Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 834

Federation, Mississippi.

As the penultimate GDP of Federation, the poverty rate is 14%, at least one murder occurs every day, and it is so close to Brother Xi, but Mississippi is also one of the most religious states in Federation.

There was a joke: Brother Brother Xi was hell because it was too close to the Tian Tang, the Federation. The state of Mississippi is equivalent to the thorny road between Tian Tang and Hell. Countless demons and monsters kill the murderers on the edge of the dark. I won the money and enjoyed it in Las Vegas. .

In Lena County, Lena Town, all the residents walked out of the house and stared at the burning church under the night sky in fear.

The police are maintaining order at the scene, but the residents are very quiet, silently standing outside the cordon. It is clear that there are a few hundred people in the scene, so quiet, only the flames of the wood burning from the church under the night sky. And human screams.

Victor, the watchmen who healed the wounded, couldn’t help but snorted, took out a cigarette and lit it, muttering, “It’s really infiltrating.”

At this time, a shameless man came out of the burning church. His body was covered with blood, and his two children were sandwiched between his hands.

As soon as he appeared, all the residents outside the church immediately fell on their knees, kissed their heads, and wept with wailing, “Judge me, forgive me, save me!”

“Judge me, forgive me, save me!”

They kept repeating this sentence, but in the light of the flames, their faces were fanatical and happy, as if they were warriors about merit rewards.

“I am not qualified to judge you, only the law is qualified; I am not qualified to forgive you, only the families of the victims are qualified; I am not qualified to save you.”

The man put down the unconscious little child in his arms, loudly said, “I’m just a mortal, and only you can save you.”

“Squeeze them all to the police station for interrogation, and don’t let the criminals flee the law.”


The kneeling people were dragged away by the police, and they struggled against the pain of kneeling and refused to leave. Some people cried out loud: “No, you are the messenger of God, the Son of God, the Holy Man of the World, Angel!”

“Angel Zach, judge me, forgive me, save me!”

At this point Zach had taken his teammates back to the car and raised the window to shield the sound outside. Noting that the atmosphere was a bit dull, Zach said with a smile: “There are no new tasks for the time being. You can take a few days off after you go back. You should meditate and go to the bar.”

“Captain, I suspect you’re targeting me, I wouldn’t go to the bar anymore.” Victor extinguished the cigarette and said, “But Captain, don’t you mind? Hehe, a large group of people are willing to let your life be at your disposal. In other words, This is the first religion to make Captain you a Spiritual God? “

“What’s my heart? What’s my heart to be an object of cult worship?” Zach coldly said: “I only feel sick.”

Victor said very understandingly: “Also, it’s like the actress knows that there are many men holding their own photos and pistols, who would be uncomfortable changing?”

Here comes, Victor’s wonderful metaphor!

Disgusting and indecent but irrefutable!

The other team members sneered and saw Zach’s face black. His already scarred face became even more fierce.

“Hey Captain, don’t hit me. I’m responsible for driving. It’s illegal to harass the driver.” Victor saw Zach raised his hand and quickly took out the law as a shield and stepped on the throttle as fast as lightning.

Zach abandoned his hand, coldly said: “Anyway, it is another cult that indulge in my own name. What sacrifices are still being carried out in the 21st century, summon, demon ceremony, killing nearly 100 people … ! “

“Speaking of this, I don’t know if I should say it or not …”


“But I still have to say,” Victor said, “Captain, you might as well make a facelift. I just looked at the booklet inside them. The doctrine seems to believe that you are ‘fallen Angel’, so I think of sacrifice and the like. The fallen ceremony will please you and strengthen you. “

Victor glanced at Zach: “Although sorry, Captain you really look like the ugly, strong and perverted aliens in Devil May Cry.”

The watchmen in the back seat is almost a volcanic eruption-you really do n’t add that many adjectives to sorry!

In another place, Victor had long been fooled into a doll by Zach, but Victor used his car as a shield, and the law-abiding Angel Zach had to put up with this tone: “Even if I look better! They just choose a Transcender as their prayer object!”

“It’s different. If you look good, everyone will spontaneously form your support club. Look at that cloth–“


Victor tilted his head and shook his head: “Nothing. But really, Captain, you sort out the image a little bit, and then announce the nation as Angel, showing that your only official support will be watchmen. If believers want to approach you, they must Study hard to become a watchmen, or spend money with Victor President Victor to buy “Angel Handshake Vouchers”, other ways of belief are piracy violations … “


The watchmen in the back seat couldn’t help laughing, Zach glanced at Victor, and he wasn’t so angry-Victor was 1000 bad, but proficient in active atmosphere.

Overthrowing the cult is just a routine for Zach, but it is too disgusting and painful for other watchmen. With Victor at least, they will not be immersed in the ugliness of human nature.

Although Victor should play, he still has to play.

“I am an atheist, and I will never be a believer, and I will never become the faith itself.”

Victor is not surprised, Zach has said this in watchmen more than once, but he insists: “So you have to let these cults continue to appear on the Federation ground for your boring principle? You also know It is precisely because you have become the glory of Federation that those people will participate in the faith in you enthusiastically. You see that there are so many cults who believe in You Jian. “

“And as the glory of Federation, isn’t the Protector people exactly your responsibility? You can’t let go of illusory’s principle and say some kind of lies to keep people away from those evil vortex?”


Zach said solemnly: “I’m not the Messiah, I can’t save anyone, and I can’t respond to their expectations. Once I take this step, the cult phenomenon can be curbed in a short time, but it will only make more in a long time. Man is immersed in a belief that is nothing but within reach. “

“If you can’t, don’t give hope.”

“I’m not God, nor Angel. I’m human. I’m not in Tian Tang, I’m in the world.”

“I would rather they call me a birdie like You Jian, and I would prefer they not call me Angel.”

Victor sighed: “But pious people don’t change easily.”

“The walls of the hospital have heard more devout prayers than the church,” Zach said. “If I had to hold something to live, I would tell them: believe in science.”

“Nothing is more devastating than the words of active Angel.” Victor said with a smile: “So, you don’t like Supreme Paragon, so do you recommend tilting to the World Tree?”

Zach shook his head: “No, I have great respect for Supreme Paragon, and even if Supreme Paragon is not the leader of World Tree, his will can greatly affect World Tree.”

“Transcender on Xuanguo Weibo said that Supreme Paragon and Ren Naiser went to World Tree, which triggered the future response of Immortal Palace and World Tree members, which is enough to illustrate World Tree’s attitude towards Supreme Paragon.”

“The reason for working with World Tree rather than Immortal Palace is because …”

“You got hit by a monkey?” Victor said casually.

Zach ignored him: “That’s because Immortal Palace interferes too much with the world, and contact with Immortal Palace will affect the independence of Federation.”

“In contrast, World Tree has very little interference with the World and is very willing to cooperate with us. In” Magic Under the World Tree “, Victor, you have fought alongside magicians.”

“And the World Tree spell system is completely different now. Whether it is magic or new truth, it is very different from the Spiritual Qi system. If you can access these two forces, Federation will definitely be able to overtake and surpass the extraordinary system of the mysterious country. . “

“The mysterious country is undoubtedly biased towards Immortal Palace, and even sent You Jian the powerhouse shame to seek marriage with the Immortal Palace. Even if the Federation is together, it is likely to be suppressed, it is better to compete with Immortal Palace. Of the World Tree. “

A watchmen asked, “Captain, would you agree if World Tree wanted you?”

“Yes, if I can, but I must be able to return to Federation at any time and be in college in the World Tree. If World Tree allows me to move around in the world, it’s not bad to name it in the World Tree.”

Zach whispered, “If I can join World Tree, I can be closer to that one …”

Victor glanced at Zach from the mirror.

He suddenly felt that Zach’s expression now looked a bit like the zealous believer kneeling on the ground.

He deliberately asked, “Which one?”

Zach did not answer, said with a smile: “Victor, you and Caroline have a relationship with World Tree, which is our advantage.”

Victor said: “You have a relationship with Monkey King and the black coffin Demon King, which is our disadvantage.”

Zach slightly smiled, didn’t speak.

When he got to the hotel, Zach got out of the car and waited for a while. When he saw Victor still in the car, he said, “Not yet?”

“I like to smoke 2 cigarettes in the car after work.”

“Get out of the car and smoke.”

“No, I want to buy some food at McDonald’s …”

“I’ll take you over.”

“Don’t, your Zach is so bad, I don’t get out of the car, I don’t–“

The next scene made other watchmen unable to bear to look straight. They suddenly understood the cult of this town: whoever saw Zach now would definitely regard him as a fallen angel and please him in a demon way …



To be honest, this result was a bit unexpected by Ren Suo.

He thought that Angel Zach was probably also a Ninth Cycle cultivator, and didn’t expect just Eigth Cycle.

And even if the Eigth Cycle isn’t, Zach’s title is “World Tree Angel”-what? Zach joined World Tree 30 years later?

But the World Tree organization is casually run by Ren Suo …

This situation is like Ren Suo has established a qq group “Dove’s Nest”. The 9 accounts in the group are all his trumpet, but suddenly someone jumped out and said that he was the “Dove’s Nest Tenth Pigeon” … This is very confusing.

Has Zach been fooled?

or is This is some kind of 2 disease, similar to self-proclaimed ‘Claydon University Graduate’, ‘Fantasy Countryman’, ‘Xuan Guo Quidditch Chief Finder’?

Ren Suo thought about it for a while and didn’t understand it, so let it go and look at the data of these new partners:

“Roy, natural disaster cultivator, long battle position, deployment cost 18 points”

“Attack: Strong, Defense: Weak, Attack Range: 4 cells”

“Features · Aurora: The attack will focus on one point of attack. The more times a single target is attacked, the higher the damage will be, and the maximum damage will be increased by 50%.

“Combined spells · Dawn of Darkness: Burning Spiritual Qi increases attack speed by 100% in a short period of time, and cannot be attacked for a period of time after the end.”

“Reliability: 0%”

“Hedao cultivation base: Fourth Cycle 0%”

Ren Suo is secretly nodded. Unlike Eldest Young Lady, the Fire of the Soldiers, Roy is a single-disaster type natural disaster cultivator, suitable for dealing with some heavy-duty Ark Legion.

“Fina, support cultivator, long battle position, cost 5 points”

“Attack: None, Defense: Weak, Attack Range: 3 cells”

“Characteristics of battle predictions: Each time you enter the battlefield, a battle prediction will be added to any friendly Legion (defense + 10%, attack power + 10%) (enhanced after the Seventh Cycle).”

“Union spell: Distortion of prediction: Affects all units within the attack range. The recovery speed of the friendly Legion is greatly increased. The defense of the enemy Legion is greatly reduced. It also causes a Spiritual Qi Void Strike to any enemy Legion. It was impossible to attack before. “

“Reliability: 0%”

“Hedao cultivation base: Fourth Cycle 0%”

Ren Suo eyes shined, this is the first time he has seen a supporting cultivator.

Supporting cultivator is similar to Magical Powers cultivator, but Magical Powers cultivator is mainly attack-oriented. Supporting cultivator is just like the name, mainly supporting support.

Like Fina, if you do n’t open the spell, there is almost no attack power, but even if you do n’t open the spell, you just use her as a tool person and place it on the battlefield to add “combat prediction” buffit’s worth to other Legions.

even more how Fina’s spells are good enough to act as an emergency healing cultivator, and even significantly weaken the enemy Legion!

Roy and Fina both gave Ren Suo a big surprise. Now, let’s see if his surprise can continue.

“Zach, fort cultivator, melee position, deployment cost 21 points”

“Attack: Medium, Defense: Extreme, Attack range: 3 blocks”

“Characteristics: Watch: Can withstand 3 enemy units and build watch towers.”

“Second feature: (activated after Eigth Cycle)”

“Combined spells. Glory to humans: Increased defense by 25%. Each time it takes damage, it will cause 70% of Zach’s attack damage to the target. For every 3 damages, Zach will convert 30% of the total damage value to Heal energy and heal all friendly Legion within range. “

“Reliability: 0%”

“Hedao cultivation base: Fourth Cycle 0%”

Ren Suo’s eyes widened-the gap between Eigth Cycle and Eigth Cycle is too big! ?

假如说攻击力和防御力分为极弱(1分)、弱(2分)、中等(3分)、强(4分)、极强(5分)5 个评价,那大多数精英cultivator 的综合评价都是6分左右,偶尔会有7分。

Angel Zach is an elite cultivator that Ren Suo has seen only one panel with a total of 8 points.

And his spell is what the hell? Strengthen defense, anti-injury and recovery! ?

From the data, the naked eye can be seen. The dragon king Zhao Huo compares with him, which is considered a shame of Ninth Cycle!

And what is this watch tower?

Ren Suo shook his head and returned to the base to find a new buildable facility.

At the same time, he also saw a blond teenager with a crane in a flock of chickens appearing in a group of small children. He was hanging by a group of children, and his face was helpless.

Angel Zach used to look so pretty?

Ren Suo snorted, feeling that Angel Zach is now more manly. After all, such a fragile little boy should be able to cry for a long time with a punch.

Angel Zach is now the oldest in the well-known Transcender. Second only to him are Hooligan Roy, who has been swearing before he graduated from elementary school, and well-dressed South America aristocrat Haskar.

Ren Suo feels a lot of emotions every time they see them. They are absolutely unexpected. When they grow up, they are tortured by life into another look: Zach becomes more manly, Roy becomes patriotic, Husca becomes master of body painting, Zhao Huo can’t wear women’s clothes …

He clicks on the buildable area, and the game pops up a prompt: “Will you consume a fairystone to build a watch tower?”

Given the immense benefits of establishing future communications, Ren Suo is naturally not stingy.

A high tower stood up.

“The watchtower was successfully constructed.”

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