Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 832

On the 70th floor of the main building at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York, Ren Suo is looking down at Manhattan in the evening.

But soon, the self-photographed female children took him as a group photo as a group photo.

In fact, Dong Chengling, their interest in taking pictures is not very big, but there is Lin Xianyu beside him, heaven knows where she took out a SLR camera-poor photography 3 generations, SLR ruined a lifetime, Lin Xian you can’t be poor go!

Then the suffering of Ren Suo began: “Big Brother Ren, open your eyes.”

“I’ve reached the maximum.”

“Big Brother Ren, be handsome.”

“It’s already the handsomest. There is no way to be handsome.”

“But you look a bit like Zhao Teacher when you take a picture.”

“Oh, I’ll change right away. You can point out what’s wrong.”

The first class is really strong. They took a dozen hours of flight to New York, and the whole staff was full of energy and not tired. After going to the hotel, they could leave for sightseeing immediately.

Recalling the journey to Tokyo by plane, even a Fourth Cycle cultivator like Ren Suo felt a trace of mental fatigue. The roar of the plane, the hours of ride, the occasional bumps … he could carry it, but he would be tired.

These problems did not appear on this journey. Ren Suo wore earmuffs to sleep and woke up naturally. Although the flight meal was not as good as Dong Chengling, the user experience was excellent.

The too good experience made Ren Suo couldn’t help checking the fare of the air ticket after getting off the plane. He felt a sigh of relief, and the eyes of looking towards younger sister became complicated.

Seeing the younger sister standing alone on the side of the platform and looking at the sunset in the distance, Ren Suo finally couldn’t hold back his mind and walked over to speak boldly.

“Younger sister, do you have a secretary? You can play games with you, Level 3 will let you, assist the non-grabbing, very kind.”

“I’m missing the kind of 24-hour personal service.” Ren Xingmei snorted.

Ren Suo scratched his head, stood next to her, overlooking the row upon row building below, and suddenly remembered: “Yes, my parents …”

But he thought about it, and then shifted the topic: “Did you sleep well last night? The first-class bed was actually more comfortable than my family’s bed, it was absolutely …

“It’s okay,” Ren Xingmei said. “The bed in the teacher’s dormitory is really average. Go back and buy a better latex mattress.”

“No need.” Ren Suo waved again and again: “I just nothing serious, I didn’t plan to buy it.”

Talking to Little Rich Lady is really exhausting. Whatever she says is considered a gift.

But is Ren Suo like this?

“Yes, your home is so small. After moving back, you can move directly. The residential area near Academy has already been built. When the time comes, buy a large flat floor when our little home is OK? I can design a game room for you. Oh!”

“Younger sister!” Ren Suo hugged the younger sister impassively.

I’m Ren Suo.

Ren Xingmei, hugged by Ren Suo, smiled happily and said softly in Ren Suo’s ear: “Brother, I actually secretly transferred some money to my parents when we were kicked out by them for the first time. About that number. “

Ren Xingmei turned to Ren Suo as a gesture of big money for Ren Suo.

“Whoever I and you are born to, but they are our parents.” Ren Xingmei’s eyebrows trembled softly, “After all, we will be lifelong teammates. Your parents are my parents, I Parents are also your parents, all the same. “

Amazing, double parents overlap and bring greater happiness.

“But Father couldn’t let go of his Teacher’s career. Mom was excited for a while, but in the end I still felt that it was more fun to go to the street to blow water, and told me that” work is the most glorious. “

Ren Xingmei said with a smile: “She also told me a few days ago that they have kept the money on a regular basis, and they should save it for us. They will live their lives and let us live their lives. “

“Mom …” Ren Suo couldn’t help feeling a little moved.

“But she asked me to take good care of your money bag, saying that you spend a lot of money, and you can’t let you manage your own money.” Ren Xingmei indifferently said: “You don’t have money to hide your own house?”

“Of course not.” Ren Suo’s slight touch of his mother disappeared.

“It ’s good if you do n’t want it. I can buy it for you, but I do n’t give it to you. You can’t ask for it.” The younger sister said with a lovely voice, “I am for you too OK, you will understand? “

“Understand.” Ren Suo wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Ren Xingmei is nodded with satisfaction: “After all, everyone has their own field of specialisation, brother, you have to cultivate well, focus on your own business, and manage things outside of me like money. Your responsibility to support your loved ones is determined by I’ll take it. “

Ren Xingmei glanced at the several people taking photos of Dong Chengling and said, “As for some other large expenditures, it’s enough to leave it to me to take charge. You don’t need to worry about your future matters.”

Ren Suo blinked.


Ren Suo was just a single dog in his twenties. One person was full of food and the family was not hungry. The country also allocated housing. The family was healthy and happy. His ** was very easy to meet. Zhao Huo next door had to buy it. He was at best. Buy an extra handle.

In this case, he naturally does not need much money.

However, if you want to carry out major events in life, such as marriage, weddings, banquets, buying a house, and other messy and necessary life procedures, it will require a lot of money.

Not to mention, two people set up a small family, and he set up a small family with six people … maybe seven. After all, it will take many years to raise a small family.

Therefore, the already huge expenditure has to be increased by 4 times.

Of course, as the Fourth Cycle cultivator and Academy heals the cultivator, Ren Suo’s own salary is not low, and his girlfriends have bright futures and money. As long as Ren Suo can pass the moral trial, then he can do these things. Handle properly.

But ‘handled properly’ and ‘enjoy the beauty of others’ are two concepts.

Just after one third of this trip, Ren Suo was almost eroded by capitalism into the shape of Ren Xingmei.

Ren Suo, who has experienced his own high standards of life as a person, has been tasted. Can he still perfuse himself and his girlfriend’s major event in life?

Even if it is Dong Chengling with the lowest material desire, if there is no choice, that’s all, but if there is a choice, does she still insist on ‘being bland is true’?

Not to mention Qiao Muyi enjoyed by Hobby, Ren Suo even thinks that if Qiao Muyi has not been used as a countermeasure cultivator, he may now have become a gangster of extravagant enjoyment.

As for Gu Yueyan … she is very much looking forward to going to the Crystal Major Sect Hall with Ren Suo, and wants to continue the wedding interrupted in the mask of the moon.

Ren Xingmei quietly left to take pictures, leaving Ren Suo to think about life alone.

The so-called growing up is to know the truth of life and continue to love it.

“It’s Yang Mou.”

Ren Suo turned his head and saw Lin Xianyu holding a black cat standing next to him, staring at the traffic under the glass.

“Although this tour was initiated by Sister Qiao, Xiaoxing took the initiative to arrange the journey. Although the B & B villa in Tokyo said that it was cost-effective, it was so close and luxurious to the station, and it was not cheap. As for the Kyoto Hot Spring Hotel, It depends on whether the room is small or not.

Ren Suo slightly startled: “Did you hear my conversation with the younger sister? But so far …”

“Wind,” Lin Xianyu pointed to his ears. “Although my awakening spell is normal in all aspects, it is still capable of overhearing!”

Ren Suo shook his lips: “Is this something to be proud of?”

“Aiya Big Brother Ren, don’t bother with this little thing.”

Lin Xianyu hehe said with a smile: “Xiao Xingxing just wants to establish her status at home by throwing money. She can’t hold the gun firmly, but as long as she grabs the money bag, then sister Qiao will not bully her too … Didn’t find the past few days that Sister Qiao was bullying the monitor? “

Ren Suo blinked: “Is there … is it so complicated?”

Lin Xianyu nodded: “It’s so complicated.”

“Big Brother Ren, if you have time, you can watch TV series such as Palace Planning, Zhen Zhuan, and Heart Storm. Although they are all fake, there are many women who like them, at least it means that women like this kind of intrigue.”

Lin Xianyu touched his black cat’s head and said, “Now Luna doesn’t rob them, so they’re good to Luna. But when Luna can become a person completely, it’s hard to say …”

“Luna, you need to get along with the squad leader in the future. If you are aggrieved, or if you don’t understand anything, go to the squad leader for help.” Lin Xianyu asked.

“Meow ~” The black cat was nodded.

Ren Suo muttered, “But I’m not an emperor, wouldn’t it be like this? There’s nothing to argue with …”

Lin Xianyu hehe 2 said: “Big Brother Ren, you will overestimate yourself in small things like taking pictures, but underestimate yourself in other things.”

Ren Suo froze for a moment, and asked, “So … what should I do?”

Lin Xianyu shook his head: “You don’t need to do anything.”

“Little Star’s scheming, in fact everyone can see it.”

“But the reason why Yang Mou is Yang Mou is because even knowing it is useless.”

“She wants everyone to see the formidable power of money and let everyone know the importance of her.”

Lin Xianyu said, “You do n’t have to worry about what Xiaoxing will do. Of course, she can control your money, but there are always East Teacher and Sister Qiao pressing. Xiaoxing will not cause any storms, nor will she make anything. Something that makes everyone unhappy. “

“She just wants to make sure she can get a place in the house through the power of money.”

“As for riding on East Teacher and Sister Qiao in turn, Little Star is not stupid. Before she can’t reach her strength, she dares not to maintain equal status with them at most.”

“Even if you worry about letting her support you in the future, Xiaoxing needs this feeling: you need her, everyone needs her, and no one can leave her.”

“What kind of rearing, can big brother younger sister be called rearing?” Ren Suo retorted.

Lin Xianyu shrugged and said, “Anyway, Big Brother Ren, you only have to do the same thing: Persevere and love them more and more passionately. As long as you keep this basic disk, no matter what happens, you will not crash, no matter how you Can make a comeback. “

“As long as they love you, there will be nothing upsetting you.”

Lin Xianyu suddenly turned her head towards the rear and said, “They’re coming to us for dinner. Don’t tell them I said this to you. Don’t betray me, Luna.”

“Meow ~” The black cat gave Lin Xianyu a sincere little look.

“Xiao Suo, it’s time to go to the restaurant for dinner.” Qiao Muyi walked over and looked at them: “What are you talking about?”

“Big Brother Ren is asking me where he looks like Zhao Teacher.” Lin Xianyu said while rubbing his black cat’s small paw.

“I’m going to eat 2 Michelin-starred Italian tonight, and that restaurant has to be booked a week in advance.” Ren Xingmei looked at the mobile phone and said, “I hope I can live up to my expectations.”

Xiaoxi asked curiously, “What is Michelin?”

Dong Chengling indifferently said: “Selling tires.”

Xiaoxiong was lightly frowned, showing a disgusting expression, and seemed to no longer expect tonight’s dinner.

Gu Yueyan came over to sort out Ren Suo’s collar and said, “Let’s go.”

Lin Xianyu followed them, looking at their backs, and thinking about 10000 1000.

Yes, as long as they love you, all trouble is not trouble.

But if Dong Chengling doesn’t love you, with her temperament, it is bound to be the same.

If Qiao Muyi doesn’t love you, then he must hate you for heaven falls and earth rends. At the beginning, how good it is to fall in love, how much grievance there is.

If Ren Xingmei doesn’t love you, it will inevitably reduce the quality of your life from Tian Tang to the world, enough to regret your life.

If Gu Yueyan doesn’t love you … this seems unlikely, Lin Xianyu has confirmed the heart of the monitor many times, and the monitor is indeed the one who never jumps into Fire Pit.

If Luna doesn’t love you … Lin Xianyu looks down at the black cat in his arms, shook the head.

As long as Ren Suo you have always loved them, then you will not be disgusted with the shackles they prepared for you, willingly put on the armor they have prepared for you, and expose your weakness to them.

But who can guarantee that he will never change his heart?

Lin Xianyu felt that she would never change her heart, but she glanced at the Asura field where the foul wind and bloody rain would rise at any time, and she couldn’t help falling behind 2 steps.

Encouraged, small life matters.

Suddenly, Lin Xianyu was interested in the next episode of Top Secret Archives.

“Top Secret Files” did not appear to herself, Lin Xianyu felt normal, she felt that her limit might be Third Cycle.

But “Big Secret File” is not normal without Big Brother Ren, East Teacher, Sister Qiao, monitor and little star.

After all, they are now either Four Cycle cultivator or they will soon become Fourth Cycle cultivator.

Thirty years later, they will surely become the national Peak talents.

However, they were not shown in the Top Secret Files for two consecutive episodes.

Is their love just as if dreams and visions in a bubble, Ren Suo will be abandoned by others, and eventually become another scumbag of shame, embarked on the road opposite to Zhao Teacher, so that the cultivation base stagnates, Not even qualified for Supreme Paragon summon.

No, think about it positively.

Maybe Ren Suo is just dead.

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