Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 876

Jingle Bell–

The crisp doorbell rang through the house. Lin Xianyu, sleeping in a pile of dolls in the bedroom, moved his ears, turned and pulled the quilt to cover his head, pretending not to hear the doorbell.

Ten years later, not only did time leave no trace on Lin Xianyu’s body, it even began to go backwards—Since living alone in a large room, Lin Xianyu’s sleeping posture began to develop towards young children. Heaven knows how she slept until Bipod on the wall.

The doorbell rang three times and the queen sighed, but after a few seconds, the bedroom door quietly opened. The fine shaft did not make a sound, as if the breeze blew the door open.

No footsteps.

No breathing sound.

But Lin Xianyu knew that someone was walking in the dark.

The girl’s boudoir had been invaded, and the uninvited guest was carrying countless vicious materials. The evil atmosphere permeated Lin Xianyu’s body.

Her nose moved, her throat grunted with a longing voice, and whispered: “Broken internal organs, solidified blood, tangled tentacles, godless eyes, twisted plants, dried limbs, broken brain, peeled esophagus . The cruelty of red and white, the sweetness of yellow and brown … “

“Get up and eat hot pot. I went to seabed and bought takeaway. I had money belly, blood tofu, squid beard, lamb’s eyeball, kelp knot, marinated pork, hot brain, duck intestine. This time it is tomato soup shabu-shabu Taken the plum soup with lemon juice. “

Ren Suo turned on the bedroom light and lowered the takeaway box angrily. “You’re too outrageous. I used to get up at 12 o’clock at most. You didn’t get up at 7 o’clock in the evening?”

Lin Xianyu lifted the doll on his body, rubbed his eyes, and said sleepily: “You said … You haven’t had to get up at noon because you have to go to Dong Teacher for lunch at noon. Huh, it is a wife’s control strict.”

“Just you talk a lot.” Ren Suo blasted Lin Xianyu back into the doll pile, asking, “Eat here or in the living room?”

Lin Xianyu touched his forehead and said lazily, “Living room.”

Ren Suo went to the kitchen to get a pot, put the hot pot bottom material to heat the water, and it was ready in a short while. But he found that Lin Xianyu hadn’t even got up yet, and she had no choice but to pull her up: “Little Tian doesn’t sleep now! You can’t even match a child!”

Lin Xianyu drowsily said: “What do you say … Which child is better than Little Tian … That kid is simply a formidable power enhanced version of East Teacher … I doubt whether he was a goldsmith when he was born, choose Delighted players with Tian Tang difficulty enjoy the profession ‘children of other people’, with full background, innate talent, full character …

“But you are not a child!”

“I’m a child without getting married.”

Lin Xianyu was pushed by Ren Suo to the bathroom while brushing his teeth while washing his face.

I picked up a tall horsetail and thought of eating hot pot. Lin Xianyu was too lazy to put on makeup and sat at the dining table happily. “Hey, I can stand the shabu-shabu, but why is there no hot-pot? No hot-pot What shabu-shabu do you order! “

Waiting for Ren Suo to answer, Lin Xianyu seemed to understand something, covering his mouth and looking at Ren Suo: “Wow! Big Brother Ren, aren’t you? My eyes are so long-term, they don’t make me spicy … but I do n’t want to Even if the monitor is willing, she is not willing! “

Ren Suo sighed, he sighed not for Lin Xianyu, but for himself.

He is a good and innocent boy. After years of training, he now grows to understand Lin Xianyu’s Huang Duanzi instantly.

Even a yellower one.

“You can eat spicy food, I can’t eat it! You don’t know how sensitive my sense of smell is, I and Li Dan pass the hot pot restaurant and sneeze …” Ren Suo said angrily, pinching a piece of fur belly.

“It’s enough to brush the belly for 10 ~ 15 seconds!” Lin Xianyu reminded as he ducked his duck intestine, “put it in my Thai sweet and spicy sauce dish.”

“…” Ren Suo: “This is for me, I want to eat it.”

Lin Xianyu was shocked: “What? You still plan to eat? I think you bought so little and thought it was a special breakfast for me.”

“Who would eat hot pot for breakfast … doesn’t your house have noodles, just wait for the next one.”

The two people were chatting while eating hot pot. At this time Lin Xianyu finally remembered something and said, “How did you come tonight? Tomorrow is our game day. Today should be your dogfight party?”

“What a melee party is a parent-child day!” Ren Suo corrected her.

Lin Xianyu hehe said with a smile: “Just your family will have this kind of festival … but whoever calls your family are uneasy masters, either get power, get money, do business, or repair Magical Powers … Even Luna fell in love with the creation of Dream World. Every day soaked in the dark side of the moon. I just saw in the dream that she was going to repair a starry sky stage that can accommodate 70 100000000 million people. “

As Lin Xianyu said, Ren Suo’s family life now is a bit subtle.

Ten years later, Dong Chengling, Qiao Muyi, Ren Xingmei, Gu Yueyan, and even Luna already have their own careers. They have to cultivate and chase their dreams. The time is simply not enough. Everyone agrees to leave a day for each week. Family gatherings, a day of fun, spending time with children.

Of course, although only one day per week is a parent-child day, Ren Suo’s sleeping quarters are scheduled in the evening, and even occasionally have to work overtime to give warmth.

On the contrary, Ren Suo has been regressing, and even the work of Tianlian Academy to treat the cultivator has been resigned, and he has hung up a taxpayer’s tax for the secret duty of the secretary of the countermeasures branch of the Lotus Province. according to.

Normally the job is to take care of the child.

Take care of many children.

Ren Suo twitched his lips: “Otherwise? Don’t you learn like this and get up to play at 7pm every day?”

Lin Xianyu said, “You still have the right to say me? Big Brother Ren, what great business are you doing?”

“Cultivate the flowers of the future of the motherland!” Ren Suo said aggressively Heaven and Earth.

Lin Xianyu: “Happy? Happy?”

Ren Suo snorted: “Of course happiness, you don’t understand fish envy.”

Lin Xianyu scratched his fingers and said, “Well, not only are you taking care of the flowers of the motherland in the future, but you have also learned the cooking skills of a cook from scratch, and you are ready to cook and provide exquisite meals; when they need your At that time, you need to teleport past eagerly to provide a one-stop caring service. The squad leader especially likes to help you brush her teeth when getting up; you need to help you solve the big and small affairs at home, or you can use the split to solve … “

“Taking care of children, handling household chores, and being content with your wife when you are in a hurry, and assisting your wife in pursuing your dreams … Big Brother Ren, I don’t understand your happiness.”

Ren Suo was black-faced by her expression.

Lin Xianyu said that Ren Suo felt miserable.

Lin Xianyu hehe said with a smile: “And said so much, you haven’t told me why you asked me to eat hotpot tonight. Shouldn’t you be family dinner tonight?”

Ren Suo froze for a while, and was not in the mood to hold Lin Xianyu pinching his belly.

He sighed quietly: “I was kicked out.”

Lin Xianyu sneered while eating the belly, “Ah, I forgot to add this one: there is no status at home …”

“This isn’t called statusless. How can you call statusless between husband and wife!” Ren Suo didn’t eat the spicy pot, but his face was already flushed.

Lin Xianyu immediately exposed him: “Oh, I heard the monitor said, sister Qiao some heaven punishment before you kneel on the keyboard.”

“Actually, the capacitive keyboard is quite comfortable to kneel.” Ren Suo first said a little knowledge that was useless, and then said indignantly, “It’s all Wu Xia that harms me!”

Lin Xianyu said strangely, “What happened to you, Xiao Wu Xia?”

Ren Suo scratched his head: “Well, you know, sometimes we sleep together in 3 mouths. One day after they fell asleep, Carlin asked me to chat.

You know, because of the jet lag problem, Carlin always talked to me at night.

Wu Xia woke up somehow, secretly shaking her mother to report me … “

Lin Xianyu: “Sister Qiao found out that you were talking.”

Ren Suo was anxious: “I didn’t! But after Carlin had exchanged and studied in Tianlian Academy in the past few years, I don’t know if it was because of the Young Master who took care of her, she became more naughty, and deliberately said ambiguous, Let Mu Young Master misunderstand! “

Lin Xianyu: “How can this be misunderstood. Ambiguous, that is, the day of love.”

Ren Suo continued: “But Mu Young Master was just mad at her, and Carlin also asked her to explain it later. You also know that she has good face, so I soften it symbolically, this is just the way between husband and wife. , Is a high emotional performance! “

Lin Xianyu said while eating fish cakes, “It’s a good thing you want to think that way, at least less painful.”

“However, hasn’t Wu Xia been close to you all the time? She’s so smart, she must have done it on purpose. You offended her?”

Ren Suo looked away: “It’s time for enlightenment education. She learns very fast, but she’s not very good. I used Little Tian as an example to say a few words and hit her a few farts … “

Lin Xianyu sneered: “Deserve it, Xiao Wu Xia is sick of being compared, unless you say she is better than others.”

Ren Suo was distressed: “But you have to teach it well. You can’t fight, you can’t scold, how do you teach?”

Lin Xianyu thought about it and said, “Let’s get a Lottery System.”


“You asked Little Tian and Wu Xia to write down their wishes, divided into n-level, r-level, sr-level, and ssr-level according to the difficulty, and then entered the wishes into the computer and set the probability of shipment according to the level.

Whenever Little Tian and Wu Xia achieve anything, you reward them with a little points. If you have enough points, you can do lottery. You can draw a single game for ten consecutive draws, and ten consecutive draws can guarantee a r-level … You have also played a lot of mobile games, and you definitely understand.

Little Tian is so good, she can definitely get a lot of points soon, when the time comes Little Wu Xia will be very envious and jealous, naturally she will learn well. “

Lin Xianyu’s remarks made Ren Suo suddenly bright. Ren Suo exclaimed: “didn’t expect envy fish. You don’t study well, but the study plan is a set!”

Lin Xianyu glanced at him angrily, and the brilliance of wisdom flashed in her eyes: “You can also let Irina help. For example, you can let Little Tian draw a ssr-level wish alone, so Wu Xia will definitely hook. “

“Wow, you woman is really insidious.”

“You and each other, you are also a base and shameless man.”

The two of them blew each other for a while, and Lin Xianyu suddenly came to his senses: “No, I was asking why you would be kicked out, why is the topic so far away?”

Ren Suo blinked and shrugged, “Well, it’s not something to be happy about, it’s not fun to say it … I’m full, you take it slowly, I’ll check your game record.”

Lin Xianyu raised his eyebrows slightly, quickly finished eating the hot pot, and grabbed Ren Suo who opened the Mini-world Game Console: “Come on! Why were you kicked out?”

Ren Suo: “Wow, you are about to complete the ten-star game” Total War: Great Desolate “?”

Lin Xianyu took Ren Suo’s arm and carefully analyzed it: “First of all, because today is a family dinner, you can only be kicked out if you offend all your wives. Even if you offend four, there is one to protect you.”

“But Luna can’t be angry with you, so you’ve made other people angry, so that they have to unite against you. Let’s say, what did you do to make everyone angry all at once?

Lin Xianyu is really curious. You should know that Ren Suo has been married for ten years, and their children are both. Can Ren Suo even make them angry?

Unable to be shaken by Lin Xianyu, Ren Suo hesitated for a while before he said, “Just, those things.”

“what’s up?”


Lin Xianyu blinked: “What do you mean? Have you finally been squeezed out? Are you going to resist?”

Before Ren Suo answered, Lin Xianyu himself shook the head.

When Lin Xianyu was chatting with Gu Yueyan a few days ago, Gu Yueyan was still looking for her and complained that Ren Suo was not human. Gu Yueyan was just looking for Ren Suo as a big doll and hugged her. After all, she had been a teacher during the day very tired.

I didn’t expect Ren Suo when he closed the door, his eyes glowed green, and he stayed up all night. The couple’s life was harmonious and sweet, so that Gu Yueyan felt that once a week was almost the same, and even lamented that he was not alone.

Lin Xianyu wondered whether Gu Yueyan had made Stockholm in this way by Ren Suo.

Ren Suo paused for a while, and said softly, “I just think so, it’s been so many years old man and wife, and people are so special tonight, so …”

Although Ren Suo is vague, who is Lin Xianyu? As Tianlian Academy’s once strongest yellow player, Lin Xianyu instantly cleared the comprehension Ren Suo’s meaning: “What other family day, do you have a melee party in your mind!”

Lin Xianyu put his hands up: “But it’s not right, I remember you all tried it? 5 people 2 2 combinations, you have succeeded in 9 ways!”

Ren Suo: “Yueyan really tells you everything …”

Lin Xianyu continued: “Even if they are angry, you want a dragon and two phoenixes, and they won’t rush you out … Do you want 2 British wars against Lu Bu?”

Ren Suo: “… 3 Can the British War Lu Bu still use this?”

Lin Xianyu himself rejected the idea again: “But the monitor also asked me to complain 3 times: [Squad Leader, Little Star, Luna], [Squad Leader, Luna, Dong Teacher], [Squad Leader, Little Star, Dong Teacher] … … just send Sister Joe. “

“I don’t believe you didn’t start working with Sister Qiao, so since everyone has tried, they are not too angry to drive you out.”

Lin Xianyu slightly frowned: “Don’t you want to … 4 returnees?”

Ren Suo couldn’t help rubbing his temples, and once again felt sad for being able to instantly understand Lin Xianyu’s Huang Duanzi.

But he shook the head, and said lightly red: “My family … recently bought a super-large bed.”

Lin Xianyu froze for a moment.

exceptionally intelligent, she immediately realized the correct answer.

A strong shock struck her pituitary gland, so that her chin was almost falling, and she could only stare stupidly at Ren Suo.

After 3 seconds, Lin Xianyu finally came back to his senses, clenched his palms vigorously, and said in a respectful tone: “It is indeed you! It is indeed Big Brother Ren I know! I am Lin Xianyu willing to call you a real powerhouse ! “

“No wonder you will be kicked out. You actually want to pass 5 nights and 5 nights ?!”

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