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The twelve kings of light, together with the light of Wang Duo Luo, this figure is indeed true, but no one thought that in the face of all the light kings, the human family Han Dong actually killed the dragon directly .

On the spot, pinch!

Instantly killed!

The genius of the genius 乞 乞 罗 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 完全 The light body burst, followed by the smashing horror, against the stalwart of Han Dong, the crystal white hair fluttering in the wind, the blue warfare shining light wheel, he whispered: “乞多罗 is wrong. If you count the wrong number, it will die.”


Dead silence!

Including the alien kings who are ready to disperse, no longer onlookers, to avoid getting into trouble, all of them are shocked: “There was the death of the N Palace in the former Guangzu, and now it is the death of the king of the genius, this morning, the light family The loss is heavy, I am afraid I will not easily surpass Han Dong.”

“It’s a miracle. In such a short period of time, kill two ancient kings in the same league.”

“The human race, Han Dong, has begun to take a stance.”

The alien kings who wanted to go away couldn’t help but be horrified. Looking at Han Dong, they also looked at the eleven sources of light. As for the retreat of Vess, it took the dust of the Terran and retreated far away. No one cares. After all, the center of this moment is Han Dong, the undisputed focus of attention.

Other than that.

Even if it is the singularity of the singularity of the genius, the secluded hole also flashes a slap in the face: “This person must have a weird, strong, no side, strong unreasonable. Could it be that he is a legendary compound practitioner, while practicing three The big system…the life gene, it looks like the Henggong level. The soul idea, the fourth stage of the universe. As for the sacrifice of the celestial body and the synthesis of life, according to my observation, there is no sign.”

According to the judgment of the Pluto: Either Han Dong secretly cultivated the celestial body and reached the eternal realm of the universe. He is an eternal eternal man. Either Han Dong has the guidance of Tianzun and comprehended some of the power of Tianzun.

Although it does not know what is Tianzun, what is the power of Tianzun.

“But presumably…”

“It should be right.” The bottom of the pupil of the Miao Tianwang flashed a vicious light: “Han Dong must die this time. Just kill the same king of the light family, one is two, and it is me, afraid and powerless.” It’s hard to escape bad luck.”

It grew from envy to bonfire, using only a moment.

You must know that this is the ancient king. You can’t measure it by common sense. How can you blame others? It is obviously that its mental strength is weak, the thickness of the mind is not up to standard, it is infected by negative emotions, the idea is poisonous, and the pupil is cold.

Just at this time


Not far from the roaring sound, I woke up the Mighty King who was caught in the bonfire. It hurriedly cleared the distracting thoughts, swaying the ghost body and looking at the past.

“The supreme light family, please preside over justice for us, and severely punish the murderer Han Dong!” The starry sky of the dark moon turtle is empty, and the sad and hateful low roar: “My family king Laughen, and Xiaolong The direct ancestor of the ancestor and the prince of the king of the universe were killed by Han Dong.”

This statement is out.

The Nether King is more sober: “The demon of the stars is the subordinate of our family, the white phoenix, I also exchanged ideas, there is no way to defeat, let alone kill it? Forget it, Such a murderer, what do I have.”

As for the alien kings who belong to the second-rate life family, they are even more stunned and shocked. The mind is blank: “The starry sky is on, the morning squad has just been opened. How long has he killed? Since I entered the source space, It’s not half a year’s full of the game… At this point, he killed four kings?”

“Is he still a human?”

“Is it good to kill the ancient king?”

All the kings who participated in the war are the fifth stage of the world, and they are close to the peak.

It should be noted that when entering the source space, the road will be more shallow and clear, which will help to impact eternal life and enlighten the Tao. Besides, the impact of eternal life is indeed somewhat difficult for the beginning of the Tai, but for the various kings, it is only a small matter: “According to this, Han Dong has a big weakness, a big defect!”

“When we are promoted to the eternal realm of the universe, perhaps Han Dong is still the fourth stage of the universe.”

“Oh, it’s weird. I haven’t experienced the baptism of the dark starry sky. The thickness of the soul is definitely not enough. I don’t know if the Terran layout is wrong, or Han Dong is not willing to go out of the territory.”

The communication of the kings of all ethnic groups, how fast, the mind to turn, the sound of each other, everything is only an instant.

at this time.

The eleven sources of light that are far rising are first dimmed, and then they are inexhaustible. The hard-to-describe light waves will illuminate this source space, which is like a white, illuminating, and the light is shining in all directions.

Bang! !

The eleven light kings are in anger! !

“Human Han Dong!!”

They lingered for a while and finally accepted the absurd fact that 乞 Doro actually died in front of them. They are all called the same enemy, and their anger is unstoppable. But in the midst of fury, they are also more cautious and jealous, lest they fall into a single.

Until now.

There are two major star demons, and two light kings died. After that, it can be said that the information is not equal. Now, whoever does not know the fierce name of Han Dong, killing the ancient king of the same world is like slaughtering a star beast.

No one dares to face Han Dong alone.

The Hmong King, who is watching this place, also feels that the pupil is sore and difficult to look directly at.

‘Roar! ”Roar! ”Roar! ‘

It is the anger of the light, the light is roaring, the light is boiling!

A ray of light has been ignited between heaven and earth!

“We have joined forces and killed him!” The eleven kings of the light family were approaching in an instant, and they wanted to surround the Han Dong group and block the eight parties to kill again.

“Ignorance is fearless, it’s ridiculous, just because you guys and other people dare to kill me?” Han Dong smiled and pulled away, Ah N Palace is dead, 乞 Doro is dead, his desire to kill is greatly weakened.


In a round of hot sun, the cockroach rose, and the blockade was broken in an instant. What happened to the whole Guangwang, and could not keep Han Dong.

He was patient and he did not pull out the knife.

“not enough.”

“Only these are not enough.” Han Dong actually retreated like a waterfall. At this time, even if the eleven light kings worked together, they could not help. It seemed that the passing time could not be grasped: “The light kings are all dispatched. There are only eleven left. The king of destiny is forty-nine, but it is the enemy of the human race. I can do it for the sake of the moment, regardless of the overall situation, and break the plan.”

Think about it like this.

Han Dong looked down at the palm of his hand, and the uniform tokens, together with the morning decree used to lure the alien kings, totaled eight, and glowed in color.

“Very good.” He secretly said: “As long as you have 15 morning tokens, you can declare your waiver and leave the field.”

The most important thing is that the morning order can be taken out.

He got eight of them, and the harvest of the man’s robes was about the same. At least it’s not enough.

“Everything is ready, only owe the east wind.” Han Dong turned back and punched the two light kings directly. The right leg was lifted up, and the high-hanging hangs. The vast galaxy falls for nine days, once again retreating from the three kings: “First Get rid of these light kings, then wait for the signal and plan to start.”

Mindfulness, no doubt, Han Dong suddenly screamed.

Bang! !

The sky is dark and the road is arrogant, and the road is almost undulating and evaporating into the air: “Light family, do you want to be wiped out by the whole army!”

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