Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 839

A few hours later, under the intense gaze of Ren Suo, Dong Chengling extended the hand, a little bit of space in the experimental field.

It was like being restored to its original state by the messy 3d puzzle. In the light flow of the silver, the space of 7 and 8 fell back to its original position. A wide, clean, and spotless laboratory with many machines appeared in front of everyone.

Workers wearing protective clothing immediately went into the experimental field, ensured that the space was safe, and immediately brought out the frightened researchers inside, and then blocked the experimental field for observation.

The rescued researchers had no obvious injuries to their bodies, and each and everyone was conscious and weeping with joy when they returned to the safe zone. Several female Scholars immediately gathered around: “Chengling, did you save us?”

“After being trapped inside for an hour, that one didn’t make a shot. We thought we weren’t saved. Wu wu wu didn’t expect it is Chengling, you come to save us!”

“Chengling, you’re the best!”

Ren Suo watched his wife be held up by several female Scholars to hold oil, chirp chirp twitter twitter chatted to the sky, he looked confused towards You Jian and Chen Liao next to him.

Chen Liao shrugged said, “These are the professors in charge of Spiritual Qi space research. Usually, they and the researcher Dong jointly promote space spell research. It may be because women’s thinking and space characteristics are more in line with each other. People who can currently master space spell , All women except Ren Zuo. “

At this time, the female Scholars around Dong Chengling suddenly looked towards Ren Suo:

“Ah, hey, is that person Ren Suo you mean?”

“It was him. When Cheng Ling first came to the base, he came by hand in hand with him, and also conducted the first space door experiment together!”

Before Ren Suo came back to his senses, those young female Scholars gathered around Dong Chengling, his eyes were full of lively curiosity.

Why did it suddenly burn to my side?

Dong Chengling introduced: “This is a professor who is in the space research group with me. I am responsible for providing technical support remotely. They are responsible for specific experiments. They are Late Autumn, Yueyan, and Zhijing.”

“Now, who are you, Cheng Ling?” Asked a beautiful, serious female Student who hadn’t spoken, with a somewhat serious face.

Ren Suo glanced at Dong Chengling and found that Dong Chengling didn’t speak. He took Dong Chengling back and took her hand and said, “I’m Cheng Ling boyfriend!”

They wow, glanced up and down Ren Suo and shook their heads: “It doesn’t look very much.”

Ren Suo asked, “What’s not like? Am I not looking like Seung Ling boyfriend?”

They were nodded: “According to the information we have come up with, we have a lot of good qualities.”






“Good man.”

Ren Suo couldn’t help but glance at Dong Chengling. Dong Chengling held his hand calmly, his fingers clasped, his eyes were clear like a lake, and he said, “I said that, didn’t you?”

Although Ren Suo was so moved that Dong Chengling lifted himself up in front of others, can you delete the “cute” in the evaluation?

But Ren Suo also responded, hey, “Isn’t it me? Where do you see that I don’t meet these beautiful qualities? I’m a good man, a good man is Ren Suo!”

Female Scholars then point to You Jian together.

“We saw you close to You Jian inside.”

“Argument: You Jian is not a good man.”

“Process: You and You Jian are friends.”

“Conclusion: You are not a good person either.”

You Jian coldly snorted, hands in his trouser pockets, and his teeth grinned, “I won’t be angry with ugly women, a bunch of fools.”

Female Scholars are not afraid of You Jian, said with a smile: “But we will space spell, you won’t space spell, oh? You, the Legendary straight boy, have n’t learned space spell for so long, but they are fooled by us. The woman learned, are you angry? “

You Jian’s face turned dark, and he said angrily, “Hey, if you want, you can learn in minutes, but you don’t think it’s necessary!”

“Did you say that when you were not admitted to Tianjing University: As long as I work hard, I will be admitted in minutes.” Female Scholar hehe said with a smile.

“A group of older women with bad tempers and stinky mouths, no one deserves it.”

“No one wants and despise you, the Legendary straight male cancer.”

They quarreled a few words, but they were three words in one mouth, You Jian was speechless and frightened with anxiety, his face became more and more visible, and the invisible Murderous intention in the air became more and more thick. Fifth Cycle cultivator’s Coercion gradually spread!

Dong Chengling and Ren Suo immediately raised their minds and were ready to take action, fearing that You Jian would violently hit someone. However, the more powerful you are, the more you can feel the horror of You Jian. In the face of You Jian at this moment, Ren Suo seems to return to the Third Cycle cultivator that was suppressed by Fourth Cycle Dong Chengling.

If the power gap between Third Cycles is not big, and leapfrog combats are commonplace, then the gap between First Cycles in Third Cycle has a qualitative change from Third Cycle to Fourth Cycle.

From Third Cycle to Fourth Cycle, the Cyclone Spiritual Qi is huge to a certain degree, and feedbacks the cultivator ontology to sublimate the essence of life, and officially enters the stage of life transformation. In this journey of sublimation of life, every quantitative change of the cyclone is equal to the further transformation of the cultivator itself!

If we say that the Mental Power of Fourth Cycle cultivator is equivalent to a knife, then the Mental Power of Fifth Cycle cultivator is almost like holding a Dragon Slayer knife. Although they are all knives, the latter will be sent when you click on it. !!

The momentum is as deep as the killing intent!

It’s just the murderous intention of Fifth Cycle cultivator that makes Ren Suo’s scalp numb, and the cells of the whole body are screaming for escape, and the violently beating heart constantly provides the body with energy for survival!

However, after seeing the power of Fifth Cycle cultivator for the first time, Ren Suo came up with other thoughts:

“Even the Fifth Cycle is so powerful, what about the Sixth Cycle? Seventh Cycle? According to the level design of” The Tomorrow of Tomorrow “, it is clear that Sixth Cycle to Seventh Cycle is another major qualitative change.”

“The gap between Third Cycle is so big, then what is the scenery from Seventh Cycle to Eigth Cycle, Eigth Cycle to Ninth Cycle …”

For a moment, Ren Suo felt a sense of pride in ten thousand zhang!

After seeing the beautiful scenery, I naturally yearn for it!

Absolute power!

Weili returns in one body!

Just wait!

I’m Ren Suo soon, soon-

You can play Ninth Cycle cultivator in the game!

However, in the face of You Jian at any time, except Ren Suo and Dong Chengling, everyone else is nothing but fearless.

The three Female Scholars whose cultivation base is less than the Fourth Cycle, even chattering about You Jian’s bad-mouthed straight man to have no shame, are rude, and they are scared.

A little reassurance for them is that Chen Liao beside You Jian has pulled out the double swords at the waist, spell guard, and full body alert. It seems that there are still people here who understand–


Infinite sword light, invincible sword circle reappears!

“Chen Liao! Your sword circumference has weakened!” You Jian holding Lei Fa issued angry roar, “You are relaxed as a great wall ruler! 朕 This will help Ren Zuo to discipline you, 9 days Xuancha —— “

“Wait, this is the research institute!” Chen Liao quickly retreated.

“Become Divine Thunder-” You Jian stayed still, her body suspended, and blue lightning appeared on her body.

“My extraordinary weapon quota for this month is gone! If I lose these Two Swords, I will …” Chen Liao tried to use his mouth to make the final struggle.

“Huanghuang Tianwei-“

“Fuck!” “

Chen Liao’s double sword stand became a cross, and the two swords suddenly lit the white gloom, and his body suddenly became unreal.

“Lead it with a sword!”

“Dance of death!”

You Jian fired a small blue sword at his fingertips. The blue sword became bigger and bigger in the air and turned into a thunderbolt that was as thick as a waterfall.

Chen Liao angry roar, cut out Storm of Swords, forcibly cut thunderbolt!

“They’re going to fight for a long time, let’s go further.” The female Scholars seemed to be surprised, and took Ren Suo and Dong Chengling to a safe place.

As they walked, they said to Ren Suo, “Did you see that? Being friends with people like You Jian is definitely a stain in your life, and you should spend less time with him in the future. If you get a little bit of vice, be careful The spirit dumped you. “

Ren Suo looked at the battle scene of Thunder and Fire behind him and asked curiously, “This is …?”

Female Scholar shrugged and said, “You Jian, the straight man with cancer has a masculinity, saying that he would never hit a woman in this life, but he has so many shortcomings that he is often irritated by us. Exercising his hands too hard to escape reality. “

“The Chen Liao people are very good. I don’t know what evil has been done in my last life.”

“However, if you can stay with You Jian for so long, you will probably achieve less success than You Jian in the future.

Ren Suo thought you guessed it. Chen Liao and You Jian will both be Eigth Cycle cultivator, but the effect of Chen Liao ’s spell spell “Dance of Death” may be beaten.

After chatting for a while, Dong Chengling asked, “What happened in the experiment? How could there be a spatial shock?”

They glanced at each other, and some sorry said, “This experiment is confidential …”

Dong Chengling immediately knew: “I took the liberty.”

But at this time, a voice sounded in their hearts: “It can be said.”

Female Scholars stunned and said, “Have you seen Ren Zuo?”

“I’ve seen it.” Ren Suo lit the ring on Liang’s hand, and Dong Chengling took the black stone ring from his pocket.

“Then let’s sit down and talk.”

Rejecting the other staff, they found a vacant laboratory to sit down, and the most serious female Scholar said, “In fact, we are not quite sure what happened.”

“The three of us are jointly enhanced by the Spiritual Qi booster device to launch space detection spells. Unlike Cheng Ling, we are too weak to independently perform global-level detection spells, so Ren Zuo deliberately divided the detection spells for us. In 3 parts, I am responsible for longitude coordinates, Zhijing is responsible for latitude coordinates, Yueyan is responsible for altitude coordinates … “

Long-haired female Scholar sighed: “Fortunately, we are in charge of the experiment. If Ren Zuo is directly detected, the institution of Supreme Paragon will be triggered. I don’t know what will happen …”

Both Ren Suo and Dong Chengling were surprised: “The institution of Supreme Paragon?”

Serious female Scholar nodded said: “Yes, it is the institution of Supreme Paragon. Our experimental detection target is the base established by Supreme Paragon for the cultivator Legion in 1999. When we tried to detect whether there is a hidden Spirit Qi space in the specific coordinates, we suddenly heard A voice. “

“That voice said: ‘It’s not yet the time that comes, don’t peek.'”

“Then the space in our laboratory was broken. It was really, a near perfect dismantling!” Speaking of which, female Scholars were full of fanatical colors.

“However, it ’s just a fragmentation of the Spiritual Qi space level. It has no effect on us in the physical space. We are not damaged! However, because our bodies are in various fragments, we can see, hear, think, and heartbeat is normal. But the body cannot move at all. “

Another quiet and calm female Scholar said: “In such a big accident, we all know that Ren Zuo will definitely make a shot, but after half an hour he did not restore the laboratory to its original state, indicating that Ren Zuo is powerless for space recovery.”

“Even he can’t do it. It is estimated that no one in the whole world can rescue us in this living space purgatory.” Female Scholars glanced at each other.

“Just when we were desperate, Chengling came and I wanted to scream at that time!” They held Dong Chengling’s hand tightly together: “It is really not enough to thank 10000 times! We all think we will Starve to death inside! “

Dong Chengling accepts their thanks openly. She rarely says humbly words like ‘this is what I should’ or ‘you are too polite’. It is her honor and thanks that she will never resign.

Ren Suo looking thoughtful.

Not yet when the time comes, don’t peek.

In other words, once the time comes, the base built by Supreme Paragon will appear?

As for when exactly this ‘time’ is, Ren Suo also knows-if he suddenly feels that the game is fun, or his girlfriend is the most fun, then most of this base has no chance to reproduce the day.

“So, are you really lovers?” Talking, their attention suddenly returned to Ren Suo and Dong Chengling.

Ren Suo shrugged: “Yeah, you see we all hold hands.”

“What kind of lover is holding hands? I also hold hands with my 5-year-old cousin.” Scholar with long hair sniffled: “Dear one, kiss one!”

“Kiss one, kiss one!” The three women cheered in excitement, as if they had just gone to the bathroom instead of escape alive from the dead space.

You guys just want to do something.

However, Dong Chengling, an independent woman, hates being forced to prove herself!

Ren Suo turned his head and looked towards Dong Chengling, and found that Dong Chengling was also looking at him, his big clear eyes flashing a glimmer of expectation.

He suddenly realized that these women were actually friends of Dong Chengling, and Dong Chengling … always had the habit of showing off to friends.

Every time she was promoted, she immediately asked Ren Suo to show off.

Without hesitation, Ren Suo nibbled at Dong Chengling’s soft lips, and Dong Chengling responded generously and warmly, seeing the female Scholars making an exciting and shy wow.

Until they were sorry, they said, “Okay, stop now. I look at you all and feel like you’re out of breath. Is the Fourth Cycle cultivator’s vital capacity so good?

“Hehe.” Ren Suo looked at them said with a smile: “Do you have any questions now?”

“What a lover is kissing.” Long-haired female Scholar blushed and said stiffly, “It’s a common thing to kiss now!”

“That is!”

“Our girls will also kiss each other. I can kiss Cheng Ling, are we lovers?”

Ren Suo shrugged: “You can’t believe it. You don’t want to provide us with a bed?”

Dong Chengling also said, “Late autumn, know Jing, please speak, stop it.”

“No!” Long-haired female Scholar raised a finger: “There is another way to easily prove that you are lovers!”

“what way?”

Three female Scholars looked at each other and said in unison–

“Registration of marriage!”

Ren Suo and Dong Chengling paused for a moment, then Ren Suo shrugged and said with a smile: “Don’t you want us to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau right now? But it’s big evening, and we didn’t even bring our hukou—”

Suddenly, two “Application for Marriage Registration Declaration” fell from the air to them.

Everyone is stunned.

A pen fell to the table.

The female Scholars immediately realized what was happening and said with great surprise, “Is it Ren Zuo? Ren Zuo, do you agree with this marriage !?”

Ren Suo was stunned. He secretly glanced over at Dong Chengling, and found that Dong Chengling’s sight had been completely attracted by the application on the desktop.

He couldn’t help but say, “Ren Zuo, you—”


Ren Zuo didn’t want to ignore him and smashed a camera into his head.

The next second, Ren Zuo’s faint sound of anger rang in Ren Suo’s heart–

“Take a 2-inch large photo of a male and female marriage photo. You do n’t need to worry about the identity card. The cost of the marriage certificate is 9.9 yuan. This seat also helped you out! This marriage is in favor!”

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