Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 859

Salted fish is undefeated: “Big Brother Ren, do you abuse primary school students with us?”

Ren Suo glanced at Lin Xianyu and replied, “No fight, something.”

Salted fish is undefeated: “Big Brother Ren, do you know what day it is?”

Ren Suo: “It’s 12 o’clock. It’s April 4 … what day?”

Salted fish is undefeated: “412 is the reverse, isn’t it 214? Today is the reversal of Valentine’s Day, which is Friends Day!”

“I send you a red envelope of 41.2, and you send me a 131.4, then we are good friends for life!”

The salted fish never sent a “good friend” red envelope, which indeed contained 41.2 yuan.

Ren Suo scratched his head and sent a 131.4 yuan red envelope after receiving it.

Salted fish is undefeated: “It is indeed Big Brother Ren, we are good friends for a lifetime! Dong Teacher and Sister Qiao have any troubles, I will inform you in time!”

Ren Suo immediately frowned, Lin Xianyu was actually willing to be undercover of the 2 5 girls among girls, he couldn’t help but replied with satisfaction: “Good brother, work hard, the red envelope greatly drops!”

Lin Xianyu, who was lying on another bed, was also very satisfied. She sent Xiaoyu a red envelope of 13.14 yuan. The name of the red envelope was “Apologetic red envelope that sprayed your face with Cola just now.”

Xiaoyu accepted the red envelope and said with a grunt, “You envy the fish!”

This little sister-in-law is really rich, but it’s 13 yuan. I don’t have so much pocket money a week in elementary school!

Lin Xianyu secretly whispered in his heart, and whispered to Xiaoxiong, “This 13.14 yuan is not an ordinary red envelope. You see, I don’t usually grab red envelopes, basically they are big brother Ren’s red envelopes.

I just wanted to send you a red envelope to apologize, and I found that the change is exactly 1314. Do you know what this means? “

Xiao Yan was also curious: “What do you mean?”

“Big Brother Ren’s red envelopes can be composed of 1314 for you. This is a foreshadowing of the arrangement for you!” Lin Xianyu pats Xiaoyan’s head: “One point cannot be more, one point cannot be less.

Xiao Yan stared at Lin Xianyu seriously for a while, and found that Lin Xianyu didn’t seem to lie, and happily hugged Lin Xianyu to shake her waist. Lin Xianyu could almost see a tail wagging behind her, super cute.

“Thank you fish!” Xiaoxie thanked intimately, no longer angry that Lin Xianyu just sprayed her face with Cola, and Lin Xianyu was able to rub Xiaoxu’s dog head again.

Lin Xianyu didn’t lie, she did have 1314 in her change, but she had 131.4 yuan, gave Xiaoyu 13.14 yuan, she gave 41.2 yuan herself, and made a net profit of 77.06 yuan.

Everyone felt like they were making money, and everyone was very happy. Lin Xianyu felt like he was doing good every day.

“It’s open, it’s 30 seconds to reach the battlefield.” Ren Xingmei lay on the bed, shaking her legs, urging, “Come on the line.”


On the other side, Ren Suo returned to the game and found that Sovereign Celestial Maiden’s face suddenly turned pale: “Supreme Paragon, I can only … help you here.”

The game pops up a message: “The 10000 method storm continues to launch, and the threshold will increase by 5 point every 1 minutes.”

Ren Suo glanced at the sick Sovereign Celestial Maiden, and his depression disappeared.

It seems that Sovereign Celestial Maiden really needs a lot of 10000 to start the storm, and Ren Suo this time can increase the threshold by 288 points. Whatever it is, it is worth the money. “Goose and plucking hair” can not be reduced even if it is launched, it is a tip for Sovereign Celestial Maiden.

Ren Suo looked towards Future Communications, and it turned out that it was a little different: The Future Communications as a whole glowed a faint blue, straight into the clouds, and seemed to echo in a distant place.

“Launch Future Communications!”

On the screen of the mobile phone, Supreme Paragon sits on the throne, and the glyphs on the ground glow with the brightness of silver, like a golden waterfall flowing down in time.

Suddenly, the golden waterfall splashed with numerous blue ripples, and the space seemed to be shaking violently!

Immediately after, countless purple streamers flew through them, blending with the spatial ripples generated, and deriving a pattern like Ten Thousand Flowers Mirror!




Ren Suo was shocked. It is indeed the powerhouse where the Supreme Paragon 1000 had to work hard to invite to communication. The appearance of this scene makes people feel the momentum of wind and rain!

And now is the last chapter of the game of “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, this future communication is probably the last time of this game.

Therefore, the future role that will appear this time is definitely a par with Supreme Paragon in 2049, and even surpasses the status of Supreme Paragon!

In the realization of Ren Suo’s expectations, the optical flow of Ten Thousand Flowers Mirror finally dissipated, and Supreme Paragon once again came to the “future newsletter 2049”!

Ren Suo can see that, directly opposite Supreme Paragon, there is a gorgeous leather European-style sofa with 2 … women sitting on it.

2 beautiful women.

One of the beauties was sitting upright with her back not on the sofa, her hands on her knees, wearing a blue and black shirt, white gloves on her hands, high boots on her feet, her hair simply ponytailed, her eyes calmed down, The looks are too beautiful to be square.

The other beauty was sitting lazily on the sofa with her legs raised, her hands on her chest, her upper body wearing a purple battle armor, her lower body wearing a purple battle skirt, and her long legs on elegant high heels. Wearing black stockings, revealing an inch of Absolute Domain, a shawl with black hair, a playful look, and a slightly pink face devastatingly beautiful.

An elegant and dignified, a charming charming.

Ren Suo fell into a trance at a glance, but soon came back to his senses, forcibly don’t go too far.

It’s useless!

Your human charm is no longer working for me!

I’m the man who was buffed by Cheng Ling and Mu Young Master!

Ren Suo glanced at Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi sitting on the couch and chatted. He touched the black cat in his arms, and reached out and rubbed the younger sister’s head, feeling that his own charm resistance reached max!

However, he glanced at the screen of the mobile phone, and fell into a trance again.

At this time, Gu Yueyan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and saw Dong Chengling surprised: “Sister Ling, are you back? Did you come back after taking a shower at home?”

Dong Chengling nodded, without waiting for her to say anything, Gu Yueyan strode into bed with a stride of meteor, looking towards the group of 3 players: “It’s time for you to take a shower.”

“Uh-huh, finish this game first,” Lin Xianyu said.

Gu Yueyan shrugged, climbed to Ren Suo, held Ren Suo seriously, and said, “Mr. Suo, think about what you are doing!”

She wore loose pajamas and a shawl with a casual hair, fresh and lively and full of charm, and instantly made Ren Suo awake from a mental state.

He froze and asked, “What happened to me?”

“Oh, what did you do when you just took a shower, don’t you know yet?” Gu Yueyan asked animatedly.

When Gu Yueyan said this, Ren Suo, Qiao Muyi, and Dong Chengling all changed their expressions slightly.

Qiao Muyi: How did Yue Yan find out? Did the little cable leave evidence of ammunition in it?

Dong Chengling: We were discovered by Yueyan?

Ren Suo: Oops, I didn’t take the ducklings out of the bathtub, I blame the hotel for having this kind of water toy.

“You didn’t put water in the bathtub! You didn’t put water for the next person!” Gu Yueyan hummed. “Did you mean it?”

“Ah?” Ren Suo relaxed. He didn’t realize he was such a big man playing ducklings, so he said casually, “I forgot … Is this serious?”

“Very serious,” Gu Yueyan muttered, “Because I can only soak the water you have soaked. Hey, does my body smell like you?”

Gu Yueyan reached out and let Ren Suo smell. Ren Suo sniffed and shook his head: “It smells like a shower gel!”

“Oh? Well, here you taste it. Does it taste like you?”

Gu Yueyan dragonfly touches the water lightly and kissed his lips lightly, and blushed and asked, “Did you taste it? What is it?”

Ren Suo blinked, tried again decisively, and then nodded heavily: “It really is my taste.”

Gu Yueyan is getting bored lately, and it has annoyed Ren Suo, because for Ren Suo, he simply has nothing … he ca n’t refuse!

Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi, who sat on the sofa, looked at each other silently, nodded, and stood up to draw Gu Yueyan’s doubt aside.

After two private chats, Gu Yueyan showed a shameful expression and sat on the sofa with two big sisters away from Ren Suo.

Ren Suo thought he might really be isolated, and I’m afraid he’s not going to the toilet tonight.

Taking advantage of the cold blood, Ren Suo looked down towards the mobile phone, and this time she did not get bogged down by the 2 new female characters.

With Gu Yueyan’s stimulus, he is now exempt from magic!

Supreme Paragon said, “You are here, Empress Void, Enchantress Guimi.”

Empress Void, Enchantress Guimi!

What a big name!

Ren Suo froze slightly, he suddenly remembered, wasn’t Empress Void the chief house officer of Nesser?

He also has the space storage prop “Atrial” presented by Empress Void. The Mini-world Game Console is stored in the atrium, so Ren Suo can use his mobile phone to play “Tomorrow Tomorrow” around the world.

Is it the same title of powerhouse?

It is very possible, after all, the existence of named Spiritual God is almost everywhere, and the name of Death God is not uncommon. Empress Void, a title that sounds so bullying, and it seems reasonable to be used by several people at the same time.

Empress Void is undoubtedly a dignified beauty, and Enchantress Guimi is naturally a purple-dressed beauty, which is very suitable for their temperament queen and demon girl.

Empress Void said, “The final battle is next, so we have to come.”

Enchantress Guimi said, “You talk about the situation now.”

Ren Suo was slightly surprised. Empress Void and Enchantress Guimi didn’t talk with Supreme Paragon for a while, but they were like a corporate official. They went straight to the topic and talked about the business, so Ren Suo couldn’t help but secretly like it.

It is indeed a super big man in 2049, and his style is clear and crisp!

So, these two female characters have no unspeakable emotional disputes with Supreme Paragon? Sure enough, Crystal Maiden is the true companion of Supreme Paragon …

Supreme Paragon was silent for a moment and said, “The situation is very bad.”

“Dragon King Zhao Huo hasn’t been able to train Ninth Cycle, Spirit King hasn’t been found, and 6 Eigth Cycles haven’t been brought up to the limit.

The Ark Legion is stronger than once. If it weren’t for Zhao Zili, the messenger of enemies, the World Tree magician, the explorer and the others to support it, the solar system would have become the Ark Legion.

The deity … I thought that back to 1999 with my strength, even without cultivator Legion would be enough to protect the world.

However, the reality is that without the cultivator Legion, and without those children who are willing to believe in me, I simply cannot protect anything except myself. “

Supreme Paragon seems to put down the shelf completely, not even calling himself “the deity”, but calling me.

Even if he couldn’t hear him, Ren Suo felt the pressure on him.

Supreme Paragon: “I know that this battle is going to be won, and it is because of this victory that I will be able to return to 2049 from 1999 … But when the fate of the whole world hangs between my thoughts, I still can’t help worrying There will be accidents, there will be 10000 one. “

Neither of the beauties spoke, listening quietly to Supreme Paragon.

After a moment of silence, Supreme Paragon said, “Star Lord is right. I went directly to 2049 without fixing the future newsletter of 1999 in advance. The cultivator Legion started slowly for more than half a year.”

“I’m too arrogant.”

“The last time Sovereign Blood Lotus and Dimension Queen participated in the future newsletter was really bothering them. If I had arranged a meeting plan for them already, it would not have made them rush away.”

“I’m too lazy.”

“The Galaxy Singer is right. If I talk to you before I leave, maybe the situation will be much better.”

“I’m too … stupid.”

Supreme Paragon’s words are full of self-blame, but at this time Enchantress Guimi chuckled: “What has happened, it’s meaningless to think about how to do better ~”

Supreme Paragon: “But this time … I’m really unqualified. It’s just as garbage as myself 30 years ago …”


Empress Void interrupted Supreme Paragon’s speech, slightly angry, and said very seriously:

“That’s all for complaining about our love!”

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