Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 868

At 10:45 pm, with special effects such as flames, fog, and aurora, the water curtain projection formed by the fountain adds fantastic colors to the night, and the amusement facilities in the distance lit up the neon 1000 lights very interestingly, accompanied by the childhood classics of the whole World The animated music sounded, the entire world was immersed in joy, and Ren Suo couldn’t help pinching the girl’s face next to her.

“Why?” Lin Xianyu covered his face dissatisfied.

“I suspect I’m dreaming.”

“Then you squeeze your face!”

At this time, Ren Suo felt his cheeks pinched, his face pulled to the other side, and his vision was covered by Qiao Muyi’s pretty face as much as possible.

“Don’t engage in other women while the real girlfriend is here,” Qiao Muyi said with a smile. “This is a reality, not a dream.”

Qiao Muyi’s side face was illuminated by lights, and when she smiled, the apple muscle glowed with a dreamy glow. Ren Suo was slightly surprised by this beauty and immediately bowed her head and kissed, said with a smile: “It’s not a dream, it’s really good.”

He suddenly grinned: “It would be miserable if I dreamed, I can only dream of the five little rare beasts …”

“Having a nightmare?” Gu Yueyan pushed Lin Xianyu aside and asked.

Ren Suo recalled the dream, with a smile: “Not a nightmare. If it had to be classified … probably like practicing 5 character numbers at the same time?”

Gu Yueyan was nodded ignorantly, and the black rabbit ears on her head wobbled. Then she blushed and presented a wet paper towel to Ren Suo—Qiao Muyi applied lipstick today, and ordinary paper towels could not be wiped clean.

Informed Lin Xianyu has raised his SLR.

Watching Ren Suo and the female children take pictures one by one with the dreamy water curtain as the background, Tisler sighed: “He is also very hard. He had to sit with them 4 times on the Ferris wheel and watch 4 sunsets.”

Youfei rolled her eyes-she felt that if she was a man, she would be willing to bear the hardship.

“Wow, is he so close to his own cats?” Tisler continued to tsk tsk said: “It really is you can’t judge a person by appearance.”

Youfei sighed softly: “They look happy.”

Tisler said: “I am very happy, is the Xuan Guoren particularly proficient in this skill? Zhao Huo has 3 wives, Ren Suo has 4 … wait, Zhao Huo is a Level 3 mage, Ren Suo is Level 4 Master, is there a wife for every country you advance to? “

You Fei smiled: “according to what you said, shouldn’t Zhao Huo Level 9 have 9 wives? There are only 3 in the video.”

Tisler said solemnly: “Maybe his other wives were born after 1999, are now in junior high school, or haven’t been born at all?”

Uffie didn’t talk to him anymore, and sighed said, “I used to be a friend, now …” She shook the head.

“Hmm … do you despise his soul?” Tisrel asked.

Uffi asked, “Aren’t you?”

Tisrell shook his head: “I just envy him a bit because of male instincts, but not at all contempt, jealousy, curse and other negative emotions. I am a free love lover, whether it is lgbt or polygamy As long as they are united by love, I will bless them. “

You Fei said: “I also bless them, but it is wrong to ask for it, Cheng Ling will sooner or later be sad …”

Tisrel said with a smile: “Whether there are many right or wrong, as long as they do not affect others, they can live as they want.

Although they may all be lay people, they are happy.

Don’t feel sorry for them if you are not happy yourself. “

Youfei glanced at Tisrel in surprise, said faintly: “But you might commit bigamy …”

“Ah?” Tisler said for a moment: “Yeah, Xuan Guo seems to have the same crime … Good luck to him. However, after the incident of Zhao Huo, they might be able to catch the downwind of Zhao Huo. car?”

At this time, the water curtain show ended, and Fantasy World finally came to reality, but Lin Xianyu’s photos were enough.

After leaving the paradise pier and walking towards the gate of the park in the middle of the crowd, Karen held the elder sister Youfei’s hand with anticipation: “elder sister, tomorrow they will go to Disney, will we go too?”

You Fei shook his head: “No, we are leaving Federation tomorrow. It is already troublesome for Tisler to come to the adventure park today, and we cannot continue to play.”

Carlin beaked her mouth and water mist appeared in her eyes, but not at all continued to say anything, but she lowered her head unhappyly.

Tisrel said quickly: “No trouble, no trouble, Euphy Princess doesn’t care about me. If you feel that the number of guards is insufficient, I will let the magician in New York come over immediately …”

Youfei Princess shook her head: “It’s not the problem, I believe in your ability, but as we stay longer, we will become more and more dangerous-we can’t drag everyone into risk because of a moment of greed.”

Dong Chengling said, “You Fei, we have 3 Fourth Cycle cultivators here, and I have a way to protect Karen perfectly, if you believe me …”

You Fei smiled and shook her head: “It’s not a matter of belief or not. Carlen and I are too sensitive. This is doomed to our simple travel.

I believe you can protect us in the attack, but the incident of ‘attack’ alone is enough to make our negotiations with Federation a lot of variables, which may be good or bad … but for me, no An accident is the best situation.

Moreover, your identity as a mystic may also complicate this matter. “

Xuan Guoren protects British Princess in Federation … sounds like a plot of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Brother Long in the last era.

At this moment, Youfei revealed the irrefutable decisiveness of the superior: “this world, you can’t protect anything without giving anything. I hope Carlin can be happier than anyone, so this is the best choice I made after serious consideration. . “

“Not everyone can be like Suo.” Youfei looked towards Ren Suo, in an envious tone, “I have everything I want.”

“We can only, let go of it if we don’t get it.”

Although Karen was unhappy, she seemed to understand her elder sister’s intentions. Not at all was awkward. Instead, when she walked to the gate of the park, she came over and hugged Xiaoyu.

“(づ ╥﹏╥) づ 小 ~ 玖 ~”

“(づ ╥﹏╥) づ 卡 ~ 莲 ~”

Two cute little girls said goodbye to each other, Carlin said in a soft glutinous voice: “Small sister, always talk to me in the future! Next time we will come to Disney again! We will eat Monte Cristo 2 Wenji again! “

Xiaoyi replied with a crisp voice: “I can play games with you!”

“Is it a game? I like it too!” Carlin happily pats his hand and asks, “Small sister, can I kiss you?”

“Don’t kiss,” Xiaoyin said, covering her mouth. “Someone has already booked here.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Carlin kissed Xiaoya’s cheek for a while, then reached out and took out the black cat from Xiaoya’s schoolbag: “Luna, can I kiss you?”

“Meow inside ~”

Then Karen took a sip of the black cat, returned the black cat to Xiaoyu, and waved to them, “Big Brother, bye! Spirit elder sister, goodbye! Wooden elder sister, goodbye! Moon elder sister, bye! Star elder sister, goodbye! Bye sister, bye! Bye bye! Bye bye, Luna! “

Ren Suo and the others walked directly back to the hotel, and the black cat suddenly became restless, jumping and meowing on Ren Suo’s shoulder. Ren Suo slightly startedled, said with a smile: “Luna’s transformation time has been increased from 40 minutes to 50 minutes.”

Dong Chengling and the others also hesitated, Qiao Muyi asked in surprise: “Luna’s cultivation base has increased again?”

“No, maybe because of being kissed by Carrian.” Ren Suo said with a smile.

‘Girl of the Light’ Carlin’s ability has always been a mystery. The card assassin said that she had achieved her dreams, but after all, she did not have a real hammer.

Ren Suo only remembered that Xiao Yan had played with Carlien for a while, and his ability had risen to the next level.

Thinking of this, Ren Suo bowed his head and looked towards Xiao Yan: “Xiao Ye, did Xiao Carlin also give you a gift?”

Xiaoyan blinked, nodded.

Dong Chengling, holding Xiao’s hand, asked, “What gift is that, can you tell the elder sister?”

Xiaoyan’s eyeball First Cycle said, “Xiaoyan doesn’t know what to say, can you demonstrate it?”

Dong Chengling nodded: “Yes.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered and he looked at Ren Suo and said, “Big Brother, can you kiss me?”

Ren Suo blinked, nodded, squatted down and held Xiao’s shoulder, in Xiao’s expectant look—

Kissed her forehead.

Xiaoyi was slightly disappointed, but at this time other girls finally reacted.

“Active spell spell?” Qiao Muyi quickly recognized the effect of this ability.

At this time, Ren Suo also found that he heard the notification from the headset:

“The level of Falcon’s fetters increased.”

“Xiao Yan, Level 2 fetters, fetter ability ‘Charm Symphony’: strengthen the voice charm, strengthen the body’s magical fragrance, and have a certain resistance to the same type of ability. Weaken.

Derived ability ‘If only as you see it’: Charm effect on all targets who watch and hear themselves, lasts 5 seconds, cools down 60 minutes, has higher priority, and cannot be resisted by mental resistance. “

As you can see, since Ren Suo picked up Nine-tailed Fox, their bond has not been upgraded.

This is actually quite normal, after all, since September, Ren Suo and Xiaoyi have only been unwilling to suffer, and Xiaoyi has not cultivated. Their relationship has never been in the category of breakthrough siblings. There is a ghost when there is a change in the bond relationship. .

didn’t expect After being kissed by Karen, Xiaoyi was like getting the Elderly Generation power transfer, her ontological ability was upgraded, and even her and Ren Suo ’s bondage level was brought up-in this respect, Ren Suo It’s like a chicken in ‘when a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven’.

Everyone was shocked by this, Qiao Muyi said suddenly: “No wonder You Fei is so anxious to take Karen away, no wonder the British attaches so much importance to Carlen, no wonder that Tisrel is so nervous … Karen is still young If she grows up, the British Wizard Council may be on par with the Great Wall and watchmen. “

Qiao Muyi’s vision is very bad: It’s enough that Carlin can help others permanently strengthen their ability, which is enough to make a power rise. Even more how, this is not all Carlin’s strength.

Dong Chengling said: “In addition to their identity factors, Youfei really shouldn’t stay long.”

Ren Xingmei said with a smile: “Think of it this way, as if we are really happier than them?”

Ren Suo was pretty sure: “Of course!”

Lin Xianyu said enviously: “It’s so good, why not come and kiss me?”

Dong Chengling said: “Xiao Yan’s ontology is Nine-tailed Fox, Luna’s ontology is a cat, and Karen may be particularly fond of monsters?”

Lin Xianyu sighed as if he had missed 5,000,000: “I’m also a demon, is there a fish in my name, am I a fish demon?”

Little one curl one’s lip: “Maybe it’s because you’re too salty and wet, and you’ve reached Karen.”

“Little children are not allowed to say such things!” Lin Xianyu pinched Xiaoxian’s cheek uncomfortably.

Ren Suo suddenly remembered something, beckons with the hand to Xiaoyue: “Xiaoyue, come here, hold the adult’s hand, be careful and safe.”

Xiaoyan eagerly came over and took Ren Suo’s hand. Ren Suo took the opportunity to take out his mobile phone, open “Tomorrow Tomorrow”, and go to the search interface.

At the water curtain performance just now, Ren Suo had already had enough luck with his girlfriend, and now holding Xiaoyu again, it is almost ten to nine!

1000 searches, “Families of God Eaters”!

“Successful search!”

“Find 998 Four Cycle future cultivators!”

Ships 2!

“Visit Seventh Cycle cultivator!”

“If goodness doesn’t grow teeth, it’s just weakness. I’m your teeth.”

“Seventh Cycle cultivator, Scarlet Goblin Stanley, ring the bell.”

Ren Suo stunned, Gorefiend Sterley?

Card defection assassin? Helped Carlin’s Gorefiend in the Tianlian Assassination last September?

But the last time they met, it should be Ren Suo’s “Night of Hunting”, and he controlled Luna to let them go. He remembered when Studley seemed to be a companion of God’s Envoy, and it seemed that he also joined the Wizard Council and found his home.

“Find the Eigth Cycle cultivator!”

“Truth is only within range.”

“Eigth Cycle cultivator, the sole witness, Kader, murdered.”

Sniper Kader!

Ren Suo knows this person, currently the strongest single battle strength of the Wizard Council, the world’s strongest long-range sniper, once hit through a hurricane and shot countless Demon ghosts!

However, these two new roles are not in the range expected by Ren Suo.

Here’s another “1000 Searches”!

“Successful search!”

“Find 998 Four Cycle future cultivators!”

“Visit Seventh Cycle cultivator!”

“All gifts given by fate have been secretly marked with a price.”

“Seventh Cycle cultivator, protect Angel Uffi, come from asylum.”

Will Uffie become a Seventh Cycle cultivator in the future … But she is with Carrian every day, but she can only go to Seventh Cycle. It should be those big business of several 100 100000000 million that has delayed her cultivation.

“Find the Eigth Cycle cultivator!”

“We will die alone, just as we were born alone.”

“Eigth Cycle cultivator, Big Magister Tisrel, come free.”

Ren Suo raised his eyebrows slightly. The President of the Wizard Council can even become an Eigth Cycle cultivator?

Now, Ren Suo has drawn twice, and Ka Chili naturally did not have the first guaranteed bonus. He couldn’t help hesitating at this time.

None of these he wanted to smoke.

However, he also knows how slim his chances are.

The most important point is that the target character he wants is less than ten years old this year.

Carlin, it is after 10!

In 1999, none of Carlin’s cells had split!

But Ren Suo is convinced that he can draw more than this from the card pool.

Because tomorrow is about to reach that important day, he must gather all the customs clearance factors today.

Because there is a result, there is a cause.

But there is no problem with the card pool, and there is no problem with Ren Suo, so the problem is only …

Ren Suo lowered his head to look at Xiaoyan, who looked at him crookedly.

At this point Lin Xianyu came over and took Xiaoya’s other hand and asked flatly, “Xiaoya Xiaoya, can you change your tail tonight?”

Xiaoxiong quickly shook her head: “No! Xiaoxii didn’t want to touch the fish with her tail!”

“Aiya is so small, you will be an elder sister. Elder sister will make you very comfortable.” Lin Xianyu tried to bribe: “at worst, I will lend you my full-skin number to play.”

“Don’t, don’t!” Xiaoshao snorted: “You can get a voucher for that card bug, maybe one day it will be blocked!”

“Swipe a coupon? Is there such a good thing?” Ren Suo blinked and asked curiously.

Lin Xianyu waved his hand: “It’s not so exaggerated, but I encountered a system bug when I charged, and suddenly there were a few more thousand thousand coupons. It happened by accident, and the official didn’t seem to care about it, and the account number is still good.

Ren Suo stared at her shyly, looking thoughtfully nodded.

Lin Xianyu was a little itchy when he looked at his body, and asked twitchingly, “What’s wrong? I can’t help you with the money, but you can help me with Alipay.”

Ren Suo suddenly said, “Can you take my shoulder for a while?”

Lin Xianyu blinked: “Why? It’s rude to take a shoulder.”

Ren Suo pretend to be polite said, “I want to try the feeling of being shouldered by a beautiful girl.”

Lin Xianyu snorted: “I called the monitor over.”

Ren Suo had to make a killing move: “100 yuan!”

Lin Xianyu: “150 yuan!”


“Big Brother Ren, how long do you want me to take?” Lin Xianyu said beautifully: “Buy one hand and give one hand! Is your shoulder tired? Would you like me to pinch it? One minute pinch it Free! “

Give money has such a good service attitude, Ren Suo learned this time.

Ren Suo took a deep breath, looked at the screen of the phone, and chose “1000 Link Search” again!

If this doesn’t work, Ren Suo will not continue to waste Xianyuan Stone-he will also use it to upgrade the Eigth Cycle cultivator!

However, Lin Xianyu not at all disappointed him.

“Successful search!”

“Find 999 Four Cycle future cultivators!”

“Visit Ninth Cycle cultivator!”

“On the day of Earth’s awakening, all the rebellious gods should die.”

“Ninth Cycle cultivator, the light of Earth · Spirit King, Karen, come to eat God!”

Ren Suo turned his head and looked towards Lin Xianyu with strange eyes. Lin Xianyu crooked his head: “What’s wrong?”

Ren Suo said, “I think you might really have changed the fish.”

Lin Xianyu snorted: “Even if I praised me as a mermaid, 150 yuan is a lot!”

Ren Suo: “No, I mean you may have changed from koi.”

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