Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 830

4月4日、4月5日、4月6日连续3 日,Zhao Huo 连续发了几十条秀恩爱的微博推特,评论区一片和谐。

Except for the first day, the people at Immortal Palace World Tree never appeared again, but their comments have been repeatedly researched by various writers.

Zhao Huo’s first Weibo has become the most commented Weibo in Weibo history. Everyone has built the comments for the Immortal Palace World Tree. Some people invited them to Twitter, some teachers, some people called their husbands and wives. , Was dubbed ‘404 (April 4) carnival’.

As for the future of Zhao Huo, it has been thoroughly analyzed: the Guardian God of humans, the Ninth Cycle cultivator of the Megatron universe, the comrades who talked and laughed with Immortal Palace, the VIP of World Tree, the head of the remnants, the 100 warriors, good men, and show The shame of the loving powerhouse, the shame on earth.

The direction of the wind changed silently, so Zhao Huo jumped to Weibo, but he never went on a hot search. All the short comments about his emotional life articles disappeared silently, and the comment area was harmonious.

On the contrary, discussions about Immortal Palace, World Tree, and Supreme Paragon have been lively, and even discussed topics such as “Is Ren Han Future weaker than Zhao Huo?”

Human beings are the memories of fish. The whole people talked hotly when they talked about it. If they do n’t see each other, they will be separated by three autumns. Instead, they will focus on other more interesting things. Unlike a small village that can be discussed for decades, the information age People have too many things to watch.

Zhao Huo’s story is interesting, but after all, it has nothing to do with his own interests. After being manipulated by invisible hands, these people who have no interest in it will occasionally greet Zhao Huo when he plans to hold a funeral, and will no longer follow Zhao Huo to bite.

Stakeholders, after knowing that Zhao Huo will not only become a top powerhouse in the future, but also ease their attitudes with their own daughters who have been certified as “model couples 30 years” by Immortal Palace.

At least their lost faces were posted back by Immortal Palace World Tree.

Although things are far from simple, the state of affairs has been narrowed to a level that Zhao Huo can handle, and Zhao Huo has tried his best to show his full sincerity.

The next road can only let Zhao Huo continue kneeling.

For Zhao Huo, the changes in the past few days are no less than ascending Tian Tang from hell and falling into 3 dimensions from 2 dimensions. It is really a blessing to rely on. Every cloud has a silver lining. Crisis is opportunity!

Not only did he no longer suffer the pressure of public opinion, he even received help from public opinion.

If Zhao Huo’s marriage mission progress at first is 0%, it becomes -100% because of “Top Secret File”, and it is constantly hovering on the edge of failure.

Now, his progress is soaring to 50%!

Although marriage has not been successful and Zhao Huo still needs work, he has overcome countless difficulties.

At least, he can tell everyone just and honorable that he is the master of Zhao Huo!

Proudly loving, proudly girlfriend.

The right to fall in love in the sun, only to know the value after losing it, and to cherish it when it is recovered.

On Saturday, April 4th, Zhao Huo, who was on leave for some reason, made up classes for Tianlian Academy students. After class, he drove Little Meng away—they were also very busy. They rushed in the previous 6 days just to show their hearts to Zhao Huo. Now that everything is going in a good direction, they will naturally Go back and develop your own business.

However, the reunion will not be too long. The three of them are Seventh Cycle cultivator certified by Immortal Palace. The country specially approves them to have extraordinary admission qualifications, and they will soon come to the extraordinary Academy to learn the basics of cultivation.

The training place they chose was naturally Tianlian Academy.

“Goodbye, you should find a good house in half a month. You can live in that dormitory for 4 people … Of course, if you can persuade them to live in a girl’s dormitory, I don’t mind.”

Little Meng was taken away in the airport lobby, and Zhao Huo put out a breath.

To find a house, it is necessary to put on the agenda. After all, 4 people will be living in the same room. The teacher’s dormitory is not enough, and the bed is not large enough.

The thought of living with them for a while, Zhao Huo just thought, he felt …


The days when one is at ease are coming to an end.

Zhao Huo suddenly came up with an idea: Marriage is the grave of love.

He sighed helplessly, but remembered a guy with 4 girlfriends, and suddenly he was happy again.

When returning to the car and going back, Zhao Huo’s phone rang.

It’s a foreign number. Zhao Huo started it slightly. It took a moment to notice that it was connected.

“How’s the past few days going? Is the problem solved?”

“Well, it’s done. It is estimated that when you return to Suo Zi, I will find that I have moved out to live with my wife.

“You called Sok before helping you, and you shouted after you helped!” Ren Suo snorted: “You turn the pig belly is shit, you turn your face and don’t recognize anyone!”

Zhao Huo hehe said with a smile: “No, no, in my hometown, only those who marry and plan to marry are considered adults, and those who are not married are all small children, so it is reasonable and reasonable for me to call you Suozai.”

“I’m not from your hometown!”

“But you’re useless. I don’t want to call you Soge. Actually, I’m older than you.”

“Fuck, your disgusting 2D dimension finally shows its true colors. You have been older than me for years and months.”

“I’m not saying that he is older than you, Suo Zi’s younger brother.”

“Who is the younger brother!”

Two people started to spray again after a distance of 2 miles, silly and grandson flying together, the two dimensions were all yellow.

After a while, Zhao Huo suddenly asked: “You call me, are you okay?”

After seeing the people on Immortal Palace World Tree commenting on his Weibo, Zhao Huo cut off all his connection with Ren Suo, and he did not actively seek Ren Suo for 3 days.

Zhao Huo didn’t know what the connection was, but Ren Suo didn’t take the initiative to expose it, and he kept his mouth shut.

If you think about it with your head, Zhao Huo’s external communications must have been monitored.

Yu Kuangtu vaguely indicated to Zhao Huo that he should not walk around in the past few days, and it is estimated that the countermeasure cultivator also stayed near his house.

The Countermeasure Bureau may think that someone from Immortal Palace World Tree will contact him in private, and even take him directly to Immortal Palace.

“It’s okay, this number is safe, no one in this world can track it.” Ren Suo said with a smile.

Zhao Huo relaxed, then asked boldly: “So … Ren Suo, do you really have a relationship with them? Really see my future?”

Zhao Huo absolutely didn’t expect that Ren Suo is so powerful that he can relate to Immortal Palace World Tree!

No wonder Ren Suo can have 4 girlfriends, and I am afraid that I have not received some “charm enhancement” awards from Immortal Palace World Tree.

That’s right. My three girlfriends have more than 3 years of affection, and the short one has 20 years of affection. Ren Suo only took one year!

In fact, Zhao Huo also doubted whether Ren Suo had exchanged for spells such as “brainwashing”, but if Ren Suo can really brainwash, I am afraid that it would not be possible to go to Internet cafe 5 with his girlfriends, how could he travel?

Thinking of this, Zhao Huo couldn’t help sighing the power of Immortal Palace.

Let people like Ren Suo find their girlfriends too, it is indeed Immortal Palace World Tree!

“It’s a relationship, a little bit,” Ren Suo said, “Do you know vpn?”

“… Climbing software?”

“I am the vpn of Immortal Palace World Tree.” Ren Suo began to edit: “Their people want to go to the Earth network to find information, to express opinions on the Internet, they need me as a media help, Immortal Palace World Tree is in Tiny World, no France is directly connected to the Internet. “

“I’ve been a human flesh VPN for so long and have a little affection for them, so they allowed me to use your Divine Immortal account to help you this time.”

Zhao Huo stunned: “So … those comments were you writing?”

“Yeah, otherwise, do you think the people at Immortal Palace and World Tree will be so busy and leave messages for you?” Ren Suo mocked with a smile.

“That Ninth Cycle cultivator and 30 years of love …”

“Of course I also compiled it. If I don’t say so, your father-in-law and mother-in-law are willing to let go?”

Ren Suo said, “I painted the cake for you anyway. If you can’t do it, it’s not just you, and the people at Immortal Palace will probably hold me responsible for my nonsense.”

Zhao Huo was silent for a while, and suddenly said, “I see.”


“Ninth Cycle cultivator, I will do it.

30 years like a day of love, I will do it.

I will become a human Guardian God, fight ten thousand li Star River, fight to the defeat of the remnants, and will not let myself be ashamed.

I will fight True Dragon to complete my real name.

Unless the loess is white and boneless, I have been worry-free for 30 years. “

Zhao Huo looked at the passenger plane taking off in the night sky and said seriously:

“Even if it is for you, I will make this dream you conceived for me, a dream come true.”

“Sober, look at it!”

Ren Suo laughed angrily: “So much like shouting sober? OK, if you haven’t had the Fourth Cycle since I came back, don’t blame me for turning you into a pig, I let you shout.”

“Aren’t you going to travel for a month? There are 20 days left, don’t panic.”

“I have Cheng Ling, but I can teleport home …”

“By the way!”


On the other side, Ren Suo, who hung up, looked at the phone screen and said, “Are you finished?”

“The navy has been scheduled for the next 30 days.” Irina on the phone screen said: “Supreme Paragon, according to the traces on the Internet, there are another group of people who are helping Zhao Huo delete the review guide, it is estimated that it is an official . “

Ren Suo was instantly excited.

He helped Zhao Huo that many, not just for this!

Now even the official is willing to help Zhao Huo, they have stated that they are willing to open a convenient door for Zhao Huo, allowing Zhao Huo to maintain an improper and immoral love relationship with his lover, and even … get married!

There is 2 for one, as long as you break through the bottom line once, many things will become with no difficulty.

This marriage, Zhao Huo can get it, I Ren Suo can’t get it?

However, Ren Suo also knows that the official will show goodwill, of course, they are looking to Zhao Huo’s future.

Ren Suo didn’t actually lie, Zhao Huo will indeed become a Ninth Cycle cultivator in the future, and he will always be in love with his wife. There are many small details in the game to show this.

But Ren Suo told Zhao Huo that everything was made by him.

First, because these words are really made up by him, how can people at Immortal Palace World Tree get online.

Second, he worried that Zhao Huo would be slack. The harder Zhao Huo is now, the longer and better the 2 and a half-year-old “Dragon King Zhao Huo” will get in the future.

Third, cheat Zhao Huo and have fun.

After all, Zhao Huo dared to abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal, and called him Suozai, how could Ren Suo bear it?

He exchanged etiquette and deceived Zhao Huo for 30 years to let him know the cost of to offend the person.

Marriage is great, can you call me a rope?

But get married …

Ren Suo thought for a while, and when he returned to the waiting area, he found that he was ready to board. Lin Xianyu and Xiaoyan looked around at 4 places. When he saw him, he beckoned to hurry up and line up.

“So long, Big Brother Ren, have you bought the Little Huang books at the airport? Little Huang books can’t pass the Federation Customs. Hurry up, I’ll throw them away!” Lin Xianyu said seriously.

“How can I buy Little Huang books.” Ren Suo rubbed Lin Xianyu’s hair fiercely.

Lin Xianyu quickly pulled Xiaoyu back to the side and muttered, “Yes, you don’t need to …”

This is Kansai International Airport in Osaka. The 7-day Fan Ying tour is over. Ren Suo and the others are going to fly to Federation New York overnight. The flight time is 18 hours.

“Come again next winter,” Ren Xingmei said, “soaking in the hot spring in spring, it feels average.”

Qiao Muyi said with a smile: “It happens that we haven’t been to Hokkaido yet. If winter comes, we will go to a hot spring hotel in Hokkaido with an independent suite. Each suite will have a private hot spring. You can enjoy the hot spring while enjoying the snow.”

Dong Chengling slightly said with a smile: “Sounds good.”

Gu Yueyan frowned, glanced at Ren Suo and said, “But isn’t that just a mixed bath?”

Everyone looked at each other, Xiaoyan immediately raised his hand and said, “Xiaoyan wants to take a hot spring with Big Brother!”

Qiao Muyi asked, “Yeah, so what?”

Dong Chengling said calmly, “In winter, that’s half a year later.”

Ren Xingmei calmed the black cat hidden in the bag and said, “It’s almost half a year.”

Gu Yueyan thought about it, and nodded, “Well, it’s almost the same.”

“That means I won’t share your next trip.” Lin Xianyu muttered.

Hot spring mixed bath, even Lin Xianyu continues to travel.

“It’s hard to say.” Qiao Muyi glanced at her: “It’s more than half a year …”

Ren Suo looked at them, and couldn’t help but wonder: What happened for half a year? How do they think that great changes will occur after more than half a year?

However, for more than half a year, Ren Suo is enough to clear 7 or 8 games. When the time comes, maybe the World will usher in a new upheaval.

Are they based on last year’s World changes, and calculated that there will be many mysterious events this year?

On the plane, tonight’s round belongs to Dong Chengling. She very badly arranged Ren Suo’s seat by the window, which perfectly shielded other people’s contact with Ren Suo.

However, this is also the limit of Dong Chengling. She is a person with a cold temper, and has no interest in Xiu Enai, but she is more likely to relax beside Ren Suo, and leans against Ren Suo like a puddle of mud, revealing the rarely seen Lazy, come up with a book I just bought from Fan Ying bookstore.

And Ren Suo also took out his mobile phone, and was slightly excited to open The Tomorrow of Tomorrow.

God can see that Ren Suo didn’t expect to go to Kyoto to see Kinkaku-ji Temple, go to Nara to touch the deer, and go to Osaka to see Osaka Castle, but none of them triggered the first lottery search pool!

is it possible that Fan Ying is only Sakura Kyoko and Mizuhashi Asami 2 Eigth Cycle future cultivator?

Therefore, the past few days Ren Suo has never played “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” and just waited for Federation to go lottery.

However, 2 days have passed since chapter 3 of Ren Suo’s clearance.

It ’s time to reap the “open call” enhanced by “Dimension Queen’s Laziness” and “Iron Law of Sovereign Blood Lotus”.

Let me see, which lucky man is going to be drawn to the battlefield?


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