Miss, Something’s Wrong With You Chapter 563


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“What do you look at!” Luling said with raised eyebrows and staring.

“His Royal Highness, if you don’t want to be seen, you can just come to me.” Cheng Jinyang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically.

“I’ll come over to see if you have a private meeting with someone in the office.” Luling walked over aggressively and glanced under the desk at first glance.

No one.

“Why check here first!” Cheng Jinyang was speechless.

“Because it is very likely that there are Tibetans.” Luling said casually, and then went to draw the curtains to check the back.

No one.

Then she turned her head abruptly and went to look behind the door.

No one.

“So how could there be people?” Cheng Jinyang said silently, “Everyone has gone back to Lin’an.”

“Who knows.” Luling said bluntly, “Perhaps the Mingxiu plank road was darkened by Chen Cang, but he pretended to return but stayed in Beijing?”

“That’s your sister you said.” Cheng Jinyang said.

“My sister is because I can’t worry about you.” Luling decisively adopted the double standard, “but it is very likely that a little bitch has a bad heart and hides in Jingkou to deliberately seduce you!”

“When you said that, I am also a little worried.” Cheng Jinyang touched the chin and said, “You said that if someone really seduce me, what if I can’t hold it?”

Luling is hearing this, and he chuckles for no reason, feeling that the other party seems to have hidden meaning.

In order to conceal the unnaturalness on her face, she said fiercely with arms akimbo:

“Let me tell you first, whoever wants to enter this house must first get my…My sister’s consent, understand? Otherwise, you will be punished for disrespectful Royal Family!”

“How is this crime of’disrespecting the Royal Family’ specifically punished?” Cheng Jinyang asked.

“Be cut according to the law!” Luling is majestic and authentic.

“Too terrifying.” Cheng Jinyang deliberately pretended to be scared, “Then I was beheaded. Isn’t your Highness going to be a widow?”

“What bullshit!” Luling blushed, “What does it matter to me if you die?”

“No, I mean your sister is widowed…” Cheng Jinyang laughed out loud, “Of course it has nothing to do with you.”

Only then did Luling know that he had made a mistake, and coughed with a pretty face, and said:

“I mean, what does it matter for my sister if you die? She didn’t publicly marry you anyway. Even if you remarry, who can dislike her?”

Cheng Jinyang was also shocked: Wait, it seems so!

Since the wedding was not officially held, although everyone in the upper class circle knew it well, Royal Family Impossible publicly admitted that Nankang Princess Zhang married oneself.

In this way, even if Yu Clan suddenly repents, he can still ask Big Sister Princess to remarry-although he will certainly not succeed, he will be disgusting to oneself after all.

Well, I have to guard against this.

Wait a minute! Cheng Jinyang suddenly had an idea.

If Luling was really inserted into it last night, then oneself could even win Princess Zhang younger sister.

As long as the sisters are both owners, for Yu Clan, “sisters serving one husband together” is a bigger scandal than “Princess Zhang’s improper wife”.

Oneself cannot tolerate the remarriage of Big Sister Princess, and Yu Clan cannot tolerate the spread of “sisters serving one husband together”. In this way, it is equivalent to saying that both sides have the handle of the other.

Having common interests with each other is far more insured politically than “each other has the power to harm each other”.

Just thinking about it this way, I seem to be a little sorry for my sister-in-law…

I dignified a seven-foot man, is he the kind of villain who would use the bondage of a woman to pave the way for oneself?

That’s all, this matter should not be mentioned again.

Luling didn’t know that Cheng Jinyang’s mind had turned a corner, and oneself almost became a potential secondary victim, and was still very deserves a beating and deliberately said:

“Since you can’t give me the position of elder sister’s full wife, I regret that you can’t be the Prince Consort, at best it can only count as her face.”

“Do you know the face? It’s just a plaything raised by a noble woman. If you make me unhappy in the future, I’ll talk to the elder sister and let her drive you out!”

“Where will the expulsion go?”

“Expelled from Jingkou!” Luling threatened him, “Recover your position as handsome!”

“That’s over.” Cheng Jinyang said with a smile, “I can’t stay in Jingkou if I don’t have the position of being handsome, what should I do? I don’t know if your Royal Highness can think that I was your brother-in-law. Take care of one or two?”

“Of course not.” Luling triumphantly.

“Really so unfeeling?” Cheng Jinyang pretended to be depressed.

Somehow, Luling suddenly recalled last night, so he turned away and said:

“It’s not impossible, but… then it depends on your performance.”

Seeing her blushing, Cheng Jinyang became more suspicious, and was about to continue probing. Suddenly Ye Ru flashed out from the center of the office.

“Ashu, I have sent it back, you don’t have to worry about it. Little Li, you have to keep someone else to watch next month…” She hurriedly said to Cheng Jinyang.

But only to hear an “Aha” next to him, the sister-in-law blonde had already grabbed Cheng Jinyang’s collar and scolded:

“You still said that you didn’t have an affair with another woman?!”

“Calm down!” Cheng Jinyang stopped her and said, “This…cough, is my younger female cousin Cheng Ru, currently my secretary.”

“Yes.” Ye Ru sneered, and on the surface quickly said in cooperation, “Yes, I am his remote younger female cousin and personal secretary.”

After speaking, he gave Cheng Jinyang a wink, which happened to be seen by Luling:

It was a complicated look that combined humiliation, unwillingness, and sorrow, but had to obey and cover up these emotions.

Where did Luling know that this was a dramatist, and even sneered:

“Remote room younger female cousin? Cheng Clan younger female cousin, how could Hedong Pei Clan’s teleportation?”

“That’s wrong, it’s cousin, cousin.” Before Cheng Jinyang spoke, Ye Ru pretended to say in a panic, and once again threw Cheng Jinyang with a secret and sorry look-secret enough that it happened to fall in the eyes of Luling Inside, and then disappeared in a flash.

“You just said that your name is Cheng Ru?” Luling continued to sneer, his eyes seemed to say “Continue editing, I’m listening.”

“Actually, my external name is Pei Ru.” Ye Ru docile said, pretending not to look directly at Luling, “Just to please my mother, I took my mother’s surname on Divine Capital Cheng Clan. Called himself as’Cheng Ru’.”

She forced a lie here, but where Luling would believe it, she was like an angry little lioness. She was about to break out completely, but Cheng Jinyang held her shoulders on her shoulders.

“Luling.” He said earnestly, “You are still young and don’t have the ability to distinguish. After listening to the brother-in-law, the relationship between brother-in-law and Pei Ru is innocent, not as misunderstanding as you think. , Your sister also knows, you can ask her if you don’t believe it.”

Seeing that he looked confident, Luling pressed his anger forcibly again, shaking slightly.

No way, could it really be me who misunderstood?

Thinking about this, she said stiffly:

“Okay! I’ll tell my sister right away!”

Leaving the office aggressively, Luling walked out for almost ten minutes before suddenly reacting:

What’s the use of finding my sister? With her perverted personality, wouldn’t she just be ecstatic when she knows that her husband has an extra concubine?

There is one more suffering master who can be bullied!

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