Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 875

“On December 1999, 12, the fire star battle was overwhelming, the Ark Legion was annihilated, and the cultivator Legion lost 20 members. All members returned to Earth safely.”

“On December 1999, 12, a wartime international conference was held. At the conference, the” World End of the War Agreement “proposed by Supreme Paragon was adopted by all members with immediate effect.”

“In order to protect the cultivators who have received future repercussions, and to stabilize the World before the revival of Spiritual Qi, Article 1999 of the agreement clearly states that the people of the entire World should be amnesticized and all fragments of the 1 space war must be erased. Until Spiritual After Qi’s revival, Supreme Paragon will choose the time to awaken all human memories. “

“On December 1999, 12, Supreme Paragon sealed all the accompanying Spirit Pets of future cultivators, modifying all human memory.”

“On January 2000, 1, with the first batch of crying after 1, Earth returned to a peaceful era, but humanity is about to usher in a more brilliant future.

When the video progress bar reached the bottom, Ren Suo suddenly felt that there was a Spiritual Qi wave coming from outside, and the noisy sound suddenly rose by orders of magnitude.

They walked to the window and saw several golden illusory shadow pandas in the audience area of ​​the central square.

The pandas hugged young men and women, and the children watched curiously. Someone was suddenly yelled, and then the golden panda turned into a streamer and turned into his armor, which turned into a masked Knight, causing a piece of exclaiming.

“It turned out that after playing the” Top Secret Archives “, you can summon your own Spirit Pet panda.” Lin Xianyu said with an envious expression: “If I also participated in the 1999 space war, I would be free to take pandas!”

Xiaoyan snorted: “Xiaoyan cute or panda cute?”

“Um …” Lin Xianyu was rarely lost in thought: “Spirit Pet pandas do n’t have to feed, sleep, or occupy a place, they are available on call, and there is no problem playing whatever they want. If you want to use them, just summon them out and do n’t use them. … “

Seeing that Xiaoyan is about to start, Lin Xianyu spokesman First Cycle: “But of course it’s the cutest Xiaoluo who can be cute, cute and cute!”

Qiao Muyi said with a smile: “So, has Supreme Paragon revised the historical data on pandas and the moon?”

Dong Chengling nodded: “In my childhood memories, suddenly there are many memories, some are about the panda flood, and more about Supreme Paragon’s news of a future cultivator to fight against alien civilization.”

Gu Yueyan and Ren Xingmei went back and watched the fourth episode of “Top Secret Files” at this time. Gu Yueyan held the black cat in his arms and whispered something next to the ears of the cat. The black cat nodded and meowed softly.

Qiao Muyi came over and asked, “What? What details did you find?”

Gu Yueyan hesitated and asked, “Sister Qiao, do you know these people of repute?”

Do you know, not hear?

Qiao Muyi looked for a moment, his face changed slightly, and a strange light flashed in his eyes. She also pulled Dong Chengling over, and five people started watching videos again.

At this time, Ren Suo stepped aside and pretended to watch the scenery, in fact, he took out his mobile phone and opened “The Tomorrow of Tomorrow”.

“mission completed.”

“Complete the basic goal of the mission-60 points;”

“Equal treatment: All elite cultivator cultivation bases have reached the upper limit of lanes-1 point;”

“Complete 2 towers: 2 air transport buildings (Beacon Tower and Watchtower)-2 points;”

“3 Kings Gathering: Visited 3 Ninth Cycle cultivator-3 points;”

“4 Seas Brother: The number of openly recruited elite cultivators is greater than 5-4 points”

“5 Gu Fengdeng: The card pool visited is greater than or equal to 5-5 points;”

“6th House Commanding: Communicate with 6 Future Powerhouses with Future Communications-5 points”

“7 Stars Exhausted: Consumed Nether King Star, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, fire star, Alpha Centaur Alpha Star-5 points;”

“8 Immortal Crossing: 8 Eigth Cycle future cultivator-5 points”

“Ninth Cycle success: Ninth Cycle cultivator from Four Cycle to Ninth Cycle-5 points”

“Perfectly beautiful: All the cards involved did not miss an enemy-5 points.”

“1000 Guanjiacai: The extra resources consumed to clear the game are worth more than 1000 points-5 points”

“1000000 Master: The total number of own Legion is greater than 1,000,000-5 points”

“Total score is 110 points, which is evaluated as god.”

“This task score: 110 points (like a god), the highest task score: 110 points (like a god)”

“Because the player gets a godlike evaluation and meets the hidden requirements, he will get the hidden reward of this game.”

Ren Suo watched for a moment.

What, in the Mini-world Game Console, 100 points is not the end! ?

Is there a godlike evaluation on it?

What about 120 points? Could it be a review beyond Spiritual God?

How many points out of this game evaluation system? Shouldn’t 150 points be a perfect score! ?

As a handicapped player with 70 points of peace, 80 points of joy, and 90 points of celebration, Ren Suo suddenly felt that he had missed many rewards.

If only it were to be played again.

Ren Suo was slightly sighed and continued to browse his list of rewards.

“The mission evaluation has been uploaded. You have received 2440 points of merit. Please use it properly.”

“You get 6 Star Chests * 1, which you can open in the Content Repository.”

“You get exclusive rewards: ring of tomorrow.”

“You get hidden rewards: gift echoes * 4.”

“Based on your mission rating and game star rating, you get the item ‘Clear Spring Flow’.”

“The Tomorrow of Tomorrow” has been uploaded. Thank you for playing. Tiny World has a lot of fun! “

2440 points of merit!

Ren Suo relaxed, finally returning to the original. And it seems that because of the relationship of 110 points, the meritorious reward has also reached 110%. Obviously, the maximum reward is 2200 points, but the reward is 2440 points.

However, this reward can only be regarded as a sloppy salary. After all, in order to clear Chapter 4, Ren Suo asked the gatekeeper to slap a 648 package-the star of the game.

Fortunately, this star drop first started with a high-star character, which means that there are only two candidates for Ren Suo’s star drop: Roth and the gatekeeper.

As a result, Los was selected, and Ren Suo chose “Clearance Raiders b” given by Tavern Boss-“Clearance Raiders a” corresponding to the situation where the goalkeeper was drawn.

Then Ren Suo also spent a few hundred points on the “Quanquan Liuxiang” time. If Ren Suo has been throwing the avatar into the mysterious tavern to do black work these days, otherwise he might not even have the gold merits. .

But now that the customs clearance is successful, then everything is worth it.

And not only did I get hidden rewards this time, I even got 4 copies in one go!

Ren Suo is curious to open the Content Repository to see the rewards for new deposits.

“ Gift Echo ” * 4

“After use, you can choose from the following rewards: 500 merit, a 7-star game, a 7-star prop or ability.”

“Remarks: ‘Ritual is light and righteous, smile is accepted fortunately’-killer;

‘Looking at the fact that you bought so many clothes for me, this time it’s considered a gift’-ask Daoist;

‘2 I was a family 1000 years ago, I have done my best to count’-Ren Han;

‘It’s better that we find a way to do tm’s 3 gods, Loli Spirit King is also very good’-Zhao Zili;

‘I do n’t actually have any money, only a bunch of bananas, but who would not like to eat bananas?’ — Monkey King;

‘Early child Takako’-magician;

‘I’m ready to help you wash the floor’-Irina;

‘I will make wedding cakes too’ —— Chef;

‘Well, seeing you happy is a little nauseous’-the explorer;

‘Need a bridesmaid? I think you need a lot of bridesmaids’-messengers of calamity;

‘……Ugh. ‘——Darkness comes first;

‘. ‘—— Moon Winger;

‘Interested in honeymooning Didra? The tertiary industry is being vigorously developed in Didra’s wind helmet, snow man, Dugu, and Rift. ‘——Los;

‘What you want to pay is what you pay for, and you need to be conscious. ‘——Gatekeeper’

Ren Suo couldn’t help showing a smile after reading this long list of blessings.

At the same time, he made up his mind to never choose props or abilities when he opened the “Gift Echo”-he felt that there was a high probability that he would get a banana from Monkey King.

However, Ren Suo did not immediately use the “Gift Echo”, but went to see another reward.

“Ring of Tomorrow”

“Class: 6 Star Treasures, Prerequisites: Fingers.”

“Effects of Immortal Power: After equipping, you can call the Spiritual Qi in the ring for high-speed Spiritual Qi reply (100 times the normal reply). The ring stores 100 units of the Spiritual Qi pool (a Four Cycle cultivator’s Spiritual Qi volume is the standard Spiritual Qi pool), and 1 unit of the Spiritual Qi pool is automatically restored every day. “

“Effect · Reproduction of Xianyuan: You can consume 10 units of Spiritual Qi Pool to create a new ring of tomorrow. All Rings of Tomorrow share 100 units of Spiritual Qi Pool.”

“Effect · Xianyuan affinity: Spiritual Qi cultivation speed + 50%.”

“Effects of Xianyuan Resonance: Rings of Tomorrow can communicate with each other instantly, regardless of all spatial distances.”

“Effects: Sublime Sublimation: As the strength of the wearer rises, all the effects of this ring will be strengthened simultaneously.”

“Remarks: Supreme Paragon takes back all the rings of glory, death, and unity of 3, 120,000 people, supplemented by a small portion of the fairyland he intercepted, and rare treasures made by heavenly materials earthly treasures. , Very stunning, to commemorate the victory in 7500 and the victory in 1999. “

Ren Suo blinked.

He finally knew why Supreme Paragon attached so much importance to Xianyuan.

It turned out that part of the energy of Xianyuan intercepted by Supreme Paragon was used to make this ring! ?

And the energy of Xianyuan is also that’s all. Anyway, it is the owner of alien resources, but the ring of 3 120,000 future cultivator is actually taken by Supreme Paragon as the material!

The degree of self-sufficiency in this is really amazing for Su Suo, strategic oneself in admiration.

Feelings, you went to collect vegetables in 1999!

Then when harvesting the chives, in order to make the chives become more plump, so organized cultivator Legion to destroy the Ark Legion?

Wow, people like Supreme Paragon are really …

Ren Suo snorted and equipped himself with the “ring of tomorrow.”

Just then, a message popped up on the screen:

“You received a message.”

Ren Suo started slightly, his expression relaxed.

“Congratulations on your promotion to Level 7!”

“+1 in the spare bar of the equipment interface, +1 in the ability bar, and +1 in the prop bar.”

“As a bonus to promote Level 7 players, you can play ‘fantasy lottery’ for free once!”

Sure enough, just like Level 3 to Level 4 can perform fantasy lottery, and Level 6 to Level 7 can also perform fantasy lottery.

In the last fantasy lottery, Ren Suo won “Goose Over Epilation”, “Bound System” and “Earth Technology Tree Offset to Holographic Game Field”.

What will Ren Suo draw this fantasy lottery?

Ren Suo slightly smiled, put your phone back in your pocket.

“Gift Echo” reward option.

Level 7 player fantasy lottery.

And next month’s new game, the management policy of mysterious pub, the way to strengthen the avatar skills … Ren Suo has a lot to do.

And with the release of Episode 4 of “Top Secret Archives”, the world is once again boiled, and the new more than 20,000 Fourth Cycle cultivator has become a new darling.

When Ren Suo returns, the Countermeasure Bureau must ask him to write a few papers on Immortal Palace.

But the excitement is all theirs, and Ren Suo only cares about himself.

It’s time to play the game.

Some props are also available.

Next, it’s Ren Suo’s turn to achieve his own life achievement.

Ren Suo saw that they were still watching the video, and walked over and asked, “Isn’t the lantern float tour yet started?”

Lin Xianyu said, “There are a lot of pandas below, and the scene is a bit chaotic, and the lantern parade cruise may be delayed.”

“Ah, this ~” Qiao Muyi reluctantly spread out his hand: “Then we have to go back?”

Gu Yueyan repeatedly nodded: “Let Sister Ling take us teleport back?”

Gu Yueyan’s black cat with its cat’s head deformed in her arms crooked her head and jumped into Ren Xingmei’s arms.

Dong Chengling also said, “I put a coordinate necklace in the hotel.”

Ren Xingmei stopped talking and glanced at Ren Suo.

“Wait!” Ren Suo hurriedly stopped in front of them: “It’s too bad to have seen a firework show and a lantern parade? Is it so hard to come to Disney once more, wait?”

“Actually I want to practice today,” Qiao Muyi said earnestly.

Gu Yueyan took Dong Chengling’s hand: “Sister Ling, I want to go back too.”

Dong Chengling glanced at Ren Suo and stopped.

Seeing that things were suddenly going out of control, Ren Suo no longer hesitated and said seriously: “I have something to tell you.”

Gu Yueyan pretty face is red, staring straight at Ren Suo.

However Qiao Muyi drowsily waved his hand: “Is there anything I can wait to go back and talk about it. After playing for a day today, I am also tired …”

“No!” Ren Suo stopped in front of Qiao Muyi: “You can’t leave!”

“What if I have to leave?” Qiao Muyi approached Ren Suo, making a threatening sound of si si. The gorgeous pretty face was darkened with a hint of thick ink, exuding the aura of Demon King’s advent.

Ren Suo blinked, and then suddenly laughed, and went up to kiss Qiao Muyi and pushed her back.

Qiao Muyi was upset: “I tell you, I’m going to lose my temper!”

“I’m never afraid of you who don’t laugh,” Ren Suo said softly, “only the young Master who laughs and smiles dangerously will scare me.”

Qiao Muyi started slightly, don’t mumble too much, “What …”

Just then, Ren Suo suddenly called out, “Meow!”


The black cat Luna in the arms of Ren Xingmei jumped out, and after a while of silver light fell into the shape of a blue-haired beautiful girl, he said seriously, “Sotho, what is it?”

Ren Suo no longer hesitates, one-knee kneels comes down, and launches the “Shenyuan Remake” of “The Ring of Tomorrow”, which is launched 5 times in a row, consumes 50 units of the Spiritual Qi Pool, and creates 5 new “Ring of Tomorrow”!

At the same time, Ren Suo muttered madly in his heart: “Give a box to a box …”

Mini-world Game Console is very face-to-face this time, and there are 5 red boxes in front of Ren Suo. Ren Suo was so happy that he lifted the five red boxes with his mind, lifts the head and said, “Cheng Ling, Young Master Mu, Yue Yan, younger sister, Luna …”

Before Ren Suo finished speaking, Qiao Muyi and the others couldn’t help sighing.

“Xiao Suo, do you really choose to propose now?” Qiao Muyi covered her face and said helplessly, “My God …”

Ren Suo is stunned.

“Brother, didn’t you see that I was suggesting you crazy?” Ren Xingmei shook his head and raised his mobile phone. “I’ve sent you a WeChat message.”

Ren Suo is stupid.

Gu Yueyan said: “First of all, Xiaoxing and I are not yet legally married. Second, Mr. Suo, can you not propose to five people at once?”

Ren Suo stayed.

Dong Chengling said calmly, “Sorry, you are really wrong this time.”

Ren Suo is stunned.

Only Luna looked curiously, opened the red box, saw the bright rainbow ring with brilliant lights and vibrant colors inside, took it up and asked, “How is this used?”

Ren Suo said lowly, “I wear it on my left finger …”


Everyone froze, staring blankly at the five rings on Luna’s left finger—I have to say that the quality of the “Ring of Tomorrow” is really good, and they can automatically adapt to wearing the thumbs.

Ren Suo said, “Luna, only one ring is yours, and the other four are theirs.”

“No!” Luna hid her left hand and said, “This ring was given to Luna by Luso, and Luna won’t let it go to other people! It feels like Suoso on the ring. It doesn’t seem to be separated from Suoso after wearing it!”

Ren Xingmei blinked and immediately took Luna’s hand and said, “Luna, give me back my ring.”

Luna shook her head: “No!”

Gu Yueyan was the second one in a hurry. She took Luna’s other hand and said seriously: “Luna, give me my ring!”

“No, no! Moony will not!” Luna pursed her lips and said, “You all bully Luna, hmph!”

Dong Chengling’s body flickered, and he moved to Luna behind him, holding Luna’s shoulders and using “King Kong Blockade”. However, Luna instantly changed back to the cat’s body, escaped from the surrounded net of 3 people, and sent a sad meow. Barking.

Ren Xingmei launches “Time Walk”!

Gu Yueyan launches “Moonlight Fall”!

Dong Chengling launches “Space Shifting”!

As soon as Ren Suo reached out to take over the leaping cat Luna, he collided with the three of them and turned over.

Ren Xingmei said, “Luna, no one will wear 5 rings!”

Luna then changed back to human form, hugging Ren Suo as a shield, and said, “Luna is a cat, not a human!”

Gu Yueyan straddled over Ren Suo and tried to grab Luna’s hand, but Luna hid quickly under Ren Suo, and Ren Suo was sandwiched in the middle and made a happy scream.

Gu Yueyan said angrily: “Luna, people will laugh at you wearing 5 rings! Take off!”

Luna snorted: “Is it funny? But Luna has 5 rings, so on request, do you have one?”

Ren Xingmei and Gu Yueyan were instantly on fire: “Luna! You are looking for death!”

Dong Chengling grabbed Luna’s little feet and said coldly, “Luna, are we usually very good to you?”

Seeing the situation was getting worse, Ren Suo quickly said, “I still have the ring! You don’t need to grab …”

“You still have a proposal ring !?”

Qiao Muyi’s mouth twitched with a scary smile, and the anger in his eyes almost poured out: “How many people do you want to propose to?”

Qiao Muyi also joined the team, and the other people’s goal is no longer just for Luna, but by the way to search for Ren Suo-what are you doing with that many rings? Now besides us, only Lin Xianyu and Xiaoyu are left! Ren Suo, what an asshole you are!

Fortunately, I received a little bit of future response, knowing that you are going to propose to 5 people at one time, otherwise you are really moved by …

In the small room of the tower, five people were in a mess, and Lin Xianyu was holding Xiaozhang and stood by. Of course, it’s not just as simple as watching, Lin Xianyu has long opened the phone and placed it behind Xiaoyao to steal photos.

However, Lin Xianyu felt that his hands were loose, and Xiaozhang couldn’t help but ran to join the battle.

You are so small, you wo n’t get a claim to grab the ring!

Lin Xianyu reluctantly sighed, and had to lean against the window to pretend to see the scenery outside, and put the mobile phone in his arm to continue stealing photos.


The multi-colored fireworks exploded outside the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the lantern float parade began on time, except that several golden illusory shadow pandas were added to the team.

Lin Xianyu sighed, set the phone to camera mode, and point the camera at the fireworks show outside.

Then, change to front camera selfie mode.

Looking at the messy Ren Family 6-mouthed cat on the screen, Lin Xianyu’s eyes showed a slight smile, and the moved towards the lens was like a ‘v’ gesture.

We are like fairy tales, happiness and joy are the end.

–To be continue

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