Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 878

Stepping out of the bathtub, using a large towel to dry the water droplets on his body, Lin Xianyu walked to the mirror, biting a hair ring and blowing hair with a hairdryer.

She thought about it, instead of pegging a high ponytail, she padded a ponytail with sideways shoulders, which is a particularly dangerous hairstyle of a good wife and mother often appearing in anime. To your own hairstyle.

Lin Xianyu looked at the clothes in the changing basket, his face suddenly darkened.

No clothes, just give me a set of blood drip underwear! ?

Alas, the little Elder Brother who was going to blush for my arm when I healed me was gone.

Lin Xianyu walked out of the bathroom, loudly said, “Big Brother Ren, you are a pervert!”

In the bedroom, Ren Suo was lying on a lazy couch playing console games, and Serene said, “What’s wrong with a man’s metamorphosis?”

Lin Xianyu lay down in bed angrily, rolled around, glanced at the screen, and asked, “Why did you suddenly play Super Mario?”

Ren Suo said, “Review, Little Tian is almost the same age, and it’s time to take him back to the classic game I like.”

Lin Xianyu shook his lips: “You might as well look to Xiao Xing Shi and Wu Wuia, Xiao Xi Yue and Hei Yin too, Little Tian … Little Tian is mostly not interested in playing games.”

Ren Suo was a little bit distressed: “But father took his son to relive the classic games of the old age, which is the storyline I have been waiting for a long time … This is a plan that I prepared after the birth of Little Tian. I have been precise to his age What games to make up, first is a puzzle-type breakthrough game, then domestic classic emotional rpg, and then … “

Lin Xianyu said, “I think it’s like your father shared Teng Lijun’s song with you. The huge gap and aesthetic gap doom you to understand each other. But if it’s Little Tian, ​​he may have pity on his father who lived in the old times. , Earnestly clear the game, and even write a post game feeling to let father enjoy the joy of sharing. “

Ren Suo: “… you are no longer able to spit young masters.”

Lin Xianyu: “I have always been able to speak, but I am not as good as Sister Qiao, so I only dared to speak in my heart, not to speak.”

Ren Suo: “Aren’t you afraid of being hit by me?”

Lin Xianyu: “Then you hurry up, what do you think I told you so much? I washed and put on your favorite underwear in vain, are you still playing Super Mario?”

Ren Suo slipped away the handle and climbed to bed, but Lin Xianyu pushed him away first and asked, “Are you sure you’ll be fine tonight?”

Ren Suo compared with an ‘ok’ gesture. “I’m fully prepared for 10000 and I can’t make any mistakes.”

Lin Xianyu crooked his head and looked at him: “Actually, you have five wives like flowers, why do you want to come to me?”

Ren Suo spread his hand: “I wasn’t kicked out …”

Lin Xianyu snorted: “Reminded me when I was kicked out?”

Speaking of Ren Suo and Lin Xianyu’s relationship, it is also quite wonderful. In fact, they did not intend to develop in this area. It was just that when they played a two-person team game in the past few years, they got 140 points for the first time after the clearance of “10000 Gu Liufang”. Just stumbled onto a bed.

There are no winds and snows, no thrills, and even no romantic dicks. They are mingled with each other as they play, and they naturally seem to fit the convex king.

And Lin Xianyu ’s demand is very small. Let ’s not mention Luna, Qiao Muyi, and Gu Yueyan, the three ruthless Reapers that make Ren Suo live and die. Lin Xianyu came strong.

Unless Ren Suo takes the initiative to find her, Lin Xianyu 2 will find Ren Suo once every 3 months to talk about love games. Due to the low frequency, the underground relationship between the two people has been maintained for a full 2 years and has not yet been discovered.

In fact, this has a lot to do with the complexity of Ren Suo’s family. After all, even if his wife finds that Ren Suo has suddenly disappeared, he will guess that Ren Suo has gone to take delivery to other wives.

“But seriously, why did you come to me?” Lin Xianyu asked with his hands on his hips, “Although I am beautiful, but they are also beautiful. You can still rotate every day, but you still come from time to time. I … Isn’t this a flower that is less fragrant than a wildflower? “

Ren Suo thought for a while and said, “What do you say … For me, there is no one that is more fragrant. You all bring me unique and unmatched feelings.”

“Cheng Ling is like a spring water, with endless aftertastes; Yue Yue is like strawberry-flavored ice cream, so sweet that it also melts me; younger sister is like a cantaloupe in summer, refreshing and sweet and hearty; Wood Young Master is the sea Sometimes it ’s turbulent, sometimes calm, sometimes vortex, sometimes tornado. It must not be offended; Luna, Luna is a little bit more powerful, basically I become spring water, ice cream, cantaloupe and the sea to take care of her. “

“And you are different from them, you are a cloud basking in the sun.” Ren Suo paused, adding: “Like me.”

Lin Xianyu: “Do you mean you are in heaven?”

Ren Suo: “Um … if you have to understand it this way, it’s not impossible.”

Lin Xianyu looked at Ren Suo with a disdainful look and shook his head: “After all these years, Big Brother Ren, you haven’t made any progress at all. Before, I dared to propose to 5 people at once, but now I can talk casually in front of a woman. Talking about the user experience of his five wives is really abnormal. “

Ren Suo: “I’m not saying bad things about them! And you asked me why I came to you!”

Lin Xianyu: “You just need to say ‘because the fisher elder sister is a beautiful girl once in 4000 years’ is not enough! I will accept this reason!”

Ren Suo: “… conscience is less with a bit, it cannot be wasted like this.”

Lin Xianyu: “I give you a chance to reorganize your language, otherwise you can go to the living room to sleep on the sofa tonight.”

Ren Suo hit back with a yellow paragraph: “Oh? Do you mean changing the battlefield to the living room tonight?”

Although the two were fighting, they didn’t stop their hands, but at this time Lin Xianyu suddenly pushed him away.

Lin Xianyu pondered for a moment and asked, “Did you bring that?”

It took Ren Suo 3 seconds to know what Lin Xianyu was saying: “No. How could we cultivator take that?”

Lin Xianyu kicked away Ren Suo directly and pulled himself over the quilt to cover himself: “No, today seems to be a dangerous period. Go to the living room.”

Ren Suo was dumbfounded: “Wait, Xianyu, think about what our cultivation base is! I am now also a Sixth Cycle cultivator, and you are also a Fifth Cycle cultivator. How low are our odds of getting into the soul? There are so many digits after the decimal point anyway, I can’t count it. “

Lin Xianyu was completely unconfounded by Ren Suo, shaking his head and saying: “Probability is only meaningful for social statistics, and it has no reference value when it is specific to an individual.”

She glanced at Ren Suo: “And, even if our odds are lower, can we still be lower than you and Luna? Little Hei Yin is simply a biological miracle. The probability that all 100 consecutive draws are all ssr is better than you. Hei Yin is less likely. “

Ren Suo smirked. In the past ten years, the love between humans and monsters has crystallized. There is really only one case in his family.

Lin Xianyu murmured: “even more how I am the strongest luck king, you are the strongest unlucky king, and together we are good and bad spirits, maybe there really is.”

Ren Suo meditated for a while, slept beside Lin Xianyu, and said, “Then … if you have, then you will move to our house.”

Lin Xianyu cut off: “I have my own flat floor, I have to squeeze a villa with you? Although your home is much larger than mine …”

Ren Suo: “I mean I’ll take care of you forever.”

Lin Xianyu shook his head: “I don’t really want to eat your rice.”

Ren Suo held her head and looked at her: “What do you want? I have always wanted to ask when you will marry me. Although I have a reservation every night, but it is only night, but the envy fish is the same They are full-time unemployed vagrants. They are our turn during the day. We can announce that day and no conflict with their arrangements. “

Lin Xianyu: “… who told you I would marry you?”

Ren Suo looked startled: “Don’t you think you could escape my palm?”

Lin Xianyu snorted: “Which villain do you come from in the sand sculpture domestic TV series? I’m starting to get scared.”

Ren Suo said seriously: “Don’t be afraid, I’m not a good person.”

Lin Xianyu chuckled and said helplessly, “But I’m really not ready.”

“When you appeared, it disrupted my life plan. Although I didn’t have any life plan originally, but … I never thought that I would be one of 60% of someone, oh no, it might be one of 70% in the future. “Lin Xianyu arched hands”: “I used to think you were Zhang Wuji, didn’t expect you to be Lord Sir Wei!”

Ren Suo smirked: “There are 7 …”

“You keep this to lie to ghosts,” Lin Xianyu snorted added, “And I’m also a child, and I still have some illusion about marriage … and you break all my illusions.”

Ren Suo refuses to accept: “Where am I inconsistent with breaking your illusions? Happiness, loyalty, mutual support, respect, such as guests, what did I not do?”

Lin Xianyu couldn’t help but twitch his lips: “Does your loyalty mean inviting more women to marry together? Does your family have trouble playing mahjong?”

“I’m not such a casual man!” Ren Suo said, “You are the only new candidate in ten years!”

“You seem to be very loyal to say that,” Lin Xianyu murmured.

The two laughed for a while, and Ren Suo smiled and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Xianyu faintly said: “I usually play with you casually, but if I marry you … I always feel lost.”

Lin Xianyu’s mood is really complicated.

First of all, she knew that it was impossible for her to leave Ren Suo. The Mini-world Game Console alone was destined to be boundless and entangled in this life like the double helix structure of DNA.

Emotionally, Lin Xianyu knew for a long time that Ren Suo is a soul mate who fits her in all aspects, and they are half of each other.

Even if she has not experienced ordeal such as life and death, Lin Xianyu has already identified Ren Suo as her earthly ideal.

On the contrary, jealousy and jealous joints are easy to resolve. After ten years, Ren Suo has 5 children, and Lin Xianyu’s 3 views have been broken and reorganized countless times. Don’t look at her dissatisfaction, but she has fully accepted the fact that she was arched by Ren Suo.

But Lin Xianyu is unhappy.

How to say it, it feels like you are optimistic about a house this year, but it feels that property prices continue to rise this year, so I want to wait for it to go down.

Then this price increase is ten years.

Lin Xianyu liked Ren Suo ten years ago, but at that time Dong Chengling liked Ren Suo, so she waited until Ren Suo was dumped, and then thought about how to approach this Little Elder Brother.

At that time, Lin Xianyu was very Buddhist and felt that love can be discussed and talked about. It does n’t matter if you do n’t have to talk about it.

I didn’t expect to wait, Ren Suo had 5 children, and then she came together to join this family …

A house that could have been bought ten years ago had to be bought several times the price this year, and 60% of the property rights … or even 70% of the property rights …

Although Lin Xianyu may not be successful 1 years ago, after all, her competitors are extremely formidable, but what is regrettable is often not what she did not succeed, but what she did not try.

This regret of missing the right time for investment made Lin Xianyu tangled.

She thought about it, suddenly asked, “You said it quite simply, did you tell those in your family?”

Ren Suo shook his head: “Not yet, of course, I have to ask you this first, so that you have a mental preparation, and always add a few defense spells to myself, I can rest assured to find them.”

Lin Xianyu nodded: “It’s okay, you know how to prevent it before it happens, otherwise I don’t know how to die.”

Having said that, Lin Xianyu took the initiative to grab Ren Suo, and drowsily said: Hey … I’m still a little scared to grab things from them. Although they will probably accept me, after all, we have known each other for many years, and they should have expected, but … “

Ren Suo spread his hand: “But I have to face it. Now I am looking for you secretly. You are afraid that there will be a child and there is no honeymoon trip. Strictly speaking, our current state is immoral and we have a reputation for ruin Dangerous, so marriage is still necessary. “

Lin Xianyu crooked his head and asked, “But isn’t it more exciting?”

Ren Suo’s eyes light flashed: “Let’s carry it through.”

Hong long!

The space Spiritual Qi suddenly trembled, and the two of them suddenly became stiff!

Seventh Cycle spell, “Eight Sects Golden Lock”!

Completely blockade all living organisms in a certain area, including 8 kinds of blockade effects, including preventing space movement, preventing cyclone operation, preventing spells from taking effect, and suppressing the action of living beings. It is called ‘the world’s cultivator 30 million, and my Eight Sects must be lowered.

At the same time, five silhouettes fell gently into the room.

“It’s not the time to come.”

Qiao Muyi whispered with a playful voice: “I thought I could see the wonderful expression of Xiao Sona’s astonishment and hot flush.”

“Have you ever seen Sister Qiao?”

Ren Xingmei hehe smiled and uncovered the old man of Ren Suo: “I wanted to talk to Yueyan that day to discuss the recruitment of Academy, and let Sister Ling send me over, then I saw Brother and Yueyan in the office … Thanks to Yueyan’s office It’s an independent office. “

“Xiao Xingxing, why don’t you say it!”

Gu Yueyan flushed, biting his lip and said, “And envy fish, haven’t you always said that Mr. Suo is Fire Pit? Why are you jumping in now?”

“Yuyu, I have your underwear!”

Luna looked curiously at the layout of the room: “Yuyu, your room is so cute, and I want to decorate my room like this.”

“So, envy the fish.”

Dong Chengling swipes to unlock the physical constraints of Ren Suo and Lin Xianyu. She asked calmly, “Well, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

This sounded full of the threat of ‘you don’t say it now, you can’t say it later’.

Lin Xianyu blinked, she pulled over the quilt to cover herself, and looked around calmly for a week. After 3 seconds, she suddenly showed a terrified expression: “Hey?”

“Big Brother Ren, what did you do? Why are you in my bed? Why am I wearing such shameless underwear?” Lin Xianyu’s face was incredible: “Did you use me from your Mini-world Game Console? Did you get the hypnotic spell !? “

Ren Suo ignored Lin Xianyu, and asked with a puzzled expression: “Wait, let me die, why do you find this?”

Five people looked at each other and Dong Chengling said, “Sorry, you are really well prepared, and even unilaterally confuse my magic spell. I can only feel you in your den.”

Qiao Muyi also said: “You have even confused the” Eye of Truth “, and I can only see you playing the game. “

Gu Yueyan snorted: “But we are your wife. You lift your tail and we know you shit and pee.”

Luna: “Soso’s tail … is that the front?”

Ren Xingmei slightly smiled, saying, “The Wise Man 1000 has to worry, there must be a mistake. Yes, you and you did countermeasures in all aspects in advance, but the only thing that completely exposed that you didn’t play the game tonight. “

Ren Suo racked his brains and thought, still couldn’t figure it out, but reluctantly asked, “Where did I expose the weak spot?”

Ren Xingmei: “We can see from the sbeam friend list that your last online time was 22 hours ago.”

Ren Suo: “…”

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