Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 858

Ren Suo touched the cat for a while, and suddenly came up with a good idea, placing the phone on the fluffy black cat.

The black cat glared at him, biting his hand gently, dragging it to his head, and holding his hand with a small meat ball.

“Okay …” As he touched the cat’s head, Ren Suo decided to check his inventory.

Although Ren Suo cleared Chapter 3 with 98 points of merit to clear the “Quanquan Liuxiang” time, the evaluation rewards after the customs pass were returned directly.

“Civil War 1999-Destroy all Ark Forces, 100 points”

“Supreme Paragon has given his fate-forced to consume most of Saturn’s Xianyuan to strike the star, this was originally the energy of Xianyuan of Supreme Paragon, -10 points”

“The solar system is dangerous again-Jupiter Xianyuan has been activated and can no longer be used. The solar system’s defense line has retreated to the fire star, -10 points.”

“Total score is 80 points, get extra reward: Xianyuan Stone * 2, 120 points of merit.”

Ren Suo originally thought that most of the mission evaluations in Chapter 3 would fail. After all, Supreme Paragon is very stingy. Once he uses his fairy source, it will directly lead to a -40-point persecution operation, making Ren Suo deeply feel Supreme Paragon. How inhuman, shameless, and insidious …

In addition, Mini-world Game Console actually took the side of the evil-doer. It was a thief on the opposite side. It was a blatant deduction of points and deficiencies.

didn’t expect This time, the achievement of “Supreme Paragon” will pop up. It was only -10 points, so Ren Suo was deeply moved. I thought that Supreme Paragon had a good conscience, even though he was not the same.

There are 33 Xianyuan Stones in stock. Zhao Huo needs 10 to promote Ninth Cycle. Other cultivators that can promote Eigth Cycle require 6. Ren Suo also has 17 Xianyuan Stones with free quota.

However, Ren Suo noticed keenly that after the mission evaluation in Chapter 3 was uploaded, there was no prompt “The next chapter reward pool is expected to be xxx”.

That means that there is no additional reward pool after the task evaluation is uploaded in the next chapter-that is, chapter 4 is the last chapter, and the clearance is the complete clearance of the game “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”.

Chapter 3 is difficult without words. Ren Suo spent 40 minutes to summon the “clear spring flow”. The summon game character explorer, disaster messenger, magician and Monkey King barely reached the intermediate clearance assessment.

Ren Suo suspects that he may not be able to get through level 4 with all his cards, so make good use of this resource.

The 17 xianyuan stones represent Ren Suo, which can be visited more than ten times, but the Seventh Cycle and Eigth Cycle usually have little effect on the battle situation, unless Ren Suo can visit the Peak Eigth Cycle such as Ninth Cycle cultivator or You Jian Zach.

Ordinary Eigth Cycle can only be used as a picture book and as a tool person; Seventh Cycle can only clean up miscellaneous soldiers, at best it is an excellent cleaner.

However, except for Zhao Huo, the harem master who collapsed from the stone, and Ren Zuo, the secret mastermind hidden in the basement, other powerhouses have basically gained fame in this era, and You Jian and Angel Zach are the brightest in this era. 2 stars, no one can be better than them.

And the search pool is still one city, one policy. If Ren Suo does not have a strong Eigth Cycle in the place, it is impossible for him to reach until the end of time.

Fortunately, Ren Suo is going to travel around the world this month, otherwise he would be bothered to draw a card.

So Ren Suo wants to challenge Level 10000 with 4 full preparations, and needs the right people and the right time.

Renhe: Is there still a strong Eigth Cycle and Ninth Cycle?

Locality: Can Ren Suo find the corresponding search pool?

Time: Can Ren Suo get it?

There is no way to “ren and” Ren Suo. After all, it depends on the personal struggle of the cultivators and the progress of history-heaven knows how many strong Eigth Cycle and Ninth Cycle will be in 2049.

“Time” can be solved, as long as Ren Suo can hold Xiaoyan to draw the card, it can basically do no harm. If there is no uncle, you can hold any other girlfriend.

It is the biggest source of unavailable goods to draw a card alone.

“Geely” can only figure it out by himself. Anyway, Ren Suo is not good at all now-Los Angeles has not visited the pool at all, and he can’t help with a few shots.

Alas, in fact, Ren Suo feels that he is very lucky now, after all, he was first buffed by Cheng Ling, and then blessed strongly by the Young Master-that wonderful touch seems to linger in the palm of his hand.

But it doesn’t matter, at the next time the card is drawn, let the Young Master add a buff to himself. You can even ask Mu Young Master, Cheng Ling, Yue Yan, and Luna to add 4 buffs to themselves!

Just think about it and it’s boiling, it’s a perfect plan!

So Ren Suo also put down the search and continued to count his gains.

Because Ren Suo fed all the elite cultivator to the limit before challenging Chapter 3, after the episode 3 of “Top Secret Archives” aired, not at all elite cultivator cultivation base rose, but a large group of Fourth Cycle Fifth Cycle Sixth Cycle The cannon fodder got a response from the future and the cultivation base was improved.

There were even two elite cultivators who raised the upper limit of the cultivation base from Seventh Cycle, but Ren Suo glanced at it. It was just an ordinary Seventh Cycle, and Ren Suo didn’t even know it, even a man.

The base was also well-organized. Ren Suo glanced and found that although it was necessary to take care of 120,000 bear children and babies, Changsheng and Wangshu were not very hard. The children would sleep and eat and rub their shit.

Ren Suo had speculated before, but now it is basically certain: a few thousand child Supreme Paragon may still take care of it, but 1000 children, this is not the number that humans can take care of at all.

So Ren Suo thought about it and came to a conclusion–

Supreme Paragon is hypnotized!

Or the kind of brainwashing that can change your mind!

Ren Suo suspects that after the children arrive at the base, they will be pulled into the little black house by Supreme Paragon for upgrading: “Child, look into my eyes, after 10 seconds, you will become a good obedient child, will Obediently eat, exercise, shit, and rub your own ass, it is the hero of the child … “

If you think about it, how did Supreme Paragon persuade governments to support him?

This process is omitted in the game, and now Ren Suo feels he has found out the truth: it is brainwashing. He must have used this evil brainwashing!

If you think about it, Supreme Paragon is the strongest individual soldier in all spells. It seems that the spell that twists the mind a little is normal, right?

Not to mention he also comes with attributes such as charm max, shameless max, despicable max …

Wait, so to speak, isn’t Supreme Paragon with charm, strength, power, and brainwashing a natural boss template?

In retrospect, Supreme Paragon also confirmed that she knew many female powerhouses: Crystal Maiden, Sovereign Celestial Maiden, Galaxy Singer, Dimension Queen, Sovereign Blood Lotus, Star Lord …

Ren Suo feels like he’s caught the truth: Isn’t it–

No, it’s unlikely.

Crystal Maiden is a novice tutorial Guide, Sovereign Celestial Maiden is a pit money, Galaxy Singer is a naughty neighbor, Dimension Queen and Sovereign Blood Lotus are strategic partners with important relationships, Star Lord is an elder sister …

Ren Suo thought about it and felt that Crystal Maiden was most likely the woman of Supreme Paragon.

First, she was the first woman to see Supreme Paragon eyes opened.

Second, she was the last woman seen by Supreme Paragon before she left 2049.

According to the pee nature of normal games, she is the heroine who hasn’t run away!

However, Ren Suo is also not sure. He put his eyes on the “Future Communication Station” of the base, thinking that the next communication partner may be the wife of the Supreme Palace of Supreme Paragon?

But when clicking on “Future Newsletter”, Sovereign Celestial Maiden suddenly popped out of the interface.

Sovereign Celestial Maiden: “Did you know that we have repaired the future newsletter? Star Lord informed me that she has assembled the cultivator Legion and can start the future newsletter at any time to resonate with 1999.”

“After resonating, the two people who were too strong to participate in future communications can now enter.”

“Supreme Paragon, in your plan, don’t you say that the stronger the correspondent, the better the response in the future?”

“If those two people communicate together in the future, they will surely have the strongest future response!”

“But in the current situation, Star Lord said that even if the future communication station strengthens its resonance, it will not be able to support the two to enter the future communication station together.”

“Do you need me to launch a 10000-law storm all the time? As long as this Miss keeps launching a 10000-law storm and prolongs the communication resonance time, you can let those two people conduct future communications together.”

Ren Suo started slightly, and the game popped up:

“Does it cost 99 points for Sovereign Celestial Maiden to continue the 10000 law storm?”

“After choosing to launch the 10000 Law Storm, in this chapter’s game, the threshold will be increased by 5 point every 1 minutes for 24 hours (up to a maximum of 288 points), and the number of open recruitment will be +1.”

“After choosing to launch the 10000 Law Storm, the communication target of future communications will be fixed, and the effect will cover 2 open recruitments.”

Is it a story event?

Ren Suo could not find the reason for the rejection: a threshold of 24 points can be obtained after 288 hours, the communication effect is greatly enhanced and it covers 2 open recruitments, and this time it can communicate with 2 people at the same time.

After previously communicating with Sovereign Blood Lotus and Dimension Queen in the future, the blessing obtained was very good. Let Ren Suo directly draw 2 Eigth Cycle cultivators, which is an advanced operation in Baiji.

And according to the description of Sovereign Celestial Maiden, the target of this communication is so great that the future communication station of 2049 needs to be repaired in order to allow those two people to participate in future communication.

Because it is too strong, it is inconvenient.

This invisible outfit is the deadliest.

Ren Suo also raised infinite curiosity, thinking about what kind of future big shots will appear this time, and quickly saved gold.

“Goose plucking fails, please try again next time. All rights of interpretation belong to Nesser.”

Player privileges failed to launch again, but Ren Suo was no longer surprised, he was sure that the special ability of this Sovereign Celestial Maiden was to pit money.

This is why Ren Suo believes that there is no impure adult relationship between Supreme Paragon and Sovereign Celestial Maiden—

Would you pit your lover’s money! ?

Suddenly, a message pops up on the phone.

It was sent by Lin Xianyu.

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