Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 860


We love people! ?

Empress Void and Enchantress Guimi … are both Supreme Paragon’s wives?

Ren Suo’s eyes widened.

If he remembered correctly, Supreme Paragon is now the only winner of his game with a companion.

Ren Han and the magician are not considered winners in life. Ren Han is at best a one-night stand, but it ’s just that they are so powerful that they let the earth ’s hopes linger around for 2 1000 years

As for the magician … his sisters are actually wives from system. After all, even the boss has become his wife because of the Holy Grail, pure plot killing. But the magician is actually very good in the game, and has no emotional exchange with other female magicians at all.

This is of course. The role of the magician is completely customized by Ren Suo. The performance of the magician in the game is actually the performance of Ren Suo.

Is Ren Suo the type of person who just wanted to fall in love when saving the world?

He is not, so is not a magician.

It ’s just that Ren Suo also had 10000 never expected. The magician who came out through the “clear spring flow” summon actually brought more than 20 ‘New Generation magicians’-this can organize a football match!

Time is really a pig-killer, Ren Suo has clearly set an example, hoping that the magician can become an ideal, moral, cultural, and disciplined 4 magician, didn’t expect he turned around and gave birth to 20 Multiple children.

Does magic revival start with family planning?

Ren Suo seemed to see a new human race rising.

In addition to these two, the only person who can be counted as having cp (love) in the game should be Luna.

Ren Suo touched the back of the black cat in his arms, his hair frizzled, and his palms were as sour as ice cream. I don’t know if it is because of cultivation that Luna feels better and better. In every way, Ren Suo has a new experience every night.

However, although Luna is the protagonist of “Night of the Hunt”, she is not the final winner, and her clone is the final winner of the game-Moon Winger.

Ren Suo reached out and scratched the black cat’s chin, and the black cat narrowed its eyes comfortably.

Luna doesn’t want to be a Spiritual God, he just wants to be a little kitty for Ren Suo.

Of course, from Luna’s point of view, it should be Ren Suo who made her little kitty, and she is the owner of Ren Suo.

Looking back at the phone screen, Ren Suo looked at the Supreme Paragon in the picture, thinking that he was indeed only one factory character equipped with his wife’s game character.

And still 2 wives!

And these two wives are all super big guys with big origins, high weight, extraordinary battle strength, resounding World, devastatingly beautiful!

You should know that the title of Supreme Paragon is given by Ren Suo, but the two titles of “Empress Void” and “Enchantress Guimi” are officially certified by Mini-world Game Console and are genuine!

They also came together to cheer Supreme Paragon!

This is no longer a situation that can be summarized by the winners of life. Supreme Paragon is afraid that it is not the fate that has been saved to save the Milky Way …

… but in “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”, Supreme Paragon is indeed saving the galaxy.

Justified, as it should be by rights.

However, seeing the happiness of Supreme Paragon, Ren Suo still felt that his stomach was acid reflux.

He was more affirming his guess: Supreme Paragon is a scumbag who uses brainwashing and strong charm!

Otherwise, why would these two Legendary beauties fall in love with him and still be willing to spend 2 lifetimes with him?

Damn, why do I have to manipulate this despicable character to save the world! ?

And the subtle command of Supreme Paragon was actually my operation, but it became his credit … He is clearly the vase commander sitting in Xianyuan Point to watch a show!

I’m going to equip Supreme Paragon with a “different life” and make him a Supreme Queen. According to the law of reunification of objects, after the scummer Supreme Paragon is transformed into the Supreme concubine, I am afraid that he will not be attracted by Ninth Cycle scumbag Zhao Huo …

Just as Ren Suo’s stomach was quickly breeding countless bad water, Empress Void lightly pursed his lips: “After finishing the business, let’s talk about the family.”

Enchantress Guimi, who is enjoying manicure, put down her hand and said with a smile on her chin: “After meeting with them, I realized that you have been perfunctory in the past few months. Hehe, I listen to their tone, it is like ‘ Supreme Paragon is so guilty that his wives complained. ‘



Ren Suo started slightly, and there was a wonderful idea in his heart.

Empress Void said earnestly: “Your attitude over the past few months is really not correct. I thought you were distracted by others, so I acquiesced you to my indifference.”

“But Galaxy Singer, Sovereign Blood Lotus, Dimension Queen, Star Lord tell us that you don’t focus on them at all.”

They … wives … Supreme Paragon …

They are also the wife of Supreme Paragon?

Ren Suo’s eyes flashed a clear comprehension, but then a doubt arose again-this person was wrong.

Enchantress Guimi said lazily with a smile: “It is true that you can treat us all the same way, and everyone has entered the Cold Palace. However, we have 30 years from the day we established our relationship. Ordinary couples have had 7 years of itch, and we have a little more people, so there is a long overdue itch of 30 years … seems to make sense? “

Empress Void frowned: “Don’t make excuses for him, I still like him as always, and he likes me as always.”

Enchantress Guimi said with a smile: “Ah? Do you just like it as always? I am not.”

“I always liked him very much, so the upside is very small, so the annual interest rate on him is only 10%, and I can only like a little more every year. But after all these years, my love should be 30 years ago Ten or seven times, right? “

Enchantress Guimi glanced at Supreme Paragon, and smiled at attracting spirit seizing soul: “But I also think he is ten times as fierce than 30 years ago ~ so he should like me ten times as much.”

This has been brewing for 30 years, and the old old dog food is slightly sticky, making Ren Suo unable to help but show a silly smile.

But he glanced at the moment, sitting on the sofa at this moment, and selecting Dong Chengling Qiao Muyi Gu Yueyan who took the picture today, the smile gradually became gentle.

Minus 2049 years in 30, that is … this year.

Ren Suo now finally understands why he likes the female characters in these games uncontrollably.

That’s not enough “human charm” to break the dimension wall.

And simplicity is the ability to evoke the love in his heart accurately, efficiently, and across time and space … “Enchantment to Ren Suo”.

Because Supreme Paragon likes them, I like them too.

Even after 30 years, even if the image has changed, even if the name has changed.

But as long as you are, I will still like it.

At this moment, Ren Suo is no longer in doubt.

He took a deep breath and recalled the previous experience sternly.

In the game records that disappeared in “Late Night Ghost”, the diners who once exchanged with the female food god body.

The protagonist of My Life Is Not Your Game, the rebel.

The npc of “Hunting Night”, doctor.

The villain boss of Light Traitor, Sony Prince.

The protagonist of “The Gate of Truth”, the gatekeeper.

It’s all me.

I am them.

Looking back, Ren Suo couldn’t help but sigh. He played so many games and suffered that many sufferings, even losing his sensibility … He was really pitted by the Mini-world Game Console many times.

But this time, Ren Suo finally won the Mini-world Game Console.

Before the game is cleared,

Before everything has feedback to reality,

Before he ruined the hero of the game,

Ren Suo has already relied on his own wisdom to determine that the protagonist of The Tomorrow of Tomorrow, the Savior who saved the galaxy,

This future husband who will live a fairy-tale happy life with his wife,

This handsome, strong and charming man, still handsome in another 30 years, acting just and honorable, being kind and friendly, and getting many good men who are beautiful,

This commander is 10000000 cultivator, Ren Zuo Zhao Huo is willing to fight for him, You Jian Zach is willing to use his minions, and even the Martial Arts Star Fragmentation to demolish the battleship, the Legion’s galactic celebrity in Wenneng Salvation Group

This super really handsome guy named Supreme Paragon-

That’s right, it’s me Ren Suo!

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