Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 876

Jingle Bell–

The crisp doorbell rang through the house. Lin Xianyu, sleeping in a pile of dolls in the bedroom, moved his ears, turned and pulled the quilt to cover his head, pretending not to hear the doorbell.

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brief introduction:

On the parting of the master, he left Wen Tian with a truth-telling word for this trump card, saying that it is hardworking and practising, and there must be magic ps: all the techniques, tactics, and cultivation techniques in this book are from this secret. Hide, don’t tell the truth and don’t practice it by yourself. Remember, remember! Be careful!


Chapter 1 Witnessing Himself

“Sorry, we’ve done our best. Prepare for the funeral.”

The voice of the doctor outside the ward was very soft, but Lin Yu on the bed could hear it clearly.

Maybe even people’s hearing becomes extremely sensitive before they die, especially the cry of mother is extremely sharp.

Lin Yu was not the first one to see that he had given his life for his life. He didn’t regret it, just felt sorry for mother.

Father died early, and mother pulled him by one hand. I do n’t know how much hardship he had suffered. Now he is admitted to Qinghai People’s Hospital with excellent grades. His life with mother is about to brighten up, did n’t expect. accident.

“Damn God.”

The good guy really didn’t make a good report, Lin Yu cursed in a low voice, his eyelids couldn’t hold it anymore, and slowly closed.

“My son!”

A violent cry suddenly awakened Lin Yu. He opened his eyes and found that he was standing at the end of the bed, while mother was crying on the bed.

“Mom, what are you crying for? Am I here?”

Lin Yu was overjoyed, thinking that he was miraculously healed. She reached out and patted mother, and found that her hand passed through mother’s body.

Mother didn’t react in the slightest, and still fell on the bed and wept.

Lin Yu’s expression changed, and he looked up to see that he was still lying on the bed, looking pale and blue, and apparently he was no longer angry.

I’m dead?

Lin Yu looked down at herself standing at the end of the bed, and found that her body was a little white and slightly transparent.

Lin Yu was shocked. It turned out that there really was a soul after death! New 8 starts.

No matter what he said or did, mother couldn’t feel it.

With the help of the nurse, mother put a pain on Lin Yu’s shroud, and the nurse then carried his body to the funeral vehicle.

Mother got into the car and sat next to his body, clutching his hand tightly, tears streaming out from the red eye sockets, “Yuer, don’t worry, Mom, you’re done here, Immediately go down with you. “

For her, her son is all she has. When her son dies, she doesn’t have any meaning in the world.

When I heard that mother wanted to find short-sightedness, Lin Yu was suddenly anxious, and lay on the corpse while learning the scenes of the soul in the movie, but it had no effect. Every time she sat up, she had only her own soul.

The car quickly arrived at the crematorium. After paying the fee, the staff simply made Lin Yu a makeup and handed Lin Yu mother a number plate. Then the incinerator pushed Lin Yu’s body to the incineration hall.


The instant the incinerator pushed his body into the incinerator, Lin Yu collapsed instantly.

With the burning of the fleshy body, Lin Yu felt that her consciousness was weakening, there were countless faint light spots on her body drifting away from all around, and her soul was gradually fading.

At the same time, another World began to flash in front of his eyes, with endless darkness as far as he could see, mixed with red flames and screams.


This is the single thought head flashed in Lin Yu’s consciousness, and his powerful fear instantly swallowed him up.

His soul subconsciously crashed into the air, and the light spots continued to float out of his soul, and the speed was getting faster and faster.

The hell World in his eyes became clearer and clearer, and a mysterious husky voice was calling to him.

At this moment Lin Yu’s body in the incinerator was almost burned out, and a jasper-colored pendant in the ashes suddenly glowed with dazzling rays of light in the fire.

This was left to Grandpa Lin Yu when he died. From childhood to now, when he was wearing a shroud, mother deliberately did not remove it. New 81 mobile terminal: //

The pendant rays of light became more and more prosperous, and then burst with a bang, a ray of dark-green light and shadow rushed out of the pendant, and attached to Lin Yu’s soul.

Then came an old voice in his mind, “I am your ancestor to Saint, and from today on, you are my descendant, and I have my medical skills, I ’m going to save the world, and I will cross the world” 81 Computer terminal: /

Then the voices dissipated, and a huge amount of information suddenly filled Lin Yu’s mind. Medical Tao Xuanshu, cultivation secret art, and some travel experiences from his ancestors poured into Lin Yu’s mind.

With the information in his head, Lin Yu felt very excited, as if opening the door to New World.

But this excitement is fleeting, what’s the use of getting mystic inheritance, he’s already a dead person going to hell soon.

This thought flashed, and Lin Yu suddenly jumped out of a memory about Soul Returning Technique.

Memory shows that through Soul Returning Technique, people who have not lost their souls after death can live with their lives.

However, Lin Yu’s fleshhy body has been reduced to ashes in the fire, but fortunately there are also records of the method of returning the damaged fleshhy body, “the fleshhy body has died down, turned into ghosts, and found **, attached.”

Lin Yu held breath cold air, which means that her fleshhy body is damaged. If she wants to be resurrected, she can only be turned into a ghost through the Soul Returning Technique and find someone else’s fleshhy body possession.

You must know that in human consciousness, ghosts are evil incarnations. Besides, if they get into someone else’s body, does it not mean that they disguise their lives?

Hesitant effort, Lin Yu’s soul has become weaker and weaker, only a phantom left, and the sound in his ears has become clearer.

Lin Yu gritted his teeth and looked at the corpses that were being pushed into the incineration hall one after another. Suddenly the idea came. The dead could not. The living dead should be okay?

A few minutes later, Lin Yu came to the largest vegetative care center in Qinghai.

Many vegetatives are unconscious, and they can’t wake up all their lives. All they live is the body. Lin Yu believes that choosing this kind of person to possess is not a killing.

At first Lin Yu also went to a ward and a ward to find a suitable body.

But he found that his consciousness was getting weaker and weaker, and the call from hell was becoming more and more urgent.

Lin Yu didn’t have much time to think. She pinpointed a 20-year-old male vegetative, remembered the Soul Returning Technique, and suddenly turned into a plume of white smoke, dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

“You can’t escape!”

At the same time, the call in his ear suddenly turned into a scream, and then Lin Yu lost all consciousness.

When Lin Yu woke up again, she only felt the glare of the glare. After a while, she got used to it. She looked down and was lying in the ward.


Lin Yu almost cried out excitedly, sat up sharply, glanced at her new body, couldn’t wait to tear the needle tube on her hand, and then jumped off the bed, but her feet fell to the ground and her body fell to the ground.

Probably because of lying down for a long time, this youngster’s muscles are slightly atrophied.

Lin Yu climbed up, looked up at the calendar on the wall, and found that it was already 2nd day. Touching the bed and the wall, feeling the cold temperature uploaded by the hand, it felt like dreaming. I only died yesterday, didn ‘ t expect is resurrected today.

With a little activity, he got used to this new body, and then he rushed out of the hospital. There was only one thing in his heart now, which was to see his mother.

At this time, the bun shop was full of people, and a dozen Hooligan clamored for Lin Yu mother to pay the money.

In order to perform surgery on Lin Yu, Lin Yu mother was forced to borrow more than ten thousand 10000 usury loans. After learning that Lin Yu was dead, the Hooligans were impatient to collect debts.

“Just rest assured, I sold the shop in the past few days, and returned it to you when I got the money. Please leave first.”

Lin Yu mother pleaded with swollen eyes, hoping to quickly send them away. The son had just left, she didn’t want him to be restless.

“Fuck, your broken shop is worth a few bucks. Your son is dead. As soon as we leave, who will we ask for money if you run away?” The lead yellow-hair foul-mouthed.

“Just rest assured, I won’t run, I will collect enough money and I will return it to you right away.”

“No, today we have to get money!” Huang Mao relented.

“But I really don’t have any money now, and you also know that I have run out of money to treat my son”

Lin Yu mother’s heart was like a knife cut, and a husky voice begged.

“It’s okay if you don’t have any money, so you can transfer the broken house in your house to us and pay the debt.” Huang Mao’s eyes slipped through First Cycle, saying his true purpose.

Lin Yu mother was slightly startled. The house was left by Grandpa Lin Yu. Although it is a bit old, it is in a good location. According to Qinghai’s current house price, it can sell at least 2 3,000,000. They are just grabbing it. New 81 computer side: /

But now that his son is dead, his home is gone. What’s the point of keeping the house? Pay off the debt and you will be able to go with peace of mind.

Thinking of this, Lin Yu mother 10000 was disillusioned with nodded, and just about to promise, then suddenly a anger came out of the door.

“No! Our house is worth at least 1000000. You are robbery!”

Then Lin Yu rushed in, driving his new body energetic and bustling.

“**, where’s the wild cub, mind your own business!” Huang Maoqi didn’t hit it, looked at Lin Yu’s sick clothes, thought he was running out of mental illness, and rushed to raise his hand. a slap.

Lin Yu hid subconsciously, reached out and pushed, and Huang Mao flew out instantly, flying a full 5 6 meter away, scoring an arc in the air, and slamming onto the table inside.

“Get him killed!”

Huang Mao screamed 2 times over his chest, and then a dozen others rushed up immediately. Lin Yu slammed and kicked, and Lin Yu quickly raised his hand to fight back.

Then there was a mournful sound in the bun shop, and Hooligan screamed again and again.

More than a dozen of them went together without even touching Lin Yu’s clothing corners, and Lin Yu’s fists hit them like it was hit by a car.

With just one punch, they can’t get up in pain.

Lin Yu himself was extremely shocked, saying that ghosts are extremely powerful. Didn’t expect it to be true, and the movement of these people seemed very slow in his eyes, and it was easy to avoid.

“Alarm! Alarm!”

Huang Mao was frightened by the scene in front of him. He has seen what he can fight, but he has never seen such a fight. It is simply not human.

Upon hearing the alarm, Lin Yu mother rushed over and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand. Anxiously said: “young man, they are going to call the police. Come on, let me handle it here.”

“Mom, what do you say, where can I leave you.”

Lin Yu’s tears are coming out happily, and she can still see her mother alive, which is really good.

Upon hearing his title, mother startedled slightly and looked at him blankly.

Looking at mother’s eyes, Lin Yu instantly realized that she was alive, but she changed her body, and mother did not know herself at all.

“Sorry Aunt, I saw my mother when I saw you, so I couldn’t help blurting out, don’t mind.”

Fearing to scare mother by telling her true identity, Lin Yu hurriedly made up a nonsense.

“It’s okay, young man. Come on, our family’s affairs can’t affect you.” Lin Yu mother said as she pushed him out.

Lin Yu didn’t answer. When she touched the chopsticks on the table, she threw them, and the chopsticks shot at Huang Mao quickly. She slammed Huang Maogang’s 110 mobile phone to the wall.

Huang Mao was so scared that his face was white, and the chopsticks on the wall were one centimeter away from his ears. If there was a slight deviation, the head nailed to the wall would be his own.

“Help! Let’s kill! Help!” Huang Mao screamed in horror, with inexplicable grievances in his voice, obviously they owed their money first.

“Don’t save it, I will pay this money for Qin Aunt!”

Lin Yu said coldly, since she was resurrected, these debts should be paid by herself.

“Young man, how can this be the first time you see me, how can you make me pay for my money?” Lin yu mother looked at lin yu in confusion, not knowing why, this young man gave her a familiar look feel.

She was not surprised that Lin Yu knew her last name. Many of her netizens knew that her son had volunteered to give his life. Her name and contact information had also been picked up. Many kind people had to come to see her off. She declined Already.

“Well, this is what you said, then you give us the money.” No matter why Lin Mao repaid the money for others, as long as he could get the money, his task would be completed.

“Give me three days,” Lin Yu said.

“” Huang Mao was a little speechless, and said so aggressively, that he thought he could take out the money immediately.

“What? You don’t believe me?”

Seeing Huang Mao not talking, Lin Yu frowned his head, his tone was a bit cold.

“Believe, believe, but you have to tell me your name, brother?” Looking at Lin Yu’s cold eyes, Huang Mao could not help but shiver.

first name?

Yeah, I was so anxious in the morning that I didn’t even see the word people of repute.

“You can rest assured, I promise you will do it. In this way, after 3 days, it is still here. You just come here, I will give you back when the time comes both principal and interest.”

The reason why Lin Yu is so energetic is because of his own body.

He thought that since he could live in a child care center, the youngster’s home was so ordinary, at least he could take out a dozen or two hundred thousand. He had to come and use it first, wait for his own money, and then return.

After seeing Lin Yu’s skill, Huang Mao didn’t dare to say anything. He just wanted nodded to promise, and suddenly he stared out of the shop, as if attracted by something.

Lin Yu also looked out curiously, and saw that the door did not know when a red BMW x5 came. As soon as the door opened, a pair of white slender legs came out, and then a tall and tall man came down and wore white waves Beautiful lady in long boho dress.

/ book / 18/18289 /

The beautiful woman in a long skirt plucked her long black hair, took off her sunglasses, her fair skin and exquisite appearance were shocked to heaven, Huang Mao and his group of friends looked at each other.

Lin Yu couldn’t help but be attracted too. The beauty and temperament of this beauty really belong to the top grade.

The beautiful lady in a long skirt looked up at Baozipu, frowned slightly, and walked in quickly.

/ book / 18/18289 /

“Beauty, do you buy buns, what kind of stuffing?”

Lin Yu blurted out. In the past, the old man helped mother sell steamed buns, and when he saw someone, he had become a kind of conditioned reflection.

“What do you call me?” The long skirt beauty glanced at him coldly, unhappy.


Lin Yu felt that her title was okay. She couldn’t help but be a little puzzled. For the first time, she saw shouting about beautiful women and was unwilling to listen.

The beautiful woman in a long skirt gave him a glance, and said coldly, “Okay, He Family Rong, coma for 2 months, even my wife didn’t know.”

/ book / 18/18289 /

/ book / 18/18289 /

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