Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 823

“When are you going to sleep? We will take the Shinkansen to Osaka tomorrow.”

While Ren Suo on the first floor was surrendering, the bedrooms on the second floor were also lively.

In the bedroom, Qiao Muyi sleeps sideways on the big bed, raising his head with his arms, and complaining softly.

Dong Chengling, who is sleeping next to Qiao Muyi, put her hands on her lower abdomen, her legs close together without leaving a gap, and the towels on her body were not disturbed, which is a textbook-level sleeping position.

Among those who travel, Dong Chengling may be qualified to accuse Lin Xianyu of not sleeping well.

Dong Chengling closed his eyes and pursed his lips lightly, “I’m asleep.”

Qiao Muyi could not help but chuckled a laugh, and clicked on Dong Chengling’s face: “Really sleep?”

no response.

She poked Dong Chengling’s waist.

no response.

Poke Dong Chengling’s pride.

no response.

Scratch Dong Chengling’s sole.

no response.

Qiao Muyi got out of bed and didn’t even wear slippers. He directly used “Ghost Walk v2.10d” to turn into a residual image and rushed to the door!


With a dull shock, Qiao Muyi ran into a warm embrace, and a pair of soft but strong arms hugged her tightly.

“Fourth Cycle spell-King Kong Blockade”!

Dong Chengling’s pale arms glowed pale-gold, Qiao Muyi instantly felt that his cyclone was imprisoned by countless invisible chains, unable to operate, unable to cast, and even lost his strength!

As a spell created for the “Lock” series of spells specifically for cultivator, “King Kong Blockade” is extremely demanding and difficult to practice. The conditions of use are even more demanding. It must be in close contact with the cultivator’s skin to take effect.

However, once it takes effect, the imprisoned cultivator directly becomes fish on the cutting board, almost mortal, and has no resistance. It can only ask for it!

Qiao Muyi did n’t expect Dong Chengling to learn “King Kong Blockade”, because unlike the lock series spell of First Cycle to Third Cycle, “King Kong Blockade” is not open to cultivators in ordinary countries at all, even in the Countermeasure Bureau system. There are so many Spirit Stones to redeem, and at least the Deputy Director level is eligible to view!

Even if “King Kong Blockade” is hard to use and difficult to learn, it is a horrible spell that can instantly control the Fourth Cycle cultivator. Unlike the low-turn cultivator, the Fourth Cycle cultivator is already a professional valued by the country, and the country naturally will not give out the Great Killing Artifact for them.

Qiao Muyi soon wanted to understand: Dong Chengling should have contributed a lot to the space research of the Tianjing Institute, and her legal network authority was not lower than herself.

The next second, Qiao Muyi was teleported back to bed by Dong Chengling.

Dong Chengling let go of her, but still held her by one hand, and kept the King Kong blocked. Dong Chengling resumed his head-on sleeping position, closed his eyes, and calmly said, “Sleep.”

“You sleep on your own, why bother me.”

Qiao Muyi turned over and pressed directly, because the strength of her body kept falling apart, she supported her with Dong Chengling with her hands, and said dissatisfied, “Hurry up and let me go. I am in a hurry to go to the toilet. You hold me like this and I how to get to?”

Dong Chengling: “There is a toilet in the room. Why are you going out?”

“You care about me, I don’t like the sound of peeing being heard, okay?” Qiao Muyi narrowed his eyes suddenly and said coldly, “I’ll say it again, Cheng Ling, let me go.”

Qiao Muyi’s anger and murderous intention were clearly revealed in his tone. Even though the cyclone was confined, she was still very oppressive, and the temperature in the space seemed to drop a few degrees instantly.

The female devil of the Countermeasure Bureau is not a stubborn existence.


Dong Chengling said calmly, “You will stay with me tonight.”

I don’t know if I believe that Qiao Muyi will not hurt himself, or whether Qiao Muyi cannot hurt himself, Dong Chengling still has his eyes closed, and his whole body is very relaxed, as if he was just being pressed by more than 100 kg of cotton candy.

Qiao Muyi approached Dong Chengling lightly, and both people’s breath fluttered on each other’s face. Qiao Muyi lowered his head, opened his mouth, and exposed his teeth—

Gently bite Dong Chengling’s earlobe.

Even Dong Chengling couldn’t help shaking his body and whispering.

She quickly sat up and pushed away Qiao Muyi, angrily, “What are you doing?”

Qiao Muyi shrugged, hehe said with a smile: “If you don’t let me leave you, then I won’t leave you. Didn’t expect ah, Cheng Ling, you will say such overbearing and touching love words, so to speak, you want Be the active party? “

“I was just nothing serious in the morning, did you really treat me as your love partner? I also slept with you for a few nights, Cheng Ling, whatever you like.”

Dong Chengling hated gnash the teeth: “I just don’t want you to bother to rest. And my love partner, from start to finish, there is only one person.”

“Ahhhh, so, am I a replacement for Xiao Suo?”

Qiao Muyi bullied Dong Chengling, gently raised Dong Chengling’s chin, how could there be anger in his eyes? She glamorously glanced back and forth: “If it is Cheng Ling, I wouldn’t mind it even if it was just a substitute.”

Dong Chengling was speechless for a while, his chest was undulating, his eyes widened and he looked at Qiao Muyi.

“Haha.” Qiao Muyi smiled: “Cheng Ling, are you heartbeating? Well, I am also very satisfied with my performance just now, the emotional concentration is just right, it is just right and not annoying and affectionate, both men and women are sure Can not resist.”

Looking at the proud Qiao Muyi, Dong Chengling couldn’t help it this time. He didn’t stop using Qiao Muyi, and the little feet went straight to Qiao Muyi’s thigh to greet him.

Qiao Muyi was kicked and flashed, but her hand was still being pulled by Dong Chengling. Dodging was meaningless. After a few strokes, she surrendered immediately: “Cheng Ling, I was wrong, I was wrong, and a couple of nights for 100 nights Well, for the sake of sleeping with you for several nights … Well, I won’t say, do n’t kick me, do n’t kick me, OK? ”

Dong Chengling tidy up his pajamas, then lie down and continue to sleep.

“We let Xiao Suo sleep in the living room, aren’t we just looking for him sneakily at night? How can you ruin our plan?” Qiao Muyi said impassively:

Dong Chengling: “It’s your plan, I don’t have that plan.”

Qiao Muyi said dissatisfied, “But I have this plan. Why don’t you let me go if you don’t want to go? How come you are like this, you don’t go to the toilet yourself, and people don’t go to the toilet.”

Dong Chengling couldn’t help eyes opened and looked at Qiao Muyi and said, “You scold him like this?”

“What’s wrong with me scolding him? I’ve been with him all my life, and I’m not allowed to swear?” Qiao Muyi said as it should be by rights, then added: “But don’t tell him.”

“What if I tell him?” Dong Chengling asked curiously.

Qiao Muyi fell aside beside Dong Chengling and said casually, “Then I will kill you.”

The tone was relaxed and natural, even with a smile, it sounded like Qiao Muyi just made a joke.

However, Dong Chengling was slightly trembled, and goose bumps were all over.

Compared with the pretentious warning just now, Qiao Muyi’s careless joke … makes Dong Chengling trembling in fear even more.

She is serious.

Dong Chengling couldn’t help but sigh: “If you meet me, I don’t know if it’s your luck or your misfortune.”

Qiao Muyi’s feelings are too hot, like a moth that has already been burned.

Her lover, either with her forever torch in the dark, emits warmth and light, becoming an enviable perfect couple; or burns with her and turns into ashes and ash that dissipates with the wind.

But Qiao Muyi herself is a clearly understood intelligent girl with extremely proud humanity. She has a lot of defenses against others, coupled with her excellent talents, and encounters the era of Spiritual Qi recovery. If she did not meet Ren Suo, she would have encountered Without the good men who can enter her eyes, the affection in her heart will not ignite, and she will only focus on chasing everything she wants.

A long time ago, Dong Chengling judged the future of his girlfriend: selfish, strong, playing with feelings, standing high, deep in the city, but deep in one’s heart but not loving anyone, like the wave of the era of prickly roses!

But just like poisonous snakes will have detoxifying grass next to them, and the small dragon shrimp invaded by the species met the Xuan people, Qiao Muyi just met Ren Suo.

Dong Chengling doesn’t know how Ren Suo won Qiao Muyi’s heart. Qiao Muyi never disclosed it, but presumably … That was a past that could burn all Qiao Muyi’s defenses, all indifference, all burned.

According to Dong Chengling’s experience, the fuel that melts the iceberg in Qiao Muyi’s heart is mostly Ren Suo himself …

“Of course I’m lucky. My girlfriend is so good, it’s so cheap for him.” Qiao Muyi said confidently.

Then the next second Qiao Muyi couldn’t help but said with a smile: “He’s such a good boyfriend, so cheap for me.”

Dong Chengling slightly smiled, and did not comment on her dumping of dog food.

“Nah, Cheng Ling, you used to discuss Xiao Suo with me, why don’t you talk to me now?” Qiao Muyi asked, “Don’t you think I’m a girlfriend? Isn’t it your enemy? Are you so stingy? “

Although Qiao Muyi has long been known to have no shame, Dong Chengling always feels that every day can refresh the evaluation of Qiao Muyi.

She shook the head: “No, it has nothing to do with whether you are my love rival.”

“Then why did you talk to me before, but you don’t talk to me now?” Qiao Muyi asked in the end.

“Well …” Dong Chengling pondered for a moment, and said, “You just said that, and I discovered my change.”

“When I like him 5 points, I often hang him in his mouth, and Yue Yan is hostile to him for this reason. When I like him 70%, I can only follow you to a close friend Share.”

“Now that I like him so much, no one is willing to talk about it. There is a little happiness every day, just like a squirrel nibbling on the cheek nuts.”

Qiao Muyi listened quietly for a while before he said, “Chengling, we are really different.”

Dong Chengling: “But I like the same people.”

“This is not something to be pleased with,” Qiao Muyi said with a smile.

“Really?” Dong Chengling asked back.

Qiao Muyi froze.

After a while, Qiao Muyi suddenly said, “Cheng Ling, knowing you is really good, good night.”

“good night.”

After 3 seconds, Qiao Muyi made a sound of incompetent anger: “Why don’t you let go!”

“I said you’re here with me tonight. I won’t let you find it.”

“But even if I don’t go, they will go!”

“They will at least let Suo sleep for a few hours, but you won’t be able to sleep Suo tonight.”

“Then you mean I was wrong because I was too charismatic?”

“No, you are wrong because you are too to have no shame.”

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