Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 844

I’m coming!

The next second, as the familiar weightlessness suddenly appeared, Ren Suo felt that his body was teleporting from bed to another bed, and then the fragrance of wind was blowing up ahead, and Qiao Muyi’s excited voice rang in his ear: “Catch Live you! “

“Time Walk” launches and Ren Suo enters 0.1% second time mode.

He quickly distinguished the situation on the battlefield, then lifted the spell extend the hand, hugged Qiao Muyi, who flew over, hugged his waist, circled the magic on the bed along the momentum, and both lay down

“Ah? Chengling, why did you teleport the little cable over?”

Qiao Muyi was quite surprised. Hehe smiled and pressed Ren Suo back under him, gently pulled the scattered long hair back out of the arc of the wave, covered his face and asked, “But I have already removed my makeup. Xiao Suo, How do I look now? “

“Good-looking, more attractive than Cyberpunk 2077.” Ren Suo nervously turned his head away, uttering words of praise incoherently, and did not dare to read.

I just didn’t find it with “Eye of Truth”. Only when I physically touched Ren Suo did I realize that Qiao Muyi now only wears fluttering pyjamas.


Ren Suo’s face was so hot that he could steam eggs, and he was ashamed as a little boy who just discovered his cousin’s hidden folder.

“So you are a straight man like you, really …” Qiao Muyi shook his head and reached out and pinched Ren Suo’s cheek: “Fortunately, I know what you’re talking about, so … I’m satisfied! Hehe! If you look good, you’ll have more Look, no one is after you! “

Qiao Muyi turned his head and looked towards Dong Chengling, said with a smile: “You finally agreed to follow me, like this, we secretly teleport the cord to our room every night, and then we share the cord to eat meat equally. As for the month Yan Xingmei, feed them some soup. “

Dong Chengling stood on the chair in the room, finally calmed down, and said slightly angrily: “It is because he saw that you had to catch me, so he came here to help … Xiao Qiao, you actually used the lock to empty powder!”

Ren Suo looked towards the corner of the room and found that there was really a little plastered powder.

Just now Ren Suo used “Eye of Truth” to see Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi playing chase in the room, Qiao Muyi chasing, Dong Chengling running, 2 people you come and go, full of childhood fun.

However, if Dong Chengling really wants to run, he can teleport back to Lianjiang and walk away. Why bother to spend so much energy?

It turned out that Qiao Muyi used the lock powder, which appeared in “The Gate of Truth”-Chen Liao used these powders to curb the gatekeeper’s teleportation!

This prop is similar to a space lock, both of which temporarily close the Spiritual Qi space, making it impossible to use spell teleport.

It ’s not unusual for Qiao Muyi to have this gadget. The Deputy Director of the Countermeasure Bureau can apply for many special resources, but Qiao Muyi uses this gadget to make Dong Chengling hide and seek with her. It feels like there is a ‘domineering president ’s bag to find you fishing for small dragon shrimp’ Sense of luxury.

Qiao Muyi shrugged: “No need to use it now? Anyway, you can’t meet the enemy who will teleport, even if you do meet, you will lock the space.”

Ren Suo asked, “But why do you want to seize Cheng Ling?”

Qiao Muyi smiled and looked down at Ren Suo: “Don’t you say that you want us to have a better relationship? So I want to sleep with Cheng Ling and hug us. This will deepen our friendship.”

Ren Suo looked towards Dong Chengling, Dong Chengling was difficult nodded.

If Qiao Muyi is really intentional, she will definitely use other spells to resist, but Qiao Muyi just wants to hug her, and Dong Chengling is not good at using spells. However, in terms of physical fitness and responsiveness, it is natural that cultivator Qiao Muyi is better than countermeasures, so it has evolved into a chase battle in the room.

“Nah, Xiao Suo, you come to persuade me, let Cheng Ling lie down.”

Qiao Muyi persuaded with a demon-like tone: “We will all be hukou people in the future. You don’t want us to quarrel anymore, right? But the feelings don’t seem to be there every day, only further communication, A little more contact will allow us to truly embrace each other and build a harmonious family. “

“But Cheng Ling seems a bit shy. At this time, you, the Head of the family, need to help and talk.”

Embrace each other.

Harmonious family.

The head of the family!

Qiao Muyi’s sentence was all about Ren Suo’s coolness. Ren Suo turned his head and looked towards Dong Chengling, an expression that was whispering and stopping.

Dong Chengling took a deep breath and shook his head: “If Xiao Qiao just wants to sleep with me, it’s OK, but she still does it!”

Qiao Muyi looked right: “What am I doing! Don’t smear me!”

“You …” Dong Chengling fell for a while and said, “You touched my waist and ears.”

“Is the waist and ears sensitive parts?” Qiao Muyi sighed. “I haven’t even touched those parts where you only want to touch the small cable, and have some jokes with your female children. Isn’t that all right? “

Dong Chengling couldn’t say Qiao Muyi, bit his lip slightly, and told Ren Suo a bit aggrieved, “She has a strange way.”

Ren Suo thought for a while, reached out and scratched Qiao Muyi’s waist, Qiao Muyi stunned for 3 seconds, and finally couldn’t help but smile tremblingly: “Little, what are you doing!”

Ren Suo stopped and sat up and said earnestly: “Wood Young Master, Cheng Ling doesn’t want you to stop the overlord, the twisted melon is not sweet. You see, I will feel uncomfortable when I scratch your waist, and Not all contacts are acceptable. “

Qiao Muyi Don’t overdo it, put your hands on your chest: “Oh, who said I’m uncomfortable? I just couldn’t help laughing, but I didn’t say I didn’t want to.”

“It’s true that not all contacts are acceptable, but if you are you, I don’t mind how you touch me.”

Qiao Muyi was close to Ren Suo, with fox-like eyes overflowing with a touch of affection: “I believe Xiao Suo you will definitely not hurt me and hurt me, don’t you?”

What else can Ren Suo say? He can’t just overdo it and nodded it-don’t look down, Cheng Ling is watching beside, can’t show shameful expression!

“So you should also believe that I will not hurt Cheng Ling, hurt Cheng Ling. How can I hurt the woman you like?” Qiao Muyi kept blowing the pillow wind.

Ren Suo looked helplessly towards Dong Chengling, and Dong Chengling responded with an aggrieved look.

Ren Suo gritted his teeth, held down Qiao Muyi’s jade shoulder, and said in a heroic tone: “Let Cheng Ling, come to me!”

Qiao Muyi raised her eyebrows slightly and said lonely, “Why do you think I am doing bad things? I just want to get closer to her.”

After all, Qiao Muyi lay down with their backs to them, looking angry.

Ren Suo and Dong Chengling looked at each other. Dong Chengling hesitated a moment, moved to the bed, and Pats Qiao Muyi’s shoulder said softly, “Little Joe.”

no response.

“I don’t actually hate your closeness, just … I can’t accept it for the time being.”

no response.

Dong Chengling thought for a moment, and looked towards Ren Suo: “I ask you to stay with us tonight. If Xiao Qiao can stay close to me within a reasonable range when I ask, I can accept it.”

Qiao Muyi immediately sat up and looked towards Ren Suo with a smile on his face: “Xiao Suo, how do you say?”

Am I cheated by these two women?

“I can’t ask for it.”

Ren Suo covered his face and didn’t overdo it. He suspected that he would have a nosebleed.

Then everyone turned off the lights to sleep, Qiao Muyi slept, Ren Suo and Dong Chengling slept on 2 sides. Qiao Muyi was very restless. As soon as he fell asleep, he touched east and west, and hehe laughed as he wished, giving Ren Suo a strange illusion–

Isn’t it that two girlfriends slept with me, but two love concubines sleeping for Qiao Muyi?

If you think about it, it is true. After all, Ren Suo dare not touch it, no matter who he reaches out to his evil hand, he will be killed by another look. Even if Ren Suo is bold, he and Dong Chengling are separated by a living person, and if he chooses Qiao Muyi …

10000 Can’t hold the gun, I’m afraid it will be teleported back to Lianjiang by Dong Chengling and calm down.

On the contrary, Qiao Muyi wanted to do whatever she wanted. She went to sleep at Dong Chengling after Ren Suo, and secretly observed Ren Suo at Dong Chengling.

But Qiao Muyi did converge. Dong Chengling’s actions turned her a blind eye, but she also couldn’t sleep. Suddenly asked: “Sorry, you just said, did you see us making trouble in the room?”

“Yeah,” Ren Suo said, “I saw you chasing around the room with my own eyes, and it felt strange, so I called you.”

“New spell? Perspective?” Dong Chengling was curious, and hit Qiao Muyi to her rabbit’s hand. “Does Countermeasure Bureau have such a spell?”

“No. Spells like” listen to heaven and earth “are also investigating intelligence from the side, not to the extent of” seeing with your own eyes “. Qiao Muyi asked: “This should be the same as the Body-Transformation Technique, from the Immortal Palace World Tree, right?” “

“That’s right!” Ren Suo flashed at them the “eyes of truth” tied to her wrists, like a little child showing off new toys:

“This item is called” Eye of Truth. “Do you know the gatekeeper who opens the door to truth? This is a gift he gave me. I can use this prop to observe anywhere in the world. “

He briefly explained the conditions for using “Eye of Truth”. Qiao Muyi heard eyes shined, grabbed his hand against himself, and asked with a charming voice: “Xiao Suo, can I play with this prop?”

Wait, where did you put my hand!


Like this kind of props that can be shared, Ren Suo doesn’t mind letting his girlfriend know, anyway, you can use the reason of “Immortal Palace World Tree Gifts” as a reason.

“Yeah!” Qiao Muyi cheered, took down his “Eye of Truth”, and exclaimed: “Wow, really, I can see Hida’s hot spring hotel!”

Dong Chengling was also curious: “Let me try it too.”

Listening to the 2 pretty girls around him excitedly playing “Eye of Truth”, Ren Suo was also a little happy.

He is a shared personality, otherwise he would not often find younger sisters to play games. And the rewards and achievements in the Mini-world Game Console are undoubtedly Ren Suo’s biggest achievements since he stood out in the racing battle of 20 million participants more than 100000000 years ago.

But he couldn’t share it with other people. It had nothing to do with trust. Only one person knew the secret.

Pretending to be the Earth receptionist of Immortal Palace World Tree, it was actually helpless, after all, Ren Suo had summoned Ren Han, Zhao Zili, Daoist and the others before them.

Now that they can finally show them the powerful equipment they have extracted, Ren Suo can be described as a satisfaction-finally, it can be a small feeling of pretense.

Ren Suo yawned and quickly fell asleep.

In my dream, it was another day to take care of the little beasts.

Waking up during the day, Ren Suo was still woken up by Dong Chengling. Qiao Muyi next to him hugged him like a red panda, with a reassuring smile on his face without Shidai.

It’s weird. I don’t know if it’s because he just woke up. Ren Suo doesn’t have much ** at this moment, but it’s more compassion.

Gently kissed his forehead, Qiao Muyi immediately woke up and looked at him with a smile on his face, overflowing with sweet sweetness in his eyes, and suddenly pushed him to get up: “Go and brush your teeth and wash your face.”

“You said you were picky before …”

“Hurry up, see that Cheng Ling is going to hate you!”

Dong Chengling nodded.

When Ren Suo fulfilled her boyfriend’s obligations well, when leaving the room, Gu Yueyan, Ren Xingmei, Lin Xianyu, and Xiaoyu holding the black cat came to the door.

Ren Suo looked at the large group of people outside and subconsciously wanted to close the door, but Ren Xingmei has launched a “time walk” to get in.

She rushed in and saw that Qiao Muyi and Dong Chengling were both well dressed, and glanced at the sheets again. There were no suspicious water marks, and they were very clean. Then she was relaxed, turned and pressed Ren Suo against the wall, asking: “Brother, why are you out of this room?”

“This one……”

Gu Yueyan pierced his waist fiercely and said angrily, “You are wearing pajamas now. You must not be here in the morning, and you can’t get up earlier than me! Mr. Suo, were you here last night?”

Suddenly, the chicken jumped. Fortunately, Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi helped to explain, and Ren Suo escaped, but it also made Ren Suo really feel what the love of Lu Bingbing is.

Alas, really hard work.

The next day, they visited Central Park, the Statue of Liberty Goddess, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and even took a boat to Liberty Island to see the place where Monkey King had fought-Monkey King was here to make Angel Zach inhuman. .

It wasn’t until he returned to the hotel at night to play with Luna for half an hour, and everyone was preparing to return to his room, Ren Suo suddenly remembered something.

“Cheng Ling, Mu Young Master, what about my” eye of truth “? “

Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi looked at each other. Qiao Muyi pulled a thin necklace from the neckline, which was the eye of truth.

“That’s it.” Ren Suo reached out to take it back, but Qiao Muyi shoved the necklace back into the gully at the neckline and looked at him with a smile, as if he wanted to take it out with his own hands.

Ren Suo thought, but everyone looked at it and had to laugh at it: “Wood Young Master …”

Qiao Muyi said slowly: “Cheng Ling and I both think that your prop is very useful and a rare good thing.”

“Well, I think so.” Ren Suo is nodded again and again, this kind of props that can detect anywhere at any time, and at no cost and without a cooldown time, can be used in many places except for being unable to fight.

“So, it’s mine.”

“En?” Ren Suo blinked.

“Chengling originally wanted to take it, but Chengling has mastered the ability to teleport you, so monitoring your power will naturally only be handed to me.” Qiao Muyi glanced at the other girls: “You agree? “

Whether true or false, Ren Xingmei and Gu Yueyan are nodded anyway.

“Xiao Suo, we all know how dangerous your part-time job is, so for the sake of safety, we hope to keep track of your whereabouts.” Qiao Muyi 2 said tearfully: “You go to the dark side of the moon and Ded When you pull, do you know how much we worry about you? “

What else can Ren Suo say? He can only be nodded.

“Although it’s hard to open your teeth, Cheng Ling’s strength control on you is too big. She can instantly teleport you to her bed at any time, but we can’t even know it. Too unfair, right? “

Dong Chengling justified: “I wouldn’t do that.”

Qiao Muyi asks, “Are you not teleporting, or are you going to be overwhelming?”

Dong Chengling groaned for a while and decided not to lower oneself to somebody’s level with her.

“Also, although you have a brain … but you have a good heart, we are really worried that you will be cheated by a bad woman.”

Qiao Muyi’s expression of “I am for you”: “So the eye of truth is left to me for safekeeping, rest assured, I will make good use of it.”

“Speaking of this, do you have a way to get back the Eye of Truth directly?”

Ren Suo nodded: “Yes.”

Qiao Muyi caressed Ren Suo’s face and said softly: “Then you better not take it back casually, otherwise I will think you are in danger or cheated by a bad woman … then I will let Cheng Spirit General immediately You teleport back in case 10000 one. “

“Of course, I will not observe you anytime. If I suddenly miss you, I will first send you a message. As long as you actively respond to what you are doing within 10 minutes, I will not watch.

If you are at home, most of the time I will give you enough private space, prefer video calls, and not use the eye of truth.

If you’re dating them, I won’t bother, I don’t even want to watch. “

“But don’t leave from my eyes, will you?”

Qiao Muyi’s palms were so silky and warm that Qiao Muyi was expressing pleasant feelings, but Ren Suo felt a chill spread from his spine to his whole body.

He murmured in his throat, nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“Good.” Qiao Muyi smiled charmingly: “Yes, although it was not intentional, but you did accompany us to sleep last night. For the sake of fairness, it is your turn to accompany Yueyan and Xingmei tonight, and wait to wash Let’s go over after bathing. “

Ren Xingmei waved his hand: “Remember to wear the pajamas I bought for you, see you later ~”

Gu Yueyan coldly snorted: “You can (have) not come.”

After sending them away, Ren Suo was lost in thought.

So, from now on, I do n’t have the right to use the Eye of Truth?

Although it doesn’t matter, after all, this item is not a commonly used equipment in The Tomorrow of Tomorrow, and can be used directly to strengthen the elite cultivator.

As for other games in the future, such pure auxiliary props will rarely come in handy.

Like “Listening to Headphones” and “Decorating for Daoist”, most of the “Eye of Truth” is only used by Ren Suo himself-now it is Qiao Muyi.

But Ren Suo always felt weird.

Wait, why did the Wooden Young Master take the initiative to offer compensation to younger sister and Yueyan …

Oh huh, no wonder the younger sister and Yue Yan agreed with Qiao Muyi’s motion. They were afraid they had not carried out a dirty secret trade.

Wait, don’t I have another dormitory service function?

Game time has been further compressed, and hopefully this is just an accident.

Wait, wouldn’t they be able to monitor my life from now on?

Although Qiao Muyi indicated that as long as Ren Suo showed the schedule, she would not disturb, and Ren Suo also believed that she would not abuse it, after all, she had told Ren Suo all the precautions in advance.

But now Qiao Muyi is in charge, Dong Chengling controls the distance, cooperates with each other, and is seamless.

As soon as something happens to Ren Suo, such as distress / betrayal, they can come to rescue / catch immediately.

You stand on the bridge and look at the scenery, and people who look at the scenery look at you upstairs.

Although it is good that someone comes to the rescue in distress, Ren Suo always feels that the chance of another situation will be a little bit bigger … It has nothing to do with character, purely intuitive.

He felt as if he had given the rope to the executioner.

Am I … fooled by a bad woman?

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