Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 833

The night is too beautiful, although it is too dangerous, someone always stays up with dark eyes.

On the first day in New York, Ren Suo and the others went to the Rockefeller Center to watch the sunset, finished dinner, and strolled 5th Avenue in the evening for several hours before returning to the hotel.

Everyone returned to the room and started watching Ren Suo mingling with Luna for more than a day for 40 minutes-Gu Yueyan naturally publicized the increase of Luna’s transformation time by 10 minutes.

When the secret was pierced by Gu Yueyan, Luna looked at Gu Yueyan with an aggrieved look: “Yueyue, you have changed! Say we should make each other’s Angels?”

Ren Suo, who was held in Luna’s arms, was soft and muddy, his face was confused: You are Angels of each other, so what am I? Are you your beauty?

“I haven’t changed, this is also for your own good.” Gu Yueyan said earnestly: “Luna, think about it, even if you hide these 10 minutes, why do you want to spend 10 minutes?”

“Play with Soso!”

“Then you are not playing now?”

Luna froze and realized: “Yeah!”

She thought for a while and then shook her head: “No, when I still wanted to play, I and Soso only, without you watching.”

Qiao Muyi asked, “Do you mind if we watch?”

“I don’t mind, but Suo Suo minds it. When you don’t watch, Suo Suo is a lot more active and proactive!” Luna and Ren Suo froze face to face, hehe said with a smile: “Being by you When watching, Sasso doesn’t move, just like toys. “


Everyone made a thinking thoughtful sound, and looked at Ren Suo with strange eyes. Ren Suo pretended to be dead, wishing he was really a toy.

Gu Yueyan continued: “But Luna, do you think this is really good? Only when no one is there will Mr. Suo become active and proactive. After that, your transformation time is extended to one hour, six hours, or one All day, can that be true sweetness with him only when nobody is there? “

Luna blinked and didn’t speak.

“Luna, we will be a family in the future,” Gu Yueyan said, “Although the relationship between our family may be weird and awkward, there is a point where everyone has the same goal-I hope everyone is happy.”

“Hiding for 10 minutes to find Mr. Suo’s tryst, you are actually evading the problem and letting yourself and him have a retreat. And we want to solve the problem so that everyone can enjoy their own feelings just and honorable.”

Luna looking thoughtful and nodded, said: “In other words, do you want Suso to play with me actively while everyone is watching?”

“Yes, but if you hide your time to meet with him, he will not be active and resist like a toy when others are watching, leaving all the impulse to the tryst. This will actually be unfair to Luna. So positive, why ca n’t he be generous with you and love you? Luna, do n’t you want to happily go out with him in the future? ”

Gu Yueyan clapped his hands and said, “But these things can’t be done overnight. It takes a long time to practice and get used to. So, Luna, you can’t be so forgiving.”

Luna was heavily nodded and said with her hips folded, “Yes! Sosuo, even if someone else is watching, you have to take the initiative! Don’t you like to slap me here, although you don’t know why you particularly like it here, obviously on my head Hair is more comfortable to touch, but … I don’t hate it either. “

Qiao Muyi propped his chin, Le Hehe said, “Xiao Suo, take the initiative.”

Ren Xingmei, playing with his mobile phone, did not look up, and said, “Brother, take the initiative.”

Gu Yueyan leaned 2 Lang legs, coldly said: “Mr. Suo, take the initiative, let us see how active you are.”

Dong Chengling didn’t speak, and turned to look at Lin Xianyu, Lin Xianyu immediately understood, and went back to his room with the youngest sister who wanted to see the bustle.

Four wolf-like girls were watching, and Ren Suo really counseled.

This scene, as if the class teacher shouted at him in high school: “What were you talking about so funny? Let’s make everyone laugh again!”

Everyone knows that at this time it is absolutely not to come again.

But Luna looked at him with anticipation, and Ren Suo had no choice but to risk the hotel’s bombing and fluttering in Luna’s arms like little baby.

Ren Suo swears that this is the face cream with the strangest atmosphere, the most dangerous environment and the most unwillingness in his life, although the user experience is good.

Suddenly Luna remembered, and asked, “Then we are family?”

Gu Yueyan, with an ugly face, glanced at the others, and said that there was no response from everyone, “Yes.”

“Soso is my husband, are you my sisters?” Luna asked curiously, “Who is the elder sister and who is the younger sister?”

Everyone startedled slightly, looked at each other, and there was an undercurrent surging between the eyes.

Dong Chengling said calmly, “By age?”

“Age is a woman’s secret.” Qiao Muyi nodded his lips and said, “By cultivation base?”

“But the cultivation base can change. Is the cultivation base low today as a younger sister, and tomorrow the cultivation base high is an elder sister?” Ren Xingmei totally disagrees with this suggestion-her cultivation base is the lowest.

“Why … by height?”

Ren Xingmei naturally did not want Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi to call her sister—Dong Chengling did that’s all. If Qiao Muyi called her elder sister, she immediately asked Ren Suo for help.

Regarding height, in fact, Ren Xingmei, Dong Chengling, and Qiao Muyi are all about the same, but Ren Xingmei is at least higher than Gu Yueyan and higher than Lin Xianyu, not to be the bottom.

Gu Yueyan was naturally dissatisfied with this: “It’s not a contest to choose a height. Naturally, you can’t choose your height. Sisters, elder sisters take care of younger sisters, naturally they will take care of others as elder sisters.”

Gu Yueyan isn’t stupid either. She pulls Dong Chengling directly into her camp. She ranks 2nd and wants to overpower Qiao Muyi and Ren Xingmei.

Luna looked confused, hugging Ren Suo, and asked in wonder: “Who is the elder sister and who is the younger sister? Is it so difficult to distinguish? Isn’t it all by age? Luna is already 2 … 3 years old this year! “

The arguing crowd stopped and looked at Ren Suo with strange eyes again.

Ren Suo has completely given up on treatment and treats himself as a toy, immersed in land of warmth and tenderness.

However, the age of monsters is naturally not equal to humans. And although Luna is a little bit wavy, Dong Chengling has tested her psychological age and wisdom. It is basically a seventeen-eighteen-year-old girl, but her cat sex is difficult to remove, so she will look more childlike and cute.

“Luna, everyone here is older than you, so you are a younger sister,” Ren Xingmei exclaimed.

Luna didn’t mind at all: “Yeah ~ I’m the younger sister! Moon elder sister, star elder sister, wood elder sister, spirit elder sister!”

The atmosphere eased in an instant, and when the Luna time was over, they turned back to black cats. Everyone was obviously much more enthusiastic about black cats. Qiao Muyi even showed a skilled cat gesture to make the black cat squint comfortably.

Gu Yueyan glanced at Ren Suo: “If I don’t say it, do you want to have a lure with Luna every day?”

Ren Suo scratched his face and justified: “It’s not 10 minutes. Anything can be done in 10 minutes anyway. Is it necessary to pay so much attention …”

Gu Yueyan snorted: “It’s because you can’t do anything for 10 minutes, so I can’t let you sneak in at the risk.”

Ren Suo slightly startled, what? What danger?

When everyone left, Ren Suo was relaxed, and drowsily lay motionless in bed-playing with Luna was exhausting.

However, after Lin Xianyu’s call, Ren Suo seemed to open the door to New World.

He could read out different tastes in the details that were not noticed in the daily life.

Just now in Dong Chengling’s chat, they seemed to use the topic of “sisters” to divide their status. If it was not because Luna was so cute, they were afraid they would not be noisy.

They do not want to lose to others, do not want to be less than others, and are not willing to maintain the status quo. This is their reasonable appeal.

Ren Suo also started to think seriously about how he would deal with his emotional problems.

Like ordinary person, it is necessary to allocate their work, entertainment and emotional life. Any imbalance in one aspect may enter the decadent stage of “not worthy on earth”.

Ren Suo is better. He doesn’t have a working life, even if it is a separate working life.

But Ren Suo is also a bit miserable, he wants to allocate 5 emotional lives.

He wants everyone to be happy and happy, so that they won’t be hostile to each other, and let everyone build a harmonious family together …

Ren Suo thought for a long time and decided to take out his mobile phone to play Tomorrow Tomorrow.

Lin Xianyu is right, I still don’t think about such complicated issues.

If I can see my future self in the game, even if I ca n’t guide my current love life, at least I can see if I will become more handsome in the future-how can I not be worse than Dragon King Zhao Huo? Right?

However, Ren Suo had no hope for this, and the game seemed to block him from the search list, otherwise he should have drawn himself first in Lianjiang.

Enter the search interface, Ren Suo relaxed-finally a new search pool appears!

When he was in Tokyo, Ren Suo discovered that the search pool did not appear immediately, but that Ren Suo had to stay in a city for a period of time to trigger. Therefore, even if he took a plane through many cities, he could not trigger the search pool.

In addition, the local area must have an Eigth Cycle cultivator to trigger. Like Osaka and Kyoto, there is no local Eigth Cycle, so there is no access to the pool.

Now, a new card pool appears in the search interface: “Human Glory”!

Ren Suo suddenly thought of something and got up to knock on the door of everyone’s room.

First, Xiao Yan and Lin Xianyu’s room. When Ren Suo came in and stroked Xiao Yan’s head, Lin Xianyu asked curiously, “Are you looking for me?”

“It’s okay.” Ren Suo raised her palm at her, Lin Xianyu tilted his head and gave him a high five.

“What are you doing then?”

“Um … I just want to say hello to you before going to bed.” Ren Suo smirked.

you guys?

When Ren Suo left, Lin Xianyu went to the door of the room and found that Ren Suo was knocking on the door of Gu Yueyan and Ren Xingmei.

As soon as Ren Xingmei opened the door, Lin Xianyu saw Ren Suo hug the little star and send him a good night kiss.

When Ren Suo came into the room, Lin Xianyu listened intently, and soon heard the proud voice of the monitor: “Oh, you will take the initiative … Oh, what are you doing … wait, you wipe it first mouth!”

Lin Xianyu waited for one minute and saw Ren Suo coming out of the room and heading straight for Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi’s room.

“So? What’s wrong?” Dong Chengling asked in surprise.

Then Lin Xianyu saw from a distance, Ren Suo directly nibbled Dong Chengling.

Suddenly she noticed that a small brain appeared in her eyes, and she reached out to cover Xiao Yan’s eyes that came over and peeped: “Little child, don’t look.”

Xiaoyan opened her hand and mumbled, “No, Xiaoyan wants to see how serious the situation is!”

“It’s not a matter of seriousness for you. It will be long before you grow up.”

“The general situation in the world will be divided for a long time, and divided for a long time, Xiaoyi has a chance!”

“What do you think of Romance of the Three Kingdoms at a young age? Tonight the elder sister will tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood and Pikachu.”

As they talked, the door closed quietly, but Lin Xianyu could still hear Dong Chengling’s voice: “Xiao Qiao? Xiao Qiao she is taking a bath, you wait.”

Then came the sound of puddles of water, the sound of stepping barefoot on the tiles, the sliding sound of the blinds being pulled open, and Qiao Muyi’s curious voice: “Xiao Suo, do you have a hurry to find me?”

“Oh … did you take a shower?”

Lin Xianyu blushed and returned to the room hugging Xiaoyu.

Her 10000 never expected Ren Suo has such a high level of perception and action, and she only talked to him in the evening about the intrigue between women and the coping strategies of the man. Tonight, Ren Suo actually knew that he wanted to use sexual entrapment as an offering. To curb the dissatisfaction of all parties!

But … this is a road of Asura, a road of no return, an endless road.

At first, Big Brother Ren can also satisfy them with this little favor.

But later, if Big Brother Ren wants to suppress all the forces, it may not be possible without a little blood.

But Big Brother Ren is a cure cultivator, should … there will be a bonus, right?

Wait, Big Brother Ren does not appear in Top Secret Files, Big Brother Ren is most likely dead. But according to the current situation, there seems to be another possibility for his cause of death besides emotional killing …



After changing their wet clothes, Ren Suo opened a can of Coke and took a sip of water to rehydrate, sitting refreshly on the bed.


Ren Suo knows that he has bad luck in drawing cards, and this time he will take everyone’s luck very deeply, hoping to repeat the miracle of drawing cards in Tokyo and even double Eigth Cycle!

“Human Glory”, 1000 consecutive visits!

“Successful search!”

“Find 997 Four Cycle future cultivators!”

Ships 3!

“Visit Seventh Cycle cultivator!”

“Grow in the darkness and serve in the light. The only way to reach dawn is to spend ten hours of darkness, which is what I am.”

“Seventh Cycle cultivator, Dawn Aurora Roy, is buried.”

“Visit Seventh Cycle cultivator!”

“The raindrops of the cloud connect the sky and the earth that have never met, and my voice connects the past and the future that have never been disconnected.”

“Seventh Cycle cultivator, Voice of Prophecy Fina, comes from prophecy.”

2 Seventh Cycle cultivator, okay.

However, the next second, Ren Suo suddenly felt that it was too outrageous to find a girlfriend to kiss in order to draw a card.

Change the wet kiss next time, the effect may be better.

“Find the Eigth Cycle cultivator!”

“May everyone honor your name. May your kingdom come. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Eigth Cycle cultivator, World Tree Angel Zach, watch over.”

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