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‘completely annihilated! ”completely annihilated! ”completely annihilated! ‘

With such a sigh, there is no end to it.

The indescribable horror sound wave instantly became a horrified wave, showing a circular shape and diffusing outwards. It is also like a flame that boils this time and space.

so horrible!

Too shocking!

He stands alone here, and the sky is the most central, the momentum is skyrocketing, and the fierceness sweeps through the universe. Even the eleven light kings gather together and feel inexplicable: “What happened? I, I seem to see it.” The ray of light is broken and the warning signs of darkness are broken.”


The mountain screams, the sky collapses, and Han Dong is the center, covering this time and space, and it is like a sun and a moon.

The roar of light, the boiling of light, how to compare with the people of the East Han Dong, it is really a class of axe, a small witch see the big witch. Looking back, no expression, Han Dong will go empty.

There are only eleven light kings left, facing the violent roaring waves like the lake.

stay on the spot.

Their light and body senses have been extremely subverted.

“I saw the blood of the corpse…”

“I saw the sky collapse…”

“I saw a cadre inside, and was ruthlessly stepped by a stalwart figure…” The light kings looked at each other: “It should be an illusion, and all kinds of illusions derived from abnormal senses should not be true.”

That being said.

But none of them dare to chase it anymore.

The eleven kings of the light family stopped at the heights and watched the shadow of Han Dong disappear into the dim edge: “With one’s own power, it interferes with the perfect perception of so many ancient kings. How did he do it?”

I am afraid.

The true strength of Han Dong is stronger than what he has shown now!

“He is hiding?”

“What other plans does he have?”

Many light kings are all in silence and silence.

Far away.

The dust of the ancient faction was staring at Visus, and his face was not good. “We throw Han Dong there, and face so many light kings alone, in case something happened to him…”

“Hey.” Vess coldly said: “You don’t shirk responsibility, go wrong, blame me for all the reasons.”

“That won’t.” The dust shook his head, but his heart was anxious.

Because he knows that the plan of the Terran was led by Han Dong, and Han Dongyi hammered the sound, and the dust could not help but secretly said: “The importance of Han Dong is unique, and no one can replace it.”

If he was seriously injured or even killed by the Guangzu, he was a bystander at the time and he was duty-bound.


The eleven light kings are in perfect harmony, even if he is there, they can’t help anything.

“Hey, hey.” The dust made two sighs, looking around, only to see a dim, all kinds of roads fluctuated, hovering everywhere, flying around, filled with the original space.

In fact, the size of the source space is equivalent to a normal star system.

However, here, the density of time and space has reached an incredible level. Let’s not talk about the ancient king of the universe, even if it is the permanent eternal life here, the range of perception is up to a million meters, which is not enough. Unless there is a fierce battle, otherwise it is like a dust and a weapon, lost the direction, completely divided. Where is the clear?

“Okay, don’t sigh.” Vess looked at the face of the dust and said directly: “I signed an agreement with Han Dong for the dawn token, and the verbal agreement that belongs to the Stars subordinates, since East is scattered, then I will follow you, anyway, you are also a wild faction.”

The dust quickly nodded: “Of course, no problem.”

He smiled and welcomed him. Vess has just erupted, and the instant killing of the King A N Palace is a arrogant person, and will not ignore it, and take such a powerful boost.

“However.” Dust said: “I have to look at your agreement with Han Dong first, to verify the authenticity, so as not to be mistaken.”


Wiss snorted coldly. It is not so much with Han Dong, but it also understands the concerns of the dust. If it is about strength, Han Dong easily suppresses it. Naturally, it doesn’t matter, but the dust doesn’t work.

In case it suddenly sneaked, behind the sickle, Han Dong certainly did not get in the way, replaced by dust, I am afraid that life is dangerous.

Strength and strength, decided to treat the way, cautiously some down, so it swayed hard body, from the gaps of countless blades, turned out a copy of the Terran Agreement, handed over the original and backup all: “You 瞧瞧, agreement At the end, there is an exclusive mark of Han Dong.”


At the virtual hole level, it has the wonderful ability to create things out of thin air, not to mention the development of starry sky technology. The forgery technology has already been in full swing, and even the imitation of the product is more real than the real thing, and there is no problem.

“Imprint?” Dust took the agreement, carefully read it twice, through the specific way of the human race to pass the top secret information, deciphering the Han Dong whisper, his eyes flashed a trace of horror: Ves can trust, its origin talent is hard.

The dust seems to sink, the palm flips, and the agreement is returned to Ves.

“Hey.” Vess smiled and said: “You should always believe me. Listen to me, Han Dong is different from you. He is not so weak, and there is no danger to life. You should not think about going back to help. Han Dong.”

The dust smashed and the face turned black: “Thank you for your advice.”

Weiss waved hard branches: “As long as Han Dong is not in love, those light kings can’t keep him.”


Suddenly, the dust exclaimed and interrupted the persuasion of Weiss.

Vess stopped swinging, raised the leaves, and put on a warning posture, but there was no slight change. It looked at the dust: “What?”

“Don’t say anything!”

The dust waved his hand and flew to the left along the dim edge.


The increasingly clear holy music movement, faintly passed into the dust, he turned his head and closed his eyes, feeling a touch of ecstasy: “This is the signal of the beginning of the plan!”

“Forty-nine Destiny King!”

“found it!!”

Fortunately, before they hit eternal life, they found their hidden position in time. If not, when the god of destiny is promoted to eternal life, the Terran will face a massacre without suspense.

The right time is very important!

“Good, good.”

The dust suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Visus, taking a deep breath.

Another place in the source space.

Dim and dull, silent and silent, the whole twelve humanity kings converged: “We only have twelve people, and the god of destiny, there are forty-nine. The magnitude difference is too big,

It is difficult to drag to Han Dong to arrive. ”

“I heard that we have allied forces to help this time.”

“I don’t know who the Allies are and which ones they are.”

Twelve people looked at each other a few times, their eyes were as if they were drilling, and they were shining.


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