the customs first.

The game pops up a prompt: “You can transfer support characters as independent units (play 100% battle strength), or you can combine support characters with cultivator legion (play 200% ~ 1000% battle strength).”

Ren Suo naturally chose to merge the game characters with the cultivator Legion. The Immortal Palace killer can be merged with the Little Meng group and the Mizuhashi Mami group. Ren Suo chooses the Little Meng group. Zhao Zili can only be merged with Sun Shu group.

Chapter 2 begins the battle again. The First Wave offensive is for food delivery. Ren Suo will honestly arrange Dragon King Zhao Huo and Sakura Kyoko, and then arrange Little Meng, Mizuhashi Asami, and Sun Shu.

After the appearance of a battleship like a cosmic drill, Ren Suo knew that his summon was worth it!

Even though there is a full 8 star Star River distance, the Immortal Palace killer still opens his hand towards the heavy battleship. His palm glows with a deep blue energy cannon. At the same time, all the archers of the Little Meng Regiment bow and shoot arrows. !!


With the outbreak of the Immortal Palace killer’s palm cannon, 3000 arrow rains also crossed the Star River at the same time!

Obviously, the battleship of the heavy striker is far away from the attack range. However, the dark blue palm cannon of the Immortal Palace killer seems to have a gravitational force, attracting all the arrow rain firmly around, with 3000 meteors, and hitting the battleship of the heavy strike!

Even if it is fired from close range, there is no fear of concentrated energy battleship battleship, now across a full 8 grid Star River distance, was actually blasted one of the spikes!

Focused attack can’t break the opponent’s armor?

Then strengthen to the point where you can break the opponent’s armor!

Just forcibly, shoot! burst! you!

While the Ark troops were approaching, the Little Meng regiment led by the Immortal Palace killer had fired a heavy battleship!

However, there are 2 heavy ship battleships, as well as other Pippi shrimp battleships and worm battleships!

Ren Suo will also arrange Ren Qingqing, and the cultivator of Ren Qingqing Regiment immediately set up the shield of the universe and stopped in front of the heavy battleship!

Like a drill bit, the battleship crashed into Ren Qingqing’s Cosmic Shield, causing endless ripples. The Cosmic Shield looked on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, a blast of white light exploded in Ren Qingqing Regiment, which instantly restored the shield of the universe to the original, and even became stronger, and the fort cultivator no longer trembled, as if the endless power surged!

“No one can fall before I promise.”

With dual rocket launchers, Zhao Zili, who was smoking a cigarette, grinned, and moved towards melee troops to launch a nuclear explosion!

Under the treatment of Sun Shu regiment led by Zhao Zili, not only Ren Qingqing regiment resisted a heavy strike battleship, but even the Dragon King Zhao Huo regiment was able to forcefully attack another heavy strike battleship!

This terrible milk power, Ren Suo is ashamed!

Sakura Kyoko, Little Meng, and Mizuhashi Mami took the lead in destroying other worm battleships and Pippi shrimp battleships, and then devoted all their efforts to the other two heavy battleships.

When they finally solved a battleship battleship, a new wave of attacks has already assaults the senses!

It’s 3 heavy ship battleships again!

The output unit is still the first to clear the small battleship, and the task of resisting the heavy front battleship is naturally given to Ren Qingqing Regiment and Dragon King Regiment!

The cultivator Legion of 2000 people is actually very small in the universe.

Even compared to the battleship that weakened countless times, the cultivator Legion is like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

And in the process, in the sky there are still worm battleships, Pippi shrimp battleships, and dark iron robots continue to march. They are like jackals following a lion, and will be bitten and killed if they don’t pay attention!

However, with the powerful output of the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili’s treatment, all miscellaneous soldiers could not cross the cultivator Legion defense line, and Ren Qingqing Regiment and Dragon King Regiment actually blocked the long-term impact of several heavy battleships!

However, the number of enemy units is still increasing, and the Immortal Palace killer cannot be eliminated in time; Ren Qingqing Regiment and Dragon King Regiment also show weakness, even if Zhao Zili can live with milk, but they seem to be unable to carry it!

As time passed by one minute and one second, when the army was defeated, and the remnant was dead, the time at the top of the screen counted down to zero!

“00: 00”

“Neptune’s Sinyuan has been fully activated.”

Suddenly, the picture of the game suddenly turned gray, and time seemed to be still.

In this icy world, only one person can move.

Only one shines, shining from Supreme Paragon.

He was lightly and punched forward.

The fist light ignites the gray of the entire world.

No matter whether it is a battleship that destroys everything, or a battleship that uses cannon fodder, there is no resistance under the colorful light!

Where rays of light pass, time begins to rotate, battleship annihilates, cultivator is restored as before!

In an instant, all enemy units were wiped out, and all own units recovered to their full state!

In the picture, all the cultivator Legion was stunned, and they turned around and looked towards Supreme Paragon.

“Basic operations, serious combat.”

Supreme Paragon said indifferently, then teleported to the next Uranus, activated the fairy source inside, and continued to maintain the cultivator Legion’s amalgamation status.

The main difficulty of Chapter 2 seems to be the previous six battleships.

Although many worm battleships and black iron robots appeared later, these enemy units can be destroyed by the cultivator Legion alone. Even more how now there is the help of the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili.


When the last worm battleship exploded silently in the universe, almost all future cultivators dropped their weapons, and drowsily floated in the universe. Even the most wanted dragon king Zhao Huo and Sakura Kyoko are sleeping on other people at this moment.

“ Battle Victory ”

Ren Suo is also relaxed.

Chapter 2 is too difficult.

He just saw that the defense line was about to collapse, and thought that the Mini-world Game Console was shaking him, or that he didn’t use the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili. Didn’t expect these two game characters to delay time.

When dragged until the activation of Xianyuan is successful, Supreme Paragon will hit that blow and wipe out all enemies on the battlefield directly!

Although I didn’t get the highest rating, I could at least clear the customs.

“Since I don’t plan to invite me to dinner, I’ll go back.” Zhao Zili spit out the cigarette butt and glanced at the surrounding cultivator: “Well, now that the Spirit King is not born, nothing looks good …”

After all, Zhao Zili disappeared into a white light.

The Immortal Palace killer flew to Supreme Paragon, removed his head armor, and revealed his handsome face, said with a smile: “Supreme Paragon, if it’s okay, I’ll go back.”

Supreme Paragon: “What’s going on there? Is anything happening?”

The Immortal Palace killer thought about it and said, “It’s a small thing, I don’t know when to say it.”

Supreme Paragon: “Improperly said.”

The Immortal Palace killer said, “But as a friend, I don’t think I can hide this from you.”

Then you hesitate to fart.

This Immortal Palace killer is still a hidden gossip.

No, how could the Immortal Palace killer be friends with Supreme Paragon?

Wait, if I clear the game now in 2019, then Supreme Paragon in 2049 will become the game character, and then Supreme Paragon will be able to meet the 2019 Immortal Palace killer in the tavern, then by 2049, the Immortal Palace killer and Supreme Paragon is naturally also a friend …

Ren Suo brainstormed for a while, and felt the logic seemed to make sense.

Supreme Paragon: “What the hell happened?”

Immortal Palace killer: “You daughter has usurped, is trying to integrate your forces, and you will be defeated when you return.”

Supreme Paragon: “…?”

Immortal Palace killer: “Your son is also integrating your forces in your name in order not to let you daughter usurp.”

Supreme Paragon: “…?”

Immortal Palace killer: “Your other children are standing in line, taking the opportunity to divide up your family.”

Supreme Paragon: “… ???”

Immortal Palace killer: “Apart from this little thing, there is nothing special about it. It’s just that someone finds out that your family is parting the estate and thought you were dead.

Ren Suo looked aggressive.

Who is Supreme Paragon in 2049?

How many children does he have?

How many net worth does he have?

How much power does he have?

Why did his children start to fight for family property as soon as he left?

And what does it mean to usurp, Supreme Paragon still has a throne at home?

Numerous doubts raged in Ren Suo’s mind, and the plot of a giant TV show of resentment came to mind.

1000 words and 10000 words, and finally they are combined into one sentence——

Your home is really messy.

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