Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 850

“Hello, the front desk has helped you sign for the courier. Do you need us to deliver it?”

“Come over here!”

Lianjiang White Swan Hotel in the Riverview Privilege Suite, the white-haired big Hamba watched Little Baldy soaring down the basement, and after a while came up with a parcel, his emperor’s robes were all messed up, and his face was yelled unhappyly: There is an ambush below! Go, you take the cricket back, and the cricket makes up the head! “

Little Baldy slammed on Ba’s head, Ba still playing her cell phone steadily, and asked, “Who?”

“Many people!” Little Baldy said anxiously as he unpacked, “I don’t know who gave them the courage, but dare to offend Master Panlong!”

oh? ”

The bathroom door opened and a handsome man came out. His hair was like a waterfall shawl, his lean body was full of explosive muscles, dashing eyebrows, flowing light, and he took the black-framed glasses on the table and put it on. It was Yun Wangshu.

“Someone bullied you, wouldn’t you call back?” Yunwang Shu casually sat on the sofa and turned on the smart TV.

“But those human beings are treacherous, and without touching, they reach out and touch their heads and clothes!”

Little Baldy stood up on his shoulders, and hissed, screaming exhaustively, “Don’t they dare to touch my uncle’s head? Is there any heavenly law! Is there any king law! I still kiss with my mouth, my saliva is full of saliva! Also I have to take a picture with me! I ’m called a younger brother! The odd age is older than them! “

Yun Wangshu thoughtfully nodded: “Did they ask you to do anything?”

“En? They seem to be crying, please ask you and Dadao to accept their … what? … fine?”

“It was an interview,” Yun Wangshu said indifferently. “I was discovered again by a reporter. It seems that this place can’t stay.”

Since the first episode of “The Gate of Truth” aired, Yun Wangshu and Changsheng were completely exposed to the public.

People were surprised to find that those who had a close relationship with the Ren Family of the Eastern Han Dynasty had quietly awakened and walked the world, dressing more trendy than their modern people.

For this reason, I heard that sports such as climbing high mountains and climbing are popular in youngster-it may be that when you want to go shopping, you can find a wife and husband.

Compared with other powerhouses, the media are more enthusiastic about the earth spirits. After all, the earth spirits have been living for thousands of years. The news leaked out are all ancient secrets, and the spoons that have been used are rare treasures. Speaking of being at least the same age as Jesus, the news is all over him.

If Yun Wangshu is willing to hide their identities, they can actually live a peaceful life, but they do not lose face even the Great Wall, which is a modern example of “Anneng’s eyebrows and frustration.” Now they are only facing ordinary people. Pursuing worship, how could they be wronged by them?

However, the Countermeasure Bureau will help hide their news, at least it is impossible for the media to trace their whereabouts through internal channels. It took ten days in Lianjiang to reveal their identities, mostly because they didn’t know who was recognized when they went out.

At this time, Yun Wangshu and they will give Countermeasure Bureau face, at worst another place for vacation.

On the other side, the white-haired young man sitting in the window facing Jiang Jing closed the comic “Yiqidang 1000” in his hand and said, “It’s time to leave, I don’t know what you want to do in Lianjiang again, obviously Have been here before. “

“Just faint,” Yun Wangshu said, “the last battle of the gatekeeper was against those of the black coffin Demon King, but why was the battle site chosen in Lianjiang?”

Changsheng was silent for a moment, saying: “The black coffin Demon King has a mysterious background, and it seems no wonder where it appears. If you are not in Lianjiang and you fight in Shenhai, you will also ask why the battle location is in Shenhai. “

“Yes, it’s no surprise where the black coffin Demon King appears. The reason why they fought in Lianjiang may be that they chose it arbitrarily, or maybe … they are indeed related to Lianjiang.”

Yun Wangshu said: “Although the latter has a low probability, it is also worth trying for us who have no goals.”

“However, I have used the Moonlight to perform predictions for Magical Powers for ten consecutive days, and I still cannot find the slightest trace … It seems I guessed wrong.” Yun Wangshu laughed bitterly: “I have done no more work.”

Changsheng said: “Lianjiang Spiritual Qi is very dense, and practicing here for a few days is not a waste of time.”

Yun Wangshu looked at Changsheng, said with a smile: “Changsheng, you have changed.”

Changsheng slightly startled: “I changed?”

“The Azure Dragon knife that showed off one’s ability, and wanted to kill and kill himself, will now also considerate and comfort others.” Yun Wang Shuxin said comfortably.

Changsheng clenched his lips and seemed a little shy to look away, admiring the river view from the window.

“And I also like watching ****.” Yun Wangshu applauded gently: “You are no longer a prop, but the person who speaks the name for itself!”

Changsheng complexion changed, and quickly explained: “I didn’t watch ****!”

Yun Wangshu pointed to “Yiqidang 1000” in Changsheng’s hand and asked, “What do you have in your hand?”

“This is a comic about the three national stars. I am just reminiscing about my past glory!”

“Oh? Isn’t your unforgettable master the beautiful lady in the comics who will burst out at any time?”

Changsheng said with a red neck, “Sister Yu can’t be regarded as yellow … sexual transfer! … can comics be considered yellow!” One after another, it is difficult to understand, what is “two-dimensional”, what “brain hole”, etc. Little Baldy was dismissive: “What a woman looks good.”

Little Baldy suddenly ran to Yun Wangshu and handed out a red hair ring inlaid with 5 chicken bloodstone, revealing a business-like flattering smile: “Send you!”

Yun Wangshu took the redhead in doubt and asked, “Why did you suddenly send me something?”

“I saw it online and thought it was a good fit for you, so I bought it for you.” Little Baldy said seriously, “You taught 俺 Shape Transformation Tips, and you brought 俺 with you everywhere, and he also occasionally wanted Repay you! “

Yun Wangshu was slightly surprised. He looked at Little Baldy, his mouth twitched, showing a kind smile, and gently touched Little Baldy’s head:

“Thank you, I like it.”

Saying that Yun Wangshu tied a tall ponytail to himself with a hair ring, Little Baldy looked left and right, showing a satisfied smile, and went back to sit next to Bar to play with his mobile phone.

Babel went over and just saw Little Baldy on Taobao evaluating the product he just bought:

“Buy it for the nasty ghost. The nasty ghost looks ugly and wears a 5-star praise!”

Bar looked at Yun Wangshu and whispered, “I think it looks good.”

Little Baldy subconsciously covered the screen of the phone, and hehe said with a smile: “You layman knows iron, and you don’t have a lot of hair. You know the fart aesthetics. When you see this hair ring on Taobao, you know he is sure Would love this brilliant but ugly little Dongdong! “

He rubbed the bald head of Little Baldy angrily.

At this time, Yun Wangshu suddenly changed the complexion: “Ren Naiser updated the third episode of” Top Secret Files “!”

I saw a message pop up in the video app on the TV screen: “Ren Naiser has updated” Top Secret Files: Stay with me! “”

Everyone sat and watched TV in a row. The vast universe appeared on the screen. Supreme Paragon stood on Saturn, staring calmly at the ark army from afar.

“Head of the Remnant, Dragon King Zhao Huo”!

“Gun Tian Xia Sakura Kyoko”!

Two pioneers, Legion, were first placed on the Spiritual Qi point of Saturn’s ring. Changsheng said, “There are so many people.”

“There are a few 2 people with 10000 Legion alone.” Yun Wangshu glanced and quickly estimated the number of people: “Dragon King Zhao Huo is about 2 10000 5000 people, and Sakura Kyoko is 10000 people.”

“Are there so many Fourth Cycle cultivators in 30 years …”

In the first episode of “Danger Land Archives”, everyone knew that only the cultivator with Fourth Cycle cultivation base in 2049 would be selected by Legacy cultivator by Supreme Paragon in 1999.

Therefore, everyone can’t wait for Ren Naise to update. If they see themselves in the video, they will be overjoyed. If they don’t show up, they will be waiting with anticipation. They are more excited than waiting for the prize.

Because if you can see yourself in the video, you can at least confirm your 2 futures: you can live 30 years safely and you can have a Fourth Cycle cultivation base!

In this era of Spiritual Qi, where you can be hit by a car when you go out, and you can encounter Demon ghosts in 2 steps, can you be sure that your future is safe and strong, and who is not excited to change?

This is the fate of Ren Naiser certification!

Shouting ‘my life will follow myself and not heaven’ “ I just want to go against the sky and break the sky ”, after all, the few lonely stars in the sky, most people are more willing to accept their future is an ordinary fate.

In the most popular words on the Internet, it is: “Unlike the protagonists of your times, we ordinary people are doing their best to live a peaceful and happy life.”

Although this is not Ren Rense’s original intention, the “Top Secret Archives” has become Earth’s premier destiny lottery, which can be called the second to only lottery super lottery.

Although the number of cultivator Legion increased this time, the number of Ark Legion also increased significantly. If the previous Ark Legion was just a small rowing boat, then this time the Ark Legion is a real space fleet!

The battle quickly became fierce. The worm battleship, heavy battleship, and humanoid Mecha intensively impacted the cultivator’s defense line. Seeing that “Dragon King Zhao Huo” and “Sakura Kyoko” were about to stand up, Supreme Paragon had “Remnant Little Meng” and “Remnant Soldier” “Sun Shu” and “Fan Fan Fan” were all arranged to temporarily curb the Ark Legion’s offensive.

The focus of the barrage has also shifted from the war to other aspects: “Well, your tm Zhao Huo has a new wife again? Dragon King, can you still support your waist?”

“Grass, Zhao Huo just took a group photo of 4 people on Weibo. This flame beautiful girl Fan Fan is also his wife!”


“Just say more, grass!”

“Wait a minute, let’s sort out the clues: Zhao Huo and his wife are both named as disabled soldiers, but Zhao Huo’s wife is milk, adc and ap, which means that Zhao Huo must be at the top, so The disabled soldier refers to Zhao Huo. Then the problem is here, the disabled soldier, the disabled soldier is used up, it ca n’t be used, the “bing” means the long and thick weapon … ”

“Extremely, does this mean the disabled soldiers?”

“It is indeed the Dragon King Zhao Huo. We can easily do what we can’t.”

“Let’s extend it a bit further: Grandmother Sun Shu can replenish her physical strength, adcLittle Meng can precisely whip, ap Fan Fan can control the flame subtly to do something interesting …”

“The Eyes of the Soldiers, the Guards of the Soldiers, and the Fire of the Soldiers originally meant this … A moment of silence for the head of Zhao Huo for 3 seconds.”

“Some people open their browsers when they look at them.”

Yun Wangshu and they couldn’t help laughing when they looked at the barrage. At this time, Supreme Paragon suddenly said, “It’s your turn.”

“In accordance with Supreme Paragon’s order, the Wizard of World Tree will provide spell support for Fairy Maiden Yue.”

Water Fairy Maiden Yue?

Yun Wangshu slightly startedled, and then saw a total of 22 magicians Legion join the 5000 Legions.

Responsible for commanding this Legion is a fairy wearing a wide-sleeve flowing fairy dress. She wore snow-white clothing all over, and the only one that brightened her eyes was the chicken bloodstone red hair band she used to bundle her hair.

“Water Fairy Maiden Yue · Wang Shu”!

“Digging, new characters?”

“You’re polite, your new wife.”

“Good-looking, can Wangshu Fairy know you? I will be a Fourth Cycle cultivator in the future, so I would like to invite you to chat in private.”

“Shit you, I haven’t spoken yet in the Fifth Cycle cultivator”

“Sixth Cycle is passing by.”

“Without even Seventh Cycle, do you dare to barrage?”

“It is indeed giligili, all the big brothers, each and everyone are people in space, and just returned to Earth. The Seventh Cycle started, and the interests are related.

Everyone looked towards Yun Wangshu’s hair, and Ba turned his head and said to Little Baldy, “You see, everyone else looks good too. You, who have no hair, have a good irony (know what aesthetics).”

Little Baldy was still talking hard: “Maybe not him, obviously he is so ugly …”

Just then, Supreme Paragon arranged another Legion.

“Azuretsu Azure Dragon-Longevity”!

Changsheng said, “Even I have a share.”

Little Baldy was suddenly excited: “What about you? Are there any? Isn’t it higher than Baba in the future? Hey, the sword is still like this 30 years later! Ha ha ha!”

Changsheng said indifferently: “I look like 30 years later, and you look like 30 years later.”

“No way, I’m sure he’s stronger than Baba, and he has more hair than him!” Little Baldy resolute and decisive said.

“It’s hard to say that you might live less than 30 years later.”

Yun Wangshu stretched out his hand, grabbed Little Baldy’s bald head, and caught him in front of himself, showing a dangerous smile: “You said just now, I am ugly wearing this hair ring?”

“No, no, no–” Pointing at the screen, Little Baldy stuttered and stammered, “Look and see that everyone says you’re beautiful! It’s all thanks to me! 俺 one after another at a glance This hair ring is perfect for you! “

Yun Wangshu looked at Little Baldy for a while, then suddenly gave a laugh, and put him down and said, “Looking at my 30-year-old hair ring, I will forgive you this time.”

Little Baldy ducked away and asked, “But in the video, it is Fairy Maiden Yue, is it really you?”

Yun Wangshu nodded: “It’s me.”

Ba was also a little puzzled: “But now you … can Shape Transformation Tips still be able to change gender?”



Changsheng and Yunwangshu said in unison, Yunwangshu glanced at Changsheng, said with a smile: “Do you remember?”

“I just remembered it,” Changsheng said. “You taught me back in 1999.”

“This is all right, weren’t you interested in sex transfer just now? Now you can try it for yourself.” Yun Wangshu said with a smile.

Changsheng complexion changed, pretending not to hear Yun Wangshu’s words, unperturbed watching TV.

“What are you talking about?” Little Baldy asked curiously.

“Nothing, we just received a gift from Supreme Paragon.” Yun Wangshu said with a smile: “At that time, I thought I was fooled by Supreme Paragon, didn’t expect … This gift is actually some of my Only delivered with regret. “

Yun Wangshu glanced at Little Baldy, suddenly said with a smile: “You are so naughty, maybe you will become a female child …”

Little Baldy shuddered and slipped straight away.

At this time, Supreme Paragon also said, “Monkey, go and help.”

“Master, go back when you go!”

The world-famous Monkey King turned a somersault in space and instantly moved into the barrier Legion that forms the city wall of the universe.

“World Tree Angel · Zach”!

“Hey? Grandma knows you!” Monkey King found Corps Head seventy two wings Angel of the barrier Legion, and haha ​​smiled at the wings of Pats Angel: “You see you are a birdman, you are a monkey, then we should be … killing the chicken to warn the monkey group? “


In the watchmen building, Angel Zach, who was woken up late at night to come and follow the “Top Secret Archives”, was already black at this time.

The other watchmen looked at Zach strangely.

At this time, Victor lived up to expectations and directly said: “Captain, why is your title World Tree Angel? Do you want to rely on World Tree?”

Zach: “…”

“Captain, I didn’t mean to blame you at all. Your trust was very successful this time.”

Victor loudly said: “Look, you didn’t get hit by that monkey this time, but you fought side by side with the monkey! Captain, are you happy?”


No one knows Zach Gao is unhappy, but the cleaners responsible for washing the floor are definitely not happy. After all, Victor’s blood is flowing all over the floor.

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