Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 874

On December 1999, 12, the space front outside the fire star fought for 20 hours and 7 minutes.

As Supreme Paragon put a rainbow flame chess piece on the cosmic chessboard, a voice as cold as ice but bold and arrogant was heard throughout the army—

“Follow me, stop the sky.”

“King, come on!”

A prosperous white lotus bloomed in the center of the turbulent universe battlefield. The star-struck violent battleship that was hitting the line of defense suddenly broke the front, and the Ark unit illuminated by the light of the white lotus was also attacked by different concentrated spells. A large area vacated on the battlefield!

But this is not enough!

The King can only guard an area, but this time the Ark Legion goes all the way and there is a commander in the rear to dispatch! Perceiving the strength of the King, they dispersed their forces and increased their offensive strength on both sides in an attempt to capture the origin of the fire star!


The roar of the blood-dancing dancer, which burned all the blood, spread throughout the army in the “heroic ring” spiritual connection!

Magical Powers cultivator Huskar ’s blood-blasting blasts, destroying an 8-sided gem battleship into the Spiritual Qi. The 8-sided gem battleship has a very high defense force, and even the King can’t be defeated quickly, but it can be easily solved by borrowing the geographical advantage of Spiritual Qi.

The Great Magister Tisrrell no longer uses the attack spell of the King, but reapplies the trick, borrowing the blast of Huskar’s blood, and pushing the Ark Legion to the sea together.

“A Tooth For A Tooth!”

The cultivator Ren Qingqing’s defensive line barrier suddenly erupted with a strong Spiritual Qi shock, upsetting all enemy forces ahead of the Shattered!

In the presence of the commoner sword emperor, Ren Qingqing is comparable to Eigth Cycle cultivator. After the damage reaches a critical value, he can bounce out at once!

But this is not enough!

Ren Zuo looked up at bizarre and motley on the battlefield of the universe with a dignified expression.

The rune light and Spiritual Qi light and shadow of hiding the sky and covering the earth render the dark universe colorful and dirty, and the vacuum of silence makes this ruin and magnificence into a thrilling cruelty.

The average person can’t see the situation on this 3-dimensional battlefield at all, but Ren Zuo can clearly see that the cultivator Legion is already in danger—even if the total strength of the cultivator Legion has reached 1000000 level, the battle strength and number of the Ark Legion are far beyond before!

Great Wall has long researched that the Ark Legion in “Top Secret Archives” is stronger than one episode. If the first episode is a universe spaceship, the second episode is a starship battleship, and the third episode is a galaxy Legion, then it is completely a planet now. battleship-a huge battleship about the size of a dwarf planet!

In contrast, the 1000000 army is just a drop in the ocean. Ren Zuo really realized how small humans are in the face of ancient civilizations that were able to move across the constellation.

If the King had not entered the line just now, the line of defense might have collapsed!

Even if Supreme Paragon doesn’t say it, Ren Zuo also knows that the King can’t stay on the battlefield for a long time-he can clearly realize that the cyclone of the “King” that is completely consistent with himself is constantly expanding.

When the king ’s cyclone expands to the limit, it is when the king is strongest, and it is also when the king retreats! Otherwise, Nioh will definitely explode into the brightest fireworks in the galaxy!

Before the war began, Ren Zuo thought it was a victory. 1000000 Legion, Legion led by dozens of powerful cultivators, as well as Daoist, Moon Winger, Ren Han, Voidwalker, Angel White Coffin, Dark Fear, Dark Moon Princess, these future Immortal Palace powerhouses …

How else to lose! ?

Ren Zuo suspects that he was invited by Supreme Paragon to watch a movie in the VIP auditorium.

But with the outbreak of the war, Ren Zuo’s b-cells were mitotic-with his strength, maybe he could only watch the show.

Half an hour later, King Legion retired, and the white lotus blooming on the battlefield was scattered into countless fragrant flowers, which restored the entire Legion to Peak!

But Ark Legion immediately seized this opportunity, sending all the corps all over, hiding from the sky and covering the earth!

“It’s almost your show time.”

Supreme Paragon suddenly said, Ren Zuo nodded, said solemnly: “Always be prepared.”

“Don’t worry, you have to wait in line.”

Supreme Paragon stood up from his seat, and … the sky broke!

It’s the sky under your feet and it’s cracked!

The atmosphere of the fire star below them was suddenly opened a gap, and the golden waterfall-like Spirit Qi flowed continuously from below into the Supreme Paragon within the body. Only a small amount of the Spirit Qi escaped, I am afraid only 5% of the total.

But just this 5% scattered Spiritual Qi makes Ren Zuo feel like he is being attacked by Spiritual Qi.

Spiritual Qi is thick and liquid, flowing through all the gaps in Ren Zuo’s body, the cyclone expands sharply, but is always within the safety line-after he came to 1999, his body seemed to be locked by Supreme Paragon.

Originally Ren Zuo thought that the concentration of Spiritual Qi in the shield of Xianyuan was already exaggerated, but now he thinks that Supreme Paragon is even more exaggerated-5% of Spiritual Qi makes Ren Zuo feel that he has been stuffed, and Supreme Paragon actually Receive and use for oneself 95% of the Spiritual Qi amount!

Deserves to be a super powerhouse!

But seeing Supreme Paragon standing up, Ren Zuo quickly realized what he wanted to do: “Are you going to shoot?”

“Well,” said Supreme Paragon, “fire star Xianyuan has been activated, and the Spirit Qi that should be used is not used, it is meaningless.”

Ren Zuo’s breathing was quick.

It makes sense that although Supreme Paragon has already shot 2 times in the video, even Ren Zuo cannot fully analyze Supreme Paragon’s tricks.

They know that Supreme Paragon is very strong, but exactly how Supreme Paragon hit the Star Fragmentation and how to clear the world instantly is still in a state of guessing. After all, the gap between the two levels is too big.

But now, Ren Zuo has the opportunity to watch Supreme Paragon’s moves up close!

Even if Ren Zuo knew that he could not reach the Realm of Supreme Paragon now, with his eyesight, he would definitely benefit a lot from this observation!

Supreme Paragon seems to know Ren Zuo’s mind: “Do you want to learn? The deity teaches you.”

Ren Zuo was slightly startled and immediately nodded. He didn’t even dare to say a question, he just wanted to quickly determine the matter.

“It’s very simple. The deity doesn’t like those fancy spell combinations. Just come and go.”

Supreme Paragon indifferently said: “The secret of this trick is to use your fists for all the spells you will–“

“type it out.”

Suddenly, the entire world turned gray, and the speed of all things slowed to the limit. Only the Supreme Paragon was still shining golden light, walking in the crevice of time.


The space in front of Supreme Paragon suddenly ripples, linking to the front of all Ark Legion.


His right hand ignites a thick white flame, a deep blue ice, a pure and flawless light, and a darkness that corrodes everything, under the action of the wind of 10000 methods that can blow everything, blend into a rainbow-colored mixed light.

“Rainbow Spiral”.

Then Supreme Paragon raised his right fist, aimed at the ripples in the space in front, and struck 0.1 times in 1000% of a second.

“Pile Driver”.

“Roaming Refraction Rainbow Spiral Pile Driver”!

From Ren Zuo’s point of view, however, Supreme Paragon seems to be throwing a fist forward, then the rainbow glow pours out, crosses the boundary of space, and falls directly on all the Ark Legion, destroying it!

One punch of light cold Milky Way!

Ren Zuo could see the windows tightly knit, and he could clearly feel that just a short while ago, Supreme Paragon had called up countless powerful forces and combined them together, so that the rainbow light that wiped out everything had erupted.

And these forces can not help but, and fine! He felt the fire that burned everything, frozen the ice of time, penetrated all the light, devoured all the darkness, connected all the space, and even time beyond the world …


How to say, although all the power is used, but the calling method is a bit rough, like a person who does not cook normally, and suddenly wants to cook, so I just use all the spices … It is edible but has not reached its optimal level.

But is Supreme Paragon the kind of person who doesn’t usually fight, and temporarily holds his feet?

Ren Zuo thought about it and rejected this stupid idea in his heart.

how is this possible! The laid-back cultivator, at most, has the talent to master one of these powers, but to master so many powers, it must be the level of diligence and consciousness explosion that can only be achieved by a strong willpower!

Supreme Paragon must have experienced Corpse Mountain Blood Sea battles of 10000 to achieve the current achievement. How could it be the kind of lying winner who has temporarily stood up and has not fought a few times?

So Supreme Paragon is okay, something went wrong with my mind.

Is Supreme Paragon really mysterious?

Could it be that conflicts between forces have been minimized? Is it related to the principle of “Junchen Zuoshi”?

Just as Ren Zuo was thinking, Supreme Paragon snapped his fingers and all the Legion on the move moved to a new area.

Ren Zuo looked down and suddenly startedled slightly-below them was Earth’s atmosphere.

The gentle Earth Spiritual Qi is nourishing the heart of every cultivator.

“Next is the real battle,” Supreme Paragon whispered, and continued to settle on the cosmic chessboard.

Although a large number of troops were killed, the Ark Legion was even more violent! The close and numerous starship battleships form a cosmic battle formation, and quickly approach the line of defense with Space Jump!

“Fight for the people who cannot fight! For the glory of Didra, the whole army attacks!”

Didela to High Marshal Los, led a 1000000 army to quickly build Earth defense barriers!

“Chaowen said, Xi may die. Please watch me, and then … go to death.”

Daoist haha ​​laughed, stepped out of the golden light avenue across the Star River in the sky, and walked into the battlefield between turns, 108,000 times a second, the passage was turbulent!


The Moon Winger pointed with a finger, a star-level battleship battleship turned into a sheep under the eyes, and then was directly annihilated by countless attacks so that no wool was left.

Simple, efficient, weird, cruel!

Even if the Moon Winger can only have one sheep for a period of time, it will greatly reduce the pressure on the defense line!

“How dare you trust the ancestors and go all out.”

Voidwalker Tian Tang sang loudly, teleported to the middle of the battlefield, created a huge space ripple of each and everyone out of thin air, and from a distance, it was a blossoming orange yellow peony!

Ren Zuo used the “Hero Ring” lent by Supreme Paragon to hear the explanation of Voidwalker Tian Tang: “The trash can is ready. You can drop the enemy into the trash can and it will be automatically sent to the core of the sun for disposal. . “

“But big brother, sort it out before throwing garbage. Ask, is battleship dry or wet? Is it recyclable or non-recyclable?”

Angel White Coffin Wu Xia laughed and chased it. After passing through a planetary battleship, he punched a small powder in hand, and the planetary battleship was suddenly distorted, fell into the ripples of space, and was directly transmitted to the sun. evaporation!

Ren Zuo frowned–this pink-haired girl really was not a healing unit, but a violent output unit!

It is a strategic output unit that can be moved at any time!

“Let time imprint our glory.”

Xing Shi slightly smiled in the dark fear, golden bell illusory shadow appears above all friendly Legion. When the friendly Legion attacks, the golden bell pointer moves one space. When the pointer completes a circle, the Legion status returns to the Peak status!

“Praise the dark moon!”

Blue hair Hei Yin and black hair Xi Yue entered the battlefield holding hands, and the vast moonlight that followed them draped over the enemy and us like a veil, causing the enemy’s movement speed, physical resistance, and Spiritual Qi resistance to all decrease, making our own Defense and attack speed all increased!

It didn’t take long for Supreme Paragon to empty the enemy forces, but the war was once again heated!

Just then, Supreme Paragon settled.

“Ren Han, Ren Zuo, come in.”

Suddenly, Ren Zuo found himself on the moon

He glanced down and found that the moon was plain everywhere and looked like a smooth table tennis.

Although Ren Zuo does not have any aerospace equipment, he still wears fairy costumes. However, with his strength, it was already possible to travel in the void with the fleshhy body alone.

After receiving Supreme Paragon’s order from the “Hero Ring”, Ren Zuo slightly startedled, turning his head and looking towards Ren Han next to him.

Ren Han smiled lightly and communicated through the ring: “Why, do you think we look down on you? But we are only projection, and you are coming true, so letting you come as the last insurance should be the most reasonable choice.”

Ren Zuo smiled bitterly: “I just feel that I will someday fall to the level of insurance.”

“Well, it might be really a novel experience for you.”

Looking at the increasingly fierce battlefield in the distance, Ren Han said softly: “When I was born, it was grandma who sheltered us. When I was growing up, it was father who was protecting us. Then, it was my turn to take the position of Patriarch and go Guard the other clansman. “

“This is the only way for every Ren Family person to learn, inherit, inherit.”

“And you … just like the ancestor Ren Woxing, go ahead and open the way, and make your own way from scratch.”

Ren Zuo was silent for a moment and asked, “Those things should have happened to you decades ago … Do you remember?”

“How can I forget it, I just want to do not raise.” Ren Han said, “But as long as you meet the right person, the corresponding memory is like a breathing fish in the lake, and the bubbles float on the lake each and everyone. . “

Ren Zuo was silent, Ren Han smiled lightly and said, “I father once asked me, hate?”

“I said at the time, don’t hate it. However, now that I want to come, I still hate it.”

“Just watching Father fight 1000 100 Demon in the back and watching him make ice cubes for me in the summer, I can’t explain this sentence.”

“Do n’t father hate it? He hates it too, but he prefers to leave hatred to his own generation and cut off the chain of hatred. He hopes to shoulder everything and protect the next generation to obliterate the hatred in our hearts.”

“I had a chance to cut off the chain of hate, but … haha, how do you know that the Si Ma Family are some dead moms.”

With a smile, Ren Han hehe not only has completely changed the Eastern Han dialect, but has also learned modern swear words proficiently-swear words are the easiest language for a civilization to learn.

“and so.”

Ren Han stood in front of Ren Zuo, took out a sharp axe around his waist, and pats the small wooden shield on his left hand, leaving Ren Zuo a back view.

“Although it may be a bit late now, and it seems that the identity is not right … but …”

“Let me fulfill your responsibility as an elder once.”

A Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow emerged from Ren Han, as big as the moon, and running across the void!

“In addition to our Ren Family lineage tradition, apart from our hatred of Bloodline and our habitual stacking of spell names, we have …”

“Proud of last name!”

At this time, a dazzling glow broke out in the distant battlefield, illuminating the entire solar system!

Supreme Paragon’s voice spreads throughout the army through the ring: “This time is the last battle of the Ark civilization. The entire army is cultivator and act as planned!”


At this moment, a beam of bright light penetrated the Star River, the fusion explosion caused by it has not yet erupted, and the hot plasma bubbles have struck to the moon.

The dullness that cannot be heard, the glare that cannot be seen, the shock that cannot be faced directly!

At this time, Supreme Paragon’s explanation was long overdue: “The final destruction weapon of the Ark Legion, the Gamma-ray-like Spiritual Qi pulse. Without the source of the Spiritual Qi of this era, the immortal civilization would also be declared dead. Destruction will not complete us. “

But within seconds of Supreme Paragon’s speech, there were countless fusion nuclear explosions, and the light shining to Star River kept flickering. Ren Zuo just standing behind Ren Han felt that his eyes were going to be blind!

However, Ren Han stepped forward, Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow resisted all the pulses, and no residual waves were leaked!

The Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow, which was bombed to 1000 holes and 100 holes, was quickly restored to its original state after being scrubbed by dozens of healing spells.

“Are you okay?” Ren Zuo asked in a telepathy.

“There is a problem, but behind us is our home. I am behind you. I have no choice but to retire.” Ren Han said with a smile.

At this time, Supreme Paragon suddenly said, “Be careful, it’s Black Falls.”

Supreme Paragon hasn’t finished talking yet, the strongest blow has arrived.

This time the pulse ray no longer shines, but darker than pure black, 5 colorful blacks, blacks that eat everything.

Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow quietly disintegrated, but Ren Han did not fall until the end of the rays.

When the Black Falls ended, Ren Han directly lifted Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow, and looked pale as if he would fall at any time.

He gently held his left chest, said with a smile: “Heart-strengthening is still very useful …”

He turned to look at Ren Zuo, removed his wooden shield, and said, “It’s over to you.”

Ren Zuo took the wooden shield, and instantly realized the “Hanyanmingyuan Chongying Roar Heavenly Venerate”.

Wearing a wooden shield silently, Ren Zuo looked at Ren Han in front of him and said in a telegram: “I will change the fate of our Ren Family.”

“The first thing to change is this shit name.”

Ren Han said with a smile: “Hey? But we all feel good, even distant relatives with a deeper blood relationship like this naming method …”

Ren Zuo said: “That means you have the same taste.”

“I’ve lived on my own for over 23 years old, and I will soon be able to completely break the curse in the champion Bloodline, and then the restrictions on intermarriage, travel restrictions, power restrictions …”

“I hate the chain of hate, I will cut it off!”

“I will cross your corpses, move forward, move forward, and advance unscrupulously!”

A larger Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow emerged on Ren Zuo, with a thunderbolt in his palm, kind eyes, and awe-inspiring sentient beings!

A frozen throne condensed behind Ren Zuo, and he sat down slowly, as if now he was Ren Han’s ancestor.

“The Ultimate Heavenly Venerate Trend”!

Ren Han smiled lightly: “I’m not dead yet, this is just a projection.”

“Well, see you next day, the Patriarch with the most direct relatives of the Ren Family in 2000.”

Ren Zuo froze slightly, but Ren Han was disappeared, and at this time the attack of the Ark Legion came again, and the dim and chaotic rays penetrated the Star River.

Supreme Paragon: “The final shot of the Ark Legion, a cluster light waterfall gun. Are you confident?”

Ren Zuo blinked, and instantly took the whole battlefield into his eyes.

Candi 4 The couple stayed alone, Fan Fan’s boundless flames, Little Meng’s lethal shooting, Sun Shu’s healing banner, and the group crit that hit the Golden Dragon illusory shadow every time …

The watchmen and the Wizard Council stood by the way, Angel Zach Motionless As Mountains, Tisrel and Aurora Roy exploded …

Great Wall is fighting in the center of the battlefield. You Jian summon 10000 Flying Sword to destroy the powerful enemy. Chen Liao resists the enemy’s advance like a reef.

Voidwalker and Angel White Coffin are throwing garbage, begging Daoist and Moon Winger to kill and kill.

Everything is so magnificent and cruel, making Ren Zuo overwhelmed by emotions difficult to be yourself!

At this time, Ren Zuo felt that Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow added a layer of mysterious barrier, and a clear female voice came from the mind communication:

“Until Spirit King promises, you will not fall down, King of Kings.”

Suddenly, Ren Zuo heard Fairy Cha humming gently in his ear, and the melody rippled in Ren Zuo’s heart.

Familiar with.


But full of emotion.

That’s the ancient style music written by himself.

Ren Zuo closed his eyes and opened them again, his eyes were no doubt confused, only firm.

He gave his answer: “I Am Invincible.”

The cluster light waterfall cannon is here!

Jupiter was swept away, and the atmosphere was ignited again; Saturn’s ring was swept over and ejected directly through a gap.

The dazzling light waterfall shone for more than 30% on the back of Earth, and the night was as bright as day.

When the dust settles, the rays of light dissipate, and that huge Heavenly Venerate illusory shadow also dissipates.

The smooth moon surface was bombed out of each and everyone pothole, and Ren Zuo, sitting on the frozen throne, was driven into the largest pothole on the moon surface.

The flesh and blood of his hands had been burned out, exposing a fabulous golden hand bone.

But there was a contented smile on his face.

“I did it.”

“This time, I haven’t looked like I used to, and can only sit idly by.”

“As Supreme Paragon said, during the trial of the three gods, the trial of the moon god, the chess game of destiny, the gate of truth, and the invasion of the ectopic plane, I was unable to do so due to physical reasons. fighting.”

“But this time, it’s different.”

The Frozen Throne rose again, holding Ren Zuo to midair. He looked up at the Starfield battlefield and muttered excitedly: “I did it!”

“I came to 1999 just to catch this shot! … hey?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ren Zuo froze.

Supreme Paragon purposely moved me from 2019 summon to 1999.

Just to get me hit! ?

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