Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 829

“Do you know about Zhao Teacher?”

Lianjiang At night, he was holding a piece of pheasant leg with Yu Kuangtu, who was eating shabu-shabu with Qin Lian, and put it in his mouth to bite.

The pheasant tastes both the strength of the chicken and the sweetness of the fish. Taking a piece of pheasant leg and taking a sip of ice cola is the first title in the Yu Kuangtu recipe for more than 20 years from start to finish.

In fact, many people say that beer is better, but drinking will affect thinking, and there will be a taste of wine. Yu Kuangtu, who is always ready to shoulder the responsibility of countermeasures and value his girlfriend, will certainly not touch the slightest amount of alcohol.

After hearing his girlfriend’s question, Yu Kuangtu nodded said: “I know, we have informed the Academy ’s public security system and increased the number of patrol officers to prevent the society from stealing into the Academy to interview Zhao Huo … I heard that Ren Suo often talks about this guy’s meal It looks like I can take a break now. “

“Do you still go with him?” Qin Lian surprised.

Yu Kuangtu gave a strange glance at Qin Lian: “Why not?”

“Don’t you think he … is disgusting?” Qin Lian hesitated and said, “Our class group and grade group are already discussing how to drive Zhao Teacher away in the afternoon, and are going to petition the school to prevent this character from deteriorating. The love liar is still in the student team, otherwise the Academy order will be disrupted by him sooner or later. “

Yu Kuangtu sighed: “Is it so serious? How did he disrupt the Academy order?”

Qin Lian: “It’s so serious, although he hasn’t done anything yet, but he can make three girlfriends at the same time, which proves that he is very good at using his charm to deceive and even charm women …”

“Zhao Huo, charm, deceit?” Yu Kuangtu crooked his head and felt that the three words in series did not raise.

“He usually has sunshine and cheerfulness in his disguise,” Qin Lian said patiently. “The prodigal son like him will certainly not be satisfied. If he continues to stay in Academy, our female students may become his target. “

“Isn’t this happening?”

“It’s too late to happen, and while the cusp is still remembered, you should strike the iron while it is hot.”

Qin Lian picked up his mobile phone and looked at it, saying: “Someone is organizing a petition to sign, and it is estimated that he will go back to discuss the Principal and the Deputy Principal tomorrow.”

“But he is already a Third Cycle cultivator, and it is estimated that he will soon be promoted to the Fourth Cycle. It is impossible for the Academy to let people go.” Yu Kuangtu shook his head.

Qin Lian said: “Even if Academy is unwilling, Zhao Teacher may not be able to attend the class. Even if Zhao Teacher is able to attend the class, it is estimated that few people are willing to go to class. His influence is too bad. The quiet campus is not contaminated. The place.”

“But they truly love each other …” Yu Kuangtu muttered. “As for?”

“Yu brother, actually …” Qin Lian shut her mouth suddenly, looking towards a table of guests not far away.

Yu Kuangtu calmed down, listened carefully, and heard that male guest at the table was also discussing the matter: “… this nipple named Zhao Huo! 2 wives can still get along well!”

“There are three, in addition to the two that appear in the video, there is also a fiancee.”

“Fuck, is cultivator so good?”

“So superhero movies are all deceiving. How can a superhero have a wife? A wife is enough? That’s Transcender.”

“Well, I want to be a Transcender too!”

“The next time you go to the extraordinary Academy admissions, you can try it, but you did not wake up after reading the” Top Secret File “. It is estimated that even after 30 years, even if you are a cultivator, you ca n’t even use the cannon fodder, do n’t think about the country giving you a wife. . “

“Cut, maybe I can awaken memories in the next video …”

Qin Lian blinked and said, “You should understand how bad the impact of Zhao Huo is?”

“Actually, I already knew that, like Ren Suo Teacher, he thought that he had a little ability and wanted to occupy other women. When women are their appendages, let women fight for their favor … But they died early in the morning, and now there is no emperor. . “

“Wait!” Yu Kuangtu snapped. “Ren Suo is also a scumbag with a few feet?”

“Don’t you know?” Qin Lian slightly startedled, “I know it alone, there are Dong Teacher, Gu Yueyan, Lin Xianyu, and … well, I’m not sure about that, so I won’t say.”

“But he has at least three girlfriends like Zhao Huo, but I not at all told others, and I didn’t plan to do anything to Ren Suo … Because Ren Suo’s thing is that they entertain themselves, since they are willing to commit to I do n’t say much to such people. “

“Some things you can do, but you can’t say.”

“Zhao Huo just did it, and told the whole world … Although it was not his will, he was also the victim, it was Ren Naiser who exposed his affairs. But if it was not the root he planted, then Where is the current fruit? “

Qin Lian clipped a piece of yellow glutinous meat to eat, and after Yu Kuangtu digested the passage, he continued: “It’s like a pile of shit. If it is hidden in a corner, no one will bother. But the shit is moved to the middle of the road If it affects the city appearance, it must be remedied. “

“Zhao Huo is now the shit that affects the appearance.”

“Maybe he will become very strong in the future, and he will become a big shot in this era, but even if he has 10000 achievements, he can’t erase the stain on him.”

“Wrong is wrong, derailment is derailment. How many people hate Zhao Huo now, as many people admire him. Why are so many people staring at the derailment? Because they are influential public figures, if allowed The public figures who did the wrong thing continue to exist, and more people will follow suit. “

“You see, these people are just because of Zhao Huo. Do you think you can have a few girlfriends when you become a cultivator?

“Zhao Huo is unfortunate. He was forced to become a public figure and that is why he faced them.”

Qin Lian wiped her mouth and said, “But there are still many deep-seated reasons, the confrontation between cultivator and mortals, the panic of the changing times, the trend of gender opposition … Zhao Huo just hit the muzzle.”

She saw Yu Kuangtu silently eating and asked, “You brother, shouldn’t you sympathize with Zhao Huo?”

Yu Kuangtu did not answer, Qin Lian sighed, saying, “Zhao Huo’s girlfriend may really love him, but this love is distorted.”

“Like me, when I saw Zhao Teacher News, I thought about if you have other women …

Yu Kuangtu is very eager to survive: “I don’t!”

“I know you don’t,” Qin Lian said, “but I just think that you touched my hand and touched others, touched others, your lips kissed others, and your body has the smell of other women … I I can’t help but be angry and sad. “

“You love someone and you don’t let the other person suffer from it all the time.”

Qin Lian was paused, saying: “East Teacher, Gu Yueyan, and Lin Xianyu have also taken time off … I heard it was a trip with Ren Suo.”

“Yu, come back with Zhao Huo and Ren Suo.”

Checkout, leave, Yu Kuangtu passed by the table still discussing Zhao Huo’s guests when he left, suddenly slap to the table.

The two men who chatted fiercely froze for a moment. When they wanted to lose their temper, they suddenly trembled. They had one’s hair stand on end, and they dared not move.

“Cultivation can become a person like Zhao Huo? Let’s pee and look like yourself.”

Yu Kuangtu coldly snorted and led Qin Lian out of the shop.

Sitting in the car, Yu Kuangtu drove to Tianlian Academy silently, and Qin Lian didn’t say anything along the way.

Entering Academy and stopping near the girls’ dormitory building, Yu Kuangtu suddenly said, “I don’t think so.”

“please say.”

“Not all aliens should be put on trial, not all happiness is the same.” Yu Kuangtu said, “Zhao Huo is not the kind of person you say, nor is Ren Suo.”

“Yes, I know they are all scum, they are scums, they are all beasts, and they are all stupid to die, but … they are not the kind of people who apply suffering to others.”

“They are selfish, but they are not selfish to think that everyone else should be selfless. The result now should be the best result after their weighing, and an ending that everyone can accept.”

“I can understand them. In your life, don’t do things that will make you regret, and don’t make those who love you sad, because in this world, you love very few people, and never love you . “

Qin Lian kept listening quietly, and said at the end: “Did you finish?”

“That’s it.”

“Ren Suo does that’s all, but Zhao Huo is not familiar with you? You have to justify him?”

“It’s not unfamiliar, just … I’m also his instructor, and a friend …” Yu Kuangtu scratched his head.

Qin Lian suddenly handed her phone to Yu Kuangtu, “Look at it.”

Yu Kuangtu looked at the screen of the phone in doubt, and saw a Weibo account with the id “Dragon King Zhao Huo”, who had obtained Weibo personal authentication, made a statement:

“Hello everyone, a good man is me, I am a good man Zhao Huo!”

Below is a picture with Zhao Huo and 3 beautiful girls. The happy smile is enough to make the onlookers sore.

Yu Kuangtu’s first reaction was: This fool is crazy? This is less than a day!

Then he looked down and found that the painting style in the comment area was very wrong–

Like 178888-‘Ran Han ‘:

“You still have a face to say such a thing? In 2 days I can come to the place and come and beat you.”

Like 174121-‘World Tree Walking ‘:

“I heard that you are not yet in the Fourth Cycle? For the sake of fighting side by side, I … I will watch you being beaten.”

Like 151232-‘gold hand referring to the mystery ‘:

“You are too much. He is not going to be a Ninth Cycle cultivator in the future, known as the Guardian God of humanity, and often takes a few Seventh Cycle cultivation base wives to mock us everywhere.

How can you beat him while he is weak?

10000000 Don’t record it and upload the internet into an indelible black history!

And remember not to shave his bald head, the Dragon King also has a face!

Endure the calm and tranquil for a while, take a step back to the sea and the sky, he will become a Ninth Cycle cultivator after all, and it will not be good for us to retaliate in the future. We ca n’t do that because he ca n’t retaliate now! “

‘gold hand refers to the explorer’ reply to ‘World Tree Walking’:

“You damn mother also has show love, I’m very angry when I watch the video. @ 任 寒, when the time comes 2 played together?”

Like 138841- ‘求 Daoist’:

“Become famous. It’s interesting to see one of the strongest men 30 years later. You will have more suffering in the future. Let’s embrace happiness now.”

Like 111120-‘9 尾 小 elder sister ‘:

“You guys are so shameful. Just when Supreme Paragon and Ren Naise just went to the World Tree to trigger your” Future Echo “, you ca n’t wait to persecute future enemies … Zhao Huo is not just to be nice to his wife. A little bit more, your face is really ugly. “

Like 94655-‘Immortal Palace’s only designated chief chef ‘:

“The talented and beautiful women of the family are very happy. Your bulls, ghosts, and snakes are opposed to fart. In the next few days, you will randomly select a lucky eater to eat monkey shit.”

Likes 84445-‘Contemporary Great Saint ‘:

“Okay, my grandson agrees. There is no shit.”

Number of Likes 79982-‘Cause of Calamity ‘:

“Follow the steps of Seniors to say hello to Zhao Long Wang, didn’t expect Dragon King to start showing affection now, no wonder he can love his girlfriend for 30 years.”

‘Taoist You Jian’ reply to ‘Distress Messenger’:

“I can love you for 30 years!”


Yu Kuangtu did not continue to read the following content. After all, the following are basically kneeling and licking the Immortal Palace World Tree and praying.

He clicked on the avatar of the Immortal Palace character and found that the Weibo app turned to page 404.

Does not exist, but exists.

And their speeches at Immortal Palace World Tree are basically in their own special font: Ren Han’s ancient ink, the magician’s flame, Nine-tailed Fox’s cherry blossom hidden …

Ren Han and the magician also scolded each other. Yu Kuangtu opened their scolding list and found that their characterizations were Fireball and Flying Sword firing at each other, and they fought you!

He could actually see the fairy fighting method in the Weibo comment area!

This is definitely the dark technology of Immortal Palace!

Yu Kuangtu returned the phone to Qin Lian. Qin Lian was silent for a moment and said, “I’ll persuade the grade group and let everyone calm down for 2 days.”

She pushed out the car door and said suddenly, “But Brother Yu justified the two people and still made me angry. Although I knew you wouldn’t take care of it, I was still angry, and I didn’t want to chat with me tonight.”

Yu Kuangtu watched Qin Lian walk into the girl’s dormitory, scratched her head, and wanted to apologize to her again tomorrow.

When driving back, passing by the classroom dormitory building, Yu Kuangtu suddenly had an impulse.

“Call Zhao Huo to come out to drink at the bar, and by the way Li Dan come over, otherwise no one of us will drink after we drink.”

As soon as Yu Kuangtu took out his mobile phone, however, he saw a car coming in and stopping in front of the dormitory building.

In the dormitory building, a man wearing slippers, tall and mighty, laughed like a silly man rushed forward like a gust of wind, hugged the 3 women who came out of the car, happily hugged the magic of their love for each and everyone.

Yu Kuangtu put the phone back and drove away from Tianlian Academy.

At halfway, he suddenly slaps himself and mumbles, “Fuck, why quarrel with Xiaolian for that kind of beast?”

“Call Li Dan out and ask how to apologize …”



“Still can’t find it.”

Among the scattered spirits, a young girl wearing a white coat, headphones, and dark circles with her eyes told Ren Zuo: “It should really be the person at Immortal Palace World Tree, just like when Nine-tailed Fox appeared before, I ca n’t track it from the Internet. Maybe several games have been messed up before. It should be Immortal Palace testing their wifi network. “

“Even if you are a” digital invader, “you can’t analyze it, then there is really no way, eh. Fairy Cha said next.

Great Wall only one is not a Fourth Cycle cultivator, and it is also one of the mountains and rivers that can be counted on one’s fingers. With the help of the media, the awakening cultivator of the global network can be controlled. 1000 miles of mountains and rivers “digital invasion”-because her battle strength is too weak, Even the real name is not revealed internally.

“Just didn’t expect, they will be together because of Zhao Huo … online, eh.”

Ren Zuo said, “It’s normal, didn’t Nine-tailed Fox say that? Supreme Paragon and Renesse just went to World Tree to open the ‘Future Echo’ for Immortal Palace and World Tree people. In other words, they already knew in advance For the next 30 years. “

Fairy Cha: “Foreseeing the future … can it really be done, eh?”

“Digital Invasion” yawned: “Anyway, they can really go back to the past. Is it harder to predict the future or to change the past?”

Chen Liao sighed: “Immortal Palace World Tree really takes Zhao Huo seriously.”

“This is, of course.” You Jian, who is playing on the phone, said without raising his head. “Squatting, do you have a Ninth Cycle cultivation base now?”

“… Not yet.” Ren Zuo indifferently said: “This World, Ninth Cycle is not allowed.”

You Jian said, “That is to say, when World allows Ninth Cycle cyclones, Zhao Huo can become your highest battle strength, right?”

“I’m afraid there aren’t many battle strengths like this in Immortal Palace, and they didn’t invite Zhao Huo to join Immortal Palace, which shows that either Zhao Huo fails to meet the standard, or … they know Zhao Huo is unwilling.”

“But there is no doubt that Zhao Huo will fight side by side with the people of Immortal Palace World Tree countless times in the future, so that these Transcenders who got the future response will immediately find Zhao Huo, just like Old Friend.”

“Just like you met Squat when you were born again 3 years ago, wouldn’t you take him seriously? Even the protagonists who are born again know that they want to hug the big guy’s thighs. Will this group of Transcenders know?”

Having said that, You Jian snorted: “Rely on, isn’t the future Ninth Cycle?”

The Great Wall people looked at each other, and Fairy Cha said, “Should we take Zhao Huo into the Great Wall, eh?”

“Before that, solve his problem first.” You Jian said, “Think about why Immortal Palace didn’t recruit Zhao Huo? It’s because Zhao Huo has fetters in the world, and the people at Immortal Palace are basically Ca n’t easily get out of the ordinary. “

Chen Liao immediately continued: “His loved ones, friends and lovers!”

You Jian said, “After the episode 2 of” Top Secret Archives “, Zhao Huo was on the cusp because of the harem team, but after being stirred up by this group of Transcenders, everyone’s attention was taken away. “

Fairy Cha said, “Maybe this is the Immortal Palace World Tree showing their attitude. They revealed that Zhao Huo will become a Ninth Cycle cultivator in the future, and they have certified that Zhao Huo and his lover will be happy in the next 30 years. I believe there will be many people to support it. Zhao Huo, uh. “

“Let Zhao Huo stay in the kingdom of the kingdom and make him a Guardian God, not an Immortal Palace fighter.”

Ren Zuo gave the final word: “Suppress this matter, change public opinion, and wash Zhao Huo.”

He paused, adding: “In the” Special Relations Act “… add corresponding provisions for Zhao Huo and his lover.”

The “Special Relations Law” was originally a new provision for other demons and other abnormal creatures to participate in the country’s construction of a stable and harmonious life. It is mainly used to guide humans and demons to adopt, marry, and inherit.

Zhao Huo … is also considered an abnormal creature.

Zhao Huo’s relationship with his lover … is also a special relationship.

Becoming a man to the end, accompanies Buddha all the way to the west, anyway, to show his goodness to Zhao Huo, so by the way prepare the legal basis for many people to get married.

Chen Liao asked with some worries: “If such legal provisions are set up, will it cause bad social atmosphere?”

“Don’t worry,” Fairy Cha said, “you just need to set a very high threshold for this special relationship, eh.”

You Jian also said: “It is good to directly follow Zhao Huo and his lover as a model-the parties to the marriage must be high-turn cultivators, and the parties to the marriage must make a great contribution to the Xuan Kingdom to human society …”

“Apart from Zhao Huo and his Harem team, who else can meet this demanding condition?”

“If it can be satisfied, then Great Wall is willing to recognize this marriage!”

Everyone has no objection. I didn’t know that’s all before. Now I know that Zhao Huo can become a Ninth Cycle cultivator. No matter what, everyone understands that although it is not necessary to please, it is still necessary to win.

You Jian, who is playing on a mobile phone, can’t help but sigh: “It’s great, I also want to see the future … lie! The queen replied!”

What, the messenger is still truth?

Everyone was shocked. Even Ren Zuo couldn’t help but opened Weibo and wanted to reply to Nine-tailed Fox.

Looking at this gimmicky fox with a smile and a smile, Ren Zuo was slightly absent-minded.

What will my future look like? Or, do I have a future?

And what will your future look like?


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