Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 843

If everyone is a game, then Qiao Muyi should be a soul action game. She is so mysterious and can not help immersing herself in it; she is so difficult and exhausting; she is so beautiful that she gives a ray of glory in despair and makes her think of going to Tian Tang , But actually fell into the abyss.

In the office of the Deputy Director of the Lianjiang Countermeasure Bureau, Yao Fei occasionally took pictures of Qiao Muyi on his desktop while working, and his thoughts suddenly flashed in his mind.

The door was knocked suddenly, and a young man darker than the panda came in and asked, “Yao Fei, are you free to have lunch together?”

Yao Fei was a little surprised, glanced at the time, and nodded replied: “It was already noon … OK, but wait for me to finish the work.”

“But this is really strange, I remember Li Dan, you always like to eat alone, even if you look for the Deputy Bureau?”

Li Dan opened the chair and sat down, calmly, “Because I have something to find you.”

Yao Fei smiled: “Eating people with short mouths and soft hands? Let’s talk about what’s going on first. If I can help, then you can ask for lunch.”

“I have a friend who is interested in you and wants to have dinner with you.”

“Can you say that this friend is not you?” Yao Fei said with a smile: “It’s not enough to just ask for lunch. Would you like to ask for dinner?”

Li Dan shook his head: “It’s not me. I have no interest in loving men and women. I have a lot of things for everyday all, work, practice, study, and manual … I have every day full and don’t need love.”

Yao Fei said, “Ah, I know, I heard that you bought a lot of machines and opened a workshop. Recently you seem to have made infinite gloves, crystal Elf balls, 1000 umbrellas? I have watched your videos online, didn’t expect Your awakening spell can even be used for fine processing. The entire Countermeasure Bureau, except for Joe’s Deputy Bureau, is your most famous. “

Li Dan nodded: “It’s just hobby. After all, I don’t need to sleep, and doing these things is more fun than sleeping.”

Yao Fei smiled and asked, “Did you ever meet the woman who made you sleep?”

Li Dan startedled slightly, not knowing what to think, with a slight smile on his face: “I have met half.”


Yao Fei blinked and didn’t quite understand.

Li Dan switched the topic at this time: “My friend is in good condition. I know your condition, your potential and your ambitions, but I am still willing to be a lobbyist for my friends. Knowledge or appearance, I think he deserves you. “

Yao Fei waved his hand: “I naturally believe in your vision, Li Dan, and you are willing to introduce it to me, it must be Dragon Phoenix among the people … but I really don’t have this mind.”

Li Dan said, “Well, it’s my fault.”

“Do you still have lunch?”

“Eat, haven’t you finished your job yet?”

Yao Fei said distressedly: “You should also know that the number of awakenings has surged once again since the” Top Secret File “came out, and Joe Qiao has gone on a tour. I have to come for all my work. I have no time these days go to bed.”

“I know you sleep in the bureau these days.” Li Dan said, “Vice Joe is really irresponsible.”

Yao Fei quickly said: “No, she didn’t know that Ren Naise would send a video before she asked for leave.”

Li Dan: “But asking for a month’s leave after the Spring Festival is irresponsible. Everything is busy and 100 things are pending. If you didn’t promise to replace Joe for the deputy, most of the bureau would not approve this leave.

Yao Fei frowned and said, “What do you know? Qiao’s Deputy Bureau has contributed a lot to the Bureau. What does she have to do on vacation? This is her proper treatment.”

Li Dan asked, “So you agree with her traveling with her boyfriend for a month?”

Yao Fei was silent for a moment, showing his face with a smile: “Of course, since Qiao’s deputy bureau had a boyfriend, it has changed a lot. He has a lot of smiles, a kinder person, fewer mischief, more beautiful, more concerned We are. “

She pretended to say casually: “I used to be her secretary before, and she had a headache all day. Now she’s hurting her boyfriend, and I’m much easier.”

Li Dan whispered: “Yeah, she is already a scourge of others.”

He glanced at Yao Fei. Although Yao Fei acted indifferently, she could not see how unhappy she was.

“So, you really don’t plan to get in touch with my friends? Don’t stay in the bureau at night and try to start a new relationship.” Li Dan said sincerely.

Seeing Li Dan’s concerned eyes, Yao Fei suddenly thought of something.

Night, Bureau, Feelings, Qiao Muyi, Introducing Boyfriend …

“I didn’t say I spent the night in the bureau, how do you know?” Yao Fei complexion greatly changed: “What do you know ?!”

Li Dan shrugged silently, pointing to his ears: “The Countermeasure Bureau is still quiet at night.”

“Have you heard that? You all know ?!” Yao Fei Shua ‘stood up, flushed to the base of her ears, and was so annoyed: “Is this muddy swollen!”

“Calm down, you speak like mouth shit.” Li Dan raised his hand and explained:

“Actually, I can understand it. After all, this is her office, and that chair is the chair she often sits in. I can really understand, and I will never say …”

“No, I, this, I’m not …” Yao Fei was already incoherent, and it took a while to sit down, lying on the table, hiding his head and refusing to see anyone.

Li Dan gently touched her head and said like policeman Uncle, “It’s all right, you’re gone, and you didn’t make a mistake. When did it start?”

Yao Fei was silent for a while, then said coldly, “It happened just a year ago.”

A year ago in April?

Rao Li Dan was also shocked: “Isn’t Qiao Muyi just entering the Countermeasure Bureau at that time? How did she … Ah sorry, you shouldn’t ask for details.”

“It doesn’t matter, in fact, there are no details.” Yao Fei rubbed his eyes and said, “Since you found it, let me also talk about it … I actually stunned for a long time.”

“She told me straightforwardly that she wanted to be my friend just because I thought I was beautiful. She hates men but loves acting men, and then she makes those men dare not fight back or even pleases her with her strength and beauty … is a terrible person. “

Li Dan sympathizes with nodded, even if he, in the past, has eaten Qiao Muyi’s losses.

“But she’s not like this in private. Gentle, handsome, funny, considerate, will have a lot of romantic tricks … which can make me happier than those stupid men.”

Yao Fei was lying on the table, looking at the beauties in the photo frame with eyes.

The beauty smiles like a flower and is dazzling, but this brilliant smile is blooming because of the man next to it-yes, this is a photo of Ren Suo and Qiao Muyi.

“She was just playing with me, but I was serious.”

“I envy Ren Suo …”

Li Dan’s mouth twitched-the current Countermeasure Bureau statement was that Ren Suo was pathetic.

“However, since she now has a man she likes, shouldn’t she be like before?” Li Dan casually said.

However, Yao Fei was weird.

“This is not necessarily the case.”


Yao Fei blinked, and Hongxia’s face appeared beautiful and moving.

“I said just now that she thought I was beautiful, so she came to play with me, not because she liked me. She didn’t have any ** when she looked at me, only appreciation.”

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