Miss, Something’s Wrong With You Chapter 562


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“I’m going back to find my mother.” said Murongshu, who was pregnant.

“Ashu.” Cheng Jinyang said affectionately, “I have treated you badly during this period of time, I just…”

“Okay, okay, don’t give me ecstasy soup.” Murongshu made a stop gesture, “Carefully count, you are fighting outside when I am in labor, there is no way to come back to accompany me, so I thought Ask my mother to take care of me, is there a problem?”

“This…” Cheng Jinyang suddenly got stuck, “Well, I can understand what you think, but why can’t I also connect my mother to Jingkou to enjoy the blessing?”

“That won’t work.” Murongshu said with a smile, “My mother is a human. If your harem catches fire someday, I can’t let my mother get involved.”

“Ah, they are not like that.”

“Do you oneself believe this?” Murong Shu asked him with squinting eyes.

Cheng Jinyang was speechless.

Of course the girls are impossible and harmless. Although he can talk nonsense with his eyes open, Murongshu is not that easy to deceive.

“Okay, be good. The elder sister will come to you after giving birth to a child.” Murong saw that he looked sad, a little softened, so he kissed him on the mouth, then turned his head and said, “Ye Ru?”

“Let’s go.” Ye Ru teleported away with Murongshu.

Regarding the location of Mrs. Luo, Murongshu always refused to disclose where she was. This made Cheng Jinyang a little uncomfortable. He felt that Ash was guarding against oneself.

It’s just that the two were originally connected in a one-night stand, and the intimate relationship that has grown to such a gradual relationship has already been regarded as the rapid progress of the relationship, it is not too much to ask for too much.

So Cheng Jinyang went to hug Su Lili and said depressed:

“Little Li, do you think Ash is still a little defensive against me?”

“Perhaps.” Su Lili Rourou said, “but she has that kind of personality.”

“en.” Cheng Jinyang pondered, “Indeed, she has been the god of Meng Zhang for that many years after all. It is really impossible to say that she trusts someone suddenly.”

“Yes.” Su Lili nodded said with a smile, “But my Jinyang is so good, Ashu should slowly accept you.”

“Little Li, are you jealous?” Cheng Jinyang asked strangely.

“Why are you jealous?” Su Lili asked innocently.

“It’s…” Cheng Jinyang murmured.

If jealousy is the 1st floor, fate is the Second Layer, it doesn’t matter is the 3rd floor, the chief of Ox Head Man is the 4th floor, and the owner of suffering is the 5th floor, then Su Lili is still in the basement now, Cheng Jinyang really doesn’t want to Use those messy things to pollute her.

“Little Li is still the best in my house.” He held Little Li in his arms and touched her belly, “How is your body these days? Is the baby good?”

“She’s very quiet, she just moves occasionally.” Speaking of the daughter in her belly, Su Lili’s face showed a happy smile, “Jinyang, I’m thinking about what our daughter will become in the future. What about people?”

“Look at what bloodline she is first.” Cheng Jinyang replied, “If it is gravity, arrange her to enter the Heavenly Net network to see if she wants to be a clerical or attendance; if it is Oxidation Inflammation, I can go to Sanchuan Zhu Clan Ask an Ability User to be a teacher…”

Speaking of Zhu Clan, Su Lili suddenly stopped talking.

“Little Li.” Cheng Jinyang immediately panicked, and said quickly, “If you don’t want to meet Zhu Clan’s people, Quandang I didn’t say anything just now…”

“No.” Su Lili shook the head, “It’s just, oh… the mother who hated Zhu Clan back then.”

“Forget it then.” Cheng Jinyang said.

“It’s okay, Jinyang.” Su Lili thought about it, then suddenly said, “Jinyang, I want to go to Sanchuan Zhu Clan’s Clan Ground to take a look.”

Cheng Jinyang hesitated for a moment.

Zhu Xiaoyan died at the mouth of Demon, Zhu Clan should be known by someone there. Su Lili’s past hastily will definitely cause others to doubt her identity.

It’s just that Little Li is rarely interested in something, Cheng Jinyang really doesn’t want to reject her directly.

Seeing his hesitation, Su Lili smiled very considerately and said:

“But I am pregnant with a baby and can’t go out, so I’ll wait until I have a child.”

“Little Li!” Cheng Jinyang hugged her moved, and kissed her hard, “You are really my angel.”

“Jinyang…” Su Lili was also a little confused, his hands wrapped around his neck.

After staying with Little Li for a while, Cheng Jinyang left.

In the courtyard outside, Jiang Jiu and Lin Hu are playing on the swings.

Cheng Jinyang stopped and watched them play happily, and made a secret decision in his heart.

In any case, I will not become a fertility machine for the emotions of these girls who I value!

mother! I will not succumb!

Back to the Family Assembly Hall, Cheng Huaiyan has found him and said:

“The closing time has been set, February 26.”

“Lin’an pick-up order: Xing, Chu, Yang, Zheng, Cui, Li, Lu, Wang, then go to Jiankang to pick up His Royal Highness.”

“There will be a banquet in Beijing in the morning, and we will leave at noon. Arrange to go to Lin’an for a banquet within four hours, and pick up the bride and board the crew back to Beijing.”

“After everyone has received it, immediately turn to Jiankang and enter the palace to meet the Queen Mother Your Majesty.”

“This time is not easy to control, but try to come back before six o’clock.”

“If you return home too late and there is not much time left on the day, it will be difficult for the wedding banquet to end as planned, and it cannot be delayed until the next day…”

“Brother Huaiyan, it’s hard for you, drink some water.” Cheng Jinyang hurriedly passed the tea cup.

It was probably the time when this boring bottle gourd cousin spoke the most in one breath, it was really difficult for him.

Cheng Huaiyan took a sip of tea here, and then concluded:

“Jinyang, really amazing.”

“Are you complimenting me or hurting me?” Cheng Jinyang bitterly laughed.

“Boast.” Cheng Huaiyan said.

“What’s so great about this?” Cheng Jinyang shook the head.

“Marriage is the best alliance.” Cheng Huaiyan said, “Jinyang, the talent of diplomacy.”

Cheng Jinyang:………………

If he didn’t know the cousin’s temperament, Cheng Jinyang would really suspect that he was deliberately sarcastic, eccentric.

Cheng Huaiyan left here, Cheng Jinyang began to work.

Not long after, the door of the office was knocked again.

“Come in.” Cheng Jinyang said indifferently.

The people outside pushed the door in. It was a beautiful blond girl…Big Sister Xinnan?

No, the legs are not that long, it should be the sister-in-law.

Cheng Jinyang was a little embarrassed.

Although he really didn’t know about it last night, he woke up this morning again with a fascinating aftertaste, and he slowly tasted something wrong.

For example, the first gymnastics 1st Style carried a pole, and the length of the two poles did not match the memory.

Another example is the double goal, the size of the ball is also a bit…not to mention the specifics, in short, it is not like Nankang’s size, but like Luling.

As for why he woke up with Big Sister Princess next to him, Cheng Jinyang couldn’t figure it out, but this did not prevent him from suspecting that Luling had been involved.

Luling was also subconsciously embarrassed when he stared suspiciously.

However, after another thought, oneself is not a victim!

So he stared back fiercely fiercely.

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