Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 856

In the room, Gu Yueyan was sitting on the sofa holding a tablet and watching a movie, and suddenly rubbed his legs a little bit awkwardly, and whispered, “Sister Joe …”

“What’s wrong? Is it tickling?” Qiao Muyi with Gu Yueyan’s thigh smiling and asked, “Sorry, but Yue Yan, your thighs are slippery and flexible, and feel comfortable ~”

Lin Xianyu, observing in the dark, roars in his heart: Damn it! There is one more to grab the monitor from me! Obviously I was the first to notice the fun of the monitor! I haven’t pillowed the squad leader’s thighs!

Alas, this is a thin field without people plowing. It’s all Big Brother Ren’s fault. If Big Brother Ren is any elder sister, then sister Qiao will only harass any elder sister …

Gu Yueyan whispered, “Sister Qiao, don’t laugh at me.”

“Since you don’t like it, I won’t touch it.” Qiao Muyi said easily: “hehe, when Xiao Suo comes out and sees us so close, will he feel that I have snatched his little cute?

“Sister Qiao …” Gu Yueyan blushed slightly, but Qiao Muyi didn’t take any other action, just pillowed her thigh, so Gu Yueyan didn’t say anything.

Qiao Muyi took the initiative to show tonight, which made Gu Yueyan somewhat flattered. Qiao Muyi had been under too much pressure on her before. Even if Gu Yueyan’s attitude towards Qiao Muyi is tough, her heart will be a little bit irritated.

That’s right, Gu Yueyan knows her biggest advantage: She is younger than Qiao Muyi, which is the reality that Qiao Muyi cannot be reversed.

But this advantage also means a disadvantage: she also needs development, in all aspects.

In her career, she has not even obtained the qualification of a researcher, but Qiao Muyi is already the deputy director of the Countermeasure Bureau; on the cultivation base, she relies on the dark side of the moon to quickly promote Third Cycle, and Qiao Muyi has already reached ‘仙 凡 2 ‘Fourth Cycle cultivation base; In battle strength, Qiao Muyi can be called the strongest terrain reconstruction king in Lianjiang, she can only turn herself into light; in her network, Qiao Muyi leans on the Countermeasure Bureau, and she has only Ren Suo Lin Xianyu. several……

Although Gu Yueyan believes that Ren Suo loves herself more, this advantage is not enough to make her confident in facing Qiao Muyi-unless Ren Suo likes only one of her, then Qiao Muyi is just a defeated dog no matter how good he is!

It’s a pity not good at all.

Now, Qiao Muyi, who is fully developed in morals, physical education, beauty, and labor, is willing to stop the truce and friendly with her, so that she has enough development time. Gu Yueyan is certainly surprised and happy.

Although Qiao Muyi’s intimacy slightly crossed Gu Yueyan’s bottom line, in order to maintain this friendship, Gu Yueyan was willing to lower his own bottom line a little.

At this time, Qiao Muyi, with Gu Yueyan’s thigh on his back, was staring blankly at it—too great, he couldn’t see the ceiling at all, only a little light leaked from the gap between the clothes.

didn’t expect ah didn’t expect, in this regard, my young Master actually ranked 4th.

Now Cheng Ling and Luna are undoubtedly tied for first and second, she measured it by hand.

Now Yueyan is No. 3 and she is No. 4-she is actually better than Xingmei!

Actually only better than Xingmei! 2nd last!

Although it is a lot stronger, Qiao Muyi couldn’t help feeling that he was a bit shameful.

If Lin Xianyu is also counted in, then he is the third-to-last, and it seems to feel better if I think about it.

But how old is Yue Yan now? I remember she seemed to be …

Hey! ? Wait, isn’t that little cable …

Qiao Muyi quickly ignored the idea that was not good for Ren Suo, thinking: According to the investigation report of the intranet, youngster cultivation has a certain probability to promote development, that is, there is still a lot of room for development in Yueyan.

She was horrified at a young age. The flow of nutrition and the focus of development seemed self-evident.

It seems that sooner or later Yue Yan can surpass Cheng Ling and Luna.

Qiao Muyi just sighed about it, without jealousy—she was very happy with herself, and believed that Xiaosuo would be 100% satisfied with herself, so there is no need to compare these.

And if Gu Yueyan is well developed, Qiao Muyi will be full of joy.

She is the kind of person who can be happy because others are happy, others sad and sad!

Even more how, as long as people break through the bottom line once, then breaking through the bottom line becomes a familiar thing. Now Yueyan is willing to let her knees down, will the days of playing games with her be far behind?

Yue Yan will soon become my happiness together like Cheng Ling!

Qiao Muyi turned his head to play the phone happily, and found a message popping up in the WeChat group “Sand Carving Leader to Arrange the Task”:

Director Yu Kuangtu: “In order to process Lianjiang’s new future cultivator list as soon as possible, the lunch break is adjusted to 30 minutes. Please take your meal as soon as possible and then return to your post to continue working. You cannot work overtime.”

The difference between New York and Lianjiang is 12 hours. Now Lianjiang happens to be noon.

Li Dan: “Received”

Yao Fei: “Received”

“Received” x16 …

Wooden Young Master: “The Russia box tells us: If you are neatly formed with others, there will be many people accompany you to die.”

After 3 seconds, a series of negative emotions crash-bang into the account, Qiao Muyi is nodded with satisfaction.

Director Yu Kuangtu: “Don’t disturb your work when you are in poetry and the distance.

Young Master Mu: “Don’t you worry about the situation of your colleagues? I’m almost 12 o’clock here. Do you think I’m bored and then I suddenly play with my cell phone and not sleep?

Yao Fei: “What happened?”

Young Master Mu: “I’m staying at a 5-Star level hotel now. I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow. I can’t sleep because I’m so excited, so I’m playing with a mobile phone.”

The WeChat group fell silent, and then the negative emotions of crash-bang arrived.

Director Yu Kuangtu: “Why is she a WeChat group owner? Why is there a WeChat group owner? How can I kick the group owner?”

Director Yu Kuangtu: “Who changed the group name like this !? How long has this group name been changed !?”

System information: The group name of “Sand Sculpture Leader Arranges Tasks” was changed to “Lianjiang Countermeasure Internal Group”.

“Um ~~~” Qiao Muyi smiled like a child.

It’s so cool!

Tonight is wonderful.

Enjoying Yueyan’s knee pillow, cook a good pot of good chicken soup for my colleagues, wait for the little cord to come out, and tonight …

Just thinking about Qiao Muyi’s flushing on her face, she looked at her phone time and suddenly frowns saying: “Xiao Suo has been washing for almost 40 minutes.”

The others froze slightly, and then Ren Xingmei said immediately, “He usually takes a quick bath, the fastest one minute and the latest ten minutes.”

Xiao Yan said with certainty: “Big Brother is playing with water! There are ducks in the bathtub! He can play for a long time!”

Lin Xianyu made a reasonable guess: “Maybe it fell into the pit?”

Gu Yueyan also raised an eyebrow slightly: “Anyway, 40 minutes is a bit long. What will happen?”

Qiao Muyi also thinks that it is strange that men have spent so long in the bath.

Even if the tank is the bath water I used, it won’t let Xiao Suo stay attached for so long?

However, it is difficult to say, after all, Xiao Suo’s willpower in this area has almost no outstanding performance. He used to be too steel when he was a steel straight man, but now it is too easy to face a lover.

If not, Qiao Muyi would not have to steal his “eye of truth.” She was really uneasy. She always felt that she would lose her bones and bones as soon as she didn’t pay attention.

There are too many bad women, and I can only guard the best little cables under the stars.

Qiao Muyi walked directly to the bathroom door, knocked on the door and asked, “Little cable?”

No one responded.

Qiao Muyi knocked again: “Xiao Suo? Haven’t you finished washing it yet? Yueyan can’t wait to come in and wash in with you.”

Gu Yueyan blushed, but he did not retort.

However, no one responded.

This time Qiao Muyi’s face finally changed, and his voice rose slightly: “Xiao Suo! What happened? Respond to me!”

This time, there was a response: “I … I’m fine.”

It is indeed the sound of Ren Suo, but the breathing is disturbed and the sound is low. It does not sound like a bath, but it consumes a lot of energy.

Qiao Muyi’s eyes flashed with a strange light: “You haven’t finished washing yet?”

“It’s almost there, and it will be fine soon.” Ren Suo seemed to be calming his breath, but this can’t hide the famous master detective Mu Young Master in the era of Spiritual Qi recovery.

Qiao Muyi didn’t knock on the door either. Instead, he returned to the room to sit down, lost his thoughts, and extracted a few key points:

1Xiao Suo responded slowly, maybe he was busy, or he was too tired to hear.

2 small cables obviously consume a lot of physical strength.

3 Cheng Ling has not yet returned.

4 If Cheng Ling returns, her first teleportation target is Xiao Suo.

When all clues are connected and all impossible options are ruled out, the truth is only one!

But most importantly, what now?

Just rush in?

Qiao Muyi quickly dismissed the idea: whether you guessed wrong or guessed right, the situation would be ugly.

She also has another better method of confirmation-“Eye of Truth”.

She didn’t expect, and it came in handy so soon.

Qiao Muyi touched the “Eye of Truth” and suddenly hesitated.

Qiao Muyi promised Ren Suo that she had to inform Ren Suo to observe him with the Eye of Truth.

Of course, she now has a reason to break that promise, and Ren Suo could not have known that she had broken it. This rule only restrains gentlemen, but can’t restrain villains … and women.

But Qiao Muyi gave up after struggling for a moment.

As long as people break through the bottom line once, then breaking through the bottom line becomes a familiar thing.

Qiao Muyi couldn’t be more familiar with this truth.

Even if she has 100 reasons, if she breaks a promise once, she will have more reasons to break the promise in the future.

If love has no bottom line, it will drown everyone.

She can betray many things for herself, everything for him, even justice, justice, and … herself.

However, Qiao Muyi has no plans to give up like this.

That’s right, she really couldn’t observe Ren Suo with “Eye of Truth” without notifying him.

But she can observe Dong Chengling.

Enter Spiritual Qi, activate “Eye of Truth”, and lock the target in your mind-Dong Chengling!

Cheng Ling, let me see how you look now!

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