Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 848

April 4, the last day in New York.

After watching the musical at 100 Broadway in the evening, I will fly to Los Angeles early in the morning, so Ren Suo can finally take a good rest.

But what makes Ren Suo a little uneasy is that he doesn’t know what Gu Yueyan and Ren Xingmei said, or they didn’t say anything, anyway, Qiao Muyi’s eyes always make Ren Suo trembling in fear today- He seemed to see a female devil playing with sentient beings.

Ren Suo wanted to find Dong Chengling to protect himself, only to find that Dong Chengling was looking at him with subtle eyes.

Even Lin Xianyu suddenly came over to pats his shoulder, and said with pity on his face:

“Big Brother Ren, come on, you’re still young, definitely no problem! Not just a few beautiful group supper orders, you can definitely feed the customers!”

“Supper? What supper?” Ren Suo pretended not to understand the little little girl Lin Xianyu.

He felt that he had found the culprit for the bad Gu Yueyan.

However, the soldiers came to the ground, the water came to block, and Ren Suo, who had 5 girlfriends, had already realized this.

Although I don’t know what crafty plots and machinations they have, but take a good rest, and reserve strength and store up energy are certainly right, so Ren Suo plans to get through tonight in Chapter 3 of The Tomorrow of Tomorrow and go to sleep.

First, of course, “open call”!

With the blessing of “Star Lord’s Title Support”, Ren Suo can recruit enough thousand people this time!

What is the concept of hundred thousand people? Now there are more than 2 people in cultivator Legion!

Although the number of recruits has increased tenfold, Ren Suo also knows that it is unlikely to recruit 10 high-speed cultivators, but … 6 7 high-speed cultivators should always be there?

However, Ren Suo still has only one reverb tag. After a short thought, Ren Suo resolutely chose “natural disaster”!

The milk volume may overflow and the defense may overflow, but the output will never be too small!

Before the card was drawn, Ren Suo naturally had to find his girlfriends to add magic … Borrow!

He didn’t even miss Xiaoyu and Lin Xianyu!

Don’t you say, when Ren Suo touched Lin Xianyu’s little head, he felt that he was really borrowing magic, and there was a solemn touch on his palm, as if he had plundered something from Lin Xianyu.

When Ren Suo said this, Lin Xianyu thought about it and said indifferently, “Sorry, I haven’t washed my hair for a few days.”

She paused, adding: “I’m lazy.”

Although it’s nothing, Ren Suo still says that the user experience is extremely poor.

“Successfully recruited 99998 Fourth Cycle cultivator!”

Ren Suo was slightly discouraged-only 2 high-turn cultivators were recruited.

Shouldn’t it be that borrowing is impossible, but Lin Xianyu’s bad luck?

However, when Ren Suo carefully read the intelligence information of the two cultivators, his face suddenly changed.

“Visit Seventh Cycle cultivator!”

“I’m no longer a prop, I’m the one who speaks the name for itself.”

“Seventh Cycle cultivator, 偃月 Azure Dragon · Longevity, asked.”

“Longevity, natural disaster cultivator, long battle position, cost 20 points”

“Attack: Strong, Defense: Weak, Attack Range: 3 cells”

“Characteristics: Non-human 哉: All non-human cultivator attack power + 10%.”

“Hedao spell · Sword of Spring and Autumn: Longevity fully penetrates the martial Saint’s stunts of the past. This sword issued by him will penetrate 10000 objects and cause armor piercing damage to all units on the attack line.”

“Reliability: 0%”

“Hedao cultivation base: Fourth Cycle 0%”

“Find the Eigth Cycle cultivator!”

“Sometimes, I think of someone for no reason. He made me hope for tomorrow, but it didn’t appear in my tomorrow at all.”

“Eigth Cycle cultivator, Water Fairy Maiden Yue · Wang Shu, reviving.”

“Wang Shu, natural disaster cultivator, long battle position, deployment cost 31 points”

“Attack: Strong, Defense: Weak, Attack Range: 3 cells”

“Characteristic Moonlight: Can attack 3 enemy units at the same time.”

“Second feature: (activated after Eigth Cycle)”

“Spell Spell · Qin Shiming Month: Cultivate 1000 years of water Fairy Maiden Yue has accumulated a huge amount of Yuehua energy. With the help of Xianyuan, the stellar destruction damage will erupt, and the next 8 attacks will become a wide area. Attacks all and deals 225% crit damage. “

“Reliability: 0%”

“Hedao cultivation base: Fourth Cycle 0%”

Actually pulled out the pair of the most popular monster combinations at present!

After the first episode of “The Gate of Truth”, the whole world knows these two Demon ghosts from the mysterious kingdom: Changsheng and Wangshu!

Although there were only 2 high-speed cultivator recruited for the recruitment of thousand people, which made Ren Suo a little bit regretful, being able to pump Eigth Cycle cultivator Wangshu was enough to make Ren Suo happy.

Not to mention the longevity feature “non-human puppet” can just strengthen himself and Wang Shu, greatly increasing their tactical value.

Wang Shu’s own characteristics and spell combination belong to the upper middle level in the Eigth Cycle. The second only to You Jian and Zach are more practical than the “Chen Liao” and “Huskar” recruited before. Ren Suo is nothing fussy.

But what surprised Su Su the most was not the tactical value of these two, but their … everyday value.

I saw a man and a woman sulking in the cultivator base. The man was tall and pale, wearing white shirts, jeans, and white hair, just like Hooligan on the street, and scared the children away from him.

And the woman was wearing a wide-sleeved flowing fairy skirt, with a gentle smile and a fairy smile. As if the fairy in the fairy tales descended from the earth, the children were almost embracing her and surrounding her.

Changsheng and Wangshu, two of them in 2 … already adults!

If you think about it, neither of them is an ordinary person, but there are at least 2 2-year-old Demon ghosts, and time can’t restrain them at all.

But longevity is also that’s all. Didn’t expect 1000 years of jubilee. He liked this white-haired killer tone.

But Ren Suo remembers that Wang Shu he had met was male, but Wang Shu appeared in the base was female …

Either the two Wangshus are not the same person at all, or because the Spiritual Qi has not recovered in 2, Wangshu now appears as her original version.

However, Wang Shu is also a woman after the Taoist form. That is to say, Wang Shu will change back in 2049 … Can Earthlings play this way?

What Wang Shu said also confirmed Ren Suo’s guess: “Supreme Paragon in 2049, thank you for awakening me from endless sleep. Wang Shu is willing to be your blade and fight to protect your homeland.”

Wang Shu is indeed the initial version that Supreme Paragon just awakened.

Longevity gloomy and uncertain looked at Supreme Paragon, silently looking for a place in the base to sit down. He may be ashamed of his inability to resist Supreme Paragon’s call, but still acquiesced that he was willing to obey Supreme Paragon’s command.

Wang Shu also said, “Fighting for your home, Wang Shu is at your disposal, but Wang Shu has a presumptuous request. I don’t know if the Supreme Paragon of 10000 can be completed …”

Supreme Paragon: “The deity knows what you want and you won’t be able to see him until long.”

Now Supreme Paragon is no longer a younger brother who flinched in front of Star Lord, but led the cultivator Legion, the cultivator of the world, the Savior of the solar system!

the mouth holds the Heaven’s Decree

Wang Shu, who dared to blast the Ren Family cultivator directly, did not dare to spit in the face of him; Wang Shu, who communicated with the Countermeasure Bureau of Xuan Kingdom on an equal basis in the future, was cautiously talking to him!

With the promise of Supreme Paragon, Wang Shu’s face showed joy, without any doubt, and said gratefully, “Wang Shu is willing to die for his homeland!”

Supreme Paragon: “The cultivation technique” Shape Transformation Techniques “you researched has many mistakes. The deity is willing to improve this cultivation technique for you, but you need to help the deity to deal with daily affairs as the price. Are you willing? Also, you need Teach the perfect “Shape Transformation Tips” to non-humans in need, such as Changsheng. “

Wang Shu looked up sharply: “Wang Shu is willing!”

The game pops up a prompt: “Will you spend 155 fantasy experience crystals to raise Wangshu’s cultivation base to Seventh Cycle 0%?”

Ren Suo blinked.

Wait, if he remembered it correctly, the future cultivator will get future repercussions when he improves the cultivation base.

Even children can receive a lot of memories, so Xiao Huo even knew who would be his wife in the future, and Wang Shu would definitely receive more.

In other words, if Ren Suo feeds Wang Shu to the Seventh Cycle with a dream experience crystal, she will most likely never reverberate and get the cultivation cultivation technique from the future …

Throughout the process, Supreme Paragon actually did nothing!

After all, Ren Suo would definitely feed Wang Shu to the Eigth Cycle, and Supreme Paragon actually used these gifts as a reward to deceive Wang Shu, who was not deeply involved in the world, to sign an unequal contract!

Ren Suo criticized Supreme Paragon’s character and wisdom tsk tsk while choosing “yes”.

When Wang Shu was fed to the Seventh Cycle 0%, she paused for a moment, then bowed and thanked, “Thank you Supreme Paragon.”

Ren Suo suspected that Wang Shu already knew something, but under the eaves, he had to bow his head, and could only follow the meaning of Supreme Paragon.

After all, I can’t beat Supreme Paragon. What can I do other than grievance and compromise?

At first glance, it seems that Supreme Paragon used a conspiracy; in fact, it was a conspiracy!

Supreme Paragon: “Well, you will teach” Shape Transformation Tips “to Changsheng, and then you two will take care of the children in the base.”

Wang Shu and Changsheng froze for a moment and looked back towards the 120,000 small rare beasts in this Earth’s largest nursery.

Heaven knows how Supreme Paragon took care of these little rare beasts before.

Dealing with this matter, Ren Suo glanced at the threshold of 213 points and continued to brush the panda copy.

However, the copy of Lianjiang Panda has been played 5 times, and the “Scent of the Panda (5/5)” has been collected, so Ren Suo set his sights on the next victim, the Changbai Mountains Panda, consuming a threshold of 30 points, and a total of 810000 pandas .

In the Changbai Mountains forest of pure white snow, 50000 pandas holding wine jars drunk on tree branches, mountains, and ice lakes.

A few hibernating Northeast brown bears were also found, their faces turned blue and swollen and became pandas’ beds, and they slept under them in disgrace.

It seems that this group of Northeast pandas is quite fierce, but Ren Suo now has a 120,000 army, and there is Ren Zuo, the youngest abuser.

After the line-up, Ren Suo quickly discovered that although Changsheng and Wangshu did not have the small Ren Zuo’s Fourth Cycle battle strength on Earth, they also had the destructive power of the Third Cycle. inverted!

Demon ghosts raised by Innate Earth with battle strength bonus on Earth!

“ Battle Victory ”

“Contract 80000 pandas”

“ Get 5000 Dream Experience Crystals ”

“Gaining the Spirit of Wine Panda (5/5)”

“The spirit of wine pandas (5/5): After the wine pandas are defeated, their wine will remain on the victors. The victors will be stimulated by the taste of wine, and they will be able to exert more power on the battlefield (attack power + 10%) ) “

‘When you are most sad, only a glass of wine and a large piece of meat can make you slightly more comfortable. In a sense, wine and meat are eternal good friends, because they never leave you, so more and more sad fatty in the world ‘-the reason why drunk pandas look for pandas when they eat one. “

“Less than 50 local pandas are endangered. Because of fear of your force, they have actively left this place to find new habitats to breed (this copy is permanently closed).”

“Your reputation among pandas has increased dramatically.”

Looking at the spoils of war data, Ren Suo looked thoughtfully nodded.

Ren Suo wasn’t surprised that they exploded the copy of the panda all at once.

After all, the cultivator Legion has more than a thousand new thousand cultivators. These cultivators all require a panda. Now they see that the panda naturally picks one and takes it home.

However, Ren Suo didn’t expect that when they cleared the copy of the panda in one go, they also automatically collected the buff reward of the copy. Originally, the effect of “The Spirit of Wine Panda” should require players to make 5 copies to gather them.

And the number of dream experience crystals is also significantly more than 2 3 times, although it is a little less than 5 full copies, but the consumption threshold is only 20%. What else can Ren Suo have?

Ren Suo continued to select the copy of the panda. This time he chose to challenge the Liangshanbo panda, which consumes 36 points and has a total of 1310000 pandas.

Liangshanbo pandas are very strong, with cavalry (panda riding a panda), spearmen (panda with bamboo), throwers (panda who shoots bamboo) and song and dance troupe (panda playing flute).

But in this version, Ren Zuo is invincible.

Ren Suo played 5 sets firmly, cleared the threshold, and collected Liang Shanbo’s “Thief of Panda”.

“The righteousness of Thieves Panda (5/5): After the defeat of Thieves Panda, their morale will remain in the hearts of the victors. The victors are encouraged by the morale and can play a stronger cooperative tactic on the battlefield (multiplayer attack Deals + 10% damage to the same target) “

‘Energetic and bustling break through 9 states, it’s time to take a shot’—the thief and panda with his ass hidden in the grass, lifted his spear toward the enemy’s ass insidiously. “

The critical value is in the end, Ren Suo click the “+” sign next to “Critical value” to see if you can add the critical value again.

Sovereign Celestial Maiden suddenly came out: “Aiya, I can’t launch a 10000 law storm continuously, even if you give me more merits, I can’t help you delay. Really, even if you give 999 merits, I can’t do it. “

Who will give you 999 merit …

“Come on, not just a few Ark Legion, you can definitely make them feel at home!” Sovereign Celestial Maiden disappeared after a word of encouragement.

Ren Suo had already anticipated this, and the game could not let him feed the cultivator Legion to the strongest state like 10 li Po Sword God before facing the challenge.

Now that he had reached the limit of the development mode, he had to start the space war in Chapter 3.

But before that, Ren Suo had to run out of more than 10000 Dream Experience Crystals.

The first is “Dragon King Zhao Huo”. Ren Suo estimated and found that it would take 4000 crystals to feed him to the Eigth Cycle.

In other words, Ren Suo’s more than 10000 crystals can only feed 4 5 Eigth Cycles.

Ren Suo secretly sighed, choosing to consume 4420 crystals.

Dragon King Zhao Huo, promoted to Eigth Cycle!

Zhao Huo, the dragon king in the interface, ignited a flame, and a Golden Dragon illusory shadow lingered around him. He severely shot a large black iron gun on the ground, so handsome that the graphics card exploded.

“Even though the sun will turn away from the sun, the crops will forsake the earth, and the direction will also forsake the flying arrows, but I will never forsake you. I am your magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. Your permanent fortress, let us be together, Light this world! “

“Characteristics: Heavenly Venerate of the Dragon King: Can intercept 2 enemy units, and at the same time all cause damage to intercepting units (enhanced after Ninth Cycle).”

“Second trait: Wu Zun: + 2% overall attack power, 20% chance of Dragon King to cause 15% damage when attacking (enhanced after Ninth Cycle).”

Zhao Huo, Dragon King of Ninth Cycle cultivator, finally began to show his minions.

The second characteristic that emerged after being promoted to the Eigth Cycle greatly increased his tactical value and increased the damage output by 2% throughout the day.

The crit damage also greatly enhanced his combat capabilities.

At the same time, Dragon King Zhao Huo also added a new 叩 Heaven Sect: “ Does it cost 10 Xianyuan Stones to ring Ninth Cycle Heaven Sect? ”


Ren Suo doesn’t have 10 xianyuan stones right now!

Ren Suo immediately dismissed the idea of ​​raising Dragon King Zhao Huo to Ninth Cycle in a spurt of energy, and set about elevating other Eigth Cycle cultivators.

The first thing to improve is naturally You Jian and Zach, which were identified by Ren Suo as the strongest Eigth Cycle.

You Jian is still wearing that plain sportswear, 2 hands in trousers pockets, drowsily sitting on the sofa, squinting to sleep.

Just behind You Jian, a golden phantom wearing a royal robe and holding a long sword, made Ren Suo think that You Jian Eigth Cycle would become a very popular stand-in messenger.

“I swear to honor you as king in this life, and use my blood to seal you. Go, our journey is the sea of ​​stars!”

“Second feature: Sword of the God of War: The more warriors on the battlefield, the Commoner Sword Emperor will be significantly enhanced, up to 2% attack, defense, and recovery speed. The damage caused by the Commoner Sword Emperor will be fully converted into a healing effect Divide equally among all Legion. “

Ren Suo scratched his head. Although You Jian’s first characteristic was not strengthened, the second characteristic was very scary-the more people, the more powerful it was, and it also brought its own group to suck blood.

It ’s just You Jian. Did n’t you say that Only I Am Supreme is good, why did you lick people as a courtier?

However, who has this qualification to be licked by You Jian?

Ren Suo recalled his observations at the Tianjing Institute and the information obtained in the game, and quickly came to a conclusion—

He should be licking Supreme Paragon.

After all, he seemed to look down on everyone at the Great Wall.

Zach is much more normal, holy light hangs down, feathers fly down, and hymns are played. He was born in the light, wearing the Angel Battle Armor, unfolding the eventy two light wings, a left-hand lightsaber, and a right hand shield, like a gold player in a cheat page game.

“A lot of people can easily say the word forgiveness, just because they don’t understand hatred. If anyone asks for forgiveness, my sword and I are willing to send them to their god.”

“Second trait: Angel on Earth: For each enemy killed, add one layer of ‘Courage of Courage’ to any Legion, and add 2% of attack power and 2% of defense power to each ‘Courage of Courage’. Each Legion can only stack up to 2 “Praise of Courage”. “

Ren Suo exhales one breath saying heavily.

Angel Zach’s second feature is not inferior to You Jian’s second feature!

It is indeed the two big Transcenders in East and West, and their panels are almost comparable to Dragon King Zhao Huo!

Now the remaining crystals of Ren Suo can feed one more Eigth Cycle, but not two.

Ren Suo thought for a moment and decided to give this place to his wife Zhao Huo, the natural disaster cultivator Fan Fan.

In terms of strategy, this place should be given to output; in terms of emotion, Ren Suo must give priority to brother’s wife.

Most importantly, Little Meng and Sun Shu both appeared when there were few people. Now there are 120,000 cultivator Legion and 17 elite cultivator. If Ren Suo does not strengthen Fan Fan, I am afraid she will be in the crowd.

This is not possible, Ren Suo will use Zhao Huo’s deeds to stimulate the public fiercely: Zhao Huo not only has 3 wives, but also 3 wives compete one by one!

Maybe a butterfly effect could be formed, forcing Little Meng and Sun Shu to upgrade to Eigth Cycle.

Fan Fan floated in midair in the interface of the Tao Road, her hair flying like a flame tongue, her eyes hidden with sparks, the flame turned into her scepter, and Fire Phoenix turned into her throne!

“Before I see you, I choose the best-looking clothes 3 hours in advance, put on the most elegant and beautiful makeup, and pick the most suitable bag. But when I saw you in the pick-up hall, I didn’t expect anything So excited, except that the temperature has risen by 0.2 ° c. “

“Characteristics: Unquenchable Fire: Immortal Fire deals area explosion damage, damages multiple enemy units, and ignites the enemy continuously to cause damage.”

“Second trait: Blazing Soul: The fire of the residual soldier will cause the inside of the body to emit heat energy due to mood reasons. Excessive body temperature will not affect her, but will make her easier to grasp the flame. Every time you cast ‘Fire Phoenix 燎原”, Fan Fan’s attack speed will get a layer of” Blazing Soul “, each blazing soul increases 2% attack speed, stacking up to 8 layers.”

Very strong!

Although it does not benefit the entire army like You Jian and Zach, in terms of destructive power, Fan Fan’s first and second characteristics have reached the extreme!

Mass damage, ignition, attack speed increase!

It is a rare ace output hand!


Ren Suo took a look at ‘The heat from the body caused by the mood’ in the introduction of “Blazing Soul”. I wondered if Fan Eldest Young Lady would be happy, the temperature would rise, and even flames would come out?

That being the case, wouldn’t Zhao Huo …

Ren Suo thought about it, I still don’t have to worry about Zhao Huo, after all, Zhao Huo’s animal physique, I should n’t burn him when the flame is idle … right?

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s burnt, it’s not Ren Suo.

But with their friendship, Zhao Huo will definitely seek Ren Suo for treatment.

The thought of treating Zhao Huo ‘potentially burned’ Ren Suo felt a little resentful.

It seems necessary to get used to the long-distance treatment method of “no contact” as soon as possible.

He sincerely hopes that Ninth Cycle Zhao Huo will burn.

Worrying about the happy lives of Zhao Huo and Fan Eldest Young Lady for a while, Ren Suo set his sights back on the game.

The crystal is almost used up, and the power props have been enhanced by the Beacon Tower and the Watchtower to enhance the cultivator Legion.

Everything is ready!

The third space war in 1999 broke out!

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