Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 877

“What do you do tonight?”

Lin Xianyu sat on the sofa with his legs on a lazy sofa, holding the gamepad in both hands, and watching a 65-inch screen to play games.

Ren Suo can only look at her game records, and she can’t interfere with her play-unless it can be a two-player game, just wait for 0 points to clear it.

Although I still use this audio-visual equipment to play games a bit out of date, but Lin Xianyu has specifically considered it. She has a dedicated game room, a top computer console, a full-platform game console, and the latest version of the virtual holographic device. Pandora’s Box: Master of the World “, but she believes that this traditional set of handles + large screen operation works best.

Today on June 6, Lianjiang had just rained, but not at all brought cool summer, but it made the weather more sultry, like a fat sauna.

Lin Xianyu naturally set the air conditioner temperature at 28 °, and turned it on 24 hours a day like a black-hearted worker. However, she still wears lace-up super shorts at home, revealing sheep-fat white jade-like white legs, Ren Suo Pillow comfortably, replied:

“Generally speaking, in this case, I went back to my own nest to play games.”

“Actually, I sometimes take a day off for games on this day. After all, they can take care of the five little rare beasts today, and I can spare time to play. The five little rare beasts are also very close to mother, and I can be happy. Play the game all night. “When it comes to the back, Ren Suo has some beauty, and his tone is filled with happiness.

Lin Xianyu said at will: “Of course they kiss mother. Mother will always have gifts when they look at them, take them out to play, what do they want, and the biggest Little Tian has not yet attended elementary school. Dong Teacher and the class leader want to be strict. Will not work.”

“I do n’t know if it ’s your genetic problem. All of your children are little Elf ghosts. They know that it ’s meaningless to please your father. After all, you get along day and night, pretend to be pierced sooner or later, and it ’s too tired. high.”

“But mother doesn’t know. Every time I am very generous and I spend less time with each other. As long as I have acted, it is of great benefit. Of course, they will know what to do.”

“So the result is that the mothers can see the cute, cute and Elf children, and the children especially like the mothers who never scold them, only father is tired and hard.”

Ren Suo twitched his lips: “We are a happy family, I am the one who tells you the black heart factory …”

“The so-called home is that kind of thing,” Lin Xianyu said, “someone has to pay, and then someone will reap the reward.”

Ren Suo said, “They’re paying too.”

Lin Xianyu indifferently said: “According to universal values, their dedication is self-value-added behavior. Sister Qiao will not mention it. I think she will be able to grab the wrist with Ren Zuo and grab the leader of Great Wall in more than ten years. right.

Little Star is the most powerful. I ’m endorsed by Immortal Palace World Tree. With our help, she has successfully obtained the qualification for commercial development of the lunar base. Standing on the cusp of this era, her business empire has begun to take shape. As long as she Become the Queen of Stars sooner or later-death is also ours.

Dong Teacher is devoted to practice, and now 80% of the spells we learn come from Ren Zuo, and 20% come from her. Her cultivation base is high and her influence on the world is almost the most dazzling star under Ren Zuo.

The squad leader is a bit ordinary, but the position of Tianlian Academy’s authority is basically impossible to run away. At present, there are only five world-class superb training institutions: Xuanguo Tianjing Academy, European Ahalim Wizarding School, Fan Ying Academy City, Federation Watch Sea, and Xuanguo Tianlian Academy. To be in charge of Tianlian Academy, the leader’s future reputation may not be worse than that of East Teacher.

As for Luna … she’s True God. “

Lin Xianyu put down the handle and looked at Ren Suo, saying, “Compared to their efforts, your efforts are a pure expense. They will become more and more successful, and you will remain silent–“

Ren Suo: “Who said that my vest is by far the most popular in Immortal Palace’s popularity rankings.”

Lin Xianyu: “Don’t think that I don’t know. It was you who sent Irina to revise the vote. The first title is obviously asking for Daoist, and your Supreme Paragon vest has fallen to the top 3.”

Lin Xianyu paused and said, “If you don’t have Mini-world Game Console, do you still have the confidence to be with them?”

“Will I marry them without the Mini-world Game Console?” Ren Suo said with a smile: “The assumption is meaningless.

Just like Little Tian, ​​he has inherited almost all the advantages of me and Cheng Ling. Innate talent is as strong as that of Tian Jing Sao. He has been in First Cycle before going to elementary school. Would I say to him, ‘If you weren’t my son, would you still be so genius’ or something like that?

Yes, I will give thanksgiving education, let him appreciate everything he has, but also encourage him to make good use of the resources around him.

There are good and bad times for people, adversity is not degenerate, no need to be frustrated, good times are not complacent, and there is no need to deny yourself. The word ‘if’ is used to reflect, not to doubt yourself. “

Lin Xianyu paused for a while before slowly said: “You are really already a father of a few children.”

“Thank you.”

“But you can’t touch me when you say these serious words.”

Ren Suo calmly retracted his hand: “I’m used to getting used to it, I’m used to preaching to check the development of the child. Envy fish, the bra you wear now is not suitable, you have grown a bit bigger.”

“Thank you very much for reminding me!” Lin Xianyu picked up the handle in annoyance and continued playing the game.

Ren Suo thought the topic was over, but Lin Xianyu asked again, “But wouldn’t you have an impulse? Want to achieve a career, to be famous, to be glorious, unwilling to live an ordinary life …”

Ren Suo startedled slightly, saying, “Of course not, why do you have this idea? Am I Ren Suo?”

Lin Xianyu: “But isn’t it troublesome to take care of children?”

Ren Suo shrugged: “Well … although they are indeed a group of rare beasts, but … I love them.”

“And you know, I do n’t have any ideals. The previous ideal was to hope that my younger sister will let me hold my thighs after flying Huang Tengda, or find a wife who can let me hold my thighs …”

Lin Xianyu: “Then your ideal has been realized, and it is 5 times realized. If you use the evaluation mechanism of the Mini-world Game Console, then you will get a full 150 points-World Champion is a must.”

Ren Suo laughed, a tenderness appeared in his eyes, and said, “And now, I have a new ideal.”

“Little rare beasts?”

“Well.” Ren Suo said softly: “You said, my dedication is only a waste, but … no. For me, Cheng Ling is just chasing one ideal, and I am cultivating five at the same time, and maybe later. There will be more … I actually made it! “

Lin Xianyu stared blankly at Ren Suo, with some inexplicable emotions in his eyes.

Then Ren Suo became more and more excited: “This is the fun of developing a game! Little Tian is almost the age that I can grow up, and I plan to revise it many times over the years and finally it will come in handy! I plan to First give Little Tian the achievement of the youngest skater, and then … “

Listening to Ren Suo’s plans, Lin Xianyu shook the corners of his mouth, his heart moved completely, and he said with a smile: “I really sweat for the little rare beasts you take care of.”

Ren Suo said with a smile: “Anyway, I have the money, the resources, and the most important thing is that I still have 5 blank roles. I can try a variety of plans.” Listen, is this what father said?

Lin Xianyu shook his head said with a smile: “It is indeed you.”

Lin Xianyu looked towards the game screen of the screen, and suddenly felt like he was a bit inferior to Ren Suo.

She also uses Mini-world Game Console to play games off the screen, and Ren Suo has already practiced directly in Earth ol, training five new game characters from scratch.

“Hey, don’t sleep, get up.”

Lin Xianyu shook his leg, Ren Suo, who was enjoying the knee pillow, sat up unknownly, and then Lin Xianyu lay in his arms, and drrowsily said, “Now I play the game, and you still pillow me, then I’m too lost It should be me lying in your arms. “

Lin Xianyu was suddenly coquettish, and Ren Suo felt a little novel, so she looked around her and watched her play a game.

“Hey, how does this game involve Biyin space-time abyss.”

“More than 7-star games will involve the abyss of time and space. The Great Desolate World of this game is very strong in the abyss of time and space and has continuously swallowed the Bliss World, Dragon Phoenix World, and Lich World. Bottom. “

“Did you reach the bottom?”

“No, this World has already reached the bottleneck. Maybe after I unify this plane, they can go a step further … but I don’t like it. The basic rule of this plane is the karma of karma. The advantage is that when dealing with other planes No disadvantage, overwhelming with the aid of luck, the disadvantage is that when there is no plane to devour, their development has basically stopped.

“What if we hit them from the plane?”

“It will be a few thousand years later, when the time comes.”

“But I want to see what the bottom of the abyss of time and space is … Great Desolate World, don’t stop!”

Ren Suo watched Lin Xianyu kill and kill in the game. He wanted Lin Xianyu to be the second player of Mini-world Game Console, and it was the right choice.

Can Mini-world Game Console be added to other players? Ren Suo has always guessed, but he has never verified it-after all, he has to play the game himself, but there is only one game console, if there is one The second player, isn’t everyone trying to play?

The turning point was that Dong Chengling was pregnant. Ren Suo was busy taking care of her. There was really no time or mood to play the game. They told them about the Mini-world Game Console to see if they could register a second player.

It turns out that it is indeed possible to register a second player, but it requires Ren Suo to spend 2 points of merit to open a new account.

Among them, when everyone tries to register, the system will detect the exclusive player privileges.

Dong Chengling is “Empress Void”, the position of the prop bar is +3;

Qiao Muyi is “Enchantress Guimi”, the position of ability bar is +3;

Ren Xingmei is “Star Lord”, and the reward reward for customs clearance is + 30%;

Gu Yueyan is “Sovereign Blood Lotus”, the summon time consumed by prop “Qingquan Liuxiang” is -30%;

Luna is the “Dimension Queen”, which can summon the game character ‘Moon Winger’ for an unlimited time in all games.

However, the strongest exclusive player privilege is still Lin Xianyu’s “Sovereign Celestial Maiden”: In all probability lottery links (including probability ability, probability items, treasure chest lottery, customs clearance exclusive reward selection, etc.), Lin Xianyu all The best results can be obtained, such as the strongest effect that the random probability must hit the lowest probability, and the random selection link becomes an arbitrary selection link. Lin Xianyu can choose randomly …

For the simplest example, the ability of “Miracle Full Moon” was originally to randomly select ‘miracle’ and ‘cost’. Ren Suo is rarely used because high probability is not useful.

But for Lin Xianyu, she can write “miracle full moon” miracles and costs, and then the system will take care of it and try to give a miracle that meets Lin Xianyu’s requirements.

Ren Suo is the licking dog of Mini-world Game Console, and Mini-world Game Console is the licking dog of Lin Xianyu.

Ren Suo used to think that the future Supreme Paragon created the Mini-world Game Console, but after seeing Lin Xianyu’s player privileges, he was not so sure.

Of course, there is another important question-why he does not have exclusive player privileges! ?

Ren Suo’s player privileges were obtained through his hard work and upgrade!

Why are they all giving up when they register?

If it weren’t for the wives to try, Ren Suo wouldn’t know that there is such a hidden mechanism!

Ren Suo suspected that Mini-world Game Console was sexist and deliberately did not give him a novice gift package.

As a result, it is natural that Lin Xianyu, with his privileged player privileges and the professional status of a social leisure Loose Practitioner, undoubtedly won the qualification of the second registered player. Others are not interested in playing games. Even Ren Xingmei is not busy playing games because he is busy with his career, unless he is playing artificial games with Ren Suo.

Lin Xianyu did not live up to Ren Suo’s expectations. The Mini-world Game Console licked her so well. Ren Suo almost never saw Lin Xianyu’s evaluation score below 90, which is in stark contrast to Ren Suo’s own record.

“Clear the level.” Lin Xianyu lowered the handle and said, “120 points, surpassing Spiritual God … okay.”

“This is a ten-star game, and you can even get 120 points.” Ren Suo sighed: “Xianyu Xianyu, why are you so strong?”

Lin Xianyu said, “Because I’m a woman, why don’t you try to be a woman and wear women’s clothing to play games, maybe the game technology is + 500%.”

Ren Suo hesitated for a moment. He was not tempted, but suddenly thought of a possibility: If he becomes a woman, will it trigger the female gift package of Mini-world Game Console and get his own exclusive player privileges?

On his side, Lin Xianyu said, “I uploaded the game record, will you play the next Moon Wheel? Well, the game console is for you.”

Lin Xianyu took out a bright black game console just like a work of art. Ren Suo took it directly into the atrium and said, “If the free game I got is too difficult, then continue to trade it for you.”

Lin Xianyu murmured: “But I want to play the new fantasy” Dark Rebel “in Final Fantasy …”

She sighed, looked at the time, and said, “It’s almost 11 o’clock. I’m going to play a game. Should you go home?”

Ren Suo blinked and looked at her and said, “You still want to drive me away?”

Lin Xianyu stared at him with wide eyes: “Otherwise? I’ll just eat your seabed and take out the food. Do you still want me to pay for it? And you don’t mean, do you usually want to play overnight games?”

“Yeah, so shall I come to you?”

“You mean you want to make a copy with me overnight?”

“No, I mean I want to play with you overnight.”

Lin Xianyu punched him directly: “Big Brother Ren, you have changed.”

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