Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 822

“Why are you here?”

The red-haired beauty who came out of the gate of Yinhui turned her back and said indifferently behind, her voice was slightly dissatisfied.

“Because we are good ~ sister ~ sister ~ ah ~”

The blue-haired beauty of hehe haha ​​ran out of the gate of Yinhui, reached out and hugged the red-haired beauty, and the pretty face lingered on the face of the red-haired beauty, intimate and intimate.

Two chairs emerged from the silver light, and the blue-haired younger sister took the red-haired elder sister to sit down.

Ren Suo, who looked at the screen of the mobile phone, had wide eyes, his legs couldn’t help being clamped, his face was blushing and his ears were red, suddenly he was a little envious of the 2 chairs.

I saw the red-haired elder sister barefoot in black pantyhose, a black hip skirt, and a black half-shirt, exposing a white flat belly, and curvaceous body curves. And I do n’t know if the clothes are too tight or sloppy. Every step she takes will cause a slight tremor. The Fourth Cycle cultivator Ren Suo, who has “clearly understood the earth,” naturally sees in her eyes, and her eyes cannot be moved away at all.

The blue-haired younger sister is not too embarrassing, unlike the simple and simple fairy style of the red-haired elder sister, she is more fancy, wearing a bell collar, a gothic black top and a mini skirt, and stepping on metal punk Long boots, full of a taboo temptation, the overall is also a waist tight skinny dress style.

A fairy, a forbidden fruit.

Although they had red hair and blue hair, and their appearances were slightly different, Ren Suo immediately confirmed that they were indeed sisters of at least the same size in terms of body size.

Ren Suo was reluctant to continue the conversation, and enjoyed the two sisters without blinking. In fact, Ren Suo is really not such a casual person. He is also a college student who graduated from the monk profession. He has already completed the enlightenment and obtained through video materials. Resistance.

Nowadays, there are a lot of beautiful girls on the Internet. Star celebrities are endless and the ps technology is so advanced. It is too difficult for him to make Ren Suo faint.

After all, humans have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and that’s how beautiful they are.

Ren Suo has always thought he was very resistant, and indeed his experience over the years has indeed proven that he is very resistant. However, when seeing the two sisters in the game, Ren Suo actually broke power in an instant and fell into a state of inestimability!

When the game’s perspective suddenly shifted to the hood of Supreme Paragon, Ren Suo almost completely couldn’t see the two sisters, Ren Suo came back to his senses, and the phone slammed into the face.

He covered his phone, went to the bathroom, washed his face, and let the cold tap water cool the boiling blood in the blood vessels, thinking carefully about what just happened.

He, Ren Suo, fell in love with the characters in the two games at first sight!

Although some sorry, he really wanted to roll the sheets with the 2 sisters!

How could this be! ?

Ren Suo felt like he was going to collapse.

Although he has a few girlfriends, he is ambiguous, he doesn’t let go, and even wants to enjoy the happiness of being in the modern society, but Ren Suo knows that he is still a pure boy.

He’s not the kind of superficial, self-propelled pile driver immersed in sex, by no means!

But what just happened?

He couldn’t help falling in love with the two sisters in the game, knowing nothing, knowing nothing, just because they saw their beauty completely fell.

At the same time, he rushed on 5 tracks, and still wanted to derail?

Ren Suo Ah Ren Suo, you are not such a casual person!

Yes, I am not such a casual person!

There must be something wrong, it wasn’t me who was wrong anyway.

Wait, did Supreme Paragon greet the two sisters very seriously just now?

As the Supreme Paragon approved by Ren Suo, in 2049 he can become the super powerhouse that saves the world in the Fourth Cycle, which is not as good as a dog and a Seventh Cycle. Star Fragmentation blow of the level!

The person who even fears him is definitely a super powerhouse!

If these two sisters are super powerhouse, then the dressing of their attracting spirit seizing soul is likely to be a spell-casting prop … are they dedicated to the erosion of Elf’s soul, using their unstoppable charm, so that everyone who witnesses them will Can’t help falling in love with their charm cultivator?

Ren Suo thought more and more that this was the case, otherwise he couldn’t explain why he fell in love at first sight. He was a very dedicated man.

Thinking of this, Ren Suo couldn’t help but marvel at the high-end force of 2049.

Even across the screen, Ren Suo’s success at first glance is enough to show how powerful the two sisters are.

And there are mysterious and unpredictable powerhouses such as Galaxy Singer and Sovereign Celestial Maiden. The World 30 years later is too terrifying, right?

Arranging his thoughts, Ren Suo went back to the living room to pick up the phone, and found that the perspective was still the hood of Supreme Paragon.

“This person is so inconvenient. Hurry up and let me see beautiful women.”

Ren Suo’s first reaction was to come up with this idea, and then annihilate it decisively: That’s fine, I can’t be sorry for my girlfriends, I can’t be derailed, I want to be a loyal boyfriend.

I do n’t know if the game console is protecting Ren Suo or Supreme Paragon intentionally obscures the view. Anyway, Ren Suo ca n’t see the red-haired and blue-haired 2 sisters anymore, and the speaker can only be identified by the dialog box avatar:

Red-haired elder sister: “I remember we agreed, at least 6 times a month. The mission period is okay, I will not investigate it, but during the period before the time and space invasion, you have never seen Supreme Paragon. People. You said to yourself, how many times do you owe? “

Lanfa younger sister: “That is, big liar, how can you owe elder sister that many times?”

Red-haired elder sister: “Shut up.”

Lanfa younger sister: “elder sister, I’m talking to you, how can you yell at me and cry.”

Red-haired elder sister: “You can enjoy yourself every night, don’t get cheap and sell well.”

Supreme Paragon finally spoke: “Sovereign Blood Lotus, Dimension Queen, let’s talk about business first, right?”


Unsurprisingly, as Ren Suo expected, these two sisters are indeed big shots!

One is Sovereign Blood Lotus. Will Immortal Sect finally appear in 2049?

One is Dimension Queen. Literally, is she the Queen of a dimension?

The red-haired elder sister is Sovereign Blood Lotus, she said indifferently: “One stroke at a time, Supreme Paragon, let’s calculate our account first.”

The blue-haired younger sister is Dimension Queen, and said with a smile with a bell-like voice: “Hum, if there is not a space-time barrier between us, otherwise the elder sister has rushed to find you this big liar to collect debts!”

Supreme Paragon was obviously a little helpless, saying, “I owed it about … 7 times, right?”

Sovereign Blood Lotus cold said with a smile: “It was 70 times.”

Supreme Paragon shook his head again and again: “Without that many, absolutely without that many, how could the deity owe you 70 times?”

Sovereign Blood Lotus: “Have you never heard of a ten penalty?”

Supreme Paragon: “Have never heard of it! You don’t make sense!”

“Yes, I just don’t make sense, that’s because you made mistakes first. Don’t you forget that once you break the agreement, do I have the right of final explanation? Or is … Are you unwilling to accept?”

Suddenly the game was silent for a few seconds. If it wasn’t for Dimension Queen who was laughing, Ren Suo would have thought the game was stuck.

Ren Suo still only saw the hood of Supreme Paragon.

Although nothing was visible, Ren Suo suddenly had a whim, what Sovereign Blood Lotus was doing!

What is absolutely doing!

Supreme Paragon’s response also confirmed Ren Suo’s guess: “Okay … okay, but the compensation should be postponed until the deity returns.”

Sovereign Blood Lotus: “Then what are you going to pay back? Are you paying back all at once?”

Supreme Paragon shook his head again and again: “How is that possible! Pay off the debt in 70 installments …”

Sovereign Blood Lotus: “It is divided into 7 installments, 10 installments each, and it will be paid off within a month. During the repayment period, I can be cheap when you complete the task amount of the month.”

Supreme Paragon: “Sovereign Blood Lotus, you are bully intolerably!”

Sovereign Blood Lotus: “Will you accept it?”

The game screen is silent, obviously Sovereign Blood Lotus is casting again!

Supreme Paragon: “Okay.”

The winner is Sovereign Blood Lotus!

Ren Suo has confirmed that Sovereign Blood Lotus must have some kind of mental charm!

Like this convention of bereavement and disgrace, Supreme Paragon is willing to agree to it, indicating that his thinking activity has been affected!

When the game is silent, it casts Sovereign Blood Lotus!

Ren Suo thought for a moment that even the strongest Super Paragon of the past protagonist, Spell, could not resist the charm. He himself would be able to win through the screen, as if it should be by rights.

Thinking of this, Ren Suo’s guilt was disappeared, and she looked at the back of Supreme Paragon with pitying eyes.

There is no reason to owe it once or ten times. Although I don’t know what Supreme Paragon will supply to Sovereign Blood Lotus every month, now Supreme Paragon will pay ten times the debt. After returning to 2049, I am afraid that it will not cause major bleeding.

However, this is not about Ren Suo, he is just a passing crowd.

It is only through these informative future communications that Ren Suo slowly outlines the future of 30 years later.

Sovereign Blood Lotus, Galaxy Singer, Crystal Maiden … the future is really colorful.

After Supreme Paragon agreed to the bereavement and humiliation agreement, Sovereign Blood Lotus said to Dimension Queen, “What about you? Do you have any account for him?”

“Yes, this big liar owed me decades of accounts, and now I have only paid back one, and I don’t plan to exchange all the promises at all.” Dimension Queen hummed. Big liar Big liar Big liar … “

What is this code word? How can the repayment be ‘one’, one ‘?

Does ‘a’ mean $ 1,000,000? It seems that there is such a setting in the gambling movie.

It’s hard to guess in 2049.

Supreme Paragon finally said the business: “The deity needs your strength.”

Sovereign Blood Lotus said indifferently, “I had expected that you wouldn’t contact us at all if you didn’t need help.”

Dimension Queen: “Big liar, elder sister is angry, the consequences are serious!”

Supreme Paragon sighed, “But the only person this person can rely on is you.”

Sovereign Blood Lotus cold said with a smile: “Yes? But I remember the future communication, it seems random.”

“This world has no chance, only the necessity of disguising it as an accident.” Supreme Paragon: “I believe that this communication must be you, it must be her, because it is me, because of fate.

Nonsense, this future communication is clearly my command.

Ren Suo scolds Supreme Paragon as he takes notes.

Sure enough, Sovereign Blood Lotus finally let go. “What am I going to do?”

Supreme Paragon: “Do what you want, and your actions will automatically affect your fate in 1999.”

Sovereign Blood Lotus indifferently said: “What I want to do now is make you pay off the debt.”

Dimension Queen shouted: “Me and me too, big scammers can redeem promises!”

Supreme Paragon sighs: “It is a pity that the barrier of time and space is between you and me. This deity cannot touch you at all, and it is impossible to pay the debt.”

Sovereign Blood Lotus coldly snorted, seems to see through the excuse of Supreme Paragon.

Dimension Queen suddenly said, “elder sister, let’s dance! I just made a new dance, it’s beautiful.”


Super powerhouse still dancing?

However, Dimension Queen’s personality is relatively independent, and it is normal to do so. But Sovereign Blood Lotus is obviously a lonely female powerhouse of Only I Am Supreme. How could she be willing to dance?

Sovereign Blood Lotus: “Yes.”

Ren Suo froze.

Then the phone rang music, and Ren Suo listened and found that it was a Galaxy Singer song!

The screen angle suddenly moved forward, and then Ren Suo saw

The entire screen is back of Supreme Paragon.

Ren Suo couldn’t see a little scenery!

It seemed as if a thread had broken in his head.


Can you turn your perspective?

I really want to watch them dance!

They look so good, they must be super nice wu wu wu

I am willing to derail for a few minutes. Let me see, let me see!

I have a complaint about this game, Supreme Paragon, hurry up, don’t block my perspective!

However, Ren Suo struggled for a while, the perspective is fixed on the back of Supreme Paragon, completely motionless.

Until the music stopped, Ren Suo couldn’t taste what he wanted.

It feels like I lost a few 100000000.

At this time, the voice of Sovereign Blood Lotus sounded: “Come back early and I’m waiting for you to repay the debt. If you come back late, then the 7 debts will not be scattered in a month, but 7 debts will be all 70 consecutive days Repayment is complete. “

Dimension Queen said with a smile: “Large liar, it’s time to redeem the promise after you return? It’s been decades, and it’s too much for you to redeem only one!”

Yinhui is gone, the beauty is gone, and the future newsletter is restored.

Ren Suo suddenly felt empty.

Even if he denies like 1000, but he can’t deceive his heart, he really loves these two beauties who are shocked at first sight, and they are dead-hearted.

Seeing them, 1000 tenderness, rise in the mind.

what’s wrong with me……

Ren Suo has a complicated look at the results of this future newsletter.

“The iron law of Sovereign Blood Lotus: The fate of 1999 is governed by the iron law of Sovereign Blood Lotus. The public recruitment in this chapter will delete 7 tags, and the remaining tags will become rare tags. You must visit the high-speed cultivator.”

“Dimension Queen’s laziness: The fate of 1999 was added by Dimension Queen’s laziness. The longer the public recruitment (real time), the higher the quality of the recruited elite cultivator. (Minimum effective time is 1 hour, maximum effective time For 72 hours) “

Sure enough, all the effects related to “open recruitment” … Ren Suo is not surprised at all, after all, the most important thing in “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” is the number of elite cultivators. In this war with the solar system as a chessboard, the elite cultivator is the pieces that Ren Suo can control. Naturally, the more the better.

“However, if you want to make full use of these two bonus effects, then these 2 days will basically be dazed …” Ren Suo murmured lying on the sofa.

“You can play with me.”

The silky hair touched Ren Suo’s face, and Luna’s pretty face was tucked between Ren Suo and the phone, and his eyes blinked at him like a twinkling star.

Ren Suo turned off his phone subconsciously, and sat up to look at Luna: “It’s so late, why don’t you sleep … wait, Luna, why aren’t you a cat?”

Ren Suo suddenly remembered that he had been serving Luna well for half an hour a few hours ago, at that time Luna had consumed her time in human form?

After only a few hours, how can I be transformed again?

Luna tilted her head and sat next to him and asked, “Do you prefer Luna in the form of a cat?” Also, human states do n’t know how to lick hair, you humans all lick their mouths … ”

“I like it all, as long as it’s Luna, I won’t hate it.” Ren Suo touched Luna blue hair and asked, “But don’t you just transform into half an hour?”

“Hehe, my cultivation these days has finally come to fruition.” Luna haunted Ren Suo, said with a smile: “Luna’s transformation time has now been extended to 40 minutes! But I didn’t tell them, pretending to only change I ’m 30 minutes, and then I can find another 10 minutes to play in the evening! Is Luna smart? “

What, do you really cultivate?

Ren Suo suddenly became suspicious of this world: Luna eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps, where has she cultivated?

It ’s true that even Lin Xianyu is harder than Luna!

or is Luna eating and drinking merrily

At this time, Ren Suo understood deeply what [rational Ren Suo] said: “I don’t know how many opportunities to realize freedom of life were wasted …”

Ren Suo couldn’t help raising a little jealousy to Luna, but when he looked at Luna looking forward to his expression, the jealousy in his heart was disappeared and replaced by thick guilt.

He hugged Luna tightly and said softly, “Luna is so smart, she likes Luna so much.”

“Hehe, Luna also loves Soso.” Luna enjoyed the sweetness of Ren Suo and said, “Is there a reward?”

“What reward does Luna want?” Ren Suo said with a smile, thinking that if Luna wanted to eat ice cream now, he would also charge ahead of the convenience store to buy it for her.

“I’m going to have a litter of cubs!” Luna moved excitedly in Ren Suo’s arms. If she still has cat tails and cat ears, she must be shaking: “At least 5! Ten are best!”

Ren Suo blinked and shook the head in embarrassment: “Can you change one?”

Luna grunted, “You said you’d double your good this month, and now you won’t even give me a reward …”

Ren Suo was already guilty, and he couldn’t bear it any more when he heard Luna say that. Ren Suo, who desperately needs to make up for the guilt in his heart, thought about it, saying, “But until Luna can perfect people, we can’t have babies.”

“I don’t listen. I don’t listen.” Luna hid her head in his chest and lost her temper.

“Later, after Luna you can perfect people in the future, how about we have a litter of cubs?” Ren Suo promised a distant future.

Luna lifts the head looked at Ren Suo, sparkling eyes blinking expectantly: “Okay? It’s a promise? Whoever doesn’t keep his promises is a big liar!”

“Okay, promised, I will keep my promise,” Ren Suo said seriously, “I won’t lie to Luna.”

Ren Suo is not panic at all, after all, regardless of whether Luna can completely transform a person, even if Luna is completely transformed into a human, can Shape Transformation cat fairies and normal humans conceive a new life?

Even if it can give birth to a new life, Ren Suo must have been a high cultivator at that time, and the chance of childbearing is extremely low. Not to mention the cat monster, even if it is with other humans of the opposite sex, it may not be able to give birth to a new life.

According to the Intranet survey report, the fertility rate of high-turn cultivator will drop sharply, and the birth rate of Fourth Cycle cultivator may even fall to an incredible rate. Even IVF is extremely difficult to succeed.

That is to say, the number of Fourth Cycle cultivator is relatively small, or it will become a social problem sooner or later.

But Ren Suo thinks that the Fourth Cycle is not as good as a dog in 2049, and the physiological lifespan work lifespan of the Fourth Cycle cultivator is far beyond ordinary people. If the fertility of the Fourth Cycle cultivator is not limited, I am afraid that the entire solar system is not enough for humans to toss.

Ren Suo, who has always known his own luck, is ready to lose his ancestral chromosome.

Anyway, there is no throne in the family to inheritance, Ren Suo does not mind the incense.

In fact, he feels that he who owns the Mini-world Game Console may not be able to live another 500 years. The idea of ​​descendants of ordinary person does not apply to high-speed cultivator.

But if they want to be mothers, such as Qiao Muyi and Luna, Ren Suo will also take a correct attitude and cooperate fully.

As for whether or not there is a child, that is not what Ren Suo can decide. If you don’t have one, you can’t blame Ren Suo, right? After all, the fertility problem of cultivator depends not only on individual struggle, but also on the progress of history …

After promising Luna the future, Ren Suo’s guilt seemed to make up for it.

It’s like a child who pleases his parents for forgiveness after the disaster. After Ren Suo compensates his girlfriend in advance, he confesses his sin to his girlfriend: “Luna, I’m sorry for you.”

“What’s wrong?” Luna asked with a crooked head. “You stole my ice cream?”

“I was just moved by two women.” Ren Suo took a deep breath, and said seriously, “Although I suppressed my thoughts in time, I can’t deny that for a moment, I felt like you like me, and it was difficult to extricate myself. Like other women. “

“Oh, really?”

A calm female voice sounded above.

Ren Suo and Luna lifts the head, seeing Gu Yueyan leaning on the railing on the second floor, wearing loose pajamas, black hair like a waterfall shawl, and soft moonlight covering her like a glittering gauze, she clenched her lips, With an indifferent expression, he stared straight at Ren Suo.

Without taking the stairs, she jumped straight down from the second floor, barefoot and light as a feather.

step by step Walking in front of Ren Suo, Gu Yueyan put his hands on his chest, trembling, a look of “caught on the bed”.

“Are you fascinated by women other than us?” Gu Yueyan coldly asked: “Because of what? Body? Appearance? Temperament? Isn’t it always wisdom?”

Because of what?

Ren Suo, questioned by his girlfriend, suddenly lost his head.

figure? appearance? temperament? wisdom?

No, his girlfriend has all these wonderful things.

Ren Suo admits that he is a superficial person, but he is by no means a greedy person. He has not seen a habit of loving one another. What is his reason for his love for Sovereign Blood Lotus and Dimension Queen?

The next second, Gu Yueyan saw Ren Suo lifts the head staring at him seriously. His eyes were gentle and sincerely replied

“Because of her, much like you.”

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