Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 865

What blinded my eyes?

Ren Suo eyes opened, and found that his face was very comfortable with the soft **. He reached out and lifted Dongdong, who was pressing his face.

“Luna, early.”

“Meow inside …” The black cat yawned drowsily, his tail dangling, still squinting as if he wanted to sleep.

Ren Suo put the black cat down and found that Dong Chengling and Gu Yueyan have got up, but the others are still lazy and untidy. 7 8 He slept in the bed badly, for example, he slept across 3 beds by himself, Lin Xianyu and younger sister Hugging Xiaoyao’s 9 tails, hu hu, fell asleep, and Qiao Muyi slid beside him.

Ren Suo felt his clothes. Fortunately, the clothes were intact and nothing happened last night.


Ren Suo was pushed back to bed, and saw Qiao Muyi rubbing his eyes sleepily, then holding his neck like a little girl coquettishly, muttering softly: “Sleep a little longer …”

Although there was no trace of sleepiness, Ren Suo couldn’t bear to get up.

But at this time, Dong Chengling slammed Qiao Muyi ass, Qiao Muyi bounced from the bed, and said with shame, “Cheng Ling, what are you doing!”

“Don’t you say that I want to wake you up in a more intimate way?” Dong Chengling pats said calmly with both hands.

Qiao Muyi flushed and rubbed the affected part, angrily: “I mean you can wake me up gently or wake me up with your face!”

Dong Chengling snorted, raised Ren Suo across the bed, shook it, kissed him slightly on the cheek, and smiled: “Is that so? Well, it’s time to get up.”

Ren Suo feels like juice and needs to be shaken to drink.

Gu Yueyan, who washed her face, said, “Let’s get up, we have to enter the park earlier, and we have to wait in line later, and there are many people at Disneyland during the off-season.”

The others were awake at this time, and Xiaoyan retracted his tail with a look of annoyance, then jumped over and hugged Ren Suo, and said, “Big Brother, Xiaoyan’s tail is bothered by them!” Help Xiaoyao to smooth her hair, Xiaoyao will get up! “

Ren Suo is no longer troubled by future events, and it would be too sandy if he distanced himself from such a thing. It ’s better to strengthen the daily contact with Xiaoyan and enhance the immunity. When the time comes, it is possible to resist the Xiaoyan in the full Nine-tailed Fox form!

Slightly warm the palms with the “lord of the flames” and create a breeze with the “storm tube”. Ren Suo’s hand flicked 9 red and white fox tails like combs, and Xiao Xi lay on the bed nicely, his face blushing like an apple, From time to time, his body was shaking slightly, and Lin Xianyu wanted to call the police.

Everyone went to wash each other. Ren Suo brushed his teeth and washed his face. He heard that it was a little noisy. When he came out, he suddenly covered his eyes, but exposed a big gap.

“Mr. Suo!” Gu Yueyan said angrily, “What do you pretend! Sister Qiao, go to the bathroom and change clothes!”

“You’re so tight, Xiao Suo is washing again, I don’t save time ~” Qiao Muyi put on short sleeves slowly, said with a smile: “By the way, it is too slow for each and everyone to go to the bathroom and change clothes It ’s better to keep Xiao Suo in the toilet. We will change clothes and let him out. ”

Everyone startled slightly, Lin Xianyu said in surprise: “Sister Qiao is really very flexible sometimes!”

Qiao Muyi continued: “Of course, if you don’t mind, it’s the most efficient way to change clothes without paying for the cable …”

Ren Suo turned back to the toilet: “You changed me and called me.”

At 8:50, Ren Suo entire group left the hotel and headed for Disney Adventure Park. The cultivator and their entourage took 5 minutes to reach the adventure park where the castle facilities are endless. It became the first group of tourists to enter the park that day.

Ren Xingmei said: “I have used maxpass to book a fastpass at all times. If you are lucky, you can play all the items without waiting in line.”

They bought a two-day, two-park package, ready to play an amusement park a day, but because there are too many people in Disneyland, there is a special fast-track function-no VIP or favorite qualification, use a mobile phone or directly After reaching the fp qualification, you can use the fast track to enter the amusement facilities within the specified time of the fp.

The entire group did n’t know how to follow Ren Xingmei ’s leadership. First went to Toy Story Crazy Game House and played 5 4d movie games. The next step is the speed roller coaster that is necessary for all amusement parks. The fast dive and 360-degree rotation are enough for passengers. Adrenaline soared.

However, unlike other travelers, Ren Suo entire group is very calm: Ren Suo, Dong Chengling, and Qiao Muyi do not say that the Fourth Cycle cultivator has no fear even if it is threw away at the highest point; Gu Although Yueyan and Ren Xingmei are less than the Fourth Cycle, they each have Magical Powers and are not afraid of this high-speed movement; Lin Xianyu is not afraid to fly, but she is also not afraid to fly. She controls the current and has an inexplicable affinity for the sky; Luna’s little bag with a schoolbag on her back was even more calm. She had a lot of cards.

But the fun is quite fun, and then everyone happily rides the Mickey Ferris wheel. This Ferris wheel is a group of 4 people, divided into shaking type and non-shaking type, but the younger sister said that the shaking type car will be particularly high, so they are all Choose a jiggle type.

However, at this time, there was a problem of grouping. Ren Suo took the initiative to say: “Then I can sit in the car without shaking, when the time comes Let’s compare the game experience and see if it is more fun to shake.”

Paused, he also said: “The Ferris wheel has no fp. I’ll probably wait in line when I come back … but I still want to take the ferris wheel with you once in a row, OK?”

At this point, everyone is finally reluctantly satisfied, and then everyone makes the following arrangements: Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi and Gu Yueyan, Ren Xingmei and Xiaoyin and Lin Xianyu, and Black Cat and Ren Suo-this time as a group Ren Suo and Luna had sat on the Ferris wheel alone.

Lin Xianyu stood next to the younger sister, sneaked: “Little star, do you know what our grouping is based on?”

Ren Xingmei did not know why: “Hmm … youth? They are the beauty group, we are the beautiful girl group, my brother is the beauty and wild beast group.”

Ren Suo with a black cat bag turned black—who is a wild beast and who is a beauty!

“No.” Lin Xianyu sighed, and she looked at Dong Chengling Qiao Muyi Gu Yueyan, fatily said: “Did you know? Discrimination is not just the opposite of you forever. Discrimination often divides you and me.”

Then Lin Xianyu made a gesture of holding up his hands, Ren Xingmei suddenly looked at Dong Chengling, and looked at himself again-Xiao Yan said nothing, let alone himself, most The scale of it is Lin Xianyu!

On one side is the undulating mountains and on the other is the ten thousand li plain, the contrast is quite strong!

Xiaoyan mumbled and said, “Xiaoyan is not as young as you when he grows up …”

“No matter how small, this is the most elegant standard figure of an oriental woman!” Lin Xianyu slapped Pat Xiao’s head, then gently held Ren Xingmei’s arm and said softly:

“Xiao Xingxing, have you seen it? Whether it’s the gentle East Teacher, the fierce sister Joe, or the dumb squad leader, or Luna Meow, you are not the same person. Only me! Only me Lin Xianyu, forever On your side! “

If there is no way to get rich class on money, then change the class! Divide yourself into the same class as the rich woman, and divide other people into other classes, and the rich woman will naturally make friends with you!

This is Lin Xianyu’s dating strategy: just like she couldn’t reach Gu Yueyan’s academic hegemony class at first, so she cleverly divided everyone into the ordinary person class, divided herself and Gu Yueyan into the beautiful girl class, and then Gu Yueyan naturally knew her.

Ren Xingmei’s crescents almost burst into tears: “But I want to be on their side …”

Lin Xianyu suddenly whispered, “In fact, I also have a special cheat, not the ordinary method of drinking papaya milk … want to know?”

Ren Xingmei’s face flushed slightly, then heavy nodded.

“Come here, I’ll tell you slowly when I get on the Ferris wheel.” Lin Xianyu kidnapped Ren Xingmei smoothly.

Ren Suo smiled and waved, and sent them off to the Ferris wheel. At this moment, a crunchy English exclaimed: “Wow, cute cat!”

Ren Suo was a little stunned, because Disneyland does not allow pets to enter the park, so Ren Suo not only let the black cat hide in the small schoolbag, but also cast several masking spells for the black cat, and the black cat would not emit Meowing … Can this be found by everyone else?

Then Ren Suo turned her head and saw a little girl with pink makeup and jade makeup, her fiery red hair wearing a hat, holding a red panda doll, and looking curiously at Ren Suo’s schoolbag.

Behind the little girl stood three adults, a beautiful girl with orange red hair, a youngster wearing a funny pointed hat, and an old British gentleman wearing a steward suit.

“… Sorren?” The orange-haired girl was cried out in surprise.

“Big Brother!” The little red-haired girl didn’t have much surprise. It seemed to have been expected and greeted with a chime-like voice: “Is Xiaoyu here? I haven’t seen Xiaoyu for a long time!”

Ren Suo was shocked.

That gentleman, if he remembered it correctly, should be the old British steward that appeared in “Killer”. And youngster wearing a funny pointed hat, he has a very deep memory-because this is the person remembered by [Ren Suo], the Fourth Cycle Master who appeared as the President of the European Wizard Council in “The Gate of Truth”, Tisrel!

Of course, the most important thing is the two girls in front of him.

The owner of the Consortium of Lampelucky, UK, one of the super Ms Perfect that can be counted on one’s fingers, Youfei Lampelucky!

And Uffi’s younger sister, protected by the Mini-world Game Console 2 times, has many abilities and is almost a dream, a little girl who is not well-known but regarded as a national treasure in Britain … The daughter of light, Carrian Lampelucci !!

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