Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 845

“ Battle Victory ”

“Contract 8841 pandas”

“ Get 1610 Dream Experience Crystals ”

“Blessed with Buddha Panda (5/5)”

“Blessings from the Buddha Panda (5/5): After the Buddha Pandas are defeated, they will bless the winners. The winners who get the blessings will be more savvy, and the growth efficiency of the cultivation base will be + 10%.

There was a monk who pointed upward to the sky and lowered the earth, saying: ‘The one who descends is born, the one who does not descend is born.’ Buddha pandas have deeply implemented this Zen phrase. “

Ren Suo only found out at this time that the blessing of the Buddha Panda actually targeted the entire cultivator Legion, which means that even if a new elite cultivator comes in the future, you can enjoy the blessing bonus.

Originally, Ren Suo should clear Chapter 3’s development mode last night, but unfortunately suddenly encountered some small things, delayed important game time, and played around during the day, so he could only drag it into the bath and lie in the bathtub Play “The Hell of Tomorrow”.

In the development mode, Ren Suo naturally brushes the panda copy. The income of the Panda copy increases with the number of people. After all, the “dream experience crystal” is actually nothing to do with the panda, but the experience props generated by the children after receiving the “Future Response”.

In the previous plate, only a dozen crystals could be brushed, and now a wave can be brushed with 1610 crystals. The huge gap made Ren Suo fully feel that the power of production means and capital was like a snowball.

Of course, after the scale of the war reached 10000 people, the pandas were also exquisite, with the power of bears, the agility of cats, and the killing of mountains and rivers.

Many children of cultivator Legion are still in the first battle, even if they have the bonus of Supreme Paragon, but at this time Earth Spiritual Qi is barren, it can only reach the level of First Cycle cultivator. Ren Suo thought that he must lose 2 or 3 sets to find the correct copy. .

This idea was completely destroyed when he put down the invincible Ren Zuo.

The extraordinary ceiling is not stigmatizing. In the era when the Spiritual Qi recovery has not yet begun, relying only on the Spiritual Qi points provided by Supreme Paragon, the little Ren Zuo actually gained Fourth Cycle battle strength directly!

In an extraordinary era, Fourth Cycle Ren Zuo is World’s First, which is the sky, and the flying fairy outside the sky!

Even if the young Ren Zuo insisted on leaving the game for a while, he still beat the panda Legion halfway, and the remaining half Ren Suo forcibly defeated him with his strength.

After the victory, the game pops up a message:

“Less than 50 local pandas are endangered. Because of fear of your force, they have actively left this place to find new habitats to breed (this copy is permanently closed).”

“Your reputation among pandas has increased dramatically.”

At this point, the copy of Leshan Buddha Panda has also disappeared from the map of Xuanguo. The pandas have been contracted by the children of the cultivator Legion. Except for the stitches and needles, nothing else has been taken away.

Before making copies, Ren Suo spent all his dream experience crystals, and raised the number of cultivation bases of 15 elite cultivators to Seventh Cycle!

When the copy is copied in Earth, the battle strength of the cultivation base is not greatly improved, but the spell and feature effects of the cultivation are still effective. When the cultivators are promoted to Seventh Cycle, almost all features will be enhanced.

Ren Suo glanced at it and found that the feature enhancement effect changed the most, which is Zhao Huo’s “small dragon King Heavenly Venerate potential”.

“Dragon King Heavenly Venerate: Can intercept 2 enemy units (enhanced after Eigth Cycle).”

The name is small, and there is one more intercepting unit, but compared with the Seventh Cycle enhancement of other elite cultivators, the gap is not very large.

Ren Suo’s most impressive feature is that his Seventh Cycle feature is a feature that can be continuously upgraded. Seventh Cycle once and Eigth Cycle once. It is estimated that Ninth Cycle can rise again.

If you upgrade this way, even a pig has to be upgraded to Second Senior Brother.

Zhao Huo turned out to be a hero.

Other elite cultivators have also been slightly strengthened, except for the strengthening of attacks, the strengthening of defenses, and the increase in the number of intercepting units.

Now that everyone is promoted to Seventh Cycle, Ren Suo naturally starts the exciting next step: promotion to Eigth Cycle.

There are 9 cultivators that can be promoted to Eigth Cycle. Ren Suo thought about it and chose to promote Zhao Huo first.

Although Zhao Huo is the weakest Ninth Cycle, it is also a Ninth Cycle. How can the upgrade income be higher than other Eigth Cycle cultivators, not to mention his first feature can continue to be strengthened.

It took 2 Xianyuan Stones to bear the pain for Zhao Huo Heaven Sect, and then Ren Suo saw that Supreme Paragon found the little Zhao Huo who had just fallen asleep in the base, aimed at the forehead of Zhao Huo, and flicked his 2 brains .

Little Zhao Huo was sobbed and cried, broke the arms of Supreme Paragon, turned around to find Xiao Fan Fanjiao, and then Little Meng came to comfort him, and Sun Shu, a little baby, watched curiously in the crib.

Ren Suo scratched his head. He wasn’t surprised that Xiao Huo would find someone to be coquettish. He already knew that after these children consumed the “Fantasy Experience Crystal”, they would have more or less future memory fragments.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why Ren Zuo and You Jian and Chen Liao, Sakura Kyoko and Mizuhashi Asami, Zach and Roy spontaneously form a circle. Therefore, the young Zhao Huo must already know that he will have 3 wives in the future, so he is very active in feeding and changing diapers for Sun Shu.

But why did Xiao Huo immediately look for Fan Fan who she just met instead of childhood sweethearts Little Meng?

Hmm … Is it true that Ome is not in the air, Zhao Huo can see that the anime has finally been reflected in him.

After ringing Heaven Sect, Zhao Huo can continue to eat dreams and experience crystal promotion. Then Ren Suo was shocked to upgrade everyone to Seventh Cycle. It only cost more than 500 crystals, and he gave Zhao Huo 1000 crystals, which was just just Raise his cultivation base to 30% of the Seventh Cycle!

The required experience after the Seventh Cycle is several times more than the total EXP before the Seventh Cycle!

Sure enough, Ren Suo knew that it would not be easy to graduate a strong character at full level.

He has also been prepared for this, browsing the map of Xuan Kingdom with a calm mind, and continued to copy.

He quickly selected the next victim: the Lianjiang panda, with a consumption threshold of 25 points and a total of 510000 pandas.

Entering the scene, Ren Suo immediately discovered that the battle site was actually a lake, and they did not know which lake in Lianjiang the pandas had occupied. Ren Suo, a former socially impaired person, could not recognize it, and put the pioneer cultivator in the routine.

Pandas are almost all eating, and when they find uninvited guests, Qi Qi expressions stand up badly.

The first group to attack was a group of pandas eating sausage powder. As soon as their chopsticks were thrown, all of them flowed silky and smooth on the ground, quickly approaching the Vanguard Dragon King!


Ren Suo hurriedly put Sun Shu in, and the second batch of pandas stood up.

They ate roasted wheat, flung the steamer, swelled the whole circle, and rushed forward with vigour, and stepped on the ground!

The next battles are the pandas eating wonton noodles and the pandas eating boat porridge. Each and everyone attributes are not the same. They played the cultivator Legion defense line on the verge of collapse!

With “listening to headphones,” Ren Suo quickly understood the panda’s special ability: what to eat and what to add.

Those who eat smooth tender intestine powder get the “smooth body” effect, and the movement speed and attack speed are greatly increased;

Those who eat roasted wheat get the “wrapped body” effect, and their defense and attack power are greatly increased;

If you eat fresh shrimp wonton noodles, you will get the “tongue pleasure” effect, and all attributes will be strengthened;

Those who eat boat congee get the effect of “warming into the heart and spleen”, and their recovery ability is greatly enhanced.

There are also many foods, such as milk-yellow-encrusted red rice sausage, glutinous rice, chicken, double-skinned milk, beef ball, barbecued pork and mango pancake, but the strengthening effect is almost the same.

And unlike the previous copy, over time, the number of pandas sent out gradually exceeds 30000!

In the previous copy, the pandas sent will not exceed the total strength of the cultivator Legion, but now it is an exception!

Is it the change caused by the cultivator Legion’s strength over 10000, or is it because the pandas are playing too much to cause anger?

But it doesn’t matter, you have Zhang Liangji, I have Ren Ren Zuo!

1000 Magical Powers, infinite enemies, I just ask, can it be Ren Zuo?

Put Ren Zuo in the middle of the battlefield and hit half of it instantly. When Ren Zuo leaves the game, he will be restored to the state, and the remaining half will slowly pack up.

ten thousand li Mountain and River · Best Toolman · Ren Zuo.

“ Battle Victory ”

“Contract 13240 pandas”

“ Get 1875 Dream Experience Crystals ”

“Obtaining the Fragrant Panda (1/5)”

“The fragrance of the panda panda (1/5): After the panda pandas are defeated, the food scent of their pandas will remain on the victors, and the victors will become more vocal over time, their feeding ability will increase, their development efficiency will increase, and their future cultivation base will rise. Enhancement of future echoes obtained (Creation efficiency of fantasy experience + 2%) “

‘Bears are born for 50 years, like dreams, fantasy, sorrow and joy, fleeting. Why not sing for wine, enjoy yourself, eat delicious when you are happy, eat delicious when you are sad, and engraving memories and time in another way forever? ‘This is how the puppet wise man who saw the world broke. “

Ren Suo blinked and it took 3 seconds to understand the nature of this buff

Fatty buff.

If you eat too much, you will develop well. If you grow well, you will have a high cultivation base … Can this cultivator still convert fat into cultivation base?

However, Ren Suo seriously thinks that there are not a lot of fat in the cultivator he knows, even if he is a man with four limbs and five valleys, he has a few abdominal muscles, and Zhao Huo Yu Kuangtu Not to mention, they are almost full of philosophy after undressing.

The cultivator’s meal is very scary. Among the people Ren Suo knows most is Dong Chengling. He just cooked it with Dong Chengling by asking for dinner. Others are similar, they have to empty a whole pot of white rice for a dinner.

However, even though Dong Chengling eats too much, his waist is almost as thin as his, which shows that cultivation can really refining fat.

This “Scent of Panda Panda” is actually a buff with a realistic foundation. It follows the basic principle of “refining gas”, so that the future cultivator can gain weight for more than ten years. After the Spiritual Qi revives, the cultivator can enjoy the blessing. It’s the fat guy who has to start from a young age.

Ren Suo continues to brush this copy, waiting for the “Panda Fragrance” buff effect to reach the full value, the cultivator Legion has also fully contracted the panda, but the critical value has also dropped to 13 points.

It takes 25 points to clear the “Lianjiang Panda” once, and the Ren Suo threshold is not enough.

So, what about a space war in Chapter 3?

Ren Suo shook his head slightly, calling out Sovereign Celestial Maiden.

The space war in Chapter 2 will require summon game characters to help out, and Chapter 3 will definitely be harder.

Therefore, Ren Suo must strengthen the cultivator Legion to the limit in the cultivation mode before starting the war.

The gold is inevitable, that is, Ren Suo is not hesitant now, but he will not fight in the space war.

Anyway, it is a game with a maximum reward of 2200 points of merit.

“Whether to pay 99 points of merit and have Sovereign Celestial Maiden launch a storm of 10000 law to restore the random threshold.”

Ren Suo took a deep breath, “Yes”!

However, Ren Suo still holds unrealistic expectations: If the player privilege “Goose and plucking hair” can trigger the effect of -10 points of consumption feats, or just dispense with this consumption feats …

A pop-up prompt appears in the game: “The geese failed to start plucking. Please try again next time. All rights of interpretation belong to Nesser.”

Ren Suo watched for a moment, what?

Can player privileges still trigger failure?

Try again next time?

But my merits have been given!

“Wow, I said that, you must ask me for help ~”

The beautiful pretty face of Sovereign Celestial Maiden, at this moment in Ren Suo’s eyes, was so slender, as if the few feats he could not avoid were fooled by Sovereign Celestial Maiden.

“So, let me help you. Gentle space, rich time, horrible emotions, harsh and active moonlight …”

Sovereign Celestial Maiden smiled: “My order is the fate of others!”

After the picture flickered, Sovereign Celestial Maiden was gone. And the critical value in the upper right corner, from 13 to 213!

Fully restored the threshold of 200 points!

Ren Suo can make 8 more copies!

Waiting for Ren Suo to be happy, another good news pops up again:

“Because the recovery of the critical value is greater than the full value, the future communication station has cooled down, and the open call for recruitment has been cooled down.”

Ren Suo suddenly shined.

Open call for recruitment and 3rd future newsletter!



In another bedroom, Lin Xianyu was lying on the bed with Xiao Yan playing “Glory of the King” and playing foreign clothes. The black cat crossed Lin Xianyu’s head, watching Lin Xianyu curiously playing games.

Xiaoxi suddenly said, “Wow, how do you have that many skins in foreign service?”

Lin Xianyu said casually, “I have all skin.”

“Wow, how much money did you charge?” Xiao Yan glanced at Lin Xianyu suspiciously. “Should you steal the money at home? Or earn it for some fat and oily uncle services?”

Lin Xianyu slaps Xiao Xiao’s head with a slap, but he can’t.

She didn’t do anything, she looked at Xiaoyan with a look of surprise: “How do you understand that many?”

“I know everything,” Xiaoma hummed. “But Xiaoma knows Xiaoma shouldn’t understand, so you and Luna will know. Luna won’t betray me, even if you say it, no one will believe you. of!”

This child, at such a young age, was so suffocated, and did not know which unlucky ghost would be liked by her in the future.

Lin Xianyu shrugged and said, “I didn’t charge much, I rushed for $ 1.”

“You lie to the ghosts, I’m a fox demon!” Xiao Yan said sullenly. “How could a skin be a dollar?”

“Because there was a bug while charging, the game in turn gave me a few thousand thousand coupons.” Lin Xianyu shrugged.

Xiaozhuo looked at Lin Xianyu seriously, with a surprised expression: “Will there be such a good thing? Wu wu wu Why can’t Xiaoyu meet?”

“I basically play games like this, I don’t know why it is easy to encounter this kind of charging bug.”

Lin Xianyu said casually: “Anyway, I never lose a game, and the game never earns me money.”

Xiaoxi immediately pleased to come and hug Lin Xianyu: “Xianyu elder sister, help Xiaoxi also charge some money ~”

“It’s useless, and I can’t trigger bugs in every game. Only occasionally will I have such luck. If I charge money specifically for triggering bugs, I will almost always have trouble.

“It’s so good, it’s so good.” Xiao Yan enviously said, “Xianyu you, is this your true awakening spell?”

“How could it be, even if it were, it would be useless other than white skin props.”

“How about having skin? It’s nothing more than a horror, a horrible horror, or a big thigh holding Big Brother Ren and Little Star.”

Lin Xianyu drowsily lay on the bed and looked at the screen of the mobile phone and said, “This World, you can’t succeed by playing burp games.”

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