Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 826

“What exactly is the cultivation base of Supreme Paragon?”

When Ren Naiser released his second video in April, the whole world was thinking about it.

Many people are paying attention to the official Twitter of the Federation watchmen, expecting that Angel Zach of the World Number One Person will post a little ‘the immensity of heaven and earth’ on this video. After all, Supreme Paragon is Supreme Paragon of Immortal Palace, and watchmen Never deal with Immortal Palace.

However, watchmen reposted a movie trailer here. The trailer translated from English to Chinese probably looks like this: “In the second half of this year,” Monkey King “co-produced by 2 countries will be officially launched, creating a positive Monkey King for people around the world. Image, style 2 blossoms and promotes the culture of the Xuan Kingdom … “

watchmen persuade!

watchmen You lick Supreme Paragon Everyone can understand, after all, this is a Star Fragmentation powerhouse, and in a broad sense it is a human powerhouse that belongs to the entire Earth. It is not too much to give Supreme Paragon a Nobel Peace Prize.

watchmen actually licked Immortal Palace Monkey King who beat their leader!

watchmen This is too to have no shame!

Everyone was angry and reposted the movie trailer. If you think about it, everyone can understand, after all, Federation has offended Monkey King before, and it is not too late to make up for it.

You lick the Immortal Palace Supreme Paragon, lick Ren Han, and woo Daoist. It may not be useful. After all, there are more people who praise them, and most of them don’t care, just like people don’t pay attention to how many slices of bread they eat.

But Monkey King is different!

Federation and watchmen offended Monkey King, and Monkey King must remember them!

Don’t hurry to repair the relationship now. 10000 Supreme Paragon listens to Monkey King’s taunting statement, and moving his fingers, leaking mana, can make Federation permanently erased from the map.

Bow to life without shame.

It’s just that Angel Zach did not comment on the strength of Supreme Paragon, and everyone was disappointed. After all, Angel Zach should be the mortal powerhouse closest to Supreme Paragon.

Maybe even Angel Zach can’t see the true power of Supreme Paragon … So, who else can see the power of Supreme Paragon?

“This seat cannot see through.”

In the Tianjing Underground Research Institute, between Sanling, Ren Zuo watched the video on the screen and slowly uttered this sentence.

On the screen, the video freezes a moment when Neptune bursts into a rainbow of light, breaking through the darkness and shining the world.

Ren Zuo pressed to continue playing. The gentle rainbow light overflowed the entire screen at once, and then was intercepted by the cultivator Legion as a dark battleship like a cosmic drill bit, a universe battleship that was firing an energy cannon, and giant robots that were moving forward were touched by the rainbow light.

Into light smoke, into fly ash, into light, into dust.

Suddenly, the 10000 cultivator Legion was almost defeated, and the Ark forces that could not be destroyed under the leadership of Zhao Zili and the Immortal Palace killers were taken away by Supreme Paragon.

The pleasant narration sounded: “Supreme Paragon, defeated three heavy battleships, 3 worm battleships, and three black iron Mechas …”

If the protagonists in the first half of Episode 2 of “Top Secret Archives” are the thinned Zhao Zili and the Immortal Palace killer who became a steel warrior, then when Supreme Paragon takes the shot, there is no doubt who is the protagonist of this video.

Punch the cold solar system!

Turn around 9 planets!

This is the true strength of Supreme Paragon!

The video of “Top Secret Files: A new ark has appeared, how can Supreme Paragon stagnate” begins with the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili coming to meet Supreme Paragon!

And according to appearance and strength analysis, the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili are both in the state after 2049. The cultivator Legion under their command can erupt more terrible battle strength in the universe!

The Ark troops dispatched dozens of cosmic battleships, and there were cosmic drill bits sufficient to crush the asteroids, but they were intercepted by the cultivator Legion of more than 10000 people!

If the last space war was a small trial of the dagger, then this time is the real battle for salvation!

The real mantis trying to stop a chariot, the real firefly fights with Haoyue!

It’s okay for ordinary people, but for the Great Wall cultivators who are qualified for ‘cosmic war’, it is no less than seeing New World’s door.

After all, Earth is too small, and sooner or later it will not be enough for the cultivator to toss.

However, the built-in Fourth Cycle cultivator and Fifth Cycle cultivator can really march in the universe and even erupt the battle strength that defeats the battleship!

And the Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili are not the same as the cultivator Legion. The cultivator have a layer of black white light on the body surface, which was introduced in the first episode of “Top Secret Archives”. This is the interstellar produced by the cultivator after contracting the panda Battle Armor, convenient for cultivators to travel through interstellar.

The Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili, not at all this light film, can even speak directly in the universe!

As pioneers in the revival era of Spiritual Qi, the cultivators of the Great Wall see hope.

Turn cultivator high, cross the Star River, travel time and space, cross the plane!

The Immortal Palace killer is just a mortal Peak, and Zhao Zili is only the Rev. True God. Now the mountains and rivers of the Great Wall are the most outstanding cultivators of the kingdom, and they have been promoted to the Fourth Cycle after only 2 years of practice. You Jian and Mister Chuan even more It is a breakthrough Fifth Cycle in recent days!

They are extremely confident, and in 30, 2049 years later, their cultivation base will surely be on par with the Immortal Palace, standing in the world Peak!

So for them, watching “Top Secret Files” is not only exploring the unknown past, but also anticipating a promising future!

Immortal Palace cultivator can do it, they can certainly do it!

But Supreme Paragon alone is that they dare not expect to be near.

“Can’t you see through …” You Jian tilted his head and looked at the screen, sighing: “Sure enough, sitting in a pit is not as good as standing in a theater …”


“Mr. Yu!”

The Great Wall’s people quickly discouraged You Jian from going on, and Mister Chuan looked at him straight away-it was a part of the former Immortal Palace. He still felt a sense of belonging to the Immortal Palace, even if he had no memory of Supreme Paragon. Don’t let others insult Immortal Palace so much!

You Jian immediately waved his hand: “Sorry, I have no respect for Supreme Paragon …”

That means you’re just disrespectful to Ren Zuo?

Ren Zuo played it with his hand, hitting You Jian’s head in the air, and continued, “Supreme Paragon this move is not his real strength. He mostly used the outbreak of Neptune on Neptune to make this move, and he must At that time, it must be there. “

“And with this power, Supreme Paragon still still needs the help of cultivator Legion, explaining that cultivator Legion can play a cosmic battleship-level effect in the interstellar war … Extraordinary Academy will start to expand the number of students next year, and adult Extraordinary Academy will further promote it. “

Ren Zuo’s words will soon be sorted into documents and submitted. At this time, Fairy Cha, who just returned from Wollongong, suddenly said with a smile: “The number of Fourth Cycle cultivator in 30 years will exceed at least 10000. Ren Zuo You’re related to the expansion of extraordinary education now, huh? “

The threshold for participating in the cosmic war is the Fourth Cycle cultivator. There are more than 10000 people in the video, that is, more than 10000 Fourth Cycle future cultivator. There are currently no 100 Fourth Cycles in the world.

Supreme Paragon ’s stunning cosmic blow, Immortal Palace killer and Zhao Zili are attractive, but when they watched the video a few hundred times, they realized that the real scary point in this video was the more than 100 Fourth Cycle cultivator!

How powerful the Fourth Cycle is and how difficult it is to promote the Fourth Cycle. Everyone at the Great Wall except Ren Zuo knows it.

The data section of the institute has begun to compare the people who appeared in the video with the data of the Xuangu Household Registration Section. After all, the people who can appear in 1999 must be over 20 years old and must have entered the household registration system!

These people can be promoted to ordinary person in the Fourth Cycle in the future, and most of them have not yet received extraordinary education.

Dig a step earlier, you can get an extra Four Cycle talent one step earlier!

In fact, everyone already started to do this in the first episode of “Top Secret Archives”, but the total number of cultivator Legion in the first episode is only 1000. The members have a high degree of overlap with the current Transcender, and the reference is not significant.

In episode 2, more than 10000 people appeared!

And many people, even the Great Wall, think that when Episode 3 comes out, the number of cultivator Legion will definitely continue to swell!

There are often 1000 Limas, but Bole does not often. Now Supreme Paragon helps them to pick out the future 1000 Limes around the world, and these 1000 Limes are now all adolescents between 20 and 30 years old. They Of course, seize the opportunity.

At present, extraordinary education is only willing to choose youngster, which is actually the inertia of continuing the education system, and there are indeed not many educational resources. It can only choose school students with greater potential.

However, it is now known that some people will certainly be in the Fourth Cycle after 30 years, and anyone will invest in them!

The endless monk wearing a cat-eared maid-in-law touched the chin said, “We see the future, and then we nurture people who will become powerful cultivators in the future, and then these people will become powerful cultivators in the future … who is the cause? Who is the result? “

Everyone snapped-yeah, if these futuristic cultivators of the pearl have not been discovered because of this video, and they have been obscured for a lifetime, can they really be promoted to the Fourth Cycle 30 years later?

Many people even awakened greatly from their past battle memories, and their cultivation speed accelerated. If this video didn’t cause the memory awakening of the past, would they stop at the Third Cycle and give up?

“Good question, but the only person who can answer your question is the big shot that our chief squatting master cannot see through.”

You Jian spread out his hand and said, “Speaking of which, what is the bald donkey? What have you seen? I haven’t seen it, your Hatsune Bodhisattva don’t want it?”

“Shinjo, 8 8 has passed through the intestines, and Hatsune has stayed in his heart. This is the virtual idol 8 8. It is the vtuber, You Jian, who has attracted the most attention and caused the most sensation on the Internet. Wait for this poor monk to send you a few videos. You will understand the charm of 8 8, reading and reading the scriptures, life is boundless. “

“Immortal Palace should really send a Buddha to kill you.” You Jian despised: “What is the meaning of a monk all day cooking idol, anyway, isn’t it? Uh? Right! No wonder your bald donkey likes it 2 times It turns out that when you want to vent your hormones, you can still persist in not breaking the ring! You ca n’t even touch it. Of course, you ca n’t break the ring, and you can even understand the situation! “

Ok! ?

Everyone stunned, Qi Qi looked towards the endless monk, smiled endlessly without saying a word, all smiled, all were Zen.

Really so! ?

Everyone was in a whistle. They used to think that this monk was a bit perverted. Didn’t expect that this monk is really perverted, and with the help of perverted refining, he was rolling red dust without harming others at all!

If you think about it carefully, it is really a virtual, permanent virgin, never betrayed, and always young virtual idol, which is really suitable for the emotional relationship. An endless monk licks a dog unilaterally as a virtual idol. After licking and seeing the red dust, he leaves, and can continue to lick if he fails!

Seeing that the topic was going to go awry, Ren Zuo coughed and said, “Actually, Supreme Paragon can use this seat as well.”

Everyone suddenly looked towards Ren Zuo, Fairy Cha excitedly said: “It is indeed Ren Zuo, eh!”

“Don’t expect that, this seat can only imitate a little bit.” Ren Zuo took a deep breath, a forefinger popped a rainbow, and You Jian on the table was annihilated.

“That’s right, that’s how it feels.” You Jian nodded: “Launch at the speed of light, annihilate matter … OK, you can’t do it, Paragon!”

“But this seat can only do this. The effect just now is my limit.”

Ren Zuo shook his head: “I can absolutely defeat all the enemy forces with a punch like Supreme Paragon of 10000000 kilometers. I can’t do it absolutely. The required Spirit Qi is completely different.”

“And Supreme Paragon can also make this move in the 1999 Spiritual Qi Desert … This seat tends to borrow Neptune’s fairy source, and the amount of Spiritual Qi contained in fairy source … I am afraid that it is far beyond you and me Imagine. “

“Supreme Paragon, who can harness that huge power, is by no means what I can do.”

Everyone couldn’t help but feel discouraged, Ren Zuo thought about it, and kept another little thing hidden.

Because he found that this move “Rainbow Light” fits his Bloodline power very well. In other words, only Ren Family talents can play “Rainbow Light”, because “Rainbow Light” is the strongest combined attack spell combined with countless spells.

The speed of light starts, annihilating matter.

This move has a very high affinity for the spiritual Qi of the caster. It is impossible for other people to make it out. Only when it ’s in contact with Heaven and Earth at all times, it almost integrates Spiritual Qi into the Bloodline. It also becomes part of Spiritual Qi at any time. Ren Family talent is possible.

But Supreme Paragon cannot be a Ren Family. Otherwise, there is no reason for Ren Family 6 ancestor Han to be the younger brother of Immortal Palace. How can there be such a big filial son.

It may be that after reaching a certain cultivation base, the cultivator can have the same innate talent as the Ren Family.

“Speaking of which, in addition to the Immortal Palace killer, Zhao Zili, Supreme Paragon, there is a very interesting thing …”

You Jian laughed to switch the screen back to an image.

Looking at the picture, the handsome man, with the exception of You Jian, all the men present showed a hint of envy, and then immediately converged back to a serious expression.

And all women show an undisguised disgust, Fairy Cha is more sneaked: “Near Zhu is red, near Mo is black, eh!”

“After investigation, the retired soldier Little Meng and the retired soldier Sun Shu have an impure and improper love relationship with Zhao Huo, the head of the retired soldier. Apart from this, Zhao Huo also has a fiancee, but someone once witnessed his fiancee and Little Meng, Sun Shu dine together and get along well. “

“According to the medical checkup, his fiancee also has a very high qualification for cultivation, but he had not accepted the invitation of extraordinary education because he had already accepted the position of family manager as a corporate manager at that time.”

“If there is no accident, his fiancee is likely to be a disabled soldier.”

“and so.”

You Jian said with appreciation: “The so-called remnants should be the harem team of Dragon King Zhao Huo.”

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