Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 828

Public opinion is not so terrifying or simple.

It is the “air” of human society. Although some people can easily live in areas where air is scarce, regardless of all the actual gravity, but more people live in areas where air is suitable. Air is their medicine and their poison. They make up The society’s’ Air.

As small as a family, as medium as a classroom, as large as society, public opinion is everywhere. Everyone becomes a force of public opinion. No one can avoid it, and no one can resist it. After all, the nature of man is the sum of all social relations.

But this is not to say that public opinion is bad. On the contrary, more often, public opinion is a positive and positive feedback to the society, and even when almost all public opinion is positive, such as assisting disasters, such as mourning great people, For example, it denounces social badness.

Because it is a double-edged sword held by the vast majority of people, it will only be used against the minority, the evil, and the enemy’s opposite material.

Many people will not be the victims of public opinion throughout their lives. For example, ordinary people who smoke will not be uploaded by people, but if they are teen idols with great influence, it is another matter. The ordinary person is always a crowd of people, and the stars under the spotlight will become the target of public opinion.

Zhao Huo, who always thought that he was a eater, didn’t expect that he would become the public enemy of the people within a few days as a star.

It can only be said that it was unfortunate that he and the other three women had just re-established a harmonious and friendly relationship, and their feelings had not yet been established. It was too late to implement the loving plan b. Suddenly Ren Naiser smashed his face with a video.

Originally, even if their rape had been exposed, the range of spread was at most Tianlian Academy and Double Fang Family.

Well, now it has become a social hotspot. In a few hours, it quickly dominated the major headlines. All the editors wrote overtime articles to express their views. Zhao Huo is now the most beautiful boy in Quanxuan Kingdom … the most scum male.

Actually, this wasn’t much at all. Zhao Huo didn’t matter at all. Little Meng, they can ignore these noises, but they also have family and relatives.

Zhao Huo didn’t know how many times he talked with relatives, with Fan family, Sun Family, and Meng Family. He cursed and listened anyway, never talking back, but never confessed.

Zhao Huo fully understood them and showed no resentment.

No one wants to jump Fire Pit on their own daughter. Even if they are handsome and have great potential, Dragon Phoenix is ​​definitely not the reason why girls are willing to commit themselves … In fact, they are really unwilling, just a helpless choice.

Zhao Huo also believes that even if public opinion does not stop, they will not leave themselves, and they will not be affected by public opinion.

Only affected by public opinion, and their families.

According to Zhao Huo’s plan, he should have been gradually attacking their family members. Step by step was recognized by the relatives of his wife’s family members, and he must be concealed.

Now, all the bees come up, their loved ones’ faces are all gone, and all of them are mad at their heads. Zhao Huo, who had lost money, naturally turned out of air.

Because of this, Zhao Huo was eager to find a solution.

The passer-by’s approval or ridicule did not affect Zhao Huo. He was a 2-dimensional man who dared to walk on campus in pain.

But Zhao Huo didn’t want his girlfriend to be trapped between herself and her family, and what would they do if the other party forced her to be separated from herself?

It’s not easy to break a relationship because of love.

In addition, careers are bound to be affected. They are all new age women with their own career ideals.

Love, affection, and career are not reciprocal relationships. They can all be required.

Blame Renesse!

If it weren’t for Ren Naise suddenly making a video …

If it weren’t for Supreme Paragon, we would choose our disabled soldiers …

We could have been silently in love!

You can’t blame Zhao Huo for not having a coping strategy. He had planned to clear the level once, and it was still a long time. He had time to upgrade the level.

Now it seems that all the bosses and mobs related to the card suddenly rushed up, even Ren Naiser helped him to blame, even the monster in the dlc that didn’t need to fight was pulled over!

Zhao Huo This is still in the initial stage. There is no leveling Xiao Mengxin, what else can I do besides opening?

However, God closed all the doors for Zhao Huo, and actually left Zhao Huo a dog hole.

He can also hang!

His hang is to ask the big brother!

Zhao Huo was really curious how Ren Suo was going to help him.

Is it time to reverse the time and prevent Ren Naiser from sending videos?

Was Hypnosis All World When nothing happened?

Or is it his own Self-destruction?

Zhao Huo thought about it and felt that the possibility of Ren Suo Self-destruction was relatively high.

After all, Ren Suo has one more girlfriend than herself, and she is superior in number;

And even Zhao Huo has to admit that Ren Suo ’s girlfriend has a bigger topic than himself. After all, there are female cultivator in the first space of Xuan Kingdom, Goddess in Countermeasure Bureau, daughter of Countermeasure Bureau total sect, and his younger sister. !!

He even takes them to travel now!

Ren Suo really stepped on almost all mines that could be stomped.

If Ren Suo is really Self-destruction, Zhao Huo will not be able to solve the problem, but he can at least breathe for a while.

Zhao Huo, who had been thinking till night, thought it through.

When Ren Suo called him for the second time, Zhao Huo’s tears couldn’t help falling, and his voice trembled, “Soge.”

“En? Why are you crying again?”

“No, I just gotta eat the mustard,” Zhao Huo wiped the tears in the corners of his eyes and said in a complicated tone: “Sorge, you are really my brother!”

Ren Suo: “Okay, it’s so numb, thank you for asking me to eat more in the future. I also want to eat some more expensive abalone wings …”

“Even if you want to have the liver and phoenix, I will get it for you!”

“Okay, get me a dragon for a full dragon feast.” Ren Suo hehe said with a smile: “Want to brag in front of me? How can there be dragons and phoenixes in this world.”

“Now the Spiritual Qi is recovering, there are crossings, there are monsters, there are Secret Realm, it is normal for dragons to appear in the future, right?”

Zhao Huo was like finding a life-saving straw and vowed earnestly: “Sorge, since you like food, I will one day kill the dragon for you and cook a full dragon feast for you!”

Ren Suo: “OK, is this the first dragon in this world contracted by me? It’s like you can kill dragons in the future …”

“I am the Dragon King Zhao Huo. Isn’t Dragon Slaying as it should be by rights?” Zhao Huo said seriously.

Ren Suo listened for a moment, and continued for a moment, saying, “Okay, I have something for you. I’m ready here. It’s time to help you turn things around, so …”

Zhao Huo interrupted: “Soge, I think …”


“If you feel embarrassed, just forget it.” Zhao Huo put out a breath heavily: “This is my business after all, and I should carry it myself.”

“I will support you no matter what decision you make. But you are my friend and I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“You bastard, enjoy your happiness with traveling with your girlfriend. Rest assured, I also think of a way. If you are lucky, you may be able to overcome this difficulty.”

“What can you do?” Ren Suo asked in confusion.

Zhao Huo twitched nose, said with a smile: “must not be reveled, when the time comes you will know.”

“Mysterious, mysterious, then … well.”

Zhao Huo immediately put down his heart, and then he heard Ren Suo say, “But I refuse.”


“Because my method is better, and I can help you solve it one day earlier, you can also hug happiness with your girlfriends one day earlier … Your happiness means a lot to me.”

Zhao Huo was silent and concealed, covering his mouth without making himself cry. Other people’s insults, reprimands, warnings, and satire did not defeat this tough guy, but the sudden concern of a friend made all his strength weak.

After a while, he calmed down and shouted out the two words sincerely: “Soge.”

“Okay, why did you shout so disgusting … yes, did you hand in your homework last time?”

“En? No, I suddenly found that there was no convenience store in Academy, but … it was half the assignment and I slept very well that night.”

Ren Suo hesitated slightly. “Convenience stores …? Forget it, I need your help.”

“Go through water and tread on fire, die!” Zhao Huo said, patting his chest.

“It’s not that serious, I just need you to post an online post” Hello everyone, good man is me, I’m good man Zhao Huo! “After 10 minutes, just remember to add a picture of you and the girl Group photos of friends! “




In the Fan Ying Kyoto Hot Spring Hotel, Ren Suo lying in the room hung up the phone, the azure mark on the left ring finger lightened slightly, and then the virtual master Irina appeared on the phone screen.

“Follow the plan,” Ren Suo said, and suddenly remembered what Zhao Huo had said.

What does homework have to do with convenience stores? Good night kiss, why go to the convenience store, buy gum?

And how did I hand in the homework?

There is also the title of Dragon King Zhao Huo, because he slaughtered the dragon?

Did he kill the dragon because of me? Or is it because of the title of Dragon King Zhao Huo?

Ren Suo couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

“Tomorrow of Tomorrow” has cleared chapter 2 to feed back the reality, the game story is in the past, and Ren Suo has been traveling for 4 days. He can be sure that this game does not arrange itself like “My Life Is Not Your Game”, let alone involve itself in the game.

But Ren Suo felt that, except for not arranging him and his girlfriend, the game seemed to arrange everyone else perfectly clear …


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