Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits Chapter 881

In the bedroom, Ren Suo, who was getting dressed, stared at the handsome man in the mirror. After thinking about it, he still added a styling spell to his hair-10000, and he could break his head and his hairstyle should not be messy.

He is a strictly good father in front of the child, and cannot be ruined.

However, the thought of mothers explaining to children that Father changed Lin Xianyu Aunt into Lin Xianyu mother, Ren Suo felt that his position in the hearts of children crashed and crashed, and he must quickly rescue the market.

But child, except for Little Tian, ​​which may be troublesome, other children are very confused, and the problem is not big. The real threat to Ren Suo’s father image is accountability.

Ren Suo sighed, thinking about countermeasures in bed.

That’s right, it’s the super-sized bed that he bought just a few days ago, which can be customized for ten adults at the same time.

This bed is also the fuse of all events tonight. Blame this bed, trap me in injustice!

But it ’s really comfortable to sleep. Even if only one person sleeps, it ’s cool. You can roll around. Ren Suo can even say “I wake up from a 40-square-meter bed every morning.” It sounds like Like the silly landlord at the landlord’s house.

However, in order to house this large bed, Ren Suo even removed the virtual reality device “Pandora’s Box: Doomsday” in the bedroom, but the bed did its job. Fortunately, Ren Suo’s bedroom is the largest in the villa, otherwise this bed would be enough.

Although not originally intended by Ren Suo, everyone agreed to give him the largest room in the villa. This villa is a very large villa that Ren Xingmei bought 2 villas and then rebuilt. All of them have their own independent rooms, and even ten more rooms-no problem to reproduce 5 children. Ren Suo is there every night Strive to keep the villa space vacant.

In fact, his efforts have also been very fruitful, and now at least one of them will be moved in by Lin Xianyu.

The only problem is that the villa is too big and cleaning is more troublesome, but for Ren Suo this is not troublesome-his clone can last for 24 hours.

As far as the road is known, people know the horsepower over time. Compared with Zhao Huo’s anti-skeleton, the clone is the real brother of Ren Suo. He has full 24-hour horsepower, and a big villa, Ren Suo. You can do it all with avatars.

And children also like this beautiful girl who works hard and complains, what is the real Ren Family.

Otherwise, summon went down and was beaten?

Ren Suo thought about it, and quickly rejected the idea-mainly because the avatar has been used to make money as a waiter at the mysterious tavern, it can’t be summoned into reality.

And Ren Suo must face it in person, the children are waiting, he must not run away-otherwise mother told the child ‘father because he was too scared to run’, how will Ren Suo educate the child in the future? Escape is useful but shameful?

Ren Suo was thinking about how to escape the catastrophe, and suddenly saw a picture frame on the bedside table.

He blinked, rolled over and picked it up, and found that the picture frame was a family portrait of 2 years ago, and could not help but be slightly surprised.

On the day of the photo, Hei Yin and Xi Yue celebrated at the 100th banquet. They were born on the same day and the same month, but Xi Yue was born an hour earlier, so Hei Yin is a younger sister and Xi Yue is an elder sister.

Incidentally, these two little cutes are both landing on Earth ol on time during the due date, and they are born on the same day and the same month. Through these two conditions, Ren Suo can naturally recall exactly the 1 2 things that happened with Yue Yan Luna on the night before 2 days (2 gestational weeks).

In the photo, the two little cutes were held by Luna mother and Yueyan mother, respectively. Luna was licking Hei Yin’s hair, Yueyan reached out to stop her, and the faces of both were filled with the light of motherhood.

But just look at this scene. Luna prefers the activity of “born cubs” to cubs. She is not good at bringing children. After all, cats and children are not the same as humans and children. Luna licks Hei Yin every time she holds a child.

Yueyan is better, but she is too busy with her work and she has to practice normally. If it weren’t for Ren Suo’s often asking Xi Yue to look for mother to be coquettish, Yueyan would almost be milk forgotten.

Next to Yueyan and Luna, Dong Chengling maintained a calm expression as always. Mount Tai collapsed without discoloration, that is to say, a person like her, of course, often such a person, in order to achieve a career.

Cheng Ling is undoubtedly a strong woman. Although she is not famous at present, in Xuan Kingdom … or all cultivators in the whole world, except Ren Zuo, it is the strongest Dong Chengling cultivation base.

What You Jian and Angel Zach are small trash of the second echelon, Ren Suo looks down on them-“You are weaker than my wife, I can bully my wife, it is equivalent to I can bully you”.

However, Cheng Ling is not always so calm, and she is occasionally shy. Even though he has been married for ten years, Ren Suo still has no resistance to Dong Chengling who blushes and lowers his lips and bites his lips. He will work hard every night to see the loveliest sibling.

Next to Dong Chengling is Qiao Muyi. At this moment she looked at the camera with a smile, Xia Fei’s cheeks, the corners of her mouth twitched, and her eyes fluttered with charming charms, which made her heartbeat.

Ren Suo remembered it at a glance. At that time, Qiao Muyi had not been home for several days because he was responsible for handling a mysterious incident in Lian province. After getting back at the 100th banquet, Qiao Muyi was wearing a countermeasure vest. When she went to take a bath and change clothes, she met Ren Suo in the hallway, and then …

Then both of them were late at the 2th banquet.

No wonder Ren Xingmei looked at Qiao Muyi with an unhappy expression.

At that time, Ren Xingmei also hurried back after ending the business meeting and changed a set of fashionable dresses that were popular in the season to attend the 100-day banquet.

Over the years, Ren Xingmei has become a rich woman president who is not just in name only, but also in reality. The group she created provides several 10000 jobs. Her decisions affect the salaries of several 10000 people. Angered, Ren Suo didn’t dare to poke her mouth. In some special times, Ren Xingmei asked Ren Suo to call the elder sister, and Ren Suo would obediently obey.

In the center of the picture, Ren Suo squatted down and hugged three children.

After all, there are new members in the family. In order not to let the big brother elder sister feel left out, Ren Suo asked them to take pictures in the middle c, to show that father will love you more.

The 3-year-old Wu Xia is very sticky to father, holding Ren Suo sideways, looking out of the camera at all, with a smile on his face, and raising his mouth to kiss Ren Suo’s cheek.

The 4-year-old Little Tian is looking upright at the camera, with her hands on her thighs, her back straight, her eyes staring, and a smile on her face that justifies her business-like smile, which makes Ren Suo shake her head secretly-this is not possible It’s so boring at a young age, it seems that he can’t let him play a puzzle emotional game, or go directly to the kind of bloody violence …

Xing Shi, 2 years old, was holding the sleeves of Little Tian, ​​hiding behind Little Tian and looking at the camera. It seemed a bit shy.

In all fairness, Little Tian, ​​the big brother, is still pretty good, younger sister Xing Shi is very sticky to him, and siblings have a good relationship.

Xiao Yan and Lin Xianyu stood next to each other, but they did not look at the camera, but looked thoughtfully at Luna and the child in Yueyan’s arms.

Let’s not mention it first, Ren Suo and Xiao Yan were still innocent at that time, but Lin Xianyu … Maybe Lin Xianyu was a little envious?

But Lin Xianyu will only let others see her superficial anger and sorrow. Instead, her true intentions will be hidden deep in her heart. Even Ren Suo will have to rely on the “** response” to get a glimpse.

She was timid in this regard, as if she was afraid of stinging even when she touched happiness. Of course, it may also be that Ren Suo is a Fire Pit, and you will be burned if you approach it …

Ren Suo watched the family ’s daze for a few minutes, and the ring of tomorrow in his left ring finger suddenly glowed. A message flowed into Ren Suo’s mind: “Dear, can’t you come down? Children are going to sleep.”

Ren Suo took a deep breath, his eyes showing firmness.

Ren Suo, what are you afraid of?

Ren Suo, what are you hesitating?

Isn’t that just one plus, isn’t you doing so little?

Not just to make the person who loves you happy, you have been successful 5 times in a row, you should be very experienced!

Ren Suo left the bedroom and walked to the living room on the first floor. Gu Yueyan snorted standing at the entrance of the stairs: “Stayed on this for so long, Mr. Suo, do you have any reason and excuses? … Huh ?!”

Ren Suo first took out a paper towel and wiped his mouth, then grabbed Gu Yueyan’s waist as soon as he came up, and kissed strongly.

Gu Yueyan hesitated for a moment, the pretty face quickly became red, gave Ren Suo 3 seconds of sweetness before pushing him away, and said embarrassedly: “Children look at it … don’t think I will forgive you like this …”

In fact, Little Tian, ​​Wu Xia, Xing Shi, Xi Yue, and Hei Yin are all choosing the dolls sent by Lin Xianyu’s new mother. They don’t look at them at all-the intimate pictures of father and mother, children see more.

“Monthly words.”

Ren Suo clenched Gu Yueyan and said softly in her ear: “I know, you are sad and angry. Envy fish is your best friend, I am your favorite person, we betray you. But please I believe that Xianyu is always your friend. Since she hid her new clothes ten years ago and devoted herself to making suggestions for you, she has never thought of hurting you. It is my fault. “

“It was my handsomeness that provoked the pot. Maybe this is the fate of a good man …”

Gu Yueyan twisted the soft meat around Ren Suo’s waist and whispered, “Don’t blow, children are watching.”

Ren Suo slightly smiled and said softly, “But I have been in bondage with her for ten years, and for ten years, I can’t live up to it, nor can I give up.”

“Should those seeds that are not blooming be buried in the soil? Fortunately, when spring comes, shouldn’t they even have the chance to sprout?”

Gu Yueyan was slightly startled, and his mood was a little complicated.

Suddenly, she seemed to think of the night ten years ago when she returned from the dark side of the moon to showdown with Dong Chengling and Qiao Muyi.

In all fairness, you said that Gu Yueyan could not guess what happened to Ren Suo and Lin Xianyu, it must be false. It ’s just that Lin Xianyu is Gu Yueyan ’s closest girlfriend, and even Ren Suo is not Lin Xianyu ’s, and Ren Suo is her destiny, so Gu Yueyan does n’t know what to do.

In fact, Gu Yueyan didn’t get too angry tonight, but there was a relief that it finally happened.

She wants Lin Xianyu to be happier than anyone else, but her current situation is like an old passage:

“If you know a super invincible handsome man, would you like to introduce to Lin Xianyu to make her happy?”


“Then the super invincible handsome man now is Ren Suo. Would you still like it?”

“Not willing!”


“Because I really have a Ren Suo!”

Gu Yueyan heaved a long sigh and said, “You are a scumbag.”

“I didn’t have a choice before. Today I want to be a scumbag and give me a chance.” Ren Suo mua kissed Gu Yueyan’s cheek and said, “Thank you.”

Ren Suo saw Ren Xingmei sitting on the sofa and watching them, and he walked behind the sofa, wrapped around the younger sister’s neck, and reached the younger sister’s ear, first took a deep breath, strengthened his determination, and then whispered: “Sister … elder sister …”

Ren Xingmei remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs said, “en? What did you say?”

“Elder sister, can you …”

“Be loud, I can’t hear you.”

“Elder sister!” Ren Suo called this title in humiliation, and the children were so curious to see it-father was playing with him again.

“Elder sister, this time I want to be willful, can you forgive me?”

Ren Xingmei raised an eyebrow slightly: “But an elder sister is not enough.”

Ren Suo: “How long do you want?”

“Is it 99 years?” Ren Xingmei is like a colonial treaty signed by a victorious country and a defeated country.

Ren Suo said bitterly, “Is time in imaginary space included?”


“That … it’s a deal! Elder sister, save the child!”

Ren Xingmei to ones hearts content Pecked Ren Suo’s cheek, said with a smile: “It’s a wayward younger brother, but who called the elder sister so spoiled you? Good ~”

Ren Suo relaxed, at this time Qiao Muyi said with a smile: “Okay, Xiao Suo, should we break them one by one in front of our face?”

Ren Suo snorted, “It’s your turn to wait, Young Master, wait for me!”

Qiao Muyi stunned for a moment, said with a smile: “Then I wait and see.”

Ren Suo turned to meow and Luna, who was picking dolls with the children, flew over and hugged him: “So what’s the matter?”

Ren Suo said: “Lin Xianyu can also play with you in the future, do you say roar?”

Luna heavy nodded: “Okay!”

Ren Suo blinked and suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Luna, next time I suggest everyone to play together at night, do you think it is roaring?”

Luna shook her head again and again: “Not good.”

Ren Suo snapped: “Why?”

Absolutely, Luna, who is best to cheat, disapproves. It seems that there is no chance at all.

Luna said: “It’s 6 hours a night, and now there are 7 people. On average, you can only play with me for an hour. Too few, Luna will play for at least 3 hours! Unless …”

Ren Suo was startled: “Unless what?”

Luna twisted, rubbed her face against Ren Suo, and whispered in Ren Suo’s ear: “Unless the time is extended to 18 hours, then Luna can play for 3 hours!”

Ren Suo: “… I’m fine, but they may not be willing …”

After Gu Yueyan, Ren Xingmei, Luna one after another guide, Ren Suo will welcome 2 real ** oss-Qiao Muyi and Dong Chengling!

Qiao Muyi looked up at him with 2 legs up and said with a smile: “Come, I have waited for a long time, how are you going to conquer me, Xiao Suo? It’s exciting to think about it.”

Ren Suo’s eyes are refined, like Raiders of a hot knife through butter, making his momentum reach Peak. He looked up and strode forward, then–

Ren Suo stepped forward and hugged Qiao Muyi, and whispered, “Get a price, I recognize any punishment.”

Qiao Muyi didn’t seem surprised at all. He reached out and pinched Ren Suo’s cheek, and asked with a smile, “Any punishment is fine?”

Ren Suo shivered, his face biting nodded.

Qiao Muyi took out his phone, opened the calendar, and showed it to Ren Suo: “I’ll take a vacation on the 21st to 25th of next month.”

Ren Suo grimly nodded: “I see.”

“No, you don’t understand.” Qiao Muyi rolled his neck and whispered in his ear: “I need you to equip” Unlimited Energy “. “

Ren Suo was startled: “No, not so much …”

“I’ve learned a few interesting new spells recently.” Qiao Muyi’s soft lips spit out a devil-like whisper: “I want to discuss with you the use of these spells, but it may be more laborious …”

There is no useless spell, there is only a useless cultivator.

Like Qiao Muyi, a cultivator with a big brain and powerful ability, her understanding and use of spell can be described as implementing in all aspects of life. Ren Suo is one of the victims … the beneficiaries.

Ren Suo had nodded and agreed.

Finally, it was Dong Chengling. Ren Suo sat neatly next to Dong Chengling. Dong Chengling reached out to help him straighten his collar, as if nothing had happened.

“Chengling, I was wrong,” Ren Suo said honestly.


Ren Suo: “I want to keep going wrong.”

Dong Chengling thought about it and asked, “Is there another time?”

Ren Suo honestly said, “I don’t know.”

Dong Chengling opened his hands: “Hug.”

Ren Suo died instantly, leaving only a body full of love, tenderly embrace the spirit.

Dong Chengling said suddenly, “Do you remember why you met me?”

Ren Suo: “… Will you have dinner?”

“Perhaps, I shouldn’t have eaten your meal in the first place.” Dong Chengling said softly, “Now it’s alright, short mouth.”

Ren Suo hugs her tightly: “You ate a lot at that time, and now, it’s super cute.”

Dong Chengling said, “Xianyu is a good child. She is my student, and I naturally hope that she can be happy. She is important to you both professionally and spiritually. You are also an indispensable existence for her. We are the same … I can understand. “

Ren Suo’s face was full of gratitude: “Understand 10000 years! Thanks Cheng Ling!”

“But I didn’t forgive you for that,” Dong Chengling said. “You have to compensate.”

Ren Suo immediately expressed his attitude: “What compensation? Don’t say I can do it, even if I can’t, I will ask Immortal Palace World Tree to help out!”

“Take care of your child,” Dong Chengling said against Ren Suo’s chest, “I want you to” grow up with your child with all your heart “as one of the cruelest punishments for you as the Supreme Paragon.

Similarly … with ‘bring up good children’ as the greatest compensation to the wives. “

Ren Suo said earnestly: “Supreme Paragon, follow the instructions of the void, and strive for the growth of the motherland’s flowers for life, unremittingly.” ァ 新 ヤ ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ 中文 网

Finally getting permission from 5 wives, Ren Suo was relaxed and turned around looking towards Lin Xianyu, who was eating hawaiian fruit.

Lin Xianyu blinked, feeling that it was his turn, and clapped his hands and stood up, and quickly put the freshly peeled Hawaiian nuts into his mouth, as if he was afraid Ren Suo would find her.

Ren Suo looked at her and wanted to laugh, looking down at the “Ring of Tomorrow” on her ring finger, silently activating the ring effect, suddenly appearing a small red box on her hand.

Under one-knee kneels, he handed out the small red box to Lin Xianyu and said, “Xianyu, you …”

“Ah-” Ren Xingmei couldn’t help sighing. “Brother, ten years later, why are you still like this?”

Gu Yueyan cold said with a smile: “This time I have improved, but I just asked a person to marry me.”

Qiao Muyi also smiled, and almost burst into tears: “In front of his wife and children, he proposed to Little Liu in public. It is indeed a small cable ~”

Dong Chengling is quite speechless: “We have promised you, dear, you can give Xianyu a more romantic proposal ceremony.”

Luna asked, “Do you want it, fish? Don’t give it to me ~”

Lin Xianyu also gave a smirk, she looked at Ren Suo said with a smile: “Stand up, children thought I was bullying you.”

Little Tian glanced at them and shook her head.

It is common for father to be bullied by mother, and we are all used to it.

Ren Suo started slightly, and stood a little sorry: “I think the timing is just right tonight, and everyone is here, so …”

“So you directly invited me to marry you?” Lin Xianyu sweetly smiled: “Well, so Big Brother Ren, you steel straight man …”

Ren Suo smirked: “So … let’s change the day?”

“no need.”

Lin Xianyu took the small red box on Ren Suo’s hand, and put the ring of tomorrow on the ring finger of his left hand, slightly said with a smile: “I used to say that I might not get married until time that will never come … “

“Maybe today is the day in time that will never come.”

Ren Suo reached over Lin Xianyu and kissed him. Little Tian shook Xing Shi who was about to fall asleep, pointed to Lin Xianyu and said to younger sisters, “New mother.”

“Oh ~” The younger sisters made lazily children’s voices. Xing Shi yawned and lay in the arms of the big doll to continue to sleep. Wu Xia beaked and looked at father and the new mother. Xi Yue and Hei Yin were grabbing a cat doll Right of ownership.

Happy ending.

Everything is so beautiful.

Until a soft, resentful voice sounded, “What about me?”

Ren Suo’s body shook. At this time, he found Xiao Xiao sitting in the corner all the time, and his beautiful eyes stared at him, his eyes full of resentment.

Ren Suo’s mind couldn’t turn a bit: “Small sister, shouldn’t you be in college exam week now, why …?”

Xiao Yan is now a first-year college and hot girl singer, usually busy outside, and relatively few home.

Qiao Muyi hehe said with a smile: “Xiao Suo, what happened on September 9 last year? Well, it’s not night, I know everything about the night … I mean daytime.”

Ren Suo blinked and suddenly hesitated, and said pitifully, “Mu Young Master … Did you already …”

Dong Chengling indifferently said: “There are only a few places where you run away. I found Xiaoyue and told her,” Suo betrayed me. “

Dong Chengling’s eyes sharpened: “So I brought her back too.”

Xiaoying was frightened by Cheng Ling, so she didn’t make a move.

Is this still the little Nine-tailed Fox he knows?

Ren Suo blinked, and found that Xiaoyu, while cautiously sitting next to Dong Chengling, looked at herself crafty, and even gave her a playful wink.

She did it on purpose!

But now it’s hi plus one, hi plus 2 doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Ren Suo brace oneself said, “That …”

Gu Yueyan coldly said: “What? Did you ask for it just now, and now ask for it again?”

Ren Xingmei hehe smiled: “My lovely younger brother, do you think that 100 years is a little bit less, and you want to increase it to 2 100 years?”

Qiao Muyi wow 2 voices, said coquettishly: “All the female creatures that accompany you on your honeymoon trip, including foxes and cats, were taken by you without fail. It is indeed my little cable ~”

Dong Chengling’s tone was slightly cold: “Dear, I regard Xiaoyu as my younger sister and my daughter, and of course I hope she can be happy, but …”

Luna: “Luna agrees! Luna likes to play with Xiao Yan!”

Lin Xianyu hooked Ren Suo’s neck, said with a smile: “It’s full 7 days a week, and you have to spend time with your child during the day. Do you still have time to play games?”

Xiaoyan suddenly flew over, and in the form of incarnation Nine-tailed Fox in the air, 9 large white tails with fire in the snow danced in the living room, squeezed out Lin Xianyu directly, completely enveloping Ren Suo, and issued a charming and gentle voice:

“I don’t care! Envy fishes can have rings, and Xiaoyu must have them!”

Xiao Yan used Innate Ability as soon as he came up, and the anxious Ren Suo almost did.

But Ren Suo soon woke up, loudly said: “But Xiaojun is not yet young!”

Xiaoyan refused to accept: “The elder sister and Xiaoxing were under age! Big Brother, you have not proposed to them yet! I just want a ring, Xiaoyan can wait for the marriage!”

Qiao Muyi ahhhh said twice, and said lazily: “This time, even Xiaolian has a ring, and it is estimated that it will not be too far away from the day when Ka Lian married.”

Gu Yueyan was instantly furious: “What !? Mr. Suo, what happened to Carlin!”

Ren Xingmei braced his chin, looked at this farce with a smile, and hummed softly: “300 years to 400 years to 10000 years.”

Luna looked happy, holding Luo Xiaohei doll said with a smile: “Wow, did Susoluo even seduce Karen? Okay, okay, Luna is super ~ like Karen!”

Ren Suo shook the corners of his mouth-what a seduce! Luna, do you always look at me like that! ?

Dong Chengling said calmly, “My dear, I don’t understand everything.”

Lin Xianyu hid aside and sighed: “7 days a week is not enough, Big Brother Ren is actually 8 jumping men … but all wearing his ring, can’t look back.”

After Xiao Yan’s long-term cast, Ren Suo gave him a “ring of tomorrow” half-pushing and half-place, putting it on Xiao Yan himself.

Then he immediately argued loudly: “I and Carlian are innocent! We just chat on the Internet occasionally, and we are separated by ten thousand li! You must believe me!”

Qiao Muyi said with a smile: “You were also innocent with Xiaoyue and Lin Xianyu.”

Ren Xingmei looked at the villa: “Is the villa not big enough?”

Gu Yueyan whispered: “You scumbag, you really ca n’t believe a punctuation mark.”

Dong Chengling points out the loophole in Ren Suo’s discourse: “Dear, don’t forget that you also master the space spell that spans a few ten thousand li in an instant.”

Luna hesitated, “Karen, Kalian, I want Carlian!”

Lin Xianyu fell into thought-with the humanoid cultivation aid of Karen, wouldn’t he be able to quickly catch up with Dong Chengling Qiao Muyi’s realm, and my life will follow myself and not heaven?

Xiao Yan admired the ring of tomorrow in the United States. Little Tian told the younger sisters when she saw the situation: “Little Aunt has become a new mother, and there may be more new mothers.”

His wife’s slander, child’s misunderstanding, all sorts of chores banged in Ren Suo’s mind, and let Ren Suo subconsciously use his 10000 solution–

“It’s July 7st today, free game updates!”

Ren Suo took out the Hell 4 gamepad from the drawer under the TV for more than ten years, and lay on the lazy sofa. “Games are the most important. Let me see what the free games this month are-“

Gu Yueyan was angry: “Mr. Suo, you are running away again! Come on, what the hell is Carlin!”

Ren Xingmei said with a smile: “Brother, every time you use this method to delay time.”

Qiao Muyi continued the fire: “Maybe the new game this month is to let Xiao Suo and Carrian go to rest and fly together to take risks.”

Luna raised her hand: “Luna is going too! Luna is looking for Carlin to play too!”

Dong Chengling calmly said, “Dear, don’t let down my trust.”

Lin Xianyu said, “This month I’m busy playing a new chapter story in Final Fantasy. If it’s a ten-star game, you have to play it yourself.”

Xiaoyan said, “Big Brother ~ Want to sleep with Xiaoyan’s tail tonight ~”

Xi Yue and Hei Yin staggered to the front of Ren Suo, staring curiously at the screen. Wu Xia got into Ren Suo’s arms, Little Tian took Xing Shi and sat next to Ren Suo, and asked, “Father want to play a game?”


Touching the familiar handle, Ren Suo felt all his worries disappeared.

His life is inseparable from games.

The game has witnessed his ordinaryness, his splendor, his love, his life.

It’s been eleven years since getting the Mini-world Game Console.

Is it good or bad for him to get Mini-world Game Console?

Although secretly becoming the ruler behind World and the Supreme Paragon who dominated the Immortal Palace World Tree, he also fell into the love vortex and worked hard for his wife and child every day.

Ren Suo was slightly somewhat absent-minded. At this time, the screen turned on and a familiar boot interface appeared. It made Ren Suo go back to the hot afternoon of eleven years ago when he first started the Mini-world Game Console.

But it’s different from that time.

At that time, the screen reflected, only Ren Suo was alone.

Now the screen reflects everything Ren Suo cherishes.

Ren Suo smiled, and as the melody sounded, he couldn’t help but speak with Mini-world Game Console, saying the words almost inscribed in him in the depth of one’s soul—

“Tiny World, it’s a lot of fun.”


End of the full text, July 2019, 7, listen to the day.


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